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carol guerin

2 years ago

They did a great job with my two boys!

Joel Rosado

2 years ago

No matter if you make your appointment on time they cancel you at le last minute leaving you with no other option to find another place. Horrible way to do business.

LJ Handyman & Renovation Corp

2 years ago

Our cat Ghost was well taken care of. He had ticks and his so happy now. Well shampoo and groomed. Very highly recommended. ????????

Mark Schreiber

2 years ago

They cut my dog on her stomach badly. There was blood and I pondered whether or not to take her to the vet for medical care

willie ortega

2 years ago

I have been coming to this place for years and every time I come they always tell me they have to shave my dog down to her bear skin. I feel they just like to take the fast way out. Unhappy!

Adam K

2 years ago

The best I’ve been too ! Even gave by baby a bow tie!

Blue Eyed White Dog

2 years ago

My experience with this grooming spot started great and quickly went downhill after. My first visit I asked if they accepted leash reactive dogs (defensive against other dogs) and they said yes. I then asked if they ever let any dogs roam free because mine can't interact with others while leashed in an unfamiliar area. They said no dogs roam free. I then felt safe leaving my pups with them. Since both of mine are heavy shedders they offered a deshedding service and said the price depends on how bad the shedding is. I accepted. When I picked them up they were clean and fresh, all nails were done, but still shedding a fair bit. They only charged me $10-$15 per dog for the deshedding. That was fine. Went home fairly happy... Second appointment I showed up just under 5 minutes early with both. There was another man waiting to pick up his dog. The front desk saw me come in with mine. She went back to get the other man's dog and when she opened the door his little unleashed dog came running out and charged at mine. I dont know if they ended up making contact since it was so fast and UNEXPECTED but he grabbed his pup and left. That broke my trust with them since they clearly lied to me the first time but I was already there so I let them take my pups. When I picked them up I was charged an extra $20 per dog for the deshedding, some nails were skipped with the trimming and despite paying so much per dog for deshedding they still had so much loose fur coming out when we got home. Made me think they didn't deshed them at all. It was a very disappointing, unprofessional, dishonest and irresponsible experience. I should have left it at that. But I went back one more time two months later. 3rd times a charm right? Granted the 3rd visit wasn't nearly as bad as the last it was still disappointing. I told them I didn't want the deshedding since last time it didn't make a difference. They kept trying to push it with a preset $20 per dog (another lie in the first visit.) which annoyed the hell out of me. Some nails were skipped again. And sure enough, when I went to pick them up there was another little dog running around loose which triggered my anxiety. I know how my dogs are and even though I try hard to work with them and train them I still have to consider the possibilities of something happening. This is why I try to be clear with what I ask of them and when I tell them my dogs don't do well around other dogs. They have shown me that they are not responsible with our pets and definitely don't do 100% in their work. I no longer feel safe bringing my dogs here since I can't trust them. That first visit really felt like a bait and switch.

Doug Kaplan

2 years ago

They did a haircut and bath for my three dogs. I thought they did a good job the price was fair I would use them again.

Nelida Burroughs

2 years ago

Hunny uses your services only complaint they never clip her nails short enough other than that no complaints

Kathy Orr

2 years ago

Very happy with this place! It is the best of the best!!

Lizvette Flores

2 years ago

The girls here are awsome! Great customer service trust them 100% with my fur baby.

Margaret Alvator

2 years ago

Staff is pleasant, Service was quick. The only thing I was unhappy about was that they charged me $10 extra for ‘clean paws’ ( poodle paws ) I was disappointed to find her legs were the same length So no clean paws!

Aline Perin

2 years ago

This place is amazing!! Everyone is so friendly and profissional ! My dog loves to go there and she always ame back perfect! I do recommend!

Andrea Rotta

2 years ago

I love the Muttlee Crew Pet Care for the excellence in service and all services provided. The stores are beautiful, quality products at a fair price. It is worth checking. I recommend it to the entire community, regardless of nationality.

Angel Legna

2 years ago

Great service! They told me they would have to shave my pup all the way down due to some clumpy hair on her legs. They were thorough and impressively quick. We'll for sure bring her back.

Luccas Marra

2 years ago

This pet shop is amazing and so clean!! I do recommend this place.

Michael Alicea

2 years ago

Marimar is an amazing receptionist


2 years ago

forgot to cut your nails? or just cut on one side?

Judith Nunez

2 years ago

Best Grooming services. My dog would get seizures and they would give him breaks, so he could calm down

Gustavo Nievez

3 years ago

I used to take my bichon to the Petco nearby but they kept taking 4 hours and charged more when I just needed a simple full groom since she always gets all covered in knots and just feels like a greasy mop. The groomer here only took an hour to do her and did a beautiful job, which was surprising. I didn't catch her name but she was the tallest one there. All in all a very pleasant experience.

Barbara Lopez

3 years ago

The past couple of times that I have called to schedule an appointment there has been some issue (the groomer is not available, we don't have any availability, etc.) I scheduled an appointment for this Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. and I received a call from them this morning, because they wanted to move my appointment up to Noon to "Accommodate another client that wants to come in earlier" (the callers words, not mine). An effective way to present that question is "Can we move your appointment up?" If the client says "Yes" then go ahead and move it, but if the client says "no, because that does not work for me" then listen to the client. I stated that noon did not work for me and proceeded to say you know the past couple of times that I have called to schedule an appointment there has been some issue and I'm actually upset about it. I have been taking my dog to this business for a solid (5) years. She stated "I'm calling to move the appointment" and didn't listen to what I had just said, so I told her you can go ahead and cancel the appointment because I am no longer taking him there. I'm sad to say that my dog lost his groomer that he adores so much. My dog was always well behaved, we were always on time and would cancel in advance. I never let him there for more than (5) minutes after they were done grooming him. I would always tip well too.

Ivan Velez

3 years ago

By far the worst grooming place ever. It was my schnauzers first time here, we asked that her beard not get cut and that her skirt get fixed but not completely cut off. I come home to half of her skirt shaved and her face cut!. I called to bring this to their attention and get it fixed, the receptionist told me my dogs hair was uneven and that was the only to fix it and then said “we tried our best, so what you want us to do?”. I told her I would have appreciated a call sharing that my dogs hair was “uneven” and I would have decided on that I wanted to do with her. Now my dog looks worst than she did when she went in, if she was uneven before now she looks like she was groomed by a 2 year old. My dog also left that place panting and drooling excessively, she’s never done that before...this place just left a bad taste in my mouth.

Jazzi Mai

3 years ago

Clean and friendly service. Great prices.

Kenny 417

3 years ago

Terrible service made an appointment online when I went there to drop off my dog the lady wanted a confirmation that I never receive.

Pedro Millan

3 years ago

Great service. Friendly and caring staff. I took my dog in and when I was concerned about how low I should get his hair cut. They kindly advised me on what to do and even made sure it was done as close to what I wanted. My little buddy came out looking amazing. I have gone here for his last two hair cuts and even suggested them to my little sister that moved down from NEW YORK CITY with her puppy and she loved the haircut she got for her pup as well. Definitely my permanent spot for my four legged friend.

Selena Samuels-Geiger

3 years ago

They are outstanding ????professional groomers and the only ones I trust with my Cuddles.


3 years ago

Brought my Shepsky here. He looked like a whole new dog! 100% can't wait to bring him back! Prices are fair and absolutely love the staff.

Marleen Ramírez

3 years ago

I wish I can give Zero stars. PLEASE READ! First time I took my fur baby there she seemed a bit stressed and anxious. I found it weird because I had taken her before to petsmart and she was so happy when I picked her up. So I decided to take her again but stay the entire time to see if she is just scared or something did happened. And it did I got there at 9:15 and my fur baby was bather and waited in the cage for an entire hour before taking her to the grooming table. As soon as the groomer started brushing her hair she was “detangling” from the root to the end with such force that she RIPPED bunches of hair with the Comb. My baby is a 7month old Yorkie with very thin hair and does not shed. She was RIPPING HER HAIR OFF and I told the front lady to tell the groomer to please be more gentile. at like 10:23am less than 10 minutes into grooming the front lady stated she has to charge me extra time for how hard it was to detangling her hair when the entire time I was watching she was just ripping hair off and my dog was on the table for like 10 minutes not “extra time” o was charged the normal grooming but I was denied entrance for my fur baby again. And my baby was in pain and scared and her white skin was pink and red in different places???? they were very rude and unprofessional!!!! I would never recommend this place to NO ONE ELSE!!

Marie Marie

3 years ago

Where do I start, I've been a customer here for 4+ years now since my dog was a puppy to get groomed. But just recently, the last 3 visits I've had with my fur baby there has always been an issue. The front desk lady always has an attitude and doesn't seem experienced in knowing about canines. I see now every time theres someone new working there. Last time I came for a full groom; my dog did not have her nails trimmed and her ears were not cleaned. I decided to give it one more try and again I had an issue, they did not cut my dogs hair the way it needed, they trimmed her face and her legs when i clearly asked for a 4 blade all around, they have the history on their file. The groomer argued with me for at least 45 minutes and instead of just trying to accommodate especially me being a loyal customer, now they just lost one. Please work on your customer service.. Highly disappointed.

Erik Jimenez

3 years ago

Always a pleasure taking our pup there. Definitely recommended

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