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2 years ago

I first took a feral kitten in that made it into Hobby Lobby. Then took two of my cats to get neutered. I will be bringing many more in over the coming months. A place like Jacksonville needs a place like this. I think stuff happens and …

Nowellie Kristine

2 years ago

I was a bit nervous to take my dog here, however, I had a wonderful experience! All staff I dealt with were professional and personable. Especially the ones that understood I was nervous about the surgery and results. Pick up was simple and relieving too. It has been 2 weeks since my dog's neuter and he's doing great! Thank you!

Serena Raab

2 years ago

The website let's you book appointments but not cancel them. It's extremely unintuitive, and after leaving 5 messages you might get someone to call you back a week later just to not help you. Get a better system.

Nicole Huston

2 years ago

This is an awesome place doing a great service to our community. But if you are requesting additional services to be done on a feral, you have to confirm they input it in the system when you drop the animal off. Overall I’m happy, but the services I requested were not completed on a cat that I had to trap to even bring in, even though I marked them on the intake paperwork and told them I would pay in advance. Just make sure you confirm what you want verbally as well.

Linda Torgeson

2 years ago

There is a casual and relaxing Atmosphere in their office...


2 years ago

My dog got fixed yesterday. The morning staff is rude as hell, let me be more specific the white lady with talon/coffin nails that are black and burgundy and thick black glasses. She brought the entire mood of your staff down, they did whatever they wanted eye-rolls, cutting me off, dirty looks. She cut me off twice in a fake customer passive/aggressive voice. You guys have a sign saying if we don't respect you, you will kick us out. All I said was hello and got attitude. The reason why I say this woman is a problem is that when I picked my dog up in the afternoon it was the same staff, but an African-American woman replaced the white lady. The total difference in politeness, professionalism, and answering all my questions was night and day. So, you guys have a cancer employee that your other employees feed off of. Y'all should fix that. NORWOOD.

Lydia Carroll

2 years ago

They are the best. Always helpful and treat the animals great. Donate your old blankets and sheets. Food or anything pet related

Haley Hiss

2 years ago

Leading up to picking up our dog, I had a pleasant experience. When we came to pick up our 1 year old from being spayed, it was a nightmare. She was terrified and covered in poop. They trimmed her nails incredibly short on all her paws and she has been in pain ever since. I am very disappointed in the treatment my dog received. And they never answer the phones so I haven’t been able to speak with anyone over the phone. I do not recommend taking your pets here.

Lance Beaudoin (Mr.Bubbles)

2 years ago

Greedy ball snatchers! I was forced to have my animal fixed or refused service. My tiny chihuahua had a broken leg and was told I had to fix him or I would have to go somewhere else! Also be careful with the I Care option it is designed for people with low income to be able to pay but if you miss a payment you get murdered with fees of $50 late charge immediately easy way to squeeze poor people out of their money!

A. C.

3 years ago

I brought my cat here, to the one on Norwood, for a critical, life or death emergency, 4 years ago. I wasn't doing Google reviews back then but I just got something in the mail from them and my cat is still with me today because of them so I thought I'd comment now. As far as I've been concerned this is the best possible place in the city of Jacksonville for someone to go who needs help with their pet. They did the most amazing work saving my baby boy's life and I'm forever grateful to them. I just looked on Google and I'm shocked to see the most recent reviews, covering the last 6-8 months, being a large amount of one stars and negative reviews. I can't believe this! I read reviews all the time and when there's more than just one or two negative reviews I take that as a sign something's wrong, so I really don't know what's been going on recently and I hope the facility has not gone downhill in the past couple years because four years ago they were the tops. I have no experience with the Casssat Ave facility, maybe the reviews are rating that facility, I'm not sure. I wish there was a way to back date my review to reflect the actual date I used them. Although I did refer FCNMHP to a friend a year ago for his dog and he got superb medical attention, they saved his dog as well, one year ago.

Vickie Moore

3 years ago

Dr. Kampali has been my saving grace for many of my rescued pets in the past. I was sent to the Cassat ofc Friday and was not happy with diagnosis. I left a message Sunday that Bailey was not getting better. He immediately called in an anti spasm human med for her.. All tests were run at Cassat ofc but when I took her to Dr. Kampali at Norwood, today he knew she was in pain and not right..he knows my pupper???????????????? she was diagnosed with a severe Gastro infection and already she is now eating and drinking after 4 days of nothing!! I cant thank you enough

Pink Flamingo

3 years ago

I was overcharged for medicine I was not given. I was also given medication at a different location because they were out of it at the Cassatt location. My cats nose is bleeding and he hasn't been given the medicine because there were no clear instructions on how much a drop is. So he sneezed it out. Now, they refuse to provide the medicine he needs. It is a huge inconvenience for me to return back to this clinic because of clinical hours. They have a huge ego and don't care about my pets healing. They did finally refund me the $25 they overcharged me.

Karen Tucker

3 years ago

I will never use the one off of casset! So unprofessional and they have no idea what they are doing. And one of they workers was so rude that my mom was about to fight them and the guy before her too. My mom ain't that kind of person, so for her want to do that saids a lot. And they misdiagnosed my brother's dog three different times and she is still having issues. We are taking her somewhere else.

Raven McMinn

3 years ago

I made an appointment online and showed up 5-10 min early. Sat down to wait right in front of receptions. Everything needs a good scrubbing. Almost an hour passes and we still have not been seen. Nobody has offered an apology or explanation. The man seated next to me had been waiting even longer. He gets up to complain about how unprofessional it is and he gets told that they are understaffed. He asks why they're taking appointments without the staff available to fulfill them. The receptionist rushes off to speak to the people in the back. Within 5 minutes both that man and myself are given exam rooms. The exam table is dirty. I only waited a few minutes to see the vet, who then tried to upsell me on additional treatments and services. The actual visit took approx 4 minutes. Then when I went to pay the young lady behind the counter asked me if I wanted to buy the rabies tag. I asked her if the city requires it, and she said "yeah, but since you have a cat it's not as strict as with a dog". I explained that declining the tag makes me subject to a fine so I'd like to buy it. Why would you take try to talk owners into doing something in violation of city ordinance? Are you going to pay my fine if I get caught being noncompliant? This was not a positive experience.

Caro Duran

3 years ago

Pretty cheap compared to other vets, I just feel like they can do better on the cleanliness of the rooms where they attend your dog. Dog was diagnosed with heart murmur at a hospital but when I took him to get his yearly check up they never mentioned anything and I have a stethoscope and you could clearly hear it so now that they take them in without you in the room it makes you questions even they even do what you paid for .

Briana “Bri” C

3 years ago

I am so thankful that a place like this exists! First Coast no more homeless pets was exceptional from beginning to end. they offered a very reasonable price to neuter my dog. I called many animal hospitals before being referred to this place. I was shocked and appalled at the price I was quoted by so many different veterinarians to neuter a dog. You try to do the right thing to prevent pet overpopulation and it's just unreasonably expensive. If it wasn't for this place I honestly wouldn't have gotten him neutered. I appreciate a place like this offering reasonably priced services so that you can take care of your pet on a budget. More people should know about first Coast no more homeless pets . thank you for everything you do and for truly caring about the animals first!!

Bobby Buford

3 years ago

Appointments are not acknowledged so if you’re a walk in or have an appointment it’s first come first serve. WaiWaitWait, but I go anyway ????

austin stutz

3 years ago

The shelter we adopted our dog from took them here since they are a less expensive place to get a dog spayed. Come to find out they only removed 1 ovary from our dog and she had to have exploratory surgery within a year to have the second ovary removed to prevent infections and possible cancer. It may be the cheap option up front but it ended up costing an extra $600 in the long run from their lack of diligence the first time. Have had multiple friends have issues at the same place.

Arianna Davis

3 years ago

I had an issue with a surgical vet tech who is misrepresenting this clinic with unprofessional slander posts about me on the internet and completely unprofessional communication when I tried to inquire about a medical record of an animal she fostered and adopted out to me who was already sick when given to me. I was advised to hold off on taking him in when the kitten had diarrhea under the notion he could possibly be adjusting to a new environment. I found out some news in which the physician advised for me to rehome the kitten but I wanted the make sure the kitten was treated before anything and was sent a falsified document instead. I attempted to contact her supervisor on the situation and Katrina never got back to me so I am writing this review to show everyone what a heartless place this is. A kitten passed due to this unfortunate situation and instead of taking accountability about the fact that I was not informed of how old this kitten was and how up to date the kitten was she sent me false documents. She also smeared me all over social media and I've received nothing but hate messages from people who are now being listed on this issue as well for participating in this nonsense. She also shared private medical information about the kitten online which is also illegal on top of slander, mind you. Please look up the laws. Please look up the statutes. I was advised by your clinic rep to bring the kitten in at 11 AM last Sunday and drop him off with Skylarr and she's all over the internet lying about what the rep said stating I abandoned him there when the rep had full understanding of what was happening. She has a rescue under her name under the guise of this clinic and action needs to be taken but as not. Did you know that if you're a trap and release program first coast no more homeless pets will spay or neuter vaccinate etc A number of cats for that person a month. I imagine as an employee she could bring in an infinite number of cats without charge. At $40 an adoption do you know the potential income she was bringing in a month at the expense of these kittens? It's not about the animals to her, it's another paycheck.

Anissa Stutz

3 years ago

Don’t go here! ???? First off I should have listened to my many friends and the online reviews who told me not to go here because they had horror stories about this place but our adoption shelter recommended it so we went against our better judgement.... Our dog got “fixed” here a year ago... today she just had to have ANOTHER $500 surgery to complete the job they should of done from the beginning. They only removed one, NOT BOTH of her ovaries, leaving her susceptible to deadly infection and possible cancer. It may seem cheap in the beginning but not worth the death of your fur babies. Thankfully we have an awesome new vet that saved her life, no thanks to this place.

andrew holden

3 years ago

Have been here since 9 this morning as I walk in they checked the dog at my vehicle it is now 2:43 going to call Castor Avenue again rating not very high here for me

Andrea Gardiner

3 years ago

If I could personally rate this a negative rating I would! My dog is alive n well today NO THANKS to you and your non compassionate staff. Everyone I spoke to recommended you and I can't understand why based on how I was treated. After you turned myself n my very sick dog away telling me her condition was serious but everyone was eating lunch but it was an urgent situation that I needed to get her in somewhere, I brought her home to call more vets and she couldn't even walk or stand she could have died that day and you and your facility would do NOTHING! I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND YOU TO ANYONE AND WILL NEVER BRING ANY OF MY FOUR FUR BABIES TO YOU CARELESS HEARTLESS PEOPLE

Alicia Everett

3 years ago

The staff is friendly and professional. With Covid-19 protocols, the take good care of your pet. Both my dogs, Tyler and Zeus, are well taken care of. FCNHP will always be their vet.

Sarlota Mareckova

3 years ago

My fur baby was abused here. She had her nails trimmed which I DIDNT allow and they trimmed one nail so far deep that she was bleeding. They asked me if she had her vaccinations and I told them that she is current on everything and then they proceeded to give her a rabies vaccination. My puppy is 6 months old. She had her rabies vaccination June 5th and I went to their establishment July 15th and because of this terrible establishment not doing their due diligence and ask for a copy of her latest vaccinations they over vaccinated my puppy. There’s no reason why she needed another rabies shot. I DIDNT ask for it.

Zoe Nissen

3 years ago

This place is a dumpster, filled with trash that no one will take out.

Vikki Bowater

3 years ago

This is the most professional, low cost Veterinary Clinic I have found. They have great spay neuter programs for every budget. They really care about your pet. I had the most horrible experience with the Clay County Humane and thought I may never get my animal spayed because I couldn't afford it. Please spread the word and donate if you care about animals. Thank you No More Homeless Pets!❤❤❤❤❤❤

Stephen Burslem

3 years ago

Cheap prices and friendly staff but even with an appointment my average wait time is 50 minutes - 1 hour. Would recommend checking other vets such as Riverside or San Marco.

Sofia Phillips

3 years ago

They lost my cat we went there to pick up my cat and the said that she had gotten out I don't even know how that happens I barely open the cage let alone an animal with no thumbs are you kidding me

Rick Phillips

3 years ago

We trapped a feral kitten and took her to be sterilized. Our plan was to adopt it after it was fixed. We were notified that the surgery was completed and we could pick the cat up. We went to the pet store and bought a litter box and other supplies. When we arrived to get the kitten, we were told that the cat had escaped and was loose in the building and they had to try and trap her. How incompetent! I took a day off work and drove across town to get this cat only to find out that they couldn't figure out how to keep it in a cage. The worst part is that no one bothered to call me and save me the trip. My daughter bawled her eyes out because she was excited to take home her kitten. I thought I was doing my civic duty by trapping and sterilizing a feral cat. But it was far better off before these people totally traumatized it.

Constance Mays

3 years ago

Poor place to maintain your pet's health because no appointments are available for over a month. You can't get a recheck either. There rarely are walk-in slots available anymore as well This is due to new poor management and firing and resigning of over half of the employees. They don't know what they're doing and your pet will get inferior service. The vets are good and some staff are good too but there is too much disorganization. It remains an excellent location to bring stray/feral cats for Feral Fix and a great place for spay/neuter for all pets.

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