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Cindy McGlumphy

2 years ago

No problem , no wait !

Andrew Dedrick

2 years ago

My experience was very disturbing. I was a walk-in for a sick pet. However, I am an existing customer. In my opinion, the staff and vet lacked complete empathy towards my pet. At the time, my pet was not eating and had become lethargic. When I arrived, my pet was taken into an examination room without my presence. I was informed to stay in the waiting room. During the examination, the vet made no direct contact or communication with me; which was troubling. The information was disseminated through a vet tech. The prescribed treatment options appeared financially motivated, as opposed to effectively strategizing to enhance quality of life. Subsequently after my visit (3 days), my pet’s health declined and I followed up with an alternative veterinary hospital. My pet, sadly, had to be put down. The prescribed treatment options, lack of communication and professionalism from Mandarin Animal Hospital are a few reasons why I would never return nor recommend them.

Freida McMillan

2 years ago

Took my Doxies Pip and Pippa for their first checkup, worming and Shots....such a nice place ! Drs. James & Tiffany along with their assistants gave them excellent care and shots along with meds andgand to bring home. They make it affordable to care for your pets ♥️ Thank you Mandarin Animal Hospital !

christy tolin

2 years ago

My dog was extremely sick with pancreatitis and they took very good care of her. I would recommend 100%. The entire staff was friendly and understanding.


2 years ago

Had to take my Sandy due to her being sick, the staff and Vet were very nice and accommodating...but ultimately we had to put our Sandy to sleep.

Live And let live

2 years ago

Wonderful place, great prices, friendly staff.

Chris Kennedy

2 years ago

Alright, apparently the veterinary profession isn't much different than used auto sales. After parting ways with Forever Vets on Baymeadows because of their monthly subscription fee model that offsets all of these tremendous phantom savings that you receive when you do need help, I tried to schedule an appointment with Mandarin Animal Hospital. I had an appointment scheduled for this afternoon (8.17.2021) which they confirmed twice over the weekend and once yesterday. I receive a phone call this morning to let me know that the doctor had something come up and needed to reschedule. Okay, fine, we're not off to a great start but okay I get it. We reschedule for the following Monday afternoon. I then receive a call, literally two hours later to inform me that there is a one time non-refundable $35 fee for new clients. I ask the lady that called me if she's familiar with the word "irony" and tell her to cancel the appointment. Are you kidding me? I want to believe that maybe I just avoided being social engineered by a shady employee there out to get people's credit card numbers over the phone or something because I just don't understand how anyone conducts business this way - be it a veterinarian or a fishmonger. What is happening in this world? (Note the response below - everything you need to know is short, they don't understand the definition of the word "irony".)

Jeff Przybylo

2 years ago

Called this place to attempt to get my cat in for an emergency appointment, the lady that answered the phone was extremely short, had an awful tone and after telling me "fine, hold on" placed me on hold. Needless to say I took my cat somewhere else. If it's your job to answer phones, you should do so without attitude.

Matthew Grady

2 years ago

Very friendly and helpful and they work with you.

Cathy Hopwood

2 years ago

Find another vet, notice all the 1 star reviews. Dr. Tiff removed my dogs eyeball( shouldn't have done that)2000.00 dollars, meds prescribed did not work. She claims its my fault and blames me for her lack of ability. I had to euthanize my dog yesterday, because of Tiff. So very heart breaking this whole ordeal. Find another vet. She's snarky and unprofessional. Heavy sigh...

Moood Swangs

2 years ago

I have had four dogs come through here since 2003 with no issues. Called today and the woman on the phone was so rude, unhelpful and just terrible customer service. Short answers acting like she was doing me a favor. Never experienced that before here. EDIT: This was the hospital on Sunbeam and the woman was Jo or Joy. No reason to follow up selected another vet.

K L (Always Watching)

2 years ago

Dr James has been seeing Gizmo as long as I've had him.. wouldn't trust my little man to anyone else!!

Nancy Coughlin

2 years ago

Dr. James Mosley and his staff are extremely caring about their clients! :-) Great location, clean facility and lovely experience

Ardnas Aveid

3 years ago

Very rude "wholistic" vet. (So not wholistic) Obviously they're not rude to everyone, but they were nasty to me during a very sad time for my pet. My reply to MAH... no, you won't find my name in your records, it's called anonymity. There was no excellent care, just horrible behavior ensuring i never return and spread the word to others.

jamie mead

3 years ago

I had found an injured baby opossum and couldn't find a rehab to answer. I called here and they answered all my questions actually answered the phone and took him in immediately to handle his care and find the right people to help him. Thank you ladies! You Saved his life im sure of it.

Benji Shelar

3 years ago

Dr. James and Tiffany are hands down the best Vets in town. Very knowledgeable and works with you on a one on one basis. They take good care of your animals. Been going here with all my family animals and have gone to them when I started getting my own animals. They definitely know how to take care of your animal till they inevitable has to happen and even then they are very professional and respectful during the process. Their staff are also very friendly and have just as much love for your animal as you would. I have recommended Mandarin Animal Hospital to every one I know who is looking for a new vet.

Cait F

3 years ago

They love our dogs like they are their own. Everyone is so friendly and they always remember the finer details about your pets, we have one dog that is very anxious and they go out of their way to make sure she is extra comfortable during her visits. Pricing is fair too.

Len Le

3 years ago

DO NOT GO HERE! My cat came home in a condition that was much worse than the time I had dropped him off. I found a bruise underneath my cat’s mouth and their response was not at all caring nor justifying. How can you ask me to bring back my cat back to you to see if the mark is a bruise? Firstly, you will not see or touch my cat again. That being said, I had my cat for almost five years, I would know that, that isn’t a mark you get from overly “licking himself or that his mouth has been in water too long.” I am beyond disgusted by this vet. I will take my long road trip to see my cousin who is a very CARING veterinarian.

Lydian Ocampo

3 years ago

If you love and cherish your animal, DO NOT TAKE THEM HERE!

Jose Benitez

3 years ago

My dog Paco loves it


3 years ago

Regularly use their boarding service and always very happy with their service.

Thank Full Priscilla

3 years ago

All workers are very pleasant and professional.

Shelly Hineman

3 years ago

My cat came home as sick as he left, it just cost me over $400 for the 3 hours they had my baby Sergeant. I called multiple clinics, as I wanted his best interest, and I didn't find it. IThey also only disclosed a charge to me of $47.89, and told me they would advise of additional costs, yet did NOT. So, they charged me 9 times the cost, and Andrew had told me I'd have the opportunity to ask questions when I picked him up, yet that was not the case, either.

Sean Vankirk

3 years ago

Based on my family's experience with this business we do not recommend using them for veterinarian services. One of our family dogs has been experiencing lameness in her hind legs due to an issue with her back. Her symptoms are continually presented when she attempts to sit, stand up, or is touched on her hind legs or back. Our vet recommended bed rest and medicine to help with her pain. We investigated acupuncture and laser therapy. Our primary vet does not offer these services. We looked at location, commute, reviews, and the ability to treat our dog's specific ailment with acupuncture or laser therapy. We contacted the office over the phone. We confirmed an visit could be scheduled soon and we relayed our dogs’ condition and what treatments we were specifically seeking in great detail. We agreed to a consult and inquired about having the treatment done too. We were told this could be done if the pet's records were sent over. We scheduled the appointment. Our understanding was that our pet's needs which we explicitly communicated as our sole purpose for the visit would be documented accordingly. The day before the appointment we got a call from the office verifying that the appointment was still on. We made a point to ask that our vet had sent over the required records and to make sure we were set for the appointment. We reiterated the symptoms and desired treatment to make sure there were not any issues. Upon arrival we needed to let the office staff escort our dog into the office due to their COVID-19 policies, which were agreeable and understood. The staff member taking our dog informed us we would be called by the veterinarian once the exam was begun. After the exam was concluded we were called by a vet-tech which was counter to our expectation based off the previous staff members comment. The tech explained the vet identified pain the front legs and wanted to treat those findings. There was no mention of the back or hind legs. We restated that the issues were her back and hind legs and were told that they may not be presenting due to the pet being stressed. We said that we specifically identified the areas we were concerned about during previous conversations with the office and stated the records that were sent over contained the related data. The tech was asked if the records were reviewed and they stated that they only had the shot records, and nothing about her back/legs. Our understanding was the vet would be reviewing records which contained the previous diagnosis prior to the actual consult and would be able to treat. We would have considered additional findings if our primary concerns were addressed. Given that the records did not contain the previous diagnosis, that we had not spoken to the vet as we were told we would, and that our primary intentions for the visit were not met we told the tech over the phone we did not want to proceed with treatment. We asked to have our dog returned to us, and the tech told us she would have the vet contact us directly. The next call we received from the office was a request for payment. We stated that we had not yet talked to the vet, again, and that we wanted our pet returned. They again stated that they needed to have their invoice paid. This left a frustrating impression of the office. The staff was asked if they were holding our dog until they got payment, they responded "No." We stated that we had not talked to the vet, she was not treated, and we wanted her back immediately. The staff member said if we paid they would bring our dog. We paid and hung up. Our dog was returned about 5 minutes later. We at no point said we were unwilling to pay. This review was abbreviated due to character limitations in the post.

Robyn Opry

3 years ago

This is a very caring and flexible animal clinic.

Robert Smith

3 years ago

Not a good Vet. Only concerned with money not quality of care for people's pets. I was going there for my dog. They just don't care enough to do the job right. I was in the room with them and 3 people trying to do things with my dog and I have 10lb Jack Russel. I was in with Dr James and he hasn't seen my dog since but Dr Tiffany isn't any better. So 3 people on such a small dog 2 could not see what they were doing. Cut my dogs nails almost off how bad it was. Mistakes happen so caulked it up to that. I did say to them there you will never cut my dog's nails again. Here is the problem it is called recording customers events and instructions. THIS OFFICE REFUSE TO JUST DO THE BASIC BUSINESS OF RECORD KEEPING. So I have been back few times since then and each time tried to cut my dog's nails. NO!!! This last time I said don't touch her nails I do it. They did nothing else. I though they had done everything they were supposed, too. Plus was charged for something they did not do. No not with this Vet. 2 days later I get e-mail to bring dog in for more yearly vaccines. Not happy then to find out this Vet assistant say I refused. 1st I have to be asked and I was not, 2nd if you asked and I said no then why did you not record it. I did not refuse Vet tech flat lied I told her not to cut my dog's nails I would, nothing else was said. Plus didn't do other things as well, like checking her poop. So this problem is solely due to their failure to just record events in the file. Plus since my 2 + year old dog was going there I asked more than 6 times that in her younger years I don't need to come by 2 to 4 times a year, just once a year. They refused to record or do that as well. Plus most of us want to help animals don't ask this Vet. We had older cat someone just dropped off around the job. It was such a good act but had issue. We started feeding it but would sneeze blood. So after little while I took to this Vet, and she waited till another day to check on cat. So cost more just to put cat down humanely than it should for Vets convenience, stray cat. The issue is not recording basic records no this Vet can't do that they blame customer for asking for specifics on how my pet is taken care of. The Vet is aware but chose not to listen to understand the issue and the issue is how they do business. Plus I have ask Dr Tiffany directly more than once about my dog coming once a year not 2 days after I bring her in for yearly exam. I do not do this often but this action warranted the complaint. Not liking to complain I gave you the reason why so can get something constructive out of it. Hopefully but could not for 2 years so I don't know or will I not waste any more of my time or money with your office. I have file complaint with Dept of Business & Professional regulations. May be record keeping will then become important.

Michelle Wine

3 years ago

Extremely caring people. Adopted a sweet kitty from them.

Lilibeth Ramos

3 years ago

It is beyond soul-crushing to know that you had your pet checked for babies less than a month ago with this hospital and confirmed that she was NOT pregnant, only to find out the day of her spaying appointment (with another hospital because this one's procedure cost way too much) that they had to abort her babies to conduct the surgery. How could you make such a careless mistake? I paid for XRAYs!!! We would have kept her babies. This is so wrong. Do better!

Laurie Meikle

3 years ago

Very highly recommended! Would give more stars! They are professional, gentle, and so caring! Even my skittish dog loved it!

Ashley Wolfla

3 years ago

I love this animal hospital! I am a former employee and I still bring my dogs there because I know how thorough and detail oriented the doctors and staff are. I learned so much from working there and truly enjoyed working for the Mosley’s. They care about the well being of the animals and offer the best medicine available. You are always able to decline things you don’t want and if you need any financial assistance they have several options for you. I have personally seen the care and compassion that the employees and doctors have from the front of the building all the way to the back. I have seen how late they will stay to care for the animals. I also train dogs and have referred many clients here as well. Especially ones that are difficult to handle. They have won the hearts of every client I have sent there and they always come back and brag about how well they were treated. I would like to thank the Mosley’s and their amazing staff for always going above and beyond and doing their very best every single day. 10/10 would recommend every time.

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