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Alycia April

2 years ago

Great local pet shop. Friendly, knowledgeable & caring staff.

Alex Pop

2 years ago

Caroline Clore, owner, owes me a deep apology. I hope my 1 star review makes people not want to come here. For now..

larry pfeil

2 years ago

Great place. They have a big selection of stuff for your pets.

Danyelle B

2 years ago

My dogs and I love Paws on the Avenue! I have 5 rescues and we celebrate their adoption days and birthdays. It's always so fun to take my dogs in on their special days to pick out a treat from the bakery and a new toy. The staff always greets us with a smile and a treat for the dogs. Whenever I need help or have a question someone is always available.

Fynn Warden

2 years ago

Very cute and friendly pet store

Jacqueline Walsh

2 years ago

Love this place. Super nice staff, great selection of food and toys, and they always have rescue cats available for adoption.

Stan Noreika

2 years ago

Very nice, friendly, and helpful. Stop in and say hello. You won't regret it. Also, if you like cats, be sure to check out their rescues. So great of them to take them in to find them homes.

John Powell

2 years ago

I highly recommend paws on the Avenue good quality food for our loved ones


2 years ago

I love this place! The staff is sooo nice and helpful! They always make me feel super welcome! Highly recommend!

Lyle Caswell9

2 years ago

As I entered the store I was asked to put on a mask. I asked for proof (Documented Medical Study Proof That Masks protect from viruses) and they could not provide it. Instead they said the owner requires masks. Without scientific proof, this store has adopted a political narrative which is rooted in Communism. Furthermore the PCR covid tests are positive with the common cold and basic flu. These tests are unreliable with countless false positives. Even the creator of the PCR test says it was not made to test for covid. Please stop forcing your communist beliefs on your customers. I will never be back.

Melissa Markowitz

2 years ago

The only reason I gave it three stars is because I can’t shop at a place that doesn’t take returns. It’s easier for me to shop at pet supermarket if they can take returns. They just lost a customer over $17 :( plus companies that are that petty are often fear based and operate from a scarcity mindset. The product I bought here didn’t work anyways.

Yami C

2 years ago

Overpriced but cute. Great workers.

Brien Bell

2 years ago

excellent friendly, knowledgeable Staff !! Great Selection of good merchandise, genuine Pet Lovers ????????????

Linz Baby

2 years ago

Such a cute store! If I lived nearby I would go there anytime I needed pet supplies. They have really high quality pet food and supplies. I'm glad I stopped in to check them out while I was in town.

Rebekah Mac Lean

2 years ago

Nice little shop full of dog and cat stuff.. food, treats , toys... etc. Prices a little high but well within expectations for a downtown boutique type store. They had about 4 kittens in little cages there... not a big fan of animals in pet stores but it's done. They did desperately need attention to the litter though as it quite strongly smelled but otherwise kittens seemed well taken care of. Would have been nice to see them in larger area like playpen or something where there was room for them to romp and play. Pets on leashes welcome. They also have groomer services I believe. Nice shop. Fun to browse. You can usually find whatever gourmet or specialty brands of food, treats, supplements. I know years ago they were able to order in a specific food I feed my dog, which was very nice and very convenient for me. They also have doggie gourmet cookies. Pleasant staff. Clean and organized shop. Mask suggested but not required.

Christine M

2 years ago

Loooove! The staff here is very helpful and super knowledgeable. Happy with the free local delivery and all natural products! We brought our 3 month old puppy in and are so happy to support local.

Linda Ditroia

2 years ago

What s great places if you have dogs & cats However; I have parrots Great place.

Andi Swan

2 years ago

Still requires masks. I respect the decision but will not support the business.

Deborah G

2 years ago

Very very nice. Needed a gentle leader because ours broke. They got one and fitted it for our baby. Lovely people. Recommend highly.

Holly Morgan

2 years ago

My favorite pet supplies shop! Everyone here is very knowledgeable and kind. I highly recommend them.

Vanessa Russell

2 years ago

Friendly staff and very knowledgeable. It is nice to have a place that supports our pets in the best way possible.

Maddy M

3 years ago

I love visiting this shop to pick up something unique for my puppy. He's a super chewer and they have the best selection of toys and healthy bones! Always great conversation too, thanks guys!


3 years ago

Helpful and knowledgeable clerks and all the BEST in cat and dog and other animal foods. If you want the Very Best for your pet, this store is a must!

Kelsie Vansant

3 years ago

Cute shop, they even have decorated cookies for your pet. Only carry higher end healthy pricier food.


3 years ago

I love this store, the staff is friendly and always willing to help you with your and your pets needs

Teri Maimone

3 years ago

A little pricey, but really good quality of stuff 4 Ur Dog.

Tracie R

3 years ago

I don't live in FL but was working in the area over the Winter. My German Shephard was with me and went from the dead of winter to temperatures in the 80's, within 2 days, so her seasonal allergies kicked into high gear. I visited Paws on the Avenue to see if they could help get her some relief, without having to go the Vet for a shot. The knowledgeable, friendly gentleman gave me a supplement and also 4 samples of better quality food to try and how to test my dog to see which one she liked. He didn't charge me for the samples. The supplement relieved the itching and my dog is now on a higher quality food. While it may cost more, it is well worth it and will probably cost me less in Vet bills in the future. Thank you to this gentleman for all his help. Will definitely be visiting this store next Winter.

Bobby Roberson

3 years ago

Nice location and great customer service ????

Wendy B

3 years ago

I live about 20 minutes away from downtown LW but we love coming for breakfast here and the day I came in my husband decided to go for a haircut so I was shopping. The man immediately came up and said hello and asked if I needed help. I explained I was only looking. I just recently got a puppy and bought a bunch of stuff and one item I paid $13.99 for just the day before was $16.99 here. There was a couple other things I just recently bought that each item was higher priced here. The $3 difference was the largest difference. They had way too many political items in here. I think politics and business should remain separate. The politics coupled with everything being priced higher than other places means I wont be back. Advice : Remove political stickers and dog toys. Keep it politic free. We have enough of that in our every day life.

Benjamin Johnson

3 years ago

This place is just good. The only thing that could make it better would be traits for good humans.

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