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Teresa Leary

2 years ago

Never have I left my pets anywhere before. They showed me where they would stay and the play room for them. Made me feel at ease. I was grateful for that. I would definitely recommend Creature Comforts to someone in need of housing a pet short term. They are a blessing to me at this time. And super affordable! Thank you

hernan robles

2 years ago

we left our dog for a week and it came back with fleas and extremely hungry, to the point that he snatched food from our hands, something he had never done before. After being back at home he went back to normal on his eating habits. The mandatory exit bath we suspect it was just some rub-on scent or something like that as the dog was not clean The receptionist was a very sweet and delightful lady, only reason why I give it three stars

Carol T

2 years ago

Was a great place to leave your babies

Erin Mauritz

2 years ago

A wonderful staycation for your pet!

Pamela Williams

3 years ago

Wonderful pet resort. We have been using them for 19 years.

Nick Wollitz

3 years ago

We always take our pets here, they really care about your animals.

Big Boy Airbrush co

3 years ago

Top notch service. Very comfortable about keeping my dogs here. Highly recommend

Ranoda Miller

4 years ago

Just went on a vacation and just recently rescued a puppy and had to board him and was advised this was a nice place. The staff are extremely nice and Leo seemed to have been cared for just as if he was at home. Love that the pets are bathed before you pick them up. Will definitely be taking Leo back in our next trip.

Halle Wilson

4 years ago

What a great place to allow your dog or cat to rest as you complete a long awaited vacation or out of town Job trip. Friendly and kind, animal loving Family operated Pet Resort. I felt completely confident in their ability in caring for my cat for the second time we have used them while we go on vacation. Mr. Kitty (as my daughter calls him) was rested and happy when we picked him up. Although, I think he kind of missed all the other friends he made at Creature Comforts Pet Resort.

J Hudson

4 years ago

They have been caring for my dogs for years! They know my dogs by name and my dogs come back happy! I

Jeff Larson

4 years ago

f you truly care about your pet, do not subject them to injury by boarding them at this facility. We had boarded our cats previously there a few times without incident. However, our last boarding was a nightmare. We brought our three cats in for a 6 day stay on a Tuesday when we went on vacation. My wife picked them up in their pet carriers on Sunday afternoon and drove the 20 minute ride home. When we let them out of their carriers, two of them were okay but the third cat came out limping. We watched her and she continued limping the next day. I called our vet and made an appointment to have her checked out. Our vet took x-rays and discovered she had a completely broken humerus on her right front leg. I called Creature Comforts and spoke to Hollene and told her what we had learned. During that conversation, she said "it could have happened when he was trying to get them in the carrier because they just went nuts, they were bopping off the wall." We took the cat to Blue Pearl Pet Hospital (formerly AVS) and arranged for surgery to repair her broken leg. Two metal plates and screws were surgically implanted along with a bone graft. I talked to Hollene again and she asked if I could bring in the bills and maybe they could help pay credit card payments. I brought the bills in and she asked if I wanted to talk to the owner who turned out to be her son. He said there was no way to know if it happened there or at our home. I said I was just trying to resolve this in a fair and amicable manner. I asked when he might be able to let me know his intentions and he said it might be days, a week, a month, he didn't know. He was not at all friendly and I knew at that point he didn't care about what happened to our pet or taking responsibility for Precious' injury. After not receiving any call for nineteen days, I called but there was no answer during business hours so I left a voicemail. I called again ten days later and again it went to voicemail. Hollene called back a little bit later and said she had been at lunch. She said they decided on an amount (less than 10% of the cost we had already incurred) and in no way would that mean they assumed any liability. Although we certainly could have used the money, I feel the right course of action is to let fellow pet owners know about this business rather than take their offer. An additional note: On their Creature Comforts website they state they are a member of the American Boarding Kennel Association and are committed to its code of ethical conduct. If you read that code and their pledge, they obviously do not practice what they preach. Oh, by the way, the American Boarding Kennel Association and it's subsequent name change (Pet Care Services Association) of which they claim membership hasn't existed for years.

mary conely

4 years ago

Took care of my aged chow and gave great bath

Paula Castleberry

4 years ago

The staff is very attentive to our Yorkie. Mason has found a camp.

# Wave360 Celes

5 years ago

Nice place, I have been there too many times.

Walk-in Wedding Chapel

5 years ago

Overcharged us. Requested services not performed. Medicine dispenser not returned. Not happy. We left three animals for seven nights but were charged for "eight days." They seem to have been taken care of but returned skinny. Sunday hours are between 4:00 and 6:00. We dropped them off on Sunday at 4:00 and picked them up the following Sunday at 4:00 but were over charged for "eight days" instead of seven nights. When I brought this to their attention the manager Hollene said this is the way hotels do it. No it's not! After calling a second time to question the overcharge she offered to give me a credit for one night and stated "that's the best i'm going to do." Do you think I'll return? Very unfair!!! That's an extra $49 they took for no good reason. Also, they have a policy that you MUST let them bathe your dog for another $16. That's my son's job but they required it because otherwise "the dogs come home stinky." I asked for a nail trim for the cats. It wasn't done. They said our cats wouldn't let them do it. This calls their competence into question. Our vet does it every month, actually the 20 something vet tech. Our cats are so docile I think they didn't try. Twice she stated, "Do you know how crazy I would be if I tried to figure this out for every person who comes in here?" I'm not sure what she meant by that but she is definitely not going to try hard to please you. Also, she kept my cat's pill popper. When I asked for it, she said it was in the cat carrier. It wasn't. I'm giving them 1 star because they overcharged us, didn't perform requested services and didn't return our device. I hate being taken advantage of. This is very unfair.

Rob Douglas

5 years ago

Very nice staff! They take great care of our pets and are very reasonably priced.

A. Klenk

5 years ago

I have used this kennel at least a dozen times over the past three years and have never once had less than a lovely experience. The owner was even very comforting when I cried the first two times dropping off my cat (I know it's silly as I'm a grown woman, but I really love my cat). I have used other kennels in the past and my cat would come back smelling like a wet dog (but that is NOT the case here). The owner really cares about animals and wants them to enjoy their stay. I love this place ❤️

Jessica Charles

5 years ago

They take amazing care of our furbabies! Wouldn't trust anyone else with them!!

john phillips

5 years ago

Nice establishment. Can be costly though

Megan Smith

5 years ago

So far, my dogs have enjoyed every stay at Creature Comforts. The staff is extremely friendly and welcoming to new and returning boarders/ companions. Recently, my sister boarded her 10 year old Labrador with my Papillons. All three dogs loved it! My pups have been coming here since the spring (five times, so far) and I do believe this place will become a new overnight choice if my sister decides to board, again. Prices are very reasonable. Unfortunately, I will soon be moving to a state where my pets may/ may not get the care (aside from mine) they have grown accustomed to. Not to mention the other facilities being overpriced. Hopefully, I do find a place that meets my requirements.

S.C. Volpe

5 years ago

Not a good experience for me. I couldn't leave her bed or food. They charged to feed my food. They charged for exercise. My dog was injured and no one called me or reported it when I picked her up. She could hardly walk and fell down the front steps when I got her. She must have been jumped on by another dog. So far my vet bill is $300. It doesn't seem very clean either. I felt uneasy leaving her and should have trusted my first sense of the place. I'm sure there are better kennels in town.

John Trainer

6 years ago

They treat us like family. Our dogs love it there.

Lauren R

6 years ago

If you love your animals, PLEASE don't take them here! Someone's dog is going to get sick or die from the conditions they will left in. I booked this "business" for our dog and was excited by the indoor/outdoor runs that were offered as our previous boarder had them and they were great for our dog to be able to go in/out as she pleased. No photos were available so I called to see if we could see it. As we were getting closer, we immediately noticed that it was a poor neighborhood. There was furniture thrown out everywhere, filth and trash, and it looked extremely unsafe. We pulled into the lot and I got our dog out and walked towards what looked like the kennels. It looked abandoned. I was called to another building by an older woman who told me to leave my dog in a dirty cage inside their office. I left my poor baby and followed her outside. She opened the door to the kennels and immediately I was overwhelmed with a odor that was intolerable. I actually plugged my nose because it almost made me sick. It was dark and these poor dogs had nothing in their cages but a dirty blanket. No toys, no bed, nothing. They were all barking and the woman said that they only get to go to the bathroom a couple of times a day and that was it, the rest of the time was in the cage. There was nothing to occupy them, they were forced to sit in this small cage all day with nothing to do or play with. I was told our dog wasn't allowed to have her own bed unless it was washed everyday (I'll explain why it would need to be later). She wasn't allowed to have her own food unless we paid extra per meal/per day. This is ludacrious for so many reasons but mainly for dietary purposes. We finally walked out of that atrocious building and I asked to see the outdoor runs. We walked to the back and we were shown cages with no grass, just a concrete slab and a thin piece of cage between each dog. This was unsafe considering that aggressive breeds could be housed next to each other and there was no way to get to them if something happened. The woman rudely said she didn't know what else I expected because this was the best around. I don't know how any caring person can force a dog to go to the bathroom on a concrete slab, but this was not okay. This is why our dog's bed would need to be washed, because there would be filth and waste leaking onto anything in the cages. It was appalling. She said they sanitize with harsh hospital chemicals daily, but is a lie based on smell of the facility plus is extremely unsafe for the animals. I asked about taking our dog outside and was told for an additional charge/per trip out of the cage our dog go outside. I honestly just wanted to get my dog and leave. I was not going to subject her to these conditions. We began walking back to get our dog and I told the woman politely that it wasn't the right fit for our dog and made me think of a pet shelter. She then put her hands on me and pushed me hard away from the kennels. In a very aggressive tone said she didn't want my dog and I could just leave. I said that I wasn't trying to be rude I had higher expectations. She asked me what was so special about our boarder in a sarcastic tone and I said our dog had constant access to grass indoor/outdoor run. It was the same size as the kennels at this location but has true outdoor runs. This woman again put her hands on me and shoved me towards my car telling me to get lost because I was lying. I said I had to get my dog and I would be more than happy to leave but she didn't need to be rude or touch me again. I actually thanked her for allowing me to come see it and said I was sorry that it wasn't the right fit. We walked back to our dog and she stopped talking to me and starting talking rudely about me to another employee stating that I was lying and I was crazy. I wouldn't make my worst enemy leave their pet here. Please have them taken care of by professionals. I will be contacting whomever I need to in order to get a thorough inspection of this property and business done as it needs to be shut down.

Natasha G

6 years ago

First time leaving my baby with non-family members. They treated my baby very well and I will use their services again in the future.

Shelli G

6 years ago

Absolutely love Creature Comforts! Ms. I and the staff are awesome and remembered us when we returned from a long overseas duty! Wonderful care for our two babies and plenty of love! My dog & kitty love it there!! Highly recommended!!

Sue Flederbach

6 years ago

They take great care of my animals ????

Derrick Colquitt

6 years ago

Awesome ppl... Onyx love it????

Davey Rowe

6 years ago

Well I can only assume that the other positive reviews left for this place are fake or the people who left them were paid to do so. Bottom line, this place is absolute garbage; it is disgusting, filthy, and looks like a public dog shelter with minimal funding. It is actually so terrible that I strongly considered alerting the ASPCA or the police after leaving. Background: I am a lawyer, and my wife and I have a German Shepherd, our expectations for dog boarding are not impossible, but they are high. After all, how difficult is it to provide a dry, clean, and safe place for dogs to be cared for? Especially if you're paying for the service. We've lived in dozens of cities and experienced a lot of different boarders on the spectrum, from absolutely fantastic, to bottom of the barrel, like this place. Starting off, this "facility" is in a terrible part of town, very low socioeconomic conditions. As the GPS directed us closer and closer it became more and more apparent that we were in the poor part of town. So already when we pulled up to this place we had a bad feeling. When we entered the first thing we noticed was the horrid smell; it smelled and appeared to be similar to poorly funded dog pounds that I've seen in the past. It is poorly lit, and dank. The "indoor/outdoor" runs, if you can call them that, are really just a passage way to concrete slabs where the animals are expected to use the restroom. All of the animals are boxed in with cages alongside one another in near cattle car like conditions. The animals are not provided beds to sleep on and are only given a single small disgusting blanket to lie on, even though the ground is concrete. The dogs are not given an ability to exit the indoor cages at will, and are only let out onto the concrete slab to use the restroom 1-2 times a day. This, I can only assume, is why this place smells so damn filthy, the animals are forced to use the restroom inside. The air was thick with the stench of filth and animal waste, so much so that it was palpable. If all of this was not enough to send you running for the door, the staff had a terrible and neglectful attitude as well. Given the terrible conditions of this "facility," of course my wife and I were shocked and taken aback; upon us politely pointing out the deficiencies the staff became very rude and hostile. Bottom line, I care too much for my dog to ever place her in such terrible conditions. I would not even subject the worst prisoners to such wretched conditions. This place really needs to be visited by the authorities and shut down. It truly hurts my heart that people treat dogs this way and get away with it, and what is worse, the trashy staff were so completely oblivious to common decency that they didn’t even understand what was so wrong with their “facility.” Either they’re intentionally doing a terrible job, and are just trying to make a quick buck and not do the job right, or they’re trashy and completely inept, either way, they won’t get our business. And if you care at all about your dogs, they won’t get yours either. You’ve been warned!

Berenda Pavlakovich

6 years ago

took very good care of moms little dog - super friendly

Anne Bell

7 years ago

So glad I found Creature Comforts. I have no worries leaving my dog with these loving people.

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