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a year ago

I had a good experience with everyone at the store and also took home this sweet and bratty girl.

Alexis Jones

a year ago

The workers were very rude talking to me and my friends like we couldn’t afford to buy a dog there also you can no longer hold any of the dogs unless you’re planning on buying it and the dogs were too big for their cages and there was no food in any other bowls.


2 years ago

I just bought a little yorkie mix puppy she is the sweetest and cutest baby ever. The ladies at the store were so sweet and informative. I usually recommend adopting but if you want a small fluffy toy breed they have them and a couple large breeds as well. I’d recommend calling before just to be sure that they have your desired puppy.

Tia Pickett

2 years ago

Ehh the lady holding the dog in this picture was okay the other lady a tad rude its not that much of a friendly or welcoming place… i loved this german shepherd but will most likely buy else where because im scared of getting my son his first puppy and its sick

Morgan Trout

2 years ago

The owner is super rude

John Toth

2 years ago

BUYER BEWARE! How is it possible that this organization is allowed to stay in business with it's unprofessional customer service and lack of wellness for man's best friend.

Marilyn Gonzalez

2 years ago

I normally do not take the time to write my comments because of my English but this time I habe to do it. My experience there was incredible. We past by just to see the puppies and we fall in love with a pomeranian. The let us play with her at a litter room the have for meet the puppy. The only thing they ask us was to use a mask to be in there ( very understandable ,of course) and clean our hands if we wanted touch the puppy. The process was very easy eben for me , the ladys were very polite with me. They gave us the 1st visit with the vet free!! They gave us food that my baby used to eat three wet and dry food. They gave us a papel explaining that if there were something wrong with the puppy we can return the puppy free of charge.... So everything was so pleased that we will want now a boy another and we definitely will buy there again

Sky Ziv

2 years ago

The puppies are super cute, I feel really bad for not buying one just so I can take him out of there. the old lady with the brown hair was really rude to me, although the owner was nice. When I asked about the papers for the dog and parents history they didn’t have a clear answer for me, which made me think the reviews about the sick puppies are real. I just think the puppies are not so cheap, so I would wanna make sure they are healthy before buying one.

Gina Paola Francica

2 years ago

I stop by with my daughter few weeks ago, I was looking for a puppy after someone try to scam me and drove to SC to get a puppy with the kids for nothing. The place did not exist. they were very nice, till my girl ask if she could play a little with the one she likes, something I felt it was very important, and the lady look at me and say " only if you are buying " Well i don't know if i am buying i need to see how my daughter interact with him and viceversa I respond . But it was a lot of people having meetings with several puppies and they buy 0, nada, nothing. So I am guessing she was just emplaying that I could not afford one. I guess. Anyways, I did buy a beautiful cocker spaniel from a hobby breeder in OP. So thank you for being so rude to a 10 years old little girl .

Rachael Kistner

2 years ago

You dont "adopt" a dog from here. This is where puppy mill dogs go to be bought for profit. You wanna know what a puppy mill dog goes through before ending up here and getting "cleaned up" on the outside ? Google will turn up many search results. My credentials? I am a veterinary nurse

Sydney Milby

2 years ago

The people at the front desk were rude. There were two ladies up there and I heard the one muttering under her breath about “how hard is it to read the sign to wear a mask.” It wasn’t an issue to walk back to my car and get one, it being Florida I just overlooked it, but after hearing her talk bad about customers this way made me want to not give them my business.

Zachary Fuller

2 years ago

great and knowledgeable staff. love my morkie

Carlos Garvich

2 years ago

They have good dogs but want an arm and a leg for them.

Margaret Powers

2 years ago

The people that work there are very helpful and nice.

Pamela Crews

2 years ago

So sad and the prices are ridiculous

Santrice Redding

2 years ago

My family and I were able to find our dream puppy here, a shorkie, which we loved as soon as we laid eyes on her. The ladies working saw that we were interested and did not hesitate to let us take the puppy out for more time together. No one rushed us and they allowed us to have as much time as we wanted with her prior to purchasing. They were extremely nice and knowledgeable throughout the buying process. Luckily we have a new addition to our family and we absolutely adore her! Thanks Puppies Galore!

Monroe Boaz

2 years ago

I found the cutest little bulldog puppy.

Shelley Ramkissoon

2 years ago

I bought a Shih Tzu/Bichon mix from here in 2018, customer service then was awful, went back a couple weeks ago with the full intention of purchasing, but they wouldn't let us visit with the pups. So, I walked out with two disappointed kids, went back to Dream Puppies, saved $1,000.00 dollars with a much better experience, and even received customer service. I will not be back there again. Their attitudes are disgusting and always act like you're an imposition. Their pups are clearly just a dollar amount, not given any affection or attention, never seen or touched grass...... Food for thought!

Courtney Brady

2 years ago

Recently adopted another fur baby here. One of the older ladies was so rude and unpleasant. And to make matters worse I took my pup to the vet and he has an infection from this place! Lucky the vet was able to give him some medication. Definitely consider before purchasing from here!

Eric Rice

2 years ago

I went Saturday to get a puppy. We found an adorable Shiba Inu we got. They let you pet and meet with the puppies as long as they know you are a serious buyer. But that is for the safety of the puppies. They don’t want a 100 people touching all over the puppies. That’s how they get sick. So they are just being responsible. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. The puppies are expensive, but your getting a pure bred puppy so that’s anywhere. We got a free checkup and the puppy was healthy. I looked up the breeder and it was all legit. All the puppies come from different breeders and are registered. I will definitely come back and hopefully get another one so my little girl has a friend.

Teresa Norris

2 years ago

No one offered to assist me or acknowledged I was there. I won't be back and will definitely find what I'm looking for somewhere else.

Elizabeth Branham

2 years ago

We had a wonderful experience at Puppies Galore! Our family was the first to arrive on a Saturday morning, we got the puppy we wanted, a beautiful Cavapoo. The process was easy, quick and they sent us home with the essentials. Fast forward, 8 months, our puppy Rosie is the light of our life. Thank you Puppies Galore!

Alexis Only

2 years ago

Got both dogs from here for WAAAAY too much and they’ve had numerous medical issues that this disgusting puppy mill claims they’re “not responsible for.” The staff was rude & seemed high or spacey & out of it. Most of the dogs aren’t even registered because they’re mixed breeds. Don’t get a puppy here, adopt.

Taylor Shrum

2 years ago

Awful experience. I went in with my daughter. We were interested in a doodle and there was a chipoodle. We had never heard of the temperament of this breed (we were looking for a goldendoodle). Asked to just pet the puppy and sternly asked if we were really interested in purchasing. I mean how can you be interested truly without even petting a puppy. Did not make us feel warm or welcome. Will not be buying a puppy there.

Robert Collins

2 years ago

A wonderful place to shop for pets.

Lilly’s Rizos

2 years ago

Rude employees, but we were adamant about getting our pup from here. Got a puppy, super cute and wonderful. Unfortunately things didn't work out at home (after 3 days). We called to see if we could return her and all they said was 'well you can't bring her back here' in a nasty attitude. They also clearly mistreat the poor babies here. Disgusting place.

melissa ruiz

2 years ago

Got my baby from here. Love her and this place! Thank yall!

Justin Butler

2 years ago

We bought our sweet female Rottweiler Raja last year from this place! She’s healthy, happy, and has one of the best temperaments out of all the dogs I’ve owned!! I thought the staff were helpful and professional! They gave us all the paperwork and information on Raja and which breeder she was from, etc! We wanted a purebred puppy that could grow up with our kids for many years to come and that we could fully train to be a well-behaved, friendly pupper, and she is all of those things!

Kyle Pittman

2 years ago

You cant go back and see the pups right now bc of covid you scroll through pics of the pups on computer screen by front desk

Chey’s World

2 years ago

They get puppies every Tuesday i can't wait to get me a German shepherd!!!!

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