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Ches Courtney

a year ago

I took my German Shepherd puppy in to have Dr. Beckman treat his base narrow K9 problem. Dr. Beckman did an excellent job treating him and I couldn’t be happier with the service.

Amanda Nieves

a year ago

They are very caring and communicative. They checked on my fur baby after her dental surgery and responded quickly when I had questions after the surgery. Excellent place to take your fur baby.

Rick G

2 years ago

I can't rate them as I'm 78 years old living on a very tiny budget thus I couldn't afford their services. However they were very nice on the phone.

Heather Safrit

2 years ago

Dr. Beckman and Annie were fabulous to work with! My 9 yr. old Cavalier King Charles has severe heart issues and advanced periodontal disease. My local veterinarian recommended Dr. Beckman because she knew he could perform the required work quickly, so she would be under anesthesia for the shortest time possible, and that he and Annie could more closely monitor the type and amount of anesthesia, and react quickly, should her heart start to show problems. I felt completely at ease knowing my Kate was in the best hands possible for her dental procedure. I highly recommend Orlando Veterinary Dentistry!

Cyndi Robinson

2 years ago

Love the Eggplant Parmesan. Grape leaves delicious too!

Craig Dick

2 years ago

Upon my veterinarian's referral, I called Dr. Beckman's office. I ended up taking in my dog to have an oral mass and canine tooth extraction completed. Annie quickly returned my message, we had a knowledgeable conversation, and a couple weeks later the procedure was completed. Dr. Beckman, Annie, and the staff were great from pre through post-op keeping me informed through the entire process. They kept my personal veterinarian informed as well. My dog is back to normal and I thank Orlando Veterinary Dentistry and my personal veterinarian for great communication and work!

Rebecca Wright

3 years ago

Our dog is in the middle of treatment with the team at Orlando Veterinary Dentistry. The team is calm, knowledgeable, and caring. They do their very best to eliminate anxiety for everyone involved, and you can tell that they take pride in what they do. I'm very grateful for Annie's knowledge and support, Dr. Beckman's skill, and how wonderful the team is!

Lois Ann Czeizinger

3 years ago

I was referred to Dr. Beckman by my veterinarian as my Havanese needed to have dental surgery done. I was very impressed with Dr. Beckman and Annie. Dr. Beckman explained everything that needed to be done in detail. When it was time to pick up my Havanese his meds and all the information that needed to be taken was explained by Annie. I cannot say enough about Dr. Beckman and Annie for there exceptional service. I was called by Annie a day later to see how everything was going. If anyone ever needs to have a dental veterinarian I would highly recommend Dr. Beckman and his staff.

Kelly North Adams

3 years ago

I did not have a good experience with Orlando Veterinary Density and I would not recommend them to anyone, ever. I would give them 0 stars if i could. I do not know why they have over 20 five star reviews. Our cat is old and had significantly slowed her eating habits and seemed uncomfortable. We took her to Banfield and they said she probably had some teeth issues and we'd need to see a specialist. Of course finding a cat dentist proved to be difficult because there just aren’t very many. We ended up calling Orlando Veterinary Dentistry in Lake Mary because the reviews seemed great. During this entire process we never once met Dr. Beckman. The consultation with his assistant Annie was $100 and she said that our Cat had major tooth decay and needed multiple teeth extractions, probably 6-8(!!!) and the cost wouldn't go above $1,500 for the entire procedure (anesthesia, extractions, injections, etc.) but they didn't know how much it would be until they put her under. We thought that was a bit high but we didn't have anything to compare it to, so we went ahead and scheduled her thinking well that was the maximum, so hopefully it would end up being less than that. Additionally Annie was pretty condescending and rude during the process when my husband just had some questions. Maybe she was having a bad day? Regardless it was very unsettling. They also gave us painkiller prescriptions which proved difficult filling because Banfield wouldn’t do it, nor would CVS. Publix ended up filling them. Why they couldn’t just give us the prescriptions there seemed odd, but I'd never been to a cat dentist before. Fast forward to her appointment my husband dropped her off in the morning and a few hours later he got a call saying they put her under and it was going to actually be over $4,000.00 because they found more decay, and she is "currently in the operating room, are we okay with moving forward?" Of course I was panicking because our cat was currently under anesthesia, and I didn't want her to be in pain any longer but I was so furious that this felt like price gouging us under extreme duress. That is just a lot of money. I told my husband the tell them to pull her out and we would not go trough with it, we needed to think about it. She said they would call us when we could pick her up. Come 3pm we received a phone call and she said “it’s almost closing, are you going to come pick up your cat?” - they never called us prior to this, like they said they would. We picked her up and they charged us $990.00 for the anesthesia, cleaning and injections and gave us a treatment plan for thousands of dollars for when we were ready to proceed. We never went back. We ended up luckily finding a vet in Clermont (Eastside Veterinary Hospital) who was kind, compassionate, and gentle. We met the doctor personally, he had multiple patient and caring assistants. He spent time with us, he was gentle with our cat. Everyone in the office is so sweet and friendly. The consultation was $104.26 but we also walked out the door with pain killers and a few weeks of antibiotic to clear up anything they could prior to the surgery (we did not have to fill them elsewhere, unlike Orlando Veterinary Density). Fast forward to her procedure with them they ended up only extracting ONE of her teeth not EIGHT, and also found a growth under her tongue that the other doctor never even found or mentioned. They also cleaned her up, and cut her nails while she was under too. The whole procedure was just over $500. This was honestly more what I was expecting for a dental procedure on a cat. I have found a forever vet, look them up! I cannot believe if I had went through with Orlando Veterinary Density, my poor old cat would have 5-7 less teeth, not to mention the money they tried to obtain in such a awful repulsive way. BEWARE! (attached is the bill and treatment plan)

John Santucci

3 years ago

Great vet dentist! All my questions were answered to my satisfaction and they were very responsive both before and after the procedure. They even followed up several days later to make sure he was doing well post op. Would recommend to any of my pet owning friends.

Bob Roussel

3 years ago

I trust them with my little Pumpkin

Winifred Begley

4 years ago

Kodi had a root canal and crown on his lower left canine performed by Dr. Beckman and his team. The whole team is very professional. Annie was our main contact for scheduling and information. Dr. Beckman, at our first visit, explained to us the whole process and was very reassuring. A team of vet techs monitor your pet throughout the procedure. Annie kept us informed about about how Kodi was doing and when he was moved to recovery on each of our two visits. The office environment is clean and the two waiting rooms are friendly and inviting. I highly recommend this team. They made us and Kodi very comfortable throughout. We cannot thank them enough!

a h

4 years ago

I decided on Dr.Beckman based on these reviews, and I count on others to write when things go well and when they don't.  There were problems with post op pain control for my cat following full dental extraction.  He was prescribed a pain patch, which has questionable absorption through shaved fur, and 3 ml of oral medication twice per day plus a pill, which made no sense for a cat with severe oral pain.  My normally sweet cat was laying in the closet where he goes during thunderstorms and running away from me, afraid I would inflict more pain by giving him his meds.  He was also given an expired antibiotic that I was told is not palatable to cats.  After paying $4000 for the procedure, it took five days, two vet visits, and an additional $700 to get him some relief.  Annie made a follow up call four days later, and my only contact with Dr.Beckman was the original 10 minute consult.  I was asked why I didn't call when I had a problem, and the answer is: Why would I call when you got it so wrong.  I was really angry afterward, that so much pain and obvious discomfort had been inflicted on my cat, my child, after I sought out a specialist so he could have the best care.  I felt like we were on an assembly line with no real follow through because of Dr.Beckman's limited availability.  What does an appoinment 5 weeks later really matter?  I don't think this procedure should be done unless the post op phase is also mastered.  He did not need an e collar.  My cat does however seem do be doing much better now without his teeth, comfortable, eating and sleeping well, playful, and he had no problems with infection afterward so I am thankful for that.  I hope improvements will be made.


4 years ago

Dr. Beckman and Annie were awesome! I'm so grateful for the recommendation from our Vet. I felt very comfortable leaving Teddy in their care. They were honest, caring, and professional. I also really appreciated how much time they spent explaining everything to me. It definitely put me at ease. Teddy is playful and happy after his procedure. Thank you for the excellent care and kindness you show to our fur babies.

Caysi Dennis

4 years ago

Dr. Beckman and Annie Mills are incredible. We discovered our puppy Jax had enamel hypoplasia on his two bottom canines back in October. Annie was very thorough in her consultation with me over the phone in what treatment might look like. As new puppy parents, my boyfriend and I were very worried about our baby. Annie kept us in the loop the entire day of his surgery. She and Dr. Beckman both were very welcoming and eased our nerves immediately upon arrival. The procedure went well, and we were able to submit through our pet insurance with no problems thanks to the paperwork provided by Annie and Dr. Beckman. Two weeks ago, Jax chipped one of the teeth that had been operated on (a total fluke.) Annie was able to fit him into the schedule as soon as possible. Again, we couldn't have felt better about their care for our baby. Annie is very responsive to any concerns we've ever had post surgery via email. She sends a check-in email following surgery as well. I highly recommend Orlando Veterinary Dentistry.

Joanne Schimelman

4 years ago

Our Collie, Joey, had a slab fracture on his canine tooth and 2 other fractured teeth as a result of jumping at the fence and air conditioner in our back yard. We believe this happened some time ago and at a recent vet visit, our vet suspected that the pulp may be exposed, which would be painful for a dog. We were referred to Dr Beckman who is a specialist in this field as you simply can not pull the canine without other problems developing. Dr. Beckmam and Annie were very calming and reassuring as we were very concerned about Joey's recovery. He had a root canal and fitted for a crown (I didn't even know this was something done on dogs) as had 2 extractiions. Joey is recovering well and received the very best care possible with Dr. Beckman and Annie & team. He us now wearing a soft muzzle in our backyard to ensure he doesn't re-injure or damage more teeth while we add some barriers so that this doesn't happen to Joey again. I highly recommend Dr Beckman and don't think you can find better qualified and more caring people to take care of your pet/baby.

Kati Allison

4 years ago

Annie was kind and wonderful. Dr. Beckman did a fantastic job treating my kitty’s periodontal disease and post operative pain control was spot on. Tyrion feels so much better, I feel bad for putting the procedure off so long. Awesome follow up post op too.

Lisa O'Neill

4 years ago

The doctor and his assistant are the best. This is specialized stuff and we had to make long round trips, but worth it

Marie Lint

4 years ago

My husband and I cannot say enough about Dr. Beckman, Annie, and the behind the scenes staff of Orlando Veterinary Dentistry. Their courtesy, professionalism and pleasant attitudes were deeply appreciated by both of us (extremely nervous pom parents). We could not have asked for better treatment for our fur baby or us. Even the waiting room we were allowed to stay in most of the day was impeccable. We would highly recommend Orlando Veterinary Dentistry.

Regina Pagan

4 years ago

Dr. Beckman and Anne were caring and most of all knowledgeable about our Bichon's teeth issues. They came up with a course of treatment and displayed confidence about the outcome. I would recommend this office to anyone who needs a veterinary dentist. They are caring, friendly and professional.

Robbie Boerth

4 years ago

Our cat had stomatitis (a chronic and widespread gum inflammation), and he was in constant pain. His weight was dropping, and was miserable. Dr. Beckman and Annie were terrific: They confirmed our veterinarian's diagnosis and discussed the treatment possibilities. The dental procedure (complete tooth extraction) has returned our cat to his happy and affectionate self. His recovery was swift, and he seems have been rid of that horrible, painful condition. This is a professional, knowledgeable, and caring business.

Anne van Wert

5 years ago

I can't say I have ever encountered a more professional and compassionate duo than Dr. Beckman and Annie. They went above and beyond my expectations in taking care of my two puppies. Dr. Beckman saved my puppies from having their fractured teeth extracted with his excellent care. I will be forever grateful for that and for Annie's TLC with my puppies.

Canine Extreme

5 years ago

Absolutely phenomenal facility! The staff was educational, accommodating and professional. Thanks to Orlando Veterinary Dentistry our German Shepherd is not only happy & healthy but back to himself in sport! Would definitely recommend them!

Christine Boss

5 years ago

Dr. Beckmann and Annie Mills provided excellent care and were very accommodating. Their facility was comfortable and clean. I would highly recommend Orlando Veterinary Dentistry to anyone wanting to provide the best care for their pet.

Jennifer Halstrom

5 years ago

Dr. Annie Mills & Dr. Beckman took care of our Maltese and she’s like a new puppy. We honestly cannot believe how she recovered so well & now can live with no pain. We saw several vets in the area and they all referred Beckman. We now …

Lisa Bilgray

5 years ago

I'm extremely particular when it comes to the healthcare of my pets and I put forth a lot of time in researching a dentist that I felt had the highest credentials in veterinary dentistry (visit his website and review the "About Us" …

Trudi Moore

5 years ago

Dr. Beckman and Annie were absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting the BEST oral care for your pet. They really do care about your pet. My Soxie was in the best hands and now she's back to her old self. I can't thank them enough!

Mariam B

7 years ago

There aren't many reviews for Orlando Vet Dentistry and so I want to share my experience. My 4yr old Persian cat had fine breath up until around 3yrs of age. We took him to our nearby Vet for annual check-ups @ 3yrs and again @ 4yrs old …

Ann Win

7 years ago

Dr. Beckman was great. My 10yo, 7 lb Maltese had 4 teeth extracted and teeth cleaning. I was planning to be there the entire day but in just a few hours, everything was done quickly. The office was cleaned and comfortable so I could wait around since we had to drive 2 hrs to get there. The vet tech was professional. It's very expensive for dental care for the pet. I wasn't expected that big bill of over $1,700 though. Good thing I took good care of my dog's teeth that I brush her teeth 1-2 times/wk in addition to professional teeth cleaning once/yr or every other yr (now after this expensive bill, will be brushing her teeth everyday!)

beverly fried

7 years ago

We have been taking our beloved Griffin to Dr. Beckman for more than eight years. The skill and care that Dr. Beckman and his assistant Annie have shown during each procedure gives us peace of mind. We have sent them many referrals through …

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