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JoVan Everette

2 years ago

My spoiled dogs love this place, and Dr. Clarke loves them in return. My German Shepard isn't the easiest to treat, but Dr. Clarke is always expertly prepared for the difficulties.

Rhonda Campbell

2 years ago

The should advertise that they are a cat and dog service. Not a true animal hospital. It is a cat or dog hospital.

Margie Bellamy Robinson

2 years ago

All way been quick and kind.

Bobbie Esteves

2 years ago

Saw the review defending the killing of a perfectly healthy, sweet Italian mastiff. Sure, training starts at home, but you’re supposed to be experts in care, safety, and health for animals, If EVER that training fails. Sedation was an option, stopping and calling the owner to come assist to keep a baby calm was an option. Instead, you chose aggression, force, and strangulation that caused the death of a precious animal that was afraid of y’all. If y’all are unable to make those logical decisions when an animal is allegedly being too difficult, and are willing to go as far as suffocating them to the point of brain damage and paralysis..y’all shouldn’t keep licenses to treat and care for other animals y’all could be reckless with, endanger, and ultimately kill. Will never, ever trust taking my baby here. I knew the owner personally and she didn’t have aggressive animals, so y’all acted very poorly.

Rick Smith

2 years ago

Had to bring cat In in a emergency. Even though they were booked up they made time for my cat. Very considerate and compassionate

Sophie Sangster

2 years ago

I read a comment where someone was trying to defend that staff for fear of the big dog. So they are basically saying it was okay for someone to strangle the dog with the leash pulling from the other side of the door…… Are vets not taught how to properly restrain dogs? Or are they at least not taught that they have emotions and feelings? He was afraid. They are animals, not obedience machines. Yes training would have been helpful but it’s still not okay. You’d have to be stupid if you couldn’t understand that pulling or strangling a neck leads to no oxygen. You left that poor baby in pain literally screaming and not having the ability to open their mouth or walk properly. There is no way I could ever take my beautiful baby to someplace that doesn’t care of the consequences and literally looks for an easy solution rather than a logical one. Sedating him was the answer. Y’all thought about it but went with “restraining.” It’s shameful really. I don’t know what staff was responsible but now you’re making the owner pay for that idiotic idea.

Scout Corgi

2 years ago

They killed a healthy dog by strangling it!!! Do not bring your pets here!!!!

Rose TheSpaceCat

2 years ago

DO NOT GO!!! They strangled a perfectly fine dog until he had seizures!!! They will hurt your pets!!!!

Robyn Daniels

2 years ago

This vet and his assistant viciously killed a three year old Italian mastiff. Do not take your animals to these people!


2 years ago

Killed a healthy dog by strangling him until he had seizure and had to be put down days later. Handled it unprofessionally, after they did this to the poor dog. If a large dog gets nervous or upset all you have to do is have the owner help, or put the dog to sleep, you NEVER, hurt the dog. Don’t hurt the dog and then lie to the owner at first. How dare they do all of this and continue running. Shameful business practices.

Kelly Howard

2 years ago

#justicefordraco no dog should be slip leashed though a cage and smothered for vaccines. Learn proper animal behavior and you wouldn't have his death on your hands.

Kelcy Jarrett

2 years ago

Some vets if you think it's appropriate to restrain a dog by putting it in a chokehold and causing brain damage so severe that it needed to be put down. You all deserve to have your licenses revoked so your lack of responsibility doesn't kill another animal naively placed in your care.

Karen Bennett

2 years ago

The vet killed a perfectly healthy 3 year old mastiff. Obviously the vets and staff do not know how to properly care for a dog. They did not make him feel safe or keep him safe during a routine exam.

Brittany Baroni

2 years ago

DO NOT SEND YOUR PETS HERE. They caused permanent brain damage to a perfectly healthy mastiff. Forced to put the dog down. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT GO HERE

Alicia Bresler

2 years ago

I am really disturbed that there are multiple comments accusing the staff of killing animals yet I don't see a single response from the owner explaining their actions? This alone would leave me very uncomfortable with asking them to provide care for my animals.

Ramona Ilie

2 years ago

This place is dangerous! They have killed a dog that went for a routine test after choking him and resuscitating creating brain damage. I WOULD NEVER TRUST SUCK A PLACE. GOOGGLE IT. FIRE THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE

amy ladlee

2 years ago

Great staff! Moved to Kingsland a few years ago and have never boarded my 16 year old blind Jack Russell until then.. They are so good with him and I feel very comfortable and at ease knowing he's being taken care of...

Ana Messed up Yah

2 years ago

Absolutely terrible. The staff doesnt know how to handle the animals at all. Horrible.


2 years ago

Stay away from this place. They killed a perfectly healthy dog by strangling him until he stopped breathing and started having seizures. They keep deleting the reviews regarding this #justicefordraco

Don't Worry 'Bout It

2 years ago

They killed a beautiful 3 year old italian mastiff as he was difficult to handle and ended up strangling him to the point where his heart stopped because of that they had to resuscitated which lead to brain damage and seizure. He had to be put down for their actions. A young caring dog died to people who are meant to keep them healthy and alive.


2 years ago

DO NOT GO! A perfectly healthy Italian Mastiff was restrained, choked and killed by the staff just recently at this location. You can look the media up on it! The animal suffered for three days with brain damage after they had to resuscitate him. Shame on these people, I would not trust my animals coming here in the presence of evil.

Jennifer Ennis

2 years ago

Strangled a perfectly healthy dog, caused brain damage and in turn the poor baby had to be put down. This place should be shut down!! #justicefordraco

Lori Toms

2 years ago

Very sweet and kind ,very nice to my kitten .

Mary Parton

2 years ago

They strangled a dog instead of sedating him

Pandispan Cacanaru

2 years ago

The worst place you can take your pets to. I am completely heartbroken by what happened to one of the dogs that came here for regular checkups. I hope the staff get what they deserve

Raina Maclachlan

2 years ago

Gave a perfectly healthy dog severe brain damage by STRANGLING him. Dog went in for a heart worm test. Now he's been PTS. Avoid!!!! #justicefordraco

Yarissa Santiago

2 years ago

They killed Draco!! Dont ever bring your pets to them they will strangle it !!

Sille Dalby

2 years ago

They caused the death of one of the dogs that came there. It's terrible! Don't bring your animals to this place.

pls stop

2 years ago

they've killed mutliple dogs in the past!! DO NOT bring your dog here

Robyn O

2 years ago

I dont know this vet clinic personally but I have read the recent reviews and heard what happened. I have worked in the Veterinary field for 9 years now. Training starts at home and isnt the clinic/hospital responsibilty to teach your dog to stand or sit for a regular check up. It should NEVER have to take more than one person restraining a pet for a blood draw or even a basic exam. If your dog is over a certain weight and big built and and possible trying to thrash around and or bite the staff then its on the owner for lack of training to get them used to be handled by strangers for medical purposes. We vet staff dont really like being thrown around and scratched so bad we are bleeding and left with scars and being bitten. Can over restraining happen? Yes it can but if its a massive dog and the dog is trying to bite the staff and mouth is too big for a proper fit muzzle then you have to hold the best you can. Again I do not know this clinic personally but training starts at home...

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