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Heather Gilreath

a year ago

I can not say enough good things about the medical care we get with this group!! Dr Dupree, Dr Emily and Dr Bishop are amazing!! The front desk people are friendly and helpful and the techs are great with our boys. They treat my boys like family!!

M Chisolm

a year ago

Groomer Renee is an awesome groomer, only groomer that could groom my Shih tzu with no sedation and the staff is customer friendly.

Alyssa Croxton

a year ago

This vet office is amazing. The people on the phone were kind, professional, and knowledgeable. Once we got there, they were prompt in getting us a room to wait in. The doctor was in a surgery, so we couldn’t be seen right away, but they let me send an email with pictures of what was wrong. They asked me to drop my dog off for surgery. They kept us informed on how she was doing when surgery was over. A couple hours later, they called for us to pick her up. When we got there, we were greeted with the same kindness and knowledge. They told us all about how to care for our pup after the surgery. They helped us feel at ease about the situation. All around a great experience (you know, minus the hurt dog, but that’s not the vet’s fault)

Nicholas Signorile

a year ago

Do not buy your pets insurance through this location, call the client solutions line first. I was tricked into a 12 month contract that was sold to me as an opt-in/opt-out promotion. A copy of the contract was never sent to me and I was told I could end the service at any time for no penalty. The technicians that sell it to you will just say "yes" to every question without knowing how the plan actually works. Got slapped with a 200 dollar bill when I tried to cancel.

Brian Burdorf

a year ago

Our dog had an emergency so we rushed in and they took great care of him. We needed to overnight him at a different location and they administered treatment to get Willie started healing until there was an opening at the the overnight hospital. Thanks to their care we got great treatment so he could get better faster. The vet and staff were compassionate and patient with us as we asked questions as well.

alanna petrofsky

a year ago

Usually a great vet, but I’ve been waiting outside to drop off my dog for almost an hour, all business hours said 7 am, please update your hours if they aren’t available.

Alexandria Dunbar

2 years ago

The doc(male) & tech were great with my Charlie during a scary dog mom moment! Loved that the doc came in after each test to give results & talk about the next step! True professionalism!

bobi gordon

2 years ago

We could not find a vet that Max liked until we came here! It was a huge relief that Max liked the vet. He is 13 years old and to finally find a vet he likes is wonderful!


2 years ago

Was seen within an hour of calling with possible injury to our dog. Turned out we just over reacted but Dr. Starr & the staff were just great, providing understanding, caring & professionalism. Would definitely recommend Forever Vets Animal Hospital, especially if you have an emergency situation.

Max V

2 years ago

Excellent grooming service. Went above and beyond.

Monique Cherry

2 years ago

It was a great experience as all always. The staff is very professional and caring . I just enjoy and Love how our Doctor handles our pets. I really appreciate the follow- up and status calls that makes a pet owner feel so much more secure and better about leaving his/ her pet. This is a amazing place with a one of a kind staff! ????

Alex H

2 years ago

I want to say thank you to this Facility. After calling 13 different Vet. Clinics for an emergency, Forever Pets is the ones who allowed us to come in to be seen. Thank you.

Myrtle Dullen

2 years ago

ForEvervets is by fare the #1 place to take your fur baby's for all kinds of wellness needs, They treat you like family and they truly care about your fur baby as much as you do, my baby's will never go any place other then ForEverVet.. I trust them all 100% Thank you ForEverVets. Love the Dullens Myrtle (The Mom) Nazerabeth and Jax Marahi

Naomi Marcella

2 years ago

i’m very thankful to have found forever vets at this location!! My dog gets nervous with nail trims but they were able to do it even with him squirming :) will definitely be coming back!!

Nikki Mixey

2 years ago

Kinda pricey but we love Forever Vets! They treat us great and give us care that's second to none!

Stacy Delgado

2 years ago

Updated: After speaking with Sam, the explanation that the antibiotics he's on would negate the Bordetella vaccine makes sense, and that I should not have received the phone call to schedule the vaccine appointment. The miscommunication was addressed and we will give this location another chance. Thank you, Sam Original review: We have been bringing our pug, Mr. Waffles, here since he was 8 weeks old. No matter what we came in for, you guys would do such a great job and do a general overview and check-in on everything to see it was up to date. Many times in the past, we would be asked, "Oh it looks like Mr. Waffles is due for XX, did you want to get that taken care of while you're here?" We came in on Tuesday, two days ago, to get a skin issue looked at. You asked for updates on all foods and medications, which I provided. Today, I get a call from you, saying he's due for his Bordetella shot and asked to get that scheduled. Why wasn't I asked while I was there two days ago? If I had waited to schedule his skin appointment by two days, we could have taken care of it all in one go, right? Now you're saying I have to pay for a whole new office visit. You guys used to take such great care of my dog but I don't trust you anymore. You used to be so good and focused on quality. Now it feels like I'm being nickel and dimed. I miss Dr. G. It truly saddens me to say that we will be looking for a new vet.

Cierra Caulder

2 years ago

I honestly have no recommendations or constructive criticism. Everyone was super nice and helpful from the receptionist to the vet. Appointment was quick and on time, pricing was reasonable and I felt like my fur babies were top priority. Loved my experience with Forever Vets at Baymeadows.


2 years ago

I am so upset over the service and lack of communication by this office. On 09/07/21 I called and scheduled an appt for 09/18/21. The person on the phone advised me drop off was between 7-8am and pickup would likely be between 3-4pm but they would call when my cat was ready. On 09/18/21 I arrived around 7:15am to have my cat checked in. They were pretty busy. A good amount of people in the office and they were receiving phone calls as well. The groomer was attempting to help, but could only check in clients. She was unable to check me in because the staff did not prepare an estimate for my cats services. This was not a problem. I waited until the front desk lady was available to assist me. So I start to check in and the front desk lady hands me an estimate with another pets name crossed out and another persons name crossed out for the signature line. This is very unprofessional and definitely something I should have addressed then and there. In the moment I decided not to due to the fact that they seemed short staffed and I understood they were doing what they could. She checked me in and advised pick up was between 4-5pm but they would call when she is ready. Although this was a different time than what the original lady told me, I brushed it off because they were busy. At about 9:30am they called me regarding the bill. Since it was not my bill or a bill tailored towards my cats services, of course something was missing. I advised them the additional charge was fine. They mentioned during this call that my cat was not happy. 4:45pm rolls around and I’ve heard from no one. I decided to call in and ask if my cat was ready for pick up. They said no.. she was just put under and that they expect her new pickup time to be 6:30pm. She said her surgery was started so late due to 2 other emergencies that came in. Please note that I reached out for this, they did not reach out to me. I decided to show up to the office around 5:45pm to discuss my frustrations about this overall service. They called me just as I pulled into the parking lot to let me know she is ready for pick up and I told them I was here and unhappy and needed to speak with someone. I expressed my concerns with the estimate without me name, the fact that she has anxiety and was left there all day without calling me to try to reschedule - without being able to call me to communicate this (especially since when they called at 9:30am they mentioned she was upset) I also brought it to their attention that they called me for payment but did not call me for her actual service issues which is concerning and very telling what their priority is. I advised the front desk lady I understand there are emergencies, but lack of communication is no excuse. I spoke with Dr Mike who advised he dropped the ball due to the emergencies and he should have called. I asked him why he couldn’t have his staff call - as they called for my payment - and he had no answer. He agreed that it was very unprofessional that they provided me an estimate with another clients name. He told me my cat was still waking up and that I could wait in the room until she was ready. She was brought back to me at 6:30pm and was definitely still out of it. Mind you - they advised me of the 6:30pm pick up time so even though I was there early, I did not pick her up early. Her surgery should not have been completed that late because she was not okay from the anesthesia until about midnight. He advised that I was in contact with them… but I immediately explained only because I CALLED THE OFFICE. THEY DID NOT CONTACT ME UNLESS IT WAS FOR PAYMENT. I asked them to email me my cats medical records as I plan to cancel services and transfer her vets, and noticed that Dr Mikes notes referred to my cat as a dog the entire time. At this point the incompetence of this office is mind blowing. I don’t trust that they even administered her vaccinations as they were supposed to.

Katheryn Holliday

2 years ago

It cost $1000 to have our cat put down and we still don't have her ashes. Nevermind, nobody called and I don't want fake ashes. You guys used to take great care of my dog but I don't trust you anymore. I need to find Dr. Mike again and get rid of this wellness stuff. It was nice while it lasted.

Mike Sisler

2 years ago

5 Stars for sure!! Loved that the staff is so friendly and the doctor even came out to meet us :) felt very comfortable with having Layla being seen there. Our new vet office.

Brittany Dudo

2 years ago

great service all around! Renae is amazing

Chris Kennedy

2 years ago

So their monthly billing system is in place and when you go in to actually utilize their service - you apparently get these magnificent arbitrary discounts. I discovered this because when I went to cancel the plan (which is different than non-renewal of course), I was informed of all the discounts I'd received the two times I'd taken my dog to the vet (once to receive anti-inflammatories and the other time for an x-ray) - yea, so apparently a dog x-ray must be like five hundred dollars or something because after paying a couple hundred at the visit I was told I'd need to pay these mysterious discount fees upon cancellation. It's pretty amazing. This place is a money mill and I completely agree with those who have taken issue with their nonsensical wellness plans. Take care of animals. I didn't realize compassionate care came with particular discounted rates. I'm going to find a decent private vet and pay "extra" PREMIUM rates as needed rather than deal with the remarkable discounts I received with Forever Vets. Man I saved so much make-believe money.

Erika Ausejo

2 years ago

My husband visited Forever Vets Baymeadows last month because we could not get an appointment at our regular location and we had just adopted 12 week old kittens who needed a check up because they were having stomach issues which resulted in constant diarrhea. Dr. Bishop was the one who saw them. They had their feces tested and told my husband they were healthy and were probably just adjusting to their new diet we had put them on but gave him pills that would help harden their stool within a week. The bill was over $200 and we thought it was fine since they tested the kittens and said they were good to go. We give them the medicine as instructed and three weeks go by and their diarrhea is even worst and now they're throwing up. We take them to our regular location and after testing their feces, the vet informs us that they have coccidiosis which is parasites!!! HOW WAS THIS NOT TESTED?? WHAT IF OUR KITTENS HAD GOTTEN EVEN MORE ILL?? WHEN OUR PET'S HEALTH IS #1 PRIORITY WE PUT OUT TRUST IN THE VET AND ARE NOW VERY DISAPPOINTED AND SCARED OF WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED TO OUR NEW FUR BABIES. DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS LOCATION!!!

Randi Christian

2 years ago

Great experience every visit! Thank you so much for taking excellent care of my dogs!


2 years ago

They are a very busy office so be patient. Wait times on the phone and in person can be long but I promise it's worth it! My dogs hate coming to the vet but the staff and doctors here make them feel so comfortable! Dr. Emily is their favorite! She is so sweet! (Trixi says hi if you see this!) They always have a board in the lobby with the attending veterinarian(s) for the day and the names of all the pets with appointments. The vets always take their time and when u ask my million questions, I always get well explained answers. Staff is always nice as well! 10/10 would def recommend.

Victoria Have a great day

2 years ago

Its been a stressful situation with my fur baby. Matthew at the Baymeadows lactation was amazing. Even though i was a crazy ball of emotion, Matthew was dream. He helped me calm down and was very friendly and seeet. Matthew thank you for being a ray of light.

Jaycee Moro

2 years ago

Been coming here for years, theyre always good to us = )

Kaylin McBride

2 years ago

Everything was great and everyone is doing a fantastic job!

Rett Wicker

2 years ago

I have no idea how people can do anything other than rave about this place. They’re extremely nice and attentive. My wife’s cat of 15 years passed away and I had to do unspeakable things in order to finally get him cremated for her. Thank you guys for being so cool about everything.

Julia Bruckner

2 years ago


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