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Sope Akindoju

2 years ago

I am beyond thankful for Trainer Macayla and the work she did with my 9month old German Shepard Behr. I was hesitant to send my dog to a training camp for 4 weeks but Unleash Fido was the best choice I could have made. Macayla has …

Valerie Heldenbrand

2 years ago

They worked very hard to help my dog. I will forever be grateful.

Shannon Connally

2 years ago

Unleash Fido has completely changed our life. Our 9 month old Australian Shepherd puppy was extremely reactive to people and other dogs, to the point where we had to be strategic about taking her outside. We would have to hide if we saw people or dogs coming our way and if she saw them, it was over. She would bark uncontrollably and wouldn’t stop until we got back inside the house. We resorted to only taking her on walks late at night when no one was outside. She would also bark if she saw anyone walk past our window, which would happen all day long. Along with the reactivity, she wouldn’t listen to any commands when we gave them. She was basically running our house and it was becoming unbearable to live with. We took her to Unleash Fido for the Behavior Modification program and she was there for about 4 weeks. We’ve had her back now for about 2 and a half weeks and she is a completely different dog - in a good way! She is so well behaved! She no longer barks or lunges at people or dogs on our walks and we can finally take her on walks at any time of the day! She also knows all her basic commands. We highly recommend Unleash Fido for anyone struggling with their dog! Also, a special shout out to Macayla, who was our puppy’s trainer. She is amazing and has so much knowledge! We are forever grateful for her! Thank you Unleash Fido and Macayla!!

Reyna Perez

2 years ago

I had a great experience with this company! I signed my dog up for behavior modification, and it has made a huge improvement in both mine and my dogs life. He is now responsive to me, walks without pulling, and follows commands. Our trainer Kendra is reliable and developed such a close and meaningful relationship with my dog, making the experience so much easier! I loved it!

Maria Dopel

2 years ago

I had Sebastian as a trainer for my medium size husky/ pit pull mix. She suffered from severe anxiety and had typical puppy habits which included disobedience, roughhousing, leash pulling, it was getting to the point where I really had to consider whether or not another family would be a better fit for her since I am a nurse and have a busy lifestyle. She is such a loving dog and I decided that I wanted to do everything to try and break her bad habits. Luckily I found the school and was paired with Sebastian as a trainer he did an amazing job and my dog is now behaving and respecting me more than I could ever have imagined when I signed up for the school. She is a smart dog so she graduated early and Sebastian did a great job with giving me tips and tricks to make following through with the training easier especially with my lifestyle. Thank you Sebastian and Unleash Fido

Gretl Kruse

2 years ago

Game changer for our dog. Thank you so much for making our lives amazing with a trained sweet ????! This place works miracles!

Christy Brinson

2 years ago

My experience with Unleash Fido has been wonderful. Macayla has transformed my Belgian Malinois mix into a new and improved dog in just a month and a half. He is no longer counter surfing and now walking is an enjoyable experience for both of us. I love that I can exit the car and walk through the door without my dog pushing past me or trying to jump on me. They provide the tools and training to make sure I can carry over at home. It is so worth it!!

Carol Brinson

2 years ago

Macayla trained our grand dog and we are so grateful. She was extremely knowledgeable and professional and at the same time, patient, kind and understanding. He is a different dog! He listens to commands and is a pleasure to take on a walk now!

tory ivy

2 years ago

Spent 2,500 and our Frenchie came back worse than she was going in.

Rita Altman

2 years ago

After my 5 year old Weimaraner bit a neighbors dog I felt it was time to get professional help with her aggression against some dogs. Leaving her for a 30 day stay was probably the hardest thing I have had to do in awhile. It was so worth it!!!! Makayla was the best. The change in my dog was amazing but yet she was still her old self. The big test came when we returned for a follow up lesson. I thought she would be so scared and not want to go back but as soon as we turned the corner her tail started wagging and she was excited to be back. Could not have been any better. I am now thrilled to be able to take her there when I travel and know that she is well taken care of and happy. I would highly recommend Unleash Fido. So worth the investment. So much fun to walk and run with her now. No more pulling, jumping or tripping over her. Best Christmas present I could give us both.

Mallory Gregory

2 years ago

Unleash Fido was incredible for my boy, Rowan. He had that typical shepherd craziness along with a lot of little bad behaviors he’d picked up from being abandoned. He spent 6 weeks with Macayla and she worked some magic on him! Every week getting his progress reports I was so shocked at how quickly he was picking all the commands up! 10/10 recommend!

Lana Williams

2 years ago

If we could we would leave 100 stars. Unleash Fido trained our 2 German Shepherds and we can't say enough great things about Unleash Fido, we started with our first GSD and the whole experience was wonderful. When we got our second GSD there was no question as to who was going to do the training. Unleash Fido hands down. The staff is always ready to help whenever we needed help. Travis has a great team there.

Amber Locke

2 years ago

I have a 4.5 year old Australian shepherd that had some pretty serious behavioral issues, so I needed a really good training program to get him some help and back on track. I found unleash Fido through googling/researching places in town that do dog training. There was a google review for unleash Fido where the owner had experienced some similar issues with their dog, so I decided to give them a call. My pup has had basic training in the past, but recently there’s been incidents where he nipped some people and I felt unequipped to correct this issue myself. I had a free consultation with Macayla where she met with me and my pup at their facility and told me about unleash Fidos’s programs and what she thought would be suitable for him - the 4-5 week boot camp. He’s been back with me now for a couple weeks and is doing SO much better. Not only did Macayla teach Wiley everything to be the best pup he can be, she taught me to be a better pet owner! I am a lot more informed and better equipped at being the owner of an anxious dog. He is sometimes scared of people and they taught me about situations that are not okay to put him in and now I have more realistic expectations of him for the future. This is not a fix all situation, you have to be willing to put in the work and keep up the training when you bring your pup home or it will not work out. I highly recommend Unleash Fido for their training programs and definitely Macayla! She did such a great job with Wiley.


2 years ago

Macayla did a great job training my dog Cooper. She made herself very accessible if I needed anything, wanted updates or had questions. Cooper is much more manageable and his behavioral issues have improved. Thanks Macayla!

Jenn Marks

2 years ago

Kendra was amazing and worked wonders with my dog Tiny . ???? I would highly recommend her as as well as unleash fido to anyone . I also plan on bringing my other animals there as well . 10/10.

F “ ” G

2 years ago

Unleash Fido did amazing training with my Newfoundland Bear. The staff was amazing and took really good care of Bear. Can’t recommend them enough!!!


2 years ago

Can't say enough, how great UNLEASH FIDO is. Specific shoutout to Kendra for her amazing job with Chica our Potcake rescue from Guantanamo Bay. Kendra was able to bring this shy, timid, stubborn dog out of her shell in less than five weeks. Greatly appreciate the the UNLEASH FIDO Team. Following training, Kendra conducted follow-ups along with text to see how things were going. We went on a brief trip and boarded Chica at UNLEASH FIDO, where Kendra also did follow-on training. Can't thank you enough! Thanks Kendra as well as Lana for making everything easy. Amazing Staff!!

Aaron Wurth

2 years ago

Top notch crew here! These guys are super educated and do great work with dogs!

Hugo Guerrero

2 years ago

After reading reviews we decided to check out Unleash Fido. We met Macayla during the free assessment session and loved her energy and thorough explanation of the training process. The facilities looked great and the guest dogs they had at the time were all relaxed and clean. We decided to take our 8 months old boxer to the 2 week training camp. Macayla stayed in communication with us giving us weekly updates. Before camp we had a very hard time controlling our dog’s energy, walks were very tough, leash pulling and biting, jumping on other dogs and people to play, recall was non existent. In two weeks, all these problems were addressed and walks are now a breeze. She walks right next to us, no pulling and ignoring other people or animals unless we tell her to go. Recall command is very reliable at short distances and we are working on increasing them. Overall we have a much better mannered dog and she is still as playful and goofy as before. We have maintained communication with her trainer Macayla who did an excellent job. We highly recommend their programs!

Holly Cimmino

2 years ago

We recently adopted a 9 month old puppy that was trained at UF. They are absolutely amazing!!! We get compliments constantly on how well behaved and well trained he is! The trainers we worked with were amazing and always helpful with any questions we had. They have an open door and are always willing to help with follow up visits. HIGHLY recommend UF for your training needs. Your dog will come out a new dog!

Catie Lott

2 years ago

Our 10 month old Goldendoodle, Bodie, did great with Macayla. It was hard to send him away for 2 weeks, but worth it in the end. He learned a lot of new positive behaviors and corrected some existing negative behaviors. We would definitely recommend Unleash Fido and Macayla to anyone in search of dog training. The staff was friendly, helpful and willing to answer all of our questions.

Casey Murphy

2 years ago

Worth every penny. We were worried our loving and playful 7 year-old pup, who just needed guidance and focus, would come back a robot just doing what we asked. She also had to be on a strict medication regime and we were afraid that would get messed up. Not only did she come back the same loving and playful pup, but she enjoys training and obedience. It’s so fun going on walks and being the envy of other pup parents - we frequently get positive comments on how well behaved she is. It was the professional and personal touch that impressed us. We got weekly (and sometime more) updates on her progress. They were detailed updates with videos and pictures and you could see how much she loved Macayla. Her medications were never an issue because they have experience, including injections. Even when she ended up needed to get additional medication, they worked with us and it was taken care of immediately. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! So much so, we are planning on be repeat customers with a few of our other pups!


2 years ago

Unleash Fido is one of the top-rated training facilities in the state and nation….and I see why. Reception consisted of a friendly informative warm welcome within their clean, well-organized and secure facility. Leaving our puppy Gidget for training was unnerving experience settled by Macayla and her detailed introduction at our first meeting. She immediately built a rapport with our dog, explained her background, asked what we are looking for and then explained their services. We were sold and couldn’t wait to get started. Drop off- We dropped Gidget off with food and a leash. While she was there, we received an update weekly (a report card of sorts) and the staff was always willing to answer any questions we had. Pick up day- Finally after 3-weeks it was time and what an amazing transformation. Gidget was a well-behaved happy dog. This day also came with the most important part of this experience… “human training.” The last thing you want is to regress, so the entire family participated in a review and execution of the commands under the watchful eye of Macayla. Finally, about a week later we returned for a checkup just to ensure all our questions were answered and we are using the commands correctly. Not to mention a check up via text from Macayla just to see how Gidget was doing. I’m sure the entire staff is just as good, but we are partial to Macayla based on our own experience and the open communication throughout the process. I highly recommend Unleashed Fido Jacksonville-specifically Macayla!

Brian J

2 years ago

Love working with these guys, for anyone who has a dog I would recommend them them.

Jacqueline Pesola

2 years ago

Words can't express how appreciative I am for Travis and his amazing staff at Unleash Fido. I originally contacted him regarding one of our rescue dogs being returned as an owner surrender. The adopter hadn't provided our pup with training, didn't set boundaries, and wasn't using a crate. All of this led to a 9 month old having a house party when the owner was at work (aka chewing and tearing up molding, shoes, furniture, etc.) Adam, one of the trainers, was hard at work providing our dog with manners and basic obedience training. It wasn't long before he was adopted by a new family that understood how important it was to continue the training from Unleash Fido. I'm forever grateful for Travis, Adam, and the rest of their amazing team for their help!! Peace ✌, Love ❤ and Paws????

Sara Mobley

2 years ago

I can’t put into words how highly I recommend Unleash Fido. Do you know what it’s like to hear a doorbell followed by silence? Or not worry that your dog is going to jump up on someone or react to another dog? I do, thanks to Macayla, Ashley, Travis and team. I researched and interviewed trainers across FL for 5 weeks before bringing our mellow older dog and our then-foster Archie BamBam into Unleash Fido for a consult. Archie was a little dog selective and sometimes a tiny bit reactive to a few people. When we arrived at the consult Archie turned into a dog I’d never seen - continuously lunging and vocalizing, trying to attack Travis and even our other dog he’d lived with for months. Travis took it all in stride, not only calmly proceeding to observe Archie but also simultaneously consoling me, explaining their methods, and answering my concerns and questions. He spent A LOT of time with me, never once attempted to “sell” me on anything, and actually steered me away from unnecessary expense. Travis set realistic expectations and his team totally exceeded them. When they couldn’t find a pattern in what triggered Archie’s reactivity, they kept looking, taking him out and introducing to a variety of things, people, and places. Best of all, Archie LOVED his time at training and loves continuing to train at home. Archie is no longer dog or people reactive and is even ignoring our cats. The training is invaluable. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. In fact, we’re going to be sending our other two dogs to Unleash Fido. It’s so worth the money AND you don’t have to worry about your kiddos while they’re there. They get excellent care and the pups love it. Archie’s face says it all - this is just two days after starting boot camp. Thank you, Unleash Fido! See you soon with the next two dogs.

Karine Griffin

2 years ago

My fiancé and I had merged houses about a year ago. He had a 2 year old dog and I had a five year old dog that got along great. We found out we were expecting and both dogs got extremely possessive of me and started fighting like crazy. We couldn’t even have them in the same room around each other for a second without them seriously hurting one another. We tried everything , even hired an in home trainer to come work with them. Nothing was working and we were facing a deadline with the baby coming. Our last chance before having to re-home one of them was boarding at unleash Fido. My fiancé and I were both apprehensive but were very hopeful. Our trainer Kendra listened to our story , met the girls , and executed at a level higher than we could of ever hoped. She sent us weekly updates of the girls progress, and answered any questions we had ( which I always have a lot). They even let the girls stay an extra week with them while we were in the hospital giving birth to our baby!:) they’re seriously the best! I would recommend anyone to this company! We are so blessed to have found their website on google. Thank you again guys for all the hard work you put into our girls! It definitely paid off.

John West

2 years ago

Had a great experience working with dog training professionals at Unleash Fido. My puppy bull terrier was struggling with impulse control. After their 5 week program, penny saw major improvements with focus and obedience. Dog Trainer Sebastian was great with her. Very knowledgeable and easy to learn from. Head trainer Travis is a very personable guy. He helped me find the perfect plan for my pup.

Korinna Abejuela

2 years ago

Unleash Fido transformed my dog. He couldn’t walk on a leash and was very reactive. My pup’s trainer, Macayla, was so patient, kind, and professional with him. She targeted the training to my dog’s needs while still giving him so much love. Everyone at Unleash Fido is trustworthy and reliable and easy to work with. I am definitely going to bring my dog back for boarding and refresher lessons, as well as my future dogs. I highly recommend the camp and Macayla!

Debora Du Bois

2 years ago

Unleash Fido exceeded my expectations! My husband and I just moved to Jax 2 months ago. My dogs Daisy and Gunner have always been dog reactive, wouldn’t do well on walks, constantly pull on the leash, sometimes lunge at other dogs out of excitement, and basically wouldn’t listen to us. We decided to enroll our dogs in the doggie bootcamp after reading all the wonderful and positive reviews. At first we were doubtful if it would even work. We were so worried that our dogs personalities would change and basically became robots. After 4 weeks of intense training we finally saw our babies and we were in shock! My dogs were the opposite of what they had been when we dropped them off. They listened, obeyed, stopped being dog reactive but best of all they were still the same goofy dogs. Walks are so much more enjoyable and I’m no longer afraid that my dog will bite another dog. Thank you to their trainer Mackayla for working intensely with them. She was absolutely wonderful to our pups. My husband and I would call a few times every week to check on the dogs and she would always be so patient listening to our concerns. I highly recommend Unleash Fido!

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