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Ivan Petit

2 years ago

Un buen lugar para llevar los animales

Mariana Gurmendi

2 years ago

El personal Super bien el tema es de qué nunca me avisaron que mi perrita iba demorar 10 horas ……la tuve desde las 8am hasta la hora del cierre 6pm …me pareció una falta de respeto ; apenas subí a mi perrita mi auto empezó a vomitar estoy muy indignada!!

yvette c

2 years ago

I love this place, they always take good care of my dog (Benji). Thank you !

julieanna Leon

2 years ago

The only reason they get one star is because of the veterinary technicians that are there are very nice Specifically Kat and how clean it is inside facility is. unfortunately the doctors are not the same I’ve gotten into a verbal argument with one of the doctors trying to push antibiotic and pain medication on my dog( my puppy at that )when he does not NEED them for after his neutering (this is not my first dog/puppy these teams are not NEEDED they just want to make money) secondly last time I brought my dog in for just his comprehensive exam and his vaccinations he came home with diarrhea which is understandable and stressful situations but was not understandable is the fact that he’s coming back chattering his teeth (a sign of pain as discussed with two of their virtual Veterinarians and another veterinarian from a different clinic ) as well as foaming at the mouth and when I called the doctor to discuss this I was told he may be having a little seizure he’s a puppy shouldn’t be happening and it’s something unusual happening like this then I need to bring him back but I was told that I wasn’t able to for something of that issue and that everything should be fine if you just keep an eye on him I’m very upset I spend over $200 a month for my wellness plan for three of my dogs with Banfield. When you listen to their customer service hold it says we are what makes this community but obviously that statement is not true nor do they care. What they do not tell you when you’re signing up for the wellness plans is that none of the antibiotics are covered in anything extra they do is not covered so make sure you read that before you decide to sign up. Money is not the issue in the situation but issues that they don’t care about the animals and if you want a veterinarian that’s going to take care of your animals DONT GO HERE.

Lindy Cormier

2 years ago

I went some where elese

Big O

2 years ago

Went to a different vet. Came in to get a skin tag looked at. They said to go somewhere else. Not good for either large dogs or skin tags

amadeus Besito

2 years ago

The new location on Osceola next to the Verizon store is amazing, the staff is helpful, it's clean and the vet dr.ruiz is awesome. Definitely recommend this location


2 years ago

Caring staff,knowledgeable and caring Doctors. State of the art service.

Meagen Joseph

2 years ago

My kittybaby Nugget loves the nurses here they always talk about how sweet he is so I'm sure they were loving on him hard ❤️ he loves attention

Richard Borja

2 years ago

My wife and I took out dog Ryan 1 time , the first time wasn’t a horrible experience but not the best. The staff seemed lost and all over the place , now I understand things are weird as we navigate thru this pandemic , and also because my daughter is a vet tech but it was literally a mess. Then today happened ; my last visit my dog was given cytopoint and we had made his appointment and confirmed for him to go today, well we show up and these people are clueless of what they’re doing to my dog when it’s clearly on his records , and was said multiple times when making the visit. This is ridiculous, as a primary vet , specially with an injection that is given regularly they should know and have record. I decided to not let them see my dog today and ever again at least until their staff knows what they are doing

karina c pagan

2 years ago

The best of the best

Kenya Davis Moses

2 years ago

Best care for the price

Anne Saunders

2 years ago

The vet is great however their location in petsmart is awful especially since with Covid they aren't using their exam rooms it gets crowded back there and hard to do business that way. Vet comes out to the crowd to talk about your pet for a couple seconds then finishes his exam in the back, here's your dog back, bye. Wouldn't recommend.

Big Momma Davis

2 years ago

Best care for the cost!

Hecmary Maldonado Aquino

2 years ago

Super kind and helpful. Definitely coming back and highly recommend

Jaime Shewmaker

2 years ago

3 stars because I know Banfield is a good company. I’ve been dealing with Banfield for all pets more than 20 years. This location, Im not quite sure about. It’s very very hard to get an appointment. They are just too busy at this location. Orlando area needs more locations. If you book online all appointments are 7 days or more out. I pay $52 a month for the pet insurance for my dog. She is old and has many issues. I’m very scared upon an ER situation they won’t be there for me. The location ive gone to previous to this one in Jax, FL was way more supportive. It almost feels like they do not care. It makes me so sad because my dog has been in my life for 14.5 years. This morning the receptionist had me on hold for 15 mins. She seemed unknowledgeable about booking appointments. One minute there was an opening Friday and then it turns into Saturday within seconds. That seems like operator error. When people are calling for rushed appointments it means their dog is sick. I told her my dog has congestive heart failure and what can I do about an ER situation. She said they are a booster and deworming clinic. They may not have equipment to assist my pet. So this clinic doesn’t have oxygen? She continued with I should go to an emergency clinic. This is what I’m paying $52 a month for????? Do the math $52 x 12 months. That’s what booster and wormer cost?

Patricia Fray

2 years ago

Love them!! So caring about your animals.

pablo velez

2 years ago

Nice and take care my dog

Ismarie Marrero

2 years ago

11 calls to make one appointment & all they do is pick up the phone & either hang up or place you on hold. They don't even greet the line & are laughing when the phone line is picked up. Being busy is one thing, being rude and unprofessional is another.

experiment sara

2 years ago

i called about 10 times before i could get someone to pick up the phone so i could make an appointment. they told me the location was at petco on 535/vineland. i had to drive past 3 different petsmart locations to get to this one all because they don’t know their correct address. and i even asked if it was petco or petsmart. they told me petco. i was 15 minutes late to my appointment due to having to drive another 25 minutes when i arrived to petco 15 minutes early. they also cut out my dogs stitches from his neuter that was a few weeks before without my approval and they have denied his prescription twice for heartworm prevention when he has tested negative. first time was because they didn’t know he was negative yet, on all the paperwork i gave them, it stated on there 3 times that he was negative. i took him in for his first check up since having him and they didn’t even bother looking at any of my paperwork i had from when i adopted him the month prior. and they didn’t even have him in the back for 5 minutes. i’m sorry but how do you do a first time check up on an animal in under 5 minutes? completely unprofessional. i never even saw the vet or even talked to them. and no one could give me a valid answer as to why. i called recently to find out why his prescription has been denied twice to have them tell me i denied tests and treatment for him when i wasn’t offered any, and for them to tell me he needed to be tested again. he was tested a month before i took him here. i DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE. COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL. STAY AWAY

Louise Pack

3 years ago

I went there to get my dog shots and they are overpriced inexpensive just for a rabies tag is $35 Plus the visit I've never paid $35 for rabies tag

Bee C

3 years ago

Prices are high. And I am not sure they are clean based on how the store

Cecilia Valentin

3 years ago

It was amazing they took care of my 3 babies !! Explained in details. I was concerned of 1 of my babies and she made an appointment for a date to do some mouth cleaning and then she called me saying the doctor could perform the procedure right now as the doctor was concerned and I said yes !! They really do care I was very happy they did !! Update**** By the way they called the next day to see how Papi was doing great employees thank you for the check up on my baby!!!

Anthony Pop

3 years ago

Very professional and always checking up after appointments. Thanks to them my little girl is still going.


3 years ago

I love the doctors and all the employees there. They're all polite, caring and professional. They take good care of our fur babies.

Loretta Barber

3 years ago

They are awesome .Been going there for years never had a problem they take good care of my saint bernard and my cat like they were there own. I highly recommend them.

Maribel cupeles

3 years ago

This is a great place to take your pet. The staff is super friendly been going there for over 4 years.

Izzy Lozada

3 years ago

I would never bring any of my babies here. My dog got attacked by another and they wanted to wait until the next day to stitch him up. THE NEXT DAY! Risking infection and God only knows what else. All because they were closing soon. A real hospital does everything they can for their patient. Animal or not.

Michelle Lugo

3 years ago

I've been using their services for over 20 years. Good service and I like their medical plans. You save quite a lot of money.

Nelson Velez

3 years ago

They are dependable and caring

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