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Randy Griffith

2 years ago

We love them, and they love Sawyer.

julie Merlino

2 years ago

The staff is wonderful and my girl has so much fun there! My girl is still young and needs plenty of playtime and that is Exactly what we get at MLD. She comes home happy and tired. ????

Lizzie Jenkins

2 years ago

Honestly this dog park is a joke. Not worth the money and they make you jump through hoops just to pay lots of money and soo many strict rules they dont have listed on their website and only inform you when you get there. They then said they dont do anything if another dog attacks your dog. Really what are you even paying for? This place is scammy for sure.

Dennis Radice

2 years ago

Nice but no dogs when we went. Hoping my doggos would get some friends to romp with. Maybe next time. Lots a space, water, benches and poop cans. I would go again.

tyrel carter

2 years ago

Supermassive dog park with a very friendly staff. I would 100% go again

Janissa Collazo

2 years ago

I come almost every weekend with my pup for him to play in the park, he really enjoys the little ponds they have && the bath right after is super! Sadly I had a not so pleasant experience dropping him off for a daycare trial today. I made it very clear to the young blonde girl behind the counter that he’s young, energetic and can be very annoying to other dogs so I was nervous leaving him. She explained to me that the dogs can go inside and outside through and air vent tunnel they have in the back as they please . I asked if I can see how he was reacting with the dogs so I can be more comfortable leaving him there and the blonde girl told me I would be able to see him from the outside gate.. as I went outside and started to approach the outside gate there was a little brunette girl by the name of Archie and she decided to yell with all the attitude she had from behind the gate that I cannot approach the gate and if I have a problem leaving my dog that I can take him with me.... I found that to be so arrogant and inconsiderate after I just expressed to the other female I was uncomfortable leaving him not knowing how he was going to do with other dogs since he’s just a pup. I was automatically disgusted with her attitude I went right back inside to get my pup. She obviously was frustrated about something and didn’t seem too happy that she was back there with the dogs. How am I supposed to be comfortable leaving my pup with a complete stranger that caught a whole attitude about my concerns?! This experience was just so disappointing because now I have to start the process of finding a new dog park/boarding all over again.

Jeffrey McCue

2 years ago

Great place with great people, they treat each dog with utmost respect and care.

Mary Angleton

2 years ago

Really enjoyed the atmosphere and so did my client take care. Very helpful...

Suzanne Kostrewski

2 years ago

I love the doggy day care! After the first trial visit, dropping off is so quick and easy, took only a minute to get my dog in, with no reservation required. I didn’t take advantage of the bathing service but it’s a great service they offer before pick up. My dog came home tired and happy from playing all day instead of sitting home alone. Thank you to the staff for doing what you do!

Matt S.

3 years ago

They let my dog play. My dog left very very happy. I bought her a new chew toy and she played with it. These people don't suck.

Brian Pearce

3 years ago

Nice, quiet place to let your dogs run and swim. Everyone here is friendly and we love take our dogs on the weekends. Would recommend.

Kyle Lovett

3 years ago

Pretty place, dog had fun, and the the other guests were polite. Would go again.

Leigh Wang

3 years ago

Closes at 6:30 but you can stay well after that. Staff will also leave towels out for your pup

Marcelle Nascimento

3 years ago

Animal cruelty! Don’t go there! On February 2021, our dog was brutally mistreated at this place. Our dog is a 1-year old, lab-pitbull mix, who is the sweetest and most loving dog we’ve ever had. He is amazing with my kids and with other kids and dogs in our neighborhood, and he has never been aggressive towards anyone or other pets. Short after dropping our dog off at MLD for a play day, a family member witnessed our dog getting aggressively grabbed by his chest, pushed to the ground, and finally kicked by a staff member. I have tried to get law enforcement involved. However, the deputy was presented with a paused and manipulated surveillance video of very low quality. The video had the wrong timestamp and only showed what was convenient - a very small part of the entire scene. There were consecutive requests from law enforcement to obtain the entire morning video, which was never released by the MLD owner. In the incident report, the staff member alleged that our dog was attacking another dog, and she said “I did what I was trained to do here”. Have I ever been notified prior to this day that our dog was aggressive towards other dogs there? No, never. Have I ever agreed with the use of such brutal actions to put my dog “in time out”? Absolutely not. Three weeks later, I was finally able to watch a video at the MLD owner’s attorney office. The short video showed the first brutal tossing of (what appears to be) our dog on the ground, and the video is paused soon after that. The video DOES NOT show our dog attacking to another dog, or any reason for such violence. The MDL owner has objected to the release of the entire morning video. In other occasions, our dog has returned home with bloodshot eyes after spending time at MDL. The answer I got when questioning their staff was “it must be the outside sand getting on his eyes”. Coincidently or not, bloodshot eyes is one of the signs of animal abuse. Regrettably, I never took the time to read the previous reviews of several unsatisfied customers with similar complaints about this place and their customer services. As said by the MLD owner that day “I have been sued a couple of times here and that is why I have an attorney on retainer”. I sincerely hope no other family will ever experience such cruelty to their pets - there or any place else - because unfortunately there is no law protecting animals in cases like ours.

Duncan Adkins

3 years ago

My dog had a FANTASTIC time here, this is a great location for dogs to run around and have a good time. The half day price is totally worth it, though the long term costs seem debatable.

Becky S

3 years ago

Such a great place! After 12 pm, it's only $6 for non-members. Very well maintained, great staff, and I love that they have wet and dry areas as well as fenced areas in case your pup wants to be alone! ❤

Laura Cordero

3 years ago

They allow unaltered dogs at their boarding facility but do not separate them. Once we got there to pick up our dog, the staff said our dog could "NEVER EVER" return because he was trying to mount the female dogs that were not spayed. I don't understand how they can accept dogs who are not fixed, but do not have a plan to separate them. Staff was also very rude and handled the situation poorly, talking down to us for not having our dog neutered and questioning our decision. The staff told us about this situation upon pick up instead of notifying us when the problem first occurred. I also visited the facility on 4 different occasions, and the staff were never wearing a mask when costumers would come in.

Sarah Motto

3 years ago

This is undoubtedly the best dog park I have been to ever. As a long time fan of going to a safe place where my dog can run off-leash, this place has it all.Dogwood is located on 15 acres of land with many trees to provide shade and a really woodsy feel without dangerous ground growth, it offers hills and flat areas to run and play. The two lakes are really great for swimming and cooling off, there is a gazebo,chairs ,picnic tables, hammocks and swings. The wildlife is great, the office staff could not be any nicer. The people keep close supervision of their pets and everyone thoughtfully picks up after their pets waste using the stations conveniently located in all areas. Park personal require proff of vaccinations, and registration, and also provide daycare and boarding services to people who want them. The dogs can play outside and most sleeping areas are without metal bars,all dogs are well supervised in the boarding area. Although this is a private park, visits and membership are reasonable and definitely make a difference. It is open from daybreak until dawn and members can use the park 7 days a week. The people that take their dogs there are nice and find it to be a great place for their dogs as well as owners, and appreciate the effort Dogwood makes to meet everyone's needs. Many find visits there very worthwhile for socialization,exercise,and so enjoyable as to carry over at home where their dogs are better behaved. My dog and I are big fans,and enjoy the Easter egg hunt,and Christmas season parties fun and entertaining for all. I suggest calling ahead to be sure the office is open on their first visit in order to show shot records and they will be glad to anwser any questions you might have during your first visit. My dog Stella and I could not ask for a more fun and clean dog park, with something for every dog to do according to their personality and a place to be a leash free in the safety of Dogwood. Try it your dog will love you even more. Stella says dogs may drool but Dogwood rules as a wonderful great playground for your best friend.


3 years ago

I only come here for the donut cart that parks itself right outside the park. And I think they even have donut holes for the dogs... very yummy donuts! Oh... and the park looks okay.

Vicki Muse

3 years ago

I am seriously thinking about moving to Florida just to visit this dog park!

Stephanie Sovik

3 years ago

Nice- small dog park could use some shade & the chairs had a mosquito under it that almost crawled on my daughter & bit her....but if you stay on the other side you'll be great...its beautiful

Sarah Furtney

3 years ago

Great facility and great staff! They take the time to know your pup and handle them the best way possible. We them quite often for daycare and boarding. Our dog always comes back happy! This is a great environment for your dog to let our some energy and socialize with other dogs. They do a great job of managing records and ensuring that all dogs have proper vaccinations. Also great for the price!!

Adam Cutler

3 years ago

This is a great park. They have two ponds that my dogs love, a washing station both indoors and outside with plenty of towels, and all the other dogs we've bumped into so far are well behaved. Highly recommend.

Eatheana West

3 years ago

Wally (goldendoddle) had a great time roaming free at this large dog park. We have purchased the membership and will be going often.

Brittany Jensen

3 years ago

We definitely loved & enjoyed our experience going this park today, its vary open but hands down the best part was the small ponds they had there! She had a blast in the water and met some new friends today.

Autumn Genz

3 years ago

My dog was attacked several times at this park. The last time resulting in hundreds of dollars in vet bills. Being 5-7 months old at the time. A mastiff. There are dogs there with owners that can’t control them. The last was an elderly lady with a pit mix that was dragging my puppy through the back lake, not all owners there are bad but the park doesn’t kick out the aggressive dogs so it’s a hit and miss. They’ll say “they’ve been here a long time” and dismiss all reports, (Jake , Arrow) watch your dog/puppy around them. The staff is nice, there are however amazing dogs/puppies there that have been trained and are dog friendly. But the bad ones stay, and shame on them for that. It takes 1 time to end fatally. Arrow (older) is a snapper, he has tumbled my dog little snaps but he has an authority complex when at the park and his owner just walks around with them, not reactionary. A few other snaps have happened from other dogs and the attackers still remain. Might be them not wanting to lose the business, but they lost my business when I had a bleeding puppy on their porch while them telling me “they’ve had issues with Jake before but he does fine in the daycare” “he is one of the “daycare dogs” the veterans have priority and view it as their park. The owner during the attack was offering to hold my phone so I can dive in the lake to get Jake off my puppy. Absolutely no control putting other dogs and people safety at risk. So as I’m wadding through the lake Jake having my puppy fully submerged. Her scream “I’m sorry” from the shore ... I told her “Stop saying sorry and get your dog off my dog!!!!” And this is under the “New ownership” so don’t let them use that.

Anthony Boullosa

3 years ago

Be sure to ask about $75/dog "late cancellation fees."

Kelly Muzyczka

3 years ago

We take our dogs to daycare here and the wonderful crew know our dogs so well and are always incredibly friendly, responsive, and responsible. I never worry about their safety and they always come home exhausted!

Rachel Soto

3 years ago

This place is amazing!!!!! Truly loving to all the dogs. Staff is great!!!! Archie is a true pleasure to deal with.

Elizabeth Stanton

3 years ago

This plaxe is so nice and so big! The new owners are awesome and they have really fixed the place up so nice!

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