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Joey Linsangan

a year ago

Puppy Avenue gets A+ from me. Very helpful and very friendly people. If you looking for ur take home puppy this place is the place. Thank you puppy Avenue. We will be back

Dianna Semidey-Lim

a year ago

Great employees and very nice selection of dogs to choose from

acoustic “Q40”

a year ago

All the staffs are very friendly and helpful and always looking out for the Best interest for the puppy's ensuring their safety! This was our first puppy from a store and we were Very surprised by all that is included. All the puppy's are fully vaccinated, and you get a free Veterinary check


a year ago

We bought our BELOVED 'Verdel' from Puppy Avenue about 3 years ago and cannot express HOW MUCH WE LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 I never was a 'Dog' person but have fortunately have been BLESSED to become a PROUD Puppy Dad! Verdel has become a member of our family and we just can't thank Doug and the staff at Puppy Avenue for our little Verdel <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 STARS OF COURSE!!!!

Amanda Johnson

a year ago

Look at the news everyone. This "puppy store" sell sick dogs. These dogs are most likely born in puppy mills. This is extremely troubling and unacceptable for anyone who truly cares about animals!

Bill Marshall

a year ago

Great place. Very friendly staff. Taking extra precautions to protect the puppies during this pandemic.

christopher baker

a year ago

I know some people are against pet shops. I do feel like this place is different. We bought our Cane Corso from here and have been extremely happy. She has a great personality and has been healthy. We love her, she is part of the family. We did get the the AKC lineage and found out that both of our dogs parents were hip, heart and eye tested. I’m almost positive a puppy mill would not have these tests done as they are expensive. Thank You for the family member

Jennifer Marshall

a year ago

The Manager was very helpful. Great place.

Natasha Jones

a year ago

I was gifted a puppy from this place a while back and the puppy was purchased the day before my special day and the puppy was very sick and died within a week. The dog had a severe heart problem. My spouse is not confrontational so going back to ask questions to the store was out the question and look now they have made the news . BEWARE of this store!

Notur Krida

a year ago

All over the news for selling sick and dying puppies, with over 7 BBB complaints. Reprehensible practices, be a good person and adopt,, boycott this place and do the animals a favor.

Tina Yemma

a year ago

I am hoping in near future to add a puppy into out little family and when we do, Puppy Avenue will be our go to. I have seen personally how much love, care and concern these puppies receive, that it melts my heart. The devotion the employee's have for their jobs is rare in todays society. They go above and beyond, even on their off time, all because they care so much for the well-being of these precious pups. That to me says so much in itself.

Toby Linsangan

a year ago

Wonderful shop, very knowledgeable, good selection

Unified Engineering Inc

a year ago

Skeptical at first, but after a couple visits I realized this is no puppy mill, this is truly a very nice privately owned shop and for anyone who thinks that getting a pure breed pup with medical , papers and verification should be cheap, your obviously not financially prepared for a real dog, ( I would suggest to you to visit a no kill shelter and take your chances) smh I would recommend this pet store to anyone ready for that new lifelong commitment adding a pup/dog to your family.

Rachel Buggle

a year ago

Beautiful pups and owner the best place ever

Valerie Jones

a year ago

This place absolutely broke my heart. I haven’t been to the mall in years and my daughter insisted on going in. We saw a golden puppy. That poor baby kept her tail tucked. She finally starting wagging it but stayed terrified in a corner. There’s a long hall like room with little pens full of puppies… inside of a mall… with no access to the outdoors. WHY are places like this still legal?? SHUT IT DOWN.

Michelle Murray

a year ago

I love my new puppy! My sweet little King Charles Cavalier is so cuddly, happy and healthy! Thank you to the amazing staff!

Celeste Lim

a year ago

puppy’s are well taken care of and loved it’s sad no more walk through but it keeps the puppy’s safe and health definitely coming back

audra rimestad

a year ago

The worst experience I ever had. Went there with my sister today and had the intention of buying a puppy as we would love to expand our family in the house we both live in, and one of the employee was so rude and told us we couldn’t spend the time with the puppy unless we have the intention to buy them. Obviously, we are gonna buy them, I’m employed by the US NAVY and she has money herself. but how are we gonna buy them if we can’t even see/spend time with them?! Her attitude threw us off and we weren’t gonna spend the “4K” for a business that can’t even be nice to a potential buyer. btw, you guys lives in florida?! i’m surprised because you guys still stuck on a covid thing.

Ben Hovan

2 years ago

Puppy avenue is a nice place to go they have some really nice looking dogs the only thing about it is you have to look at them on a computer screen and if you like one and you want to look at it they will get it for you and some other dogs are really pricey

Doreen Bame

2 years ago

We got a sweet little Airedale puppy from puppy avenue. He’s so sweet and healthy. We are so happy with this little guy and thank you Puppy Avenue for our sweet little addition to our family!

jose montlouis

2 years ago

the puppy was sick I called the next day he was caughing at the store was told it was kennel caughing which when we took the vet was told it was neumonia . You've messed with the wrong person and I will do anything in my power so this does not happen to another family . Not a good way to run a business stop selling sick puppies .....you never what people do for a living or who they know ???? be careful next time .

Nancy Milhomme

2 years ago

Don't see the first review I posted but yes there is something you can do is stop selling sick puppies it is so heartbreaking to fall in love with a beautiful puppy just to have it die a few months after purchase you know you are selling puppies with canine parvovirus this is dead6 to these puppies and you know it ...I WILL KEEP POSTING SO PEOPLE WILL BE AWARE OF HOW UNCARING YOU ARE AND YOU ARE ONLY IN THIS FOR MONEY NOT FOR MAKING A PET HAVE A GOOD HOME

Nesha 8

2 years ago

This place is a sicken scam and they don't care about the wellness of the animals they sale! All profit and afterwards when the animal is gravely Ill they only offer you another puppy, why would you want another sick dog LOL from this place..... Read reviews and buyers beware they have horrid horrid reviews and the vet they offer you to go in 72 hours are in on the scam too!!! Everything labeled as kennel cough when it's more severe ????‍♀️????‍♀️????‍♀️ I'm telling you READ READ ...I wish I did so I could have avoided this heart ache....it's not even about financial now which they deny and help it's about the sadness you recieve from trusting this company and get a dying animal

See Oh

2 years ago

I went online and checked out all of the puppies that were for sale. There were too many options and I just wanted to go into the store and see all of them in person. I came in with my two kids, cash in my wallet, ready to buy. I would have left with a puppy. Upon arriving the two uninterested employees advised me I could sit at their computer and look online at which dog I wanted and that they would bring them out to me. I’m not going to sit there on a computer with my two young kids. Not the shopping experience I was expecting. Edit- dear owner. You lost a sale bc of your covid games. Nobody wants to play those games anymore. Terrible business model; your turning off half of your customer base. I will not return & will make sure to tell everyone I know.

Sharon G.

2 years ago

My husband and I started searching for a Doberman but couldn't find any local breeders. We decided to go to Puppy Avenue even though we were skeptical about pet stores. Well we could not have been more happy with our experience. The employees were very helpful and went above and beyond. We now have a beautiful Doberman that we love. She goes everywhere with us. Very socialized and extremely intelligent. It was a great experience.

Teddy Simmons

2 years ago

We purchased our Aussie from Puppy Avenue. They were very professional and took great care of our puppy. They even called two days later to check on Lizzie. We would recommend them to everyone.

Monica West

2 years ago

Got a happy healthy pup

Nathan Nunya

2 years ago

I don't care what the "owner" says. These puppies come from puppy mills and are grossly over priced. It's sad that people want to go into a business like this where the well-being of innocent animals is threatened so someone can make a buck. The girls that work here are also really nasty.

Roxanna R

2 years ago

The owner, Doug, is very friendly and knowledgeable. So glad to have met him!

Lexie Peterson

2 years ago

DO NOT SUPPORT THIS BUSINESS. Doug, the man who owns this store, is truly evil. All of their dogs come from Amish Puppy Mills. The last name, Graber, is on most of their puppies, and their broker is Levi Graber, who has been investigated in several states and is on the Humane Society’s Horrible Hundred list. Levi Graber’s name was withheld from us, but was in paperwork for our dog, that a newer employee shared with us. The dog that we got from Doug was diagnosed with hip dysplasia within the first year of his life. Now, he has also been diagnosed with a life threatening liver shunt. BOTH OF THESE CONDITIONS ARE FROM BAD BREEDING. All within the first two and a half years of his life. Between all of his surgeries and life sustaining medications, we will likely spend over $40k over the course of his likely short life. After our dog was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, we went into the shop to try to get more information about the breeder he supposedly came from. Doug said that he personally visited every breeder that he gets his dogs from and then a couple minutes later said he never heard of the breeder that was on our dog’s paper work. We were extremely level headed through out our “conversation”, but Doug was irate the entire time. I asked if they had any paperwork proving that the breeder checked the puppies’ hearts before sending them to be sold, and he said that if we were worried about that, we should have done our “due diligence”, by basically not buying from Puppy Avenue. He screamed at us in front of customers, driving people out of his store, and even told me, a 22 year old woman, “I want to take you outside and fist fight you”, because I had IMPLIED that our dog may have come from a puppy mill. After his outburst, we left, knowing now that they truly do not care about the welfare of these animals, and that Doug is totally unstable. This place needs to be shut down. Totally sickening.

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