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Travis Chonsky

a year ago

My wife and I were looking for a golden retriever puppy for our son. He is high functioning autism and has been begging for a golden for months. We were told that they were getting some golden puppies in this weekend and and they would be ready to see on Tuesday. We set an appointment for one o'clock to come see them. Tuesday rolls around and we drive 45 minutes from the west side Jacksonville. We arrive and we are told that they have no Golden's available. When told that we had an appointment and asked why we were not informed of this before we left we were told, "We make a lot of appointments and it would be unfeasible to call everyone when things happen." We now get to drive home with a sobbing autistic child and the best we can tell him is that the store lied to us and we will keep looking. If the staff could have at least owned up to there mistake like adults we would consider going back at a later date to try again but I can't bring myself to do business with any company that can't at least apologize when they dropped the ball. If I could give zero stars I would.

Maritza Polanco

a year ago

Soo.... These puppies are very expensive. I would not recommend. TLC puppy love is better and less expensive. The people in petland take very long to get the prices for the puppies. That means they don't even know the prices on the puppies. TIC puppy love has better employees and are nicer. Petland just want to milk the the money out of you.....

Cynthia Johnson

a year ago

Cutest puppies. Need appt first to visit them.

Peter Harding

a year ago

Nice clean and friendly staff but really expensive puppies. You may be in for sticker shock but you have to ask, prices are not posted.

Stephanie Johnson

a year ago

Edit/update: after speaking with Geoff, he was able to get everything straightened out for me and my pup. She is fully AKC and ACA registered. I was not given the correct papers at the time of adoption. I appreciate all his help and time with this matter. Don’t do it, learn from our mistake! Just learned that our shih tzu is not full AKC registered as we were told. Pedigree papers we were given are a joke! Doesn’t change our love for our fur baby. But Don’t purchase anything here if you are believing the pup is going to be full blooded/AKC registered. CKC doesn’t even accept these fake papers.

Ayas ALdinouri

2 years ago

ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE, over priced scammers ......purchased a dog and the manager has changed the agreen upon financed ammount by $300 dollars more the our agreement even tho i paid for the taxes besides the loan .......the dog got sick the night after and the vet visit was NOT FREE it cost another 400 dollars in meds and shots to bring the puppy back to its health .....NO RETURN POLICY.......its all smiles walking in and once your done its a boot out the door AVOID AT ALL COSTS RUN THE OTHER WAY

Kristen Toal

2 years ago

Don't make the same mistake we did buying from Petland. Once Petland has your money, they don't care what you were told to make the sale. -Our poor puppy came home sick with an awful case of Giardiasis that took months to clear up under vet supervision. -We asked at time of purchase if she would be AKC registered (purebred German Shepherd) since she was highly priced at $4k, and were told yes. But that wasn't true. They were still waiting on AKC paperwork from the breeder. Then a week later they said actually she wasn't eligible for AKC registration so they offered ACA. ACA confirmed the breeder wasn't responding to requests for pedigree information on parents, so the puppy also can't be ACA registered and no pedigree could be provided. I contacted Petland Warranty directly in attempt to resolve asking them to either please contact the breeder to complete AKC registration requirements and provide a pedigree as we were told we would receive both with the puppy. Or if there was a mistake and we were provided incorrect information at purchase, could we discuss a fair price for a now non AKC registered $4k German Shepherd with no pedigree to prove that she's even purebred. No resolution was offered.

Mike Arnold

2 years ago

Hyperinflation is an understatement. I expected to see some mark up on puppies but this place is on a whole different level. We were looking at a Yorkie which can go for $500-$1500 at a good breeder, pet land wanted to finance us a dog for $5700. That is way beyond acceptable. This business is being reported to the BBB for unethical business practicies.


2 years ago

Why spend 4-5k on a pure-bred dog when you can get one for so much less from an actual breeder? If you go to a reputable breeder directly, you are more likely to have a healthier dog, Petland is a horrible place. They keep their dogs in tiny cages. They do not see the day light or feel the grass beneath their feet. I know this for a fact as years ago, I felt horrible for a poor Bouvier Des Flanders that had been at a Petland, in a cage for months. When I bought him at a discount (because he was almost 5 months old), I brought him home and put him in my backyard. He did not understand the surface beneath his feet and he could not walk. His growth was stunted from being kept in a cage for so long and he ended up weighing only 50lbs. Bouvier’s are huge dogs and male adults weight 80-100lbs of more. Please do not support Petland! Go to a breeder instead, or better yet, a rescue!!!!

Nicholas Benedict

2 years ago

There's a lot that goes into the decision to bring a puppy into a home, and Petland did more than I could have ever expected to facilitate it for us. We brought home a beautiful lady dachshund and are absolutely in love with her. Melissa went above and beyond in our experience of selecting and bringing home a new addition to our family, and I couldn't be more grateful to her and the entire staff for our entire time there. I would and will highly recommend Petland for anyone looking to bring a fur baby into their forever home.

Mark Matuschek

2 years ago

Melissa was an outstanding representative as well as the entire staff at the store. Melissa was very polite, informative and understanding of all our needs. She didn’t pressure us on a sale and let us take our time. I highly recommend her if you are looking at a forever fur baby.

Starr Curley

2 years ago

I do not know how to delete reviews, however, i got the answer i was looking for so i removed my original comment.

Maryssa D

2 years ago

I don’t think I have to explain myself as to why I rated this place so low. Do not shop here, this place is awful.

Kevin Abissi

2 years ago

Picked up a golden retriever from this place and we love her. But we will not be returning. They gave us this whole “speech” on how we get all these extra things, the associate told us the dog was spayed (she was not) as part of a selling point. Not worth the money. Also when we took her to our “complimentary vet visit” she has a skin infection, and is also decently underweight. Found out from a source that they don’t ever even let these dogs do anything until they are picked up. I don’t doubt more than half of these dogs spend months in their 3x3 glass cases never to see the sun until they are shipped back to their breeder to be used as breeding dogs once nobody picks them up. Dogs should have cages, be taken out periodically for exercise, not be put in small glass cases that are comparable to fish tanks. This place should be shut down. Review from a real customer here, not a window shopper.

Kelly E

2 years ago

Run, don’t walk away. Stupid high prices. Not a single smart savvy person I know would be caught up in their scam. The staff will give you some canned speech about how they buy and what they do, but that isn’t anything a private Breeder wouldn’t do. They try to justify ripping people off. We have been fortunate in life but a dog at that price point is just a scam and we aren’t about to be scammed. We looked up a reputable breeder with the dog we wanted. Was $2400. Petlands price is $5500. Don’t be stupid—run, don’t walk away.

Janice Wright

2 years ago

The manager of this store... needs to get educated on "People Skills" You Sir are a disgrace!!! UPDATE: 2 years later and you are worse off than before!! You sir are a liar.. Nothing you have said on any of these posts is correct.. Your business will not last.. those puppies should be top priority not lowest priority!!! You should be in the garbage business.. it would match your personality and mouth!! Have a nice day!

Faith First

2 years ago

Are you kidding me? $6000 for a pomerian mix?? Shut the front door. You guys are nuts! I bought a Brussels Griffon from a Westminster judge for $3500. Your prices are a joke!

Cyndi Robinson

2 years ago

I would absolutely give 0 stars if possible. Went in last week to check out some new pet food. Obviously had to look at the puppies and saw them in their tiny cages with scrappy toys that they didn’t even have the energy to play with. Listen, I’m no vet but I have worked in a vet hospital and there’s no reason these puppies should be eating their own feces. I pointed this out to one of the employees and they replied ‘oh that’s normal’. No it is not normal. Someone help these dogs and shut this business down.

Chris DeMontravel

2 years ago

I adopted a schnauzer puppy on Friday, 2/28 at about 5pm. By Sunday, 3/2 he was in the emergency room. He felt really hot, wouldn't eat and had diarrhea. The ER said he had a dangerously high fever and his blood work was awful. They didn't know what was wrong, but would treat it as an infection and put him on intravenous antibiotics. He was there for 4 days. Petsmart said they had a health warranty. When I applied for a reimbursement of his medical bills they said 'there was no definitive diagnosis of the issue' and would not pay. How a dog could get that sick in a day is beyond my understanding. Thankfully, he recovered. But, I would never go to Petland again.

yolanda ramirez

2 years ago

Petland sold us a sick Yorkie a few years ago, and were very difficult to deal with. Once they sell you a dog they refer you to a 3rd party company If you have any issues. The company they refer you to is also difficult to work with. Luckily, I followed all protocol and kept excellent vet records. Thank God we paid for dog with our credit card and our bank is awesome to work with because, we won dispute with our bank and didn’t have to pay $4300.00 after I refused to keep dog. Their prices are outrages and they do buy dogs from puppy mills no matter what they say and paperwork they present you. Buy from a reputable breeder and don’t pay Petland for over price dog. It took me a few years to write this review because my family needed to heal from this horrible experience. I gave a one star because you have to in order to write review, otherwise I’d given not one star.

mimi sp

2 years ago

Way too expensive. No puppy less than 4K. Average is 5500. They offer some discounts but they dont really honor them . They just up the price. Pricing is very shady. The puppies are super cute but I never see them spend outdoors time and some of the puppies have been there for 4 months. They give 1 vet visit but don’t tell you that it has to be done within 1 week of purchase.

Nicky Ferreira Santos

2 years ago

I love the store. Everyone is so pleasant. Very clean. Melissa is excellent and nice. It was a pleasure working with Melissa.

Margaret Powers

2 years ago

Very pricey for there puppies.

C. Astolis MS, MSW, CCHt

2 years ago

A horrible place. Puppies kept in tiny cages with barely space to move. I saw two 3.5 month old huge huskies together in a space that was about 3x4 ft. These dogs have no bedding. They sleep on hard wire. Most of the puppies look miserable and sick. It’s heartbreaking. Put these people out of business and boycott Petland!!!!!

Vernon Reagan

2 years ago

So I wanted to call the store and have a curbside pick up for dog food because I was not supposed to lift heavy things after my car accident. I sat in front of the store and watched an employee on their cell phone inside and 3 others doing nothing. I called the store 3 times and nobody picked up. After I went inside and asked them what the problem was 2 of the employees just simply walked away and the cashier stared at me blankly. No one asked to help me or if i needed anything. I was visibly in bandages and watched me drag a bag of food up to the counter and pay for it it was a horrible experience.

tom wilcox

2 years ago

Great staff and good selection of quality puppies. Lilly was very helpful and patiently helped us pick out the perfect puppy.

Chris Phillips

2 years ago

My daughter and I went here 4-18-21 and I've gotta say, staff was great. All of the workers seemed really passionate about their jobs and very eager to assist customers. I advised that I won't be getting a pet for a couple months and was getting an idea of what my daughter and I were looking for in a pet and they were happy to help! I would definitely return and recommend to a friend ????????

Bryan Strickland

2 years ago

I only shop here because the Manager is smoking hot!! ????????


2 years ago

I walked in the pets looks sad it stinks they have bad constumer service they food for the pets look dirty I seen roachs and rats please do not go there

Jasmine Douglas

2 years ago

Although my family and I left without the puppy we fell in love with, the staff were all very friendly and helpful. We went to get a puppy as an emotional support animal for my daughter whom has ASD, but couldn't get him due to pricing. Other than the expensive pricing everything else was great.

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