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Anna Friar

2 years ago

My dog is a yellow lab picked up today with bleeding paw will not go back

clint mccraw

2 years ago

GREAT PLACE! Please fully read. Kim and her team saved me on a horribly rough morning, the type of morning that makes a person want to throw their hands up into the air and crawl back into bed. After a flat tire repair, I was running about an hour late for work. As I was dropping my puppy off for daycare he decided to go #2 right in their foyer. It was a big mess! But! The Pet Spot staff immediately cleaned it up and mopped the foyer… they had even started bringing the cleaning supplies before I had noticed the mess. Kim and her team were so helpful and reassuring it felt like family. They saved the day and took great care of my spoiled little fur-ball.

Billy & Regina Martin

3 years ago

Highly recommend! They did a good job on shaving our 18 year old cat who has stopped grooming himself! Very professional and great service! Thank you!

Patrick Hassett

3 years ago

Not worth the trip. Place smelled horrible

MoTime McCourt

3 years ago

Good for dogs, not set up well for cats.

Barbara Morning

3 years ago

My dog even loves the pet spot!

Sharon Loar

3 years ago

We love taking our datschund dogs there. They do an awesome job and the staff is always so friendly. Thank you for all you do for us.

Torrie Little

3 years ago

Excellent experience. Great care and service

Brenda Matthews

3 years ago

I do not recommend. My dogs will not be back.

Andy Welborn

3 years ago

Great place my dogs loved it a wash and a nail trim

Brittany Alexander

3 years ago

Went in for my lab's first nail trim--she was a little nervous. The staff was gentle, quick and professional. The building was clean and organized, prices were very reasonable as well. Definitely coming back!

Darlene Cox

3 years ago

I love this place. Great grooming and fair pricing

Debra Umble Costigan

3 years ago

They treat your pets really good

Tommy Bulock

3 years ago

Fair pricing and excellent service!

Tammy Pope

3 years ago


Stacey Alan

3 years ago

I love this place. they have a incredible staff. their prices are really good and they're always friendly to my puppy

Lucienne Taylor

3 years ago

People are very friendly My elderly blind/ deaf dog is calm and well cared for while she's there.

Kimberly Santos

3 years ago

My two dogs are clean and price was reasonable. Love the camera system . You can see you fur baby when you leave and enter on camera . That was cool .

Francine Plunske

3 years ago

They always do a good job

Erin Foose

3 years ago

Trish Saypack is one of the best groomers out there! I worked with her years at an animal hospital in New Jersey and she is a master of her trade! I wouldn't trust my babies with anyone else.

Debora Hollingsworth

3 years ago

They did a great job with my two german shepherds.

Dawn Johnson

4 years ago

They do a great job on my little dog oh, and take care of him for a little longer to accommodate my schedule

Denise Foster

4 years ago

The staff is friendly and very loving towards pets they treat them like family ????????


4 years ago

Our 12 year old chocolate lab, gets excellent care there, they are very patient with him. We are at ease leaving him for several days, that means alot:) Thank You All.

Steven Williams

4 years ago

Rude employees that are unable to do their jobs. They'll keep and traumatize your animals for hours without even checking on them. When they finally get around to attempting their grooming, they have to call the owners to come help. Worst business ever.

Sharon D

4 years ago

Same day appointments available, great groomers. Be specific about what you want and they'll get it done.


4 years ago

Never going here again , yesterday my husky got groomed . Becky who's apparently the manager of this place greeted us by asking if we wanted her hair cut (you don't cut huskys hair) then used a shampoo on her that wasn't for dogs and a employee notified us that she did this so he was FIRED for it . He's been with the company for 6 years & my dog has been nonstop biting and itching at her skin . Will be spreading the word .

Rachel Rockenbach

4 years ago

Love them!! My puppies always look so good leaving there!

Connie Kirby

5 years ago

Love my dog groomers they are the best!!

Dawn Werner

5 years ago

I was happy to be able to have all of my pets in one room for 10 days while I went on a "bucket list" cruise with my mom to see the Panama Canal (one of the 8 wonders of the world). I had to confirm my reservation twice. The first time, my info was written down but not communicated to ownership/management. A month later when I was in town, I stopped by & spoke with the owner's son. The books were not open far enough to book for 2019 but he did document my request officially. My pets were very well cared for. Aside from being dirty (in my mind, this is directly in proportion to the fun they had) they were in very good condition & spirits. I do have some gripes. I brought a lot of things from home to make my pets comfortable. I brought a comforter from my be so they would have my smell there. The comforter was rotated into normal cleaning of pet blankets. My fault..I should have specified that comforter should be laundered/replaced only if significantly soiled. When I came to pick up my pets, a nice black fold-able table was missing. I had placed the table so that the cats had a stable feeding station & a good way to access their litter boxes (enclosed in my wire pen). the lady on duty when I came to pick my pets up did not even bother to look thru the facility for my was obvious that it was no longer in the building. (If I had been a bit less tired, I would have seriously considered a trip to the police station to file petty theft charges). In it's place was an old nasty metal table that was much higher (making my 13 yr old cat have to jump significantly higher to get to her food & litter). The metal table was so narrow that there was barely room for one cat to use it as a feeding station, let alone two. The table is something I normally use everyday at home and it is sorely missed. I also provided food for my pets in OXO vacuum sealed containers. Upon picking up my pets, I was informed that "my cat broke my container by pushing it onto the floor". When I left my pets & their supplies, the container was pushed back into a corner on the now missing table & it would have taken great effort for my cat to push it off. When I arrived to pick up my pets, there was a cheap, rusty, nasty narrow table in place of my nice table with telescoping legs. I had made a special effort to duplicate the feeding station I have at home to limit stress for my cats...apparently...the people who work here who replaced both my comforter & my table do not understand animals or their parents. There was also a rawhide on the floor in the room where my pets were kenneled. This was an unauthorized food item. My dogs obviously chewed on it. Their stools were not only irregular but discolored...probably more due to the rawhide than to any stress from being kenneled (my pets are pretty chill). I spoke with personnel about my table (she said she would personally deliver...hasn't happened) , have requested contact from owner via the website and earlier today left a message with staff for owner to contact me. I have had no response. It has been 5 days since picking up my pets & reporting my concerns. I am still tempted to file petty theft charges with the local police for the disappearance of my table. I hope that the owner & staff will see this & make things right so that I can post a much more positive review on their behalf. Caring for one's furry children should not come at the cost of personal property.

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