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Tia Esposito

2 years ago

Thank you so much for the incredible customer service I received from Dr. Lee, Claudette & Melanie today. It was my first time ever at your animal hospital and you have made me a believer again in true veterinary “care”. Dr. Lee was exceptional and took great care of my little guy. Kind, compassionate, professional and caring are just a few of the words to describe how awesome she and all her staff is. Thank you so much! I look forward to bringing all my animals to your practice from now on.

Mark Stewart

2 years ago

Last time I used this place, when I went to pick up my dog, they had the wrong collar on the dog. It was the collar and tag from some other dog. Also upon picking up my dog from this place I'm more than one occasion my dog had diarrhea upon returning to my house. Since then, I've moved to a whole different state, have told these people before to stop calling me and stop sending me messages, and yet I continue to be spammed by this business. So if you want somebody competent to take care of your dog and if you don't want to get harassed with spam, then I recommend you not use this business.

Emir Flores

2 years ago

These guys are awesome. I have been coming here for years. Curbside service, per COVID protocol. Reasonably price. I bring my little miniature dachshund here for her heart worm medication and wellness visits. If you’re looking for a boarding/daycare for your little one check out this place. Dames point animal hospital offers a laundry list of services from pet vaccinations to general surgical services. Dr. Lee and the staff are professional and courteous. If you’re like me, and need to check it out, they have a fully functional website. You can create a profile and keep track of your pets records, make appointments, and more. Dames Point animal Hospital is fully accredited by the AAHA, the standard of care for veterinary excellence.

Charryl Wood

2 years ago

If you are looking for a welcoming vets office, that shows compassion, that has consistent staff, where the doctor is seldom away, where referrals for specialists are actually worth referring, this is NOT this place for you. I was a loyal client for years. So much so that my four children and some friends also followed suit by taking their fur babies. Over the past couple of years things stated to decline. The staff changes so often its not even worth trying to remember their names. You would have better odds of remembering who Charlie Sheen has been with. Being self employed myself I completely understand the difficulty of finding honest, dedicated staff. However I am also aware that in order to keep a good staff that proper training, treating them well and offering job perks is key. When the doctor is on vacation more than in the office it is a disappointment. I absolutely believe everyone should take time off to reset but when you have clients who are spending their hard earned money at your business they expect to actually see and speak with you at some point. When the only communication is between the client and the vet tech or office staff on numerous occasions it raises concern. Currently the person answering the phone has a personality of an empty cup of water. When clients call they should at least feel like the person on the other end cares about why you are calling. They should also make some sort of effort to sound compassionate to the needs of the client, also they should know they are the first point of contact which means they are representing the business they work for. When a client calls there is a reason for the call, whether to schedule an appointment, ask for an update or God forbid they are having an emergency! The person answering the phone should be responsive, understanding and make some sort of an effort. Noone is calling a vets office because they are bored. For years I justified the cost of my vet bills with the old saying you get what you pay for. It is unfortunate that it has turned into feeling like I'm helping cover vacations and the care for my pets turned into them just being another chart on file to collect money from. Again I'd like to emphasize if you are looking for actual care and compassion this is not the place for you.

Twisparkle Gaming

3 years ago

Love these guys, they are the best

Susan R

3 years ago

Need to update after almost 15 years had to change vets. My babies come first and they were not being treated right in daycare. Still think Dr Lee is a good vet but her staff keeps changing and maybe that was the difference. The best way to describe Dr Lee and her staff is “Most Excellent “. My fur babies are treated with great love and care. Would not think of going anywhere else for my Ruby and Bandit. Greatest animal clinic by far!

Doreen Waller

3 years ago

I had only adopted my 10 yr old dog 2 months before bringing her to Dr Lee. She had blood in her urine, had fleas and a bad odor. I was able to get her in the same day and found the front staff to be warm, caring sympathetic, and eager to help. Dr Lee was friendly, humane, explained everything so I could understand. I found her to be a wonderful vet who really cares about the animals health, and the owners peace of mind. My dog was treated sent home with meds and was bathed and nails trimmed. I thought the cost was reasonable and there was a reduction for old people like me lol. I now have a vet for life and wouldn't go anywhere else. Distancing was in place so I will have to wait to actually meet Dr Lee, can't wait. Thank you Dr Lee and staff.

bobby bloyd

3 years ago

Dr Lee and staff are knowledgeable friendly and caring people who treat your pet with TLC no matter if it is a simple nail trim or a medical emergency.

Amber Laguador

3 years ago

We always get the best care when we take our pets to Dames pointe animal hospital you can tell they truly care about their patients. Everyone in the office is great.

Kellie Meyer

4 years ago

The Vet (Dr. Lee) flat out refused to help my cat. She is in pain and a steroid shot will make her 100% better until it wears off and she needs another one. My cat has bad teeth and frankly I can't afford the hundreds of dollars needed to extract them. My own teeth are rotting as we speak. I'm doing the best I can for everyone. The fact that the doctor is okay with letting an animal be in pain bc she is judgmental shows she has no heart. Vets are just people too.. and my cat deserves the best anyway. THIS VET DOES NOT CARE IF YOUR PET IS IN PAIN.


4 years ago

Extremely disgusted in the treatment we received. I am only giving a single star so I can leave a review. Do not use this facility if you have an elderly animal or one with special needs. This facility SHOULD NOT accept or even OFFER to help new patients who are NOT part of their routine clients. I brought my elderly fur baby (14yrs old) in for an sudden visit to treat eye irritation (facility was recommended by my family). This is her remaining eye that began to show the same symptoms as her removed eye, which was removed due to cancer. The Veterinarian actually questioned IF her eye was truly removed due to a cancerous tumor (as if I would fabricate this fact). It was not until the Vet reviewed a pre-op photo of her removed eye before she showed any understanding as to why we were seeking treatment in the first place. Part of the prescribed treatment for the irritation was a steroid drop. At the first follow up, we were advised to continue using the drops until the next check-up which was 3 weeks later. Upon getting a second opinion (urgent visit because she started walking into EVERYTHING), we were advised that it is standard practice to prescribe steroid drops for only 1wk of use. Due to the long term use of the steroid drops (over 3 weeks), my fur baby has permanent irreversible scarring to her cornea and is mostly blind. We are now attempting to SAVE the remaining eye and what little vision she has now. I cannot express how heartbreaking it is to see her suffer as a result of the visit to this facility. If you have an elderly or special needs fur baby, please visit a facility that knows how to properly treat them as well as one that trusts you as the pet owner.

Ardis Davis

4 years ago

I love the staff and Dr. Lee. They always treat our furbabies as if they belong to them. Very informative staff and always put our pets' needs first. I have been taking my pets there for more than 13 years. I consider them family as they have helped us with all of our questions and have been wonderful caregivers to our babies.

Blair Kirkwood

4 years ago

Wonderful staff providing fantastic treatment for my pup! He is anxious and doesn’t warm up easily but absolutely loved everyone there immediately! They are incredibly kind and caring.

Brandon George

4 years ago

This is an amazing place that takes great care with their clients and pets. Dr. Lee and her staff are truly compassionate and knowledgeable and I cannot recommend them enough!

Charde Mullins

4 years ago

I used to love this place until I was basically turned away for not being able to pay for care for my dog who was dying. I offered to pay something, anything to at least get care for my dog in his time of need. After asking if I had anyone I could contact for assistance, I informed her I was alone with no family or friends. Unsympathetically, she walked away. Fortunately, I was able to find another veterinary practice that provided care for my dog. However, he died 3 days later. I wasted precious time at this place. I would not recommend.

Charles Moore

4 years ago

I have three Chihuahuas. I have used the Dames Point Animal Hospital for over twenty years. Doctor Janet Lee has always taken excellent care of them . She only hires excellent staff. They are not only very personal in customer relations but very professional. .

Elizabeth Gregg

4 years ago

Dr. Lee and her staff have taken care of our cats and dogs for over ten years. Dr. Lee treats each of our babies with great care and meticulous attention to detail. She's saved the lives of my dogs on at least three separate occasions. And when it was time to say goodbye to our precious little babies, she made the experience as pleasant as possible. Given the choice, I will always take our dogs and cats to Dr. Lee.

Greg Mackey

4 years ago

Always a great experience at Dames point. 10/10 recommend.

Ms M ma kahi maluhia

4 years ago

If I could give this facility zero stars I certainly would and then some. I am appalled by the lack of empathy and compassion your clinic displayed towards my daughter in law..who is a military wife,and her husband,my son is currently serving this country on his 3rd deployment! Yet your office did not see it befitting to help her and my grand-puppy,who has now passed away as of yesterday,and your staff REFUSED her based on money,how sad and uncompassionate! My son suffers and lives with PTSD, as many serving and have served do,and studies have shown that animals are beneficial in the aid and treatment of our service members..YET your office placed a monetary value on not only my grand-puppy and his life,but my daughter in law and my son! Prompt treatment could have saved his life as well as the heartbreak to our family over the loss of their 2 year old pet,their baby...and that my son had to hear about this loss during a very difficult deployment! Your office ought to be ashamed of itself and it's failed lack of empathy and humanity and TOTAL disrespect for my sons service and his wife. I will be reaching out to local news stations and news papers and ALL forms of social media will be used to share this story regarding your clinic every single day for as long as it takes.I will also be contacting the AAVSB and filing a complaint with them until they grow tired of me! All my daughter in law needed was your office to set her up with a payment plan....all my grand-puppy needed was an act of kindness...and you failed!! You see,my son serves to keep us safe and to give us the promise of freedom and upholding our constitutional rights,yet your clinic forgot his and his wifes,which is the right of life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness! You failed to adhere to this by placing a price on his dog,who helped him emotionally and mentally in his LIFE! You failed to adhere to this right regarding liberty,when you oppressed and restricted my daughter in law to save her dog due to your fiduciary gain...and you did not adhere to happiness for the obvious reasons stated! Shame shame shame on your organization,but I assure you,this will not be my last time speaking on your establishment!

Randy G

4 years ago

We really like the staff at Dames Point AH. Dr. Lee is terrific and Elise (tech) really seems to care about our pets. Clinic is immaculate and easy to get to. I like that there is a separate side for dogs and cats. The practice is digital so keeping records is great. I like the ability to order pet items online too.

Shannon Krupka

4 years ago

Love this place they take great care of your pets, office is set up very nicely. And staff is amazing and very informed on what your pet needs and breed specific concerns, won't be leaving with any questions. You can really tell they care about their facility and the animals they take care of, highly recommend.

Stephanie Smith

4 years ago

Staff is great and caring. Love this place. :)

Smokey Einstien

5 years ago

We've been seeing Dr Lee and her Staff for almost 7 years and I wouldn't take Smokey anywhere else, the staff is always happy to see us and answer any questions we may have.

Allison Doueck

5 years ago

Dr. Lee and her staff are amazing. My dog has a compressed disc in his back. They have him feeling more comfortable, and called the next day to make sure was responding and feeling well. As long as I’m living in Jacksonville, my animals will be treated here!!!

Amanda Engebretsen

5 years ago

By far the best vet I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They are reasonably priced, kind, and we couldn't be happier to have found them. Our animals love the staff. We use them for both regular vet services as well as boarding for our dogs if we travel. You won't find a better vet in Jacksonville!!!

Stephen Henry

5 years ago

Took my pug here because it is located so near to my home as I moved to a new city. Was very happy with the comfy atmosphere, variety of kind and knowledgeable people working to make the visit productive and relaxing, and the constant communication both during the visit and before/after by email. Will continue to go here in the future.


5 years ago

My Dog LOVES going to see Dr. Lee! Best care around!!!!!!!

Robert Lee

5 years ago

Lindsay while working at the front desk took the time to expertly trim some problamatical nails. One of which painfully affecting a footpad. Buautiful caring place to care for your pet!

Robert Glenn San Socie

5 years ago

Great group of caring people. Clean and very nice building.

Ralph Brock

5 years ago

Awesome staff, Dr. Lee is so caring and helpful, Sassie and Max love her!

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