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2 years ago

This place, like most places in Key West, has terrible customer service. My dog was sick, and they said there are no appointments, and I would have to go to Marathon if I needed immediate service, so I made an appointment two weeks out. They then call me 3 times the day before, while I’m working, twice by someone named Jen to confirm, and a third one by Marianne saying they gave my appointment away, without giving me any adequate time to respond. I called them back at 345 PM (my appointment was at 2PM following day) and was told they gave it to someone else with a sick dog, when my dog was sick in the first place. They also never told me that if they don’t reach me right away when they call, they will cancel my appointment, otherwise I would have given them my work phone. Bottom line is they can care less about you, your pet, or doing what’s right like adhering to appointments. Instead someone who didn’t wait now gets my spot, and they get paid no matter what so what do they care. I believe it was Marianne I talked to on phone who was super rude and said she didn’t care that I was going to not recommend them and leave a bad review, so here it is.

Veronika Frystacka

2 years ago

Extremely Disappointment with my last few interactions. What kind of veterinary office turns away a dead patient for disposal during business hours. I understand turning us away When I called pleading for an appointment for my sick cat, due to all the busyness. But who turns away a dead patient, and tells the owner bring them back after four. Disgusting

Gina Murphy

2 years ago

Always great compassionate care BUT one important note, if putting your per to sleep please speak with them about the procedure. I’ve had to put two dogs to sleep prior and they have always given the sedation then given us time to say our good byes then return for the final lethal dose. Last week I assumed this was the same procedure and was going to FaceTime my adult children to say goodbye to their childhood dog BUT the vet did the sedation and immediately the lethal dose. My kids didn’t get to say goodbye and I didn’t have those precious moments either. I’m still pretty upset about this.

Keywest RJ

2 years ago

Great experience after my dog was bitten they took great care of Biko


3 years ago

Kind, caring, professional personnel and a clean, welcoming space.

Stacey Fix

3 years ago

They are very good with my pets and me.

Ryan Collard

3 years ago

Wonderful service. Will always recommend for the care of the staff and how well they treat my animals.

Jimmy Issac

3 years ago

Nice care was taken however, treatment cost is very expensive. I would have given 2 stars but the front seat was nice.

Melissa Meistrell

3 years ago

Very kind & caring. Staff is very friendly & professional.

Eric Lee (elee1293)

3 years ago

Great, friendly vet and techs.

alysa kotleski

3 years ago

Very kind, welcoming staff. Dr. McGuire is very knowledgeable and has a warm presence.

Andrea Marion

3 years ago

They are so good with my cat, who is very fearful of new situations ????

Christine Green

3 years ago

They gave me years of assistance with my older dog and today came the day we couldn't put him through anymore. They were kind and understanding and gracious with the process. Couldnt have asked for more.

Div Nanjappa

3 years ago

Friendly staff. Nice doctor who is willing to answer questions. Recommended.

Greg Nantkes

3 years ago

I took my dog in 12 days ago to get his vaccinations. We are from out of town. Even though he had a eye infection he gave him vaccinations any way. Well 12 days my dog is dead. After a week I called and talked with staff . They did not tell me tell me to bring him in. The doctor after 4 hours returned my calls and didn't seem concerned. Well 12 days my service dog is dead. I wouldn't take anything here. I wouldn't give him one star but it was my only option. So much for saving a special animal life.

Kelly Evans

3 years ago

I am very disappointed with this veterinary clinic. My mother was just here to take her cat in after her energy was low and she had white in her eyes. The vet said that nothing showed up on her blood test, and sent her home with an antibiotic. Two days on the anti-biotic and the cat is now not drinking and can not stand up. This is not the only time where the vets failed to help our cat. Last year another one of our cats was refusing to eat and getting sick, my mom took him to this vet multiple times and yet nothing was resolved. Eventually my mom took him to a vet in Marathon where he finally got a diagnosis, but unfortunately it was too late for treatment and he was put down. I am disgusted that they do not take the time and effort to actually properly diagnose the animal and figure out what is actually wrong. I would never recommend this clinic to anyone who actually cares about their pets.

Martin Lehmann

3 years ago

Our cat needed a checkup and a rabies shot but we were concerned because of the ongoing COVID-19 situation. We arrived, called, waited in the car as prompted. 15 minutes later Dr McGuire came out with a glowing report; all was well even lost a quarter pound and took the shot like a champ. Assistant brought her out and off we went. We know and appreciate the pros at the clinic, particularly during these difficult times. Thanks so much.

Rachel Word

3 years ago

The receptionist is very rude and uncooperative. We needed our dog worked in for an emergency visit, and they were completely unresponsive. I would not recommend this clinic.

Tim Rombougb

3 years ago

I can't thank them enough for all that they did. They are a great group of people who truly care about the pets and their families.

Tim Simmons

3 years ago

Not a client. Snuck me in on a Saturday. Great customer service. Will move my pets here for service; for sure.

Wylie Coyotee

3 years ago

I have been here many times and must say their professionalism and compassion is amazing.

Jessi Knoof

4 years ago

I really like these guys. We brought both of our kids (kitties) in for the first time today and the staff were super friendly and accommodating. We even received a discount for bringing both of them at the same time. Everything went so smoothly, our kitties barely even knew they had just received their shots (ouch!). Dr. McGuire was very kind and genuine. He took his time with each cat to do a thorough exam without frightening either one, and the whole process was a breeze. We will definitely be returning next year for their next round of vaccines and for anything else that might come up in the meantime. Highly recommend!

Amber Nicks

4 years ago

We're down here on vacation and my dog got an ear infection. They are rated highly because their service is excellent. They were able to get me in the next day! All the staff was kind and knowledgeable. The environment was relaxed and the waiting area was clean. I highly recommend going here if you need a trusted vet!

Andre Amador

4 years ago

Always bring the kids here great staff the only issue is when I was worried about ear itching turned out to be a hair and the charge for the visit was honestly just too high but they truly are an amazing staff

Bill Eccles

4 years ago

Excellent Doctor and staff-- THE BEST! Bill Eccles

Erin Russo

4 years ago

Omg they are just amazing w our pets!!

Parker York

4 years ago

They got me in a same day, last minute appointment. Staff was very professional with the cat and the Doctor was real informative and knowledgeable. Staff overall was great. I felt I got my money's worth. Absolutely recommend.

melissa Flores

4 years ago

Super experience with our puppy! Friendly and puppy wasnt traumatized at all. Appreciate them very much

P Hays

4 years ago

They are the best all around. The Dr and staff are so wonderful. You can feel the love they have for each furry patient.

Jaime Ponder

4 years ago

Friendly staff and doctor. Reasonable prices.

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