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desmond Miller

2 years ago

I would not take a pet to this Vetenarian. We took our Cat for treatment. They did not go into the seriousness of her medical condition. Gave us no treatment plan. Basically expressed no concern of long term effects. This was last spring. …

Googleuser 2018

2 years ago

I can’t say enough good things about them. My cat had a hypoglycemic episode and my previous vet turned me away and would not take my cat in an emergency. They took me right in and got taz the immediate URGENT help he needed. they were kind and reassuring to me. These last few days have been very difficult with my cat having this episode and a death in my family and they have been so helpful and accommodating. Thank you for saving my sweet Taz. Thank you.

Sonya Stalnaker

2 years ago

Love this place would not take my baby girl anywhere else,and the wellness plan is great I recommend anyone getting it, it will save you money ,and it covers alot of services.

Nicole Dolias

2 years ago

My dog has very bad anxiety when going to the vet and they always take special care to make sure she’s comfortable. I’ve been to 3 different veterinarian offices before forever vets and they all told me she was too nervous and difficult to treat (she’s not an aggressive nervous, just scared). I will always appreciate the staff at Tinseltown for taking such good care of her even when her anxiety is at her worst.

Joy Turner

2 years ago

My daughter and I were in on Saturday, 11/27 with her 2 cats, Marley & Clemintine. We were assisted by Tech-Savanah. She was so awesome, caring, knowledgeable and professional. She explained about their plans and treatments and as we were getting on the road to travel to Orlando following the appointment she even administered their anxiety medicine for us. Would highly recommend and hope to work with her on another visit.

Grant Hall

2 years ago

I highly recommend searching around prior to making the decision to use Forever Vets. Unfortunately, my wife and I were naive and ended up here due to how close they were to our home without doing any research before hand. The office is very kind, and they will treat you with respect and great customer service. However, you need to be prepared to pay about 10x the price for their customer service. We were quoted $700 to get 1 vaccine each for 2 kittens and a check up for our 1 year old puppy. They presented an alternative to pay $400 if we signed up for a monthly membership. Considering it was half the price, we thought it was a good deal. We left, told some friends, and immediately regretted how much we spent in comparison to other vets. To give a comparison, we were quoted $530 to neuter our puppy here, compared to the $60 we were quoted at another vet. We were charged $300 for kitten vaccines here, compared to $30 at another vet. When we called to cancel our monthly plan, they wanted an additional $600. They said our $400 payment didn't contribute toward our outstanding balance, it all went to plan registration fees. I finally spoke with someone to have it allocated, and walked away spending a combined total of $600 for our one appointment. Please be cautious and search around before committing to paying far more than you need to, and learn from our mistake.


2 years ago

What to say!!! This location is by far the best. Jacob has done such an amazing job with his team. Everybody is so knowledgeable and pleasant. Thank you Jacob to you and your team for the constant great care you provide our pets daily!!

Dana O

2 years ago

I just want to say how grateful I am to have Dr.Linda taking care of my babies. She has been a blessing and has put our family at ease. She is super knowledgeable, makes sure you understand everything she did, and the way she loves my babies I couldn’t ask for more. Forever vets will be my babies place forever!! Your staff is amazing, even after some minor issues in the past, I would never go elsewhere! Y’all have the best Doctor In Jacksonville!!! Thank you the Osorno family is grateful!

Emily Tronti

2 years ago

We had to euthanize one of our rats unexpectedly yesterday. Forever vets was able to get us in as a walk-in immediately. Dr. Linda explained the process and was very kind and compassionate. She brought in a comfy bed for her to lay in. She did give the injection in the back but brought Ellie back in and let us have time with her and her sister as she passed. It was very peaceful. They even gave us a little keepsake photo frame with ellie’s footprints and a little hair clipping at no charge. Very grateful for Forever Vets at Tinseltown and Dr. Linda for making our pet’s last moments as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Holly Torres

2 years ago

I’m so disappointed after my visit today.. I used to really love it here, but it’s will be switching to a different vet after this visit. The prices are so inflated, if you don’t join the wellness plan. Charging an office visit fee AND an exam fee isn’t right. I don’t mind paying more if the experience is good, but 95% of the interaction is with the tech and they just don’t have the knowledge or the same care for my pet. The last two visits, the vet was in the room for less than 30 seconds. I understand they do the exam out of the room due to covid, but it completely changes the experience I didn’t feel that the tech was invested or listening to my questions, or qualified to answer them.. I feel cheated and disappointed.

Chris Hobson

2 years ago

This facility took care of my 2 cats and me for the last 5 years. I had to put one down, due to illness. All the staff AND Doctors were very compassionate and helpful during that difficult time.

Del-mari Fransson

2 years ago

What was diagnosed as an abscess, with no resolution and a $1K price ticket, turned out to be cancer when a different vet ordered biopsies on the tissue. When my cat's paw was cut open the first time, they didn't even wash the blood and infection off and they sent him home with a huge, heavy cone which prevented him from accessing his food and water. My final visit there was attended by a 3rd doctor who recommend stapling the wound closed but after checking with the office manager, I was refunded for the canine cone and we were sent on our way by an assistant, with no further explanation from the doctor and no further recommendation for treatment. Maybe they have a large overhead to cover so their focus is more on billing big than on actually helping suffering animals. I hope I'm never desperate enough to have to use their dubious services again.

Jennifer Williams

2 years ago

We have never been more pleased with the experience we've had at Forever Vets. They've always had our feline family member's best interest at heart; they've never tried to upsell or push anything, and the work they do was always reliable and effective. The vets and vet techs are invested in their human and animal clients alike, and look to offer the best care available. After treatments, we would always get a follow-up call from them to check in on us and make sure we're doing well, and they always had information on hand whenever we had any questions. We want to give a particular shoutout to our superstar vet, Dr. Linda Junk. She has been the most kind, compassionate vet we've ever worked with, and she has gone above and beyond any expectations we had. She gives you all the information you need to help determine the best treatment, and she genuinely cares about both you and your furbabies. She is such a selfless individual who genuinely wants to know the welfare of you and your pets, while also looking for feedback and information that she can use to better help other clients. She is an absolute angel, and the reason we've been going there for over two years and will continue to do so!

Renee Bickley

2 years ago

I love this office and all the staff! I feel like my doggie is well cared for. They follow up the day after a procedure is done to see how he’s doing and that’s a big deal for me ????

Sothana Nem

2 years ago

I’d love to give a shout out to Savannah! I’ve come in a couple of times with my new fur baby and both times, she was very informative and helpful. Savannah is so nice and I’m glad my fur baby was in the care of her, Dr. Wilson, and Dr. Said.

Katherine Cline

2 years ago

I had to take my cat to get one vaccine and the total was $133. $50 for a walk in and another $50 just to be in the building. That’s an extra $100 just go to their clinic- completely ridiculous. I just went to this vet because it is the closest to where I am living, and I needed the vaccine ASAP. They got me in and out quickly with good service, but I’m definitely never coming back.


2 years ago

my kitty, mochi is being very well taken care of over here at forever vets :)) we love it and we recommend it to anyone who has a pet

Christie Anderson

2 years ago

Have been going for years. Took 5 years to realize they only want my money. I took my dog for a yearly checkup and they ran unnecessary checks. Doing things I didn’t even ask for nor was I notified of (such as deworming and fecal floats) then charging hundreds to us. Do not trust them. When my dog got sick a couple months ago I spent over $500 just to get a diagnosis for heartburn. They add on random charges each visit adding up to hundreds of dollars while at the same time accomplishing nothing in particular..

Erin Nily

2 years ago

This place is a dream! Best staff and doctors. They take amazing care of our baby! Dr Linda is the kindest, most loving, compassionate, attentive doctor I have ever known.

Judy Kantar

2 years ago

If I could give this practice 0 stars I would. I came here for what should have been an quick appointment for my cat. I called the day of the appointment after reading numerous reviews about this clinic running behind. After immediately being put on hold 3 times for extended wait periods someone finally answered and advised me no wait. I get to the clinic. 10 mins to check in and then almost 30 mins to see the vet for only 10 mins. I understand wait times however when you’ve just been told there is no wait to have a 40 minute wait .. that is unacceptable. Fast forward 4 days my cat has a reaction to the medication administered. I call them and immediately on hold, no one even answered just straight to hold. I call back to a rude “is this an emergency?” I tell them the situation and no bring him in just go straight to the animal hospital. Yes we went straight to the animal hospital where he was for 4 days and 3 nights. I reach out to the practice manager twice via email since it is listed on Google reviews to let her know what happened. No Response. Not only was my pet administered medication with known side effects to pets with respiratory issues, he almost died from this. This vet clinic is frankly irresponsible even after an owner gives a detailed medical history. If you love your pet and value your time avoid this clinic at all costs. I should have trusted the negative reviews and not just thought they were one offs — they’re not. Be better than me and don’t come here because if you have an issue no one is willing to assist. Clearly they only care about money and not the animals or their clients. Also good luck getting through… my initial call to schedule took 5-10 mins on hold, that should have been a red flag. Maybe they’re understaffed, maybe they’re not. I wish I could make an excuse for them but lack of care on all levels is not ok.


2 years ago

Every time I have visited this office, I have felt financially taken advantage of. There are 3 instances over the last few years that I’ve experienced and I will not return. 1. During a routine annual visit with my dog and no complaints of stomach issues, she was given a dewormer. $20 charge. 2. My dog had a some ticks on her chest and the small area needed to be shaved. $25 charge for shaving. Men can get a full haircut for less than that. 3. The final straw was the prescription of 2 pills at $50 each. My own fault for not price checking until after the fact but these pills were available on many websites for less than half of that price. If you do choose this vet, I recommend asking for prices before anything is administered, buying prescriptions elsewhere, and paying close attention to any unnecessary services you are being upsold.

Leslie Campbell

2 years ago

Our boy Noah collapsed In our kitchen on a Sunday. We rushed him to the nearest vet open for emergency situations and we are so thankful we took him to Forever Pets. The Veterinarian there that day and all of the Staff sprung into action. Within minutes they knew that Noah had a ruptured spleen and was bleeding internally- he was rushed into surgery- as scary as it was we felt 100% comfortable leaving our boy in their care. The clinic kept us posted every step of the way- he had to stay for a couple of days after surgery due to how much blood he lost, one staff member even brought her dog into the office in case a blood transfusion was required- luckily it wasn’t!!! Our boy has been 100% ever since!!! This vet will now be our regular vet for anything needed for our Noah and our two other dogs!!!

Tara T.

2 years ago

2 cats and 1 pup are patients here for the last 4 years and this place has gone extremely down hill. In the last year they have failed to take care of one of our cats during an emergency blockage that almost cost his life and ended up costing us $2k more than if we took him straight to the emergency vet. Now months later, I had to call every day for 2 weeks to try and get something to help sedate our same stressed boy for the process of moving. Every time I called I would get someone who either told me "no problem, I'll call you back in an hour" and never did OR now I was just told finally that they can't help me at all. I was basically told by a manager that I have to go figure it out on my own. Terrible all around. I'm thankful we're moving and will find a new vet. Explore your options and take your precious babies elsewhere! They deserve better!

Bekki Rudolph

2 years ago

Our dog is socially awkward, they’re incredibly understanding and patient, not to mention nice. They came recommended by three different women in my office and I’ve had great experiences with them- from in office to trying to schedule appointments.

Eileen Keane

2 years ago

The staff is top of the par. And Dr. Linda is the kindest and most knowledgeable veterinarian I have ever meet. I would not take my Labrador retriever anywhere else.

Kevin Quackenbush

2 years ago

We were recommended this vet when we got our puppy because of a partnership. Two times now we've made appointment for routine shots for our dog and waited over 2 hours to see the doctor. What's the point of making an appointment when the doctor sees patients based on when they walk in? We asked the tech how long the wait would be and she made it clear that the doctor sees walk ins and appointments in the order that they come in. There's nothing like sitting in a room for two hours without having anyone check on you. The whole floor was covered in dog hair. Go somewhere else that actually handles appointments as appointments. Don't ever try to come here when you have anything planned for the rest of the day. You never know how long something as simple as a check up can take

David Beattie

2 years ago

My chowder was attacked by a couple of dogs one weekend. We took him to Forever Vets Animal Hospital and they took him right away. I was very worried because the same dogs had attacked another one of my cats that I had to put to sleep. The staff took very good care of Chowder and fixed him up. He has healed very nicely and back to his old routine. Thank you so much!!

Matthew Opie

2 years ago

We had an appointment for a sick puppy shortly after bringing her home. The vet prescribed an antibiotic and sent us home. The treatment was ineffective and we had to come back for a follow up. Our appointment was for 3PM on a Friday, and it’s now nearly 5PM and the vet has still not seen us. They need to increase their staff to accommodate the demands of their business. We will not be back.

Natasha Campos

2 years ago

We recently have taken our cat to this facility due to an unexpected emergency. Staff was professional, compassionate, and surpassed our expectations of the care of our cat. Very knowledgeable, had explained everything in detail. They showed such compassion and I can't thank them enough for taking in my cat last minute and making her comfortable while in their care. I will be coming back to this facility and highly recommend them. ????❤

Barron A.

2 years ago

This is business that values profit over peoples pets. This is a well oiled machine to make profit for the corporation. I would avoid and use a local vet that it's main objective is not profit margin but rather helping animals and their owners.

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