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Edriana Bougrat

2 years ago

I’ve been a client of Bellalago Veterinary Hospital for about 6 years now. 4 of my dogs have received nothing but AMAZING veterinary care here. My Phoebe had a few life threatening emergencies in the time we’ve lived here, and I am 100% sure she’s alive thanks to the quick action and excellent clinical reasoning of Dr. Young. Sadly, our beloved vet, Dr.Young passed away recently and we are heartbroken about it. She was our favorite vet and we will forever miss her ???? Have things always been 100% perfect? No, but that’s human nature, as well as the nature of the industry. There’s a SERIOUS shortage of veterinarians in the US and vets are working their butts off!!! Trust me, I’m not a vet but I work with animals too! Vets & their support staff are under pressure like they’ve never been before. They are working hours like they never have before, treating an insane amount of pets and other animals that people often wait TOO LONG to take to the vet and then expect miracles!!! ???????? Even though things haven’t always been perfect, we LOVE the relationship we have with BVH and how well they treat our fur babies. We understand the pressure and demand they are under and will continue to appreciate their hard work and great care! We look forward to the time when BVH finds a new, permanent vet so we can continue receiving the great care they offer there. The nurses & front desk staff are loving and kind! We love the care our fur babies get at BVH! ????♥️????????‍⚕️

Linda Soto

2 years ago

This is a great place to get quality care for your pets! Sadly Dr. Young passed away about a week ago, such a great loss. She was a beautiful person. The hospital is still running in her honor, they have someone in place this month, till they find a permanent veterinarian!

Annie Lopez La * Sexy

2 years ago

I took my tea cup shitzu with a very bad ear infection which had caused the hair of the top of hair ear to fall. Because she also gets allergies which is extremely weird that since I moved to Florida almost 5 1/2 year ago she hasn't gotten any allergies. When I first arrived to the office I noticed I had forgotten my phone. Which in this office you have to call when you are in front of the office. So I had to turn around and go back home which made me late. I was called by one of the team members and I explained what had happened. She rescheduled me from a 1:15 pm appointment to a 2:45 pm appointment. I had arrived at the office by 1:30 pm I was a bit disappointed but I do understand there was other appointments. But besides that it was worth the time and wait my little Princess is my bady she 12 years old now I had her since she was 6 weeks old but to me she is my bady girl. I was impressed that couple days later one of the Drs. call me to ask how was Princess was doing and that to me show how completely professional and delicate these team members are with your pets. And the girl that help me that day with the paper work and all information for Princess was unbelievable nice answer all my questions. Thank you so much for being so thoughtful and kindness.

sabrina hernandez

2 years ago

nothing against the ladies in the front however it just seems the manager “jim” knows nothing about customer service or even a bit of decency. It’s nothing about the animals. He only cares about money, overcharging patients being highly manipulative in their time of needs. I used to recommend this place for my dog, but after they were overcharging for something I couldn’t even see for myself bc they only spoke to my on the phone (which they could’ve been lying) and the horrors they have done to other people’s dog, I don’t know how anyone else can return to this place. And for the people reading the reviews, just look how the manager responses to people. Ridiculous. I say drive a bit farther to make sure your pet is actually taken care of instead of just a price point.

Robert Streim

2 years ago

Nothing but problems. Couldn’t get an appointment for 3weeks. After seeing the Dr. my dog got injured (yelping and whining every step)and was told they couldn’t see him for a week. This is the worst veterinarian I’ve ever been to. STAY AWAY !!! This Vet doesn’t care about your pet, just your money. I’ve had pets my entire life, and have never been made to wait for what could be an emergency visit. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!

Maria Pirita

2 years ago

I have to say that this team is absolutely outstanding! Honestly, please know that you all do an amazing job at what you do and your care, compassion and help towards the animal community is truly inspiring. I happen to know Jim has been amazing to me on multiple occasions. Please know that all the work that you do is truly meaningful and appreciated by very many people. You guys are ROCKSTARS!!!

Krystal Arnaldi

2 years ago

I took my dog Leia to Bellalago Veterinary Hospital and chose a vet plan for her thinking that it was convenient because it’s close. She had spay surgery as recommended by her vet. Unfortunately, because they did not do the procedure properly, my dog was bleeding to the point she almost passed away. Keep in mind that my dog does not have any bleeding disorders. The attempted to charge me hundreds of dollars for an intensive recovery due to their mistake. I took her again recently for a follow up visit and they told me the benefits of her vet plan would not be covered on her visit because she was a “sick” dog and not a “well” dog. My dog was completely healthy before she walked in, so it took me by surprise so I asked why and they asked me for $238 extra to tell me why. I asked to speak to “Jim” the manager and Melissa who were extremely rude, treated me with an unnecessary aggressive attitude, did not let me speak, retained my drivers license and card for 2 hours and made payment of a service they did not provide. I went to another Veterinary who called them for the medical records release and they said on a RECORDED CALL that they do not have them. This place does not care about your dog’s health, they care about your money. The new vet I went to, unlike this clinic who refused to give me her results, gave me in paper the results of the exams they did on my dog as it should be.


2 years ago

Still not letting people in the office. Pandemic is over folks. They make you wait outside, so they dont have to deal with questions or answer any problems. Cant see whats goin on, Cant talk to the vet, what bs. Drive up and call and they come out to get your pet. . Never goin here again

Snake in da Box

2 years ago

The pricing may be slightly high but everything that goes into running animal hospital while still making some profit, it's nothing unbearable they clearly care for the pets and their owners, with everything that goes into running an The staff is friendly and competent. I would absolutely recommend them for anyone in the area.

N. Holmes

2 years ago

Staff misspelled my name, and 3/4 of my emergency contacts. Staff alerted me they could perform a service - cat nail caps, but upon arrival alerted me I needed to have brought the nail caps with me. The staff checked the voice records of the call to confirm that they didn't tell me I needed to bring them, and alerted me they were in the wrong (but in a way where it made it seem like they thought I was) The staff did not ask if I wanted to cancel the appointment, and continued to treat my animal. I only went for the 1 service but had to do other services as I don't usually use you as a vet: and I won't be returning. Being charged $65, and still not getting the actual service you came for, feels like robbery to me. I will not be returning, and I do not recommend them. As to staffs response to this: You didn't ask me what to do, until you already had my animal in an area I was not allowed to enter. Be real with me for a second: what was I supposed to do? Get angry? I was aware of the charge for the exam and nails trims and was okay with them, bc I was nervous to do the caps myself, and was told you would skype/FaceTime me into the session (which you didn't offer day of) and, I do love your assumption anything went wrong with applying the caps myself! Good news, they went on perfectly! She loves them! I just hate your service, and the way you interact with your customers.

Natalie Lugo

2 years ago

Absolute gems at this hospital. They love your pet just like it's their own. A little on the pricey side but definitely worth it.

Rosana Silva

2 years ago

I took my pet to take the annual vaccine and Rafaela help us. she is the best, we and my pet just love her. thank you for taking care of my baby.

Dawnita Barton

2 years ago

Caring and affordable healthcare. Great with dogs and my cats. Fair prices and knowledgeable vet and staff. Goes the extra mile when they are sick.

Angel Tirado

2 years ago

This place only cares about money. If you decide to cancel a “plan” which was never used for a year. They will charge you for the services that were never done!!!! They charge you when the payment wasn’t process and also for the delay…we are on a situation that not everyone can afford. I have decided to not have the “pet plan” anymore and they didn’t let me. They threatened me to charge me for the services not provided. I have been a customer since they open but not anymore! Go to other vets! You will find other locations way cheaper and more professionals! Other thing…the administration is very rude.

Mandy Laureano

2 years ago

When they first started, their prices where great! Now…everything is through the roof and if the payment doesn’t process correctly the charge you extra! They work for the money. The people who calls you are rude and don’t let you even speak your concern because their excuse is “you agreed with it!” Everyone has the right to grown but not like this.

Tresta Maynard

2 years ago

Jim Young is the co founder, director, manager and husband to the Vet. He is very rude, disrespectful and very un-apologetic in the mishandling of his staff. The company stated that our pet had all her shots. Then we called to get records and the rabies shot was not only there; stating we missed an appt in May 2021 (That we were not aware of). We brought her back in July 2021 for an emergency appt and was not told that Jackie had missing vaccinations. We called back to get copy of the records and was hung up on 3 times by Mr. Jim Young the co-founder. This is so unprofessional. He is refusing to give us our pet records so that we can go elsewhere for treatment. WOW, now the lies. We never neglected our Jackie! We will move this to the next level! We did not neglect anyone. I never spoke on animal control at all. I request my records and you sir hung up the phone. Thank you for response it shows all of your customers how unprofessional you really are! Take your pets elsewhere!

Rosilda Munoz

2 years ago

Great customer service. The staff is compassionate and caring.

Amanda Nieves

2 years ago

I absolutely love Bellalago Vet. I have taken all three of my cats there and have not had any problem. They are very accommodating with their appointments and get back to me within 24 hours if I have any concerns or questions. Excellent Vet and Hospital.

Andrea Haugh

2 years ago

Always friendly. I know my dog is being well cared for.

Cody Olivotto

2 years ago

Absolute trash. People took my dog and returned it in worse condition.

Jesus Rodriguez

2 years ago

They are a joke. Only want to do easy jobs like shots. I called them with an emergency and they would not see my dog. Thanks god nothing happen to my dog. They could not care less about that and this is not the first time they do this to me. Another time I called them and they said that I need an appointment unless it is an emergency and now that it was they would not take it either. I wish I could give then 0 stars. This is the first review I leave ever in my life but I am so mad with these f…. That has to do it. Be aware of them.

Jonathan Grieve

2 years ago

Arrived here with my dog without an appointment. My dog had a 105.6 temperature. I was informed they only take life or death situations but they suggested I still take her to a vet. If it wasn’t serious why suggest I see a vet? My dog has been here regularly before as a patient in the past. I do not suggest anyone use this vet. Pay attention to all the recent 1 star reviews. This service has declined substantially. I wouldn’t trust them with the life of any person or animal. I know how a GP works. They will see sick patients. They will work them into the schedule as it is their job and they cannot tell what is and isn’t an emergency. If they cannot provide sufficient care they are referred elsewhere. Not turned away in the parking lot after wasting my time and being non responsive.

Zuleika Hort

2 years ago

I have called then twice for appointments and they offer me appointments for weeks away when I explain that my dog needs to be seen as soon as possible.

Gayle Phillips

2 years ago


Matthew Hoffman

2 years ago

I have been bringing my cats there for several years. The staff is universally caring and compassionate, and the fees are reasonable. As of now (June, 2021), they are still utilizing curbside drop-off rather than pet parents being able to go inside, and I hope that will end soon, but I will definitely continue to bring all my pets there going forward.

Stephane Leon

3 years ago

Dr. Young and her staff is very professional, caring, loving and talented. Dr. Young is extremely dedicated to her profession. She is genuine and a hard worker that will take care of your loved one always. They have a friendly and caring work atmosphere which makes you feel at ease when taking your pet there. Dr. Young treats my pet as if he was hers. He loves to go there and I don’t mind driving to this facility because I know my pet will get outstanding, caring and professional care every time. She dedicates the proper time to examine your pet and will always provide you the best care. I recommend this vet 100%!!! They are the best!

Philip LeBlond

3 years ago

Awesome place! Great staff there may be a bit of a wait to get an appointment, but I promise it's worth the wait!

Mindy Booth

3 years ago

I have just moved to the area and was in for a wellness visit and pre-surgical bloodwork. I have a diabetic cat that needs significant dental work. It took nearly a year to get his diabetes under control. His labs came back showing good control and he was scheduled for surgery! I realized I was low on insulin and called to get a refill. The medical receptionist stated I could use their online pharmacy (which costs double) or I would have to wait 24 hours for a physical prescription and drive to their office to pick it up. I wasn't available to drive there the following day due to work obligations. I would have run out before I could drive there the day after (45 minutes one way). The receptionist told me it was a FL law that they can't call in/email/fax a prescription. I spoke with a pharmacist and was told they receive vet prescriptions frequently. I called back later in the afternoon and still no flexibility in getting a prescription. They also promised to call as soon as they got the script from the Vet. No call. I called my former Vet in NYC and they simply called the pharmacy nearest to me and I had no problem getting it filled. I have no confidence in this practice. My cat requires 5 units of insulin twice daily. It's an essential medication. They showed no regard for his health and well being. I would not recommend this practice.

Florence Chupich

3 years ago

If your furbaby is suspected to have any bladder infection or issue, save your time and do not go here. I had called at 9:30am to set an appointment for the clinic to see my 5 year old corgi. After telling them what were his symptoms (just straining/dripping urination), they told me to bring him in at their next open availability which was 5pm the same day. Around 2:30pm (5 hours later), they called to inform me that the doctor wouldn't want to "take the risk to see him and that this is an emergency" concluding that they also don't supposedly have the equipment for a situation of a bladder infection. We understood and we decided to take him to a 24 hour emergency clinic. I only wish we were informed hours before so we could have kept searching for the right clinic sooner to bring our corgi instead of waiting in anticipation for results. At least they saved us the trip and extra bucks for something they couldn't have fixed. 2 star for the delay in and poor communication, but appreciative for their honesty. EDIT: Changed the review from 2 stars to 3 stars as the above review had upset Jim so much he falsely stated that I had described more "severe" symptoms to his staff. When your receptionist asked, "What makes you think he has a UTI" I told her that he was "straining/dripping urine." Your receptionist also told my husband and I that the clinic didn't have the "tools" for Wasabi's situation after the doctor communicated that they wouldn't see him and didn't want to take any risks. We took the recommendation to go to a 24-hour clinic, just not the exact same one you provided us (we had taken our pets to a specific 24-hour clinic in the past so we went with one that already had our furbaby's medical records), we just didn't know that the situation was more "deadly" as your clinic perceived it to be 5 hours later. Again, apologies if the review upset you (now I gave you an extra star-yay!), but don't falsely say that I described my dog's symptoms more severe than what I described here (because that were his only symptoms), and if you do provide the tools and equipments for situation as such, make sure your receptionist is aware of that because that was one of her reasonings on why the doctor did not want to examine our pet.

Christina R.

3 years ago

Unfortunately, Had miscommunication about price and what visit was for (a wellness check). I was hopeful for them to be a good veterinary hospital as they are the nearest one to me and have good reviews. And the vet herself was! Unfortunately the staff wasn’t really nice nor professional. One named Melissa, and a tall man whose name I don’t know said for me to find a different vet and if they’re going to “eat it” when there was a miscommunication about an unauthorized test that I did not know was even happening at her check up. I was supposed to be given an estimate on if I wanted vaccines for my cat and what the cost WOULD be with them and I stated the price was not so bad but for a later time. I would’ve liked to have had a better experience with less sales pitching and rudeness from staff (minus the two girls who brought water and apologized for the wait. )I would not have mind coming again but due to this unfortunate experience I wont. I was also supposed to receive estimate on spaying but they did not include it in the paperwork either. It would be nice to speak to the owner regarding all this. As a miscommunication should not be a clause for employees to talk to clients like that. It should be handled better. I do apologize for the miscommunication on my own part as everything is over the phone and it can be easy to not hear (especially if driving with windows down or in car with others who have radio on or talking too) and get words twisted since not face to face but that does not mean for their staff to have that kind of responses or anything. I do not expect anyone to reach out to me or apologize for their own part, however, and that’s fine. To anyone considering a vet just be warned on how (some) of the staff can treat you with unprofessionalism and poor customer service. Edit: in response to owner i did not sign nor approve to go ahead with anything. The miscommunication is the fact that when I said ok price wasn’t so bad it was in regards to the price not the OK to continue forward with the tests etc. that’s what a miscommunication on both ends was about. And also as new client, I assumed that the estimate was like any other business. Simply an estimate on what cost WOULD be IF wanted. It’s same as asking what does for example it cost for hair cut at any salon you’re interested in. It does not mean I want this and will pay for it. It’s simply question and answering. When I said okay that wasn’t confirmation for anything. But it’s easy to misunderstand and assume it was. You did not even do anything to my cat and was stopped beforehand. the vet even knows such and put me on hold to discuss that. So not sure why you’re so upset or why you answer everyone on any of these reviews how you do. It’s not professional at all to any criticism nor complaints. You should have people SIGN for and collect payment prior for any treatments.

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