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Reaper Og

2 years ago

This place is exactly what I was looking for. I had a not so great experience at Forever Vet ( on beach blvd which wanted to sedate my dog just for basic stuff). Im so glad I found this place. Loren Alisson and our Doctor were awesome and connected with my pet and myself so my pet felt as ease and got everything done without sedation. I'll definitely be returning on a regular basis and highly recommend!

Cassandra Cherry

2 years ago

Very friendly techs and Dr. My little girl is 14yrs old and in very good health.

Randall Weese

2 years ago

Needed to board our little pot belly pig(3days)Staff was friendly, but as they are located in a strip mall,they are limited on space for exercise. But not sure for an extended stay(week).

Brandon Dexter Guinto

2 years ago

I’ve been a client with Care Pet for years. Dr. K and his staff always treat my fur babies like their own. Every time we go, We’re always greeted by their clinic cat, Siren. My two dogs are always excited to come in to get groomed, vaccinated and boarded. My cat loves to hop on the table when her tech comes in. My dog Herbie, loves Devra when he gets groomed. Would recommend to a friend.

Michael Banaszek

2 years ago

Brought my rabbit here when she really needed to be seen that day and a vet that can look at a rabbit is hard to find. So when I needed to take my cat to the vet for a lump on his side I took him here. It was very unclear what they thought it might or might not be. I thought it could be a herniated kidney issue since he had one as a kitten. They took a sample, which I thought was a tissue sample but it was different and told me they would call with results. It was close to Thanksgiving so I was aware results would take a little longer than usual but I had to call in and ask for my the results a week and a half later. I was told over the phone that it was a granuloma, not by the vet but by the receptionist and nothing to worry about. Took my cat for a checkup today at new vet and they asked to see his records from the old vet. They sent over paperwork that I had never seen before. Turns out they didn't get a good enough sample to determine what the lump is made of, what it is, or what cells it contains. I paid a lot of money and then was lied to about my cats diagnosis. Now I'm looking at getting surgery for my cat because he's now had this lump for over a year and we have no idea what it is. If you have something that is easily diagnosed, like my rabbits ear infection I suppose you could take your animal here but I would caution anyone against it. Not worth the amount of money they want for non-answers.

Janine Smith

2 years ago

My dog injured her paw late on a Friday afternoon. So we had to find an animal hospital. This place is ok for emergencies if your name is Rockefeller. I won't be able to eat for 6 months just to pay this bill! My heart doctor is more reasonable! They did stitch up my dogs paw though. I hope the old girl lives long enough to recoup my cost!

Elise Bullion

2 years ago

The staff is very friendly and accommodating. Had to bring my cat there in an emergency situation and they had us in immediately to be seen. Brought him back for a follow up and yearly vaccines and even though they were running behind we were in and out in less than an hr. They take very good care of the pets there. Will return anytime there is an emergency.

Jackie Struble

3 years ago

I was pleased with staff and with the veterinarian. I believe my dog received good care. The one situation I was disturbed by, was that my 12 year old dog was only given 2 thin towels to sleep on a concrete floor. Luckily I had a medium sized blanket in the car, which I was allowed to give to her. Not much comfort but better than was provided.

Rebecca Porreco

3 years ago

It went well, I needed kitty for the day and I felt assured my pet was well cared for. Gentle, caring pet tech was really helpful.

debra livengood

3 years ago

I am you local petgroomer at this location Thursday thou Saturday

Marcia Richardson

3 years ago

l was looking for a vet when the vet I had been seeing retired. I checked s couple of vets with my dog Noah and he really took to Dr K with Care Pet. When I got my Lab Monte he adored Dr K. The care is heartfelt and I am included in all decisions regarding my dogs' care. There is no pressure and I feel that Dr. K really is in tune with myself and my pack. I recently had to put my dear Noah down at 16 and Dr K was on vacation. His staff let him know what was happening with Noah and he came in to be with us and see us through this very difficult time. It was so hard but he was there for us. That speaks volumes about his dedication to his patients. I will always trust my animals care with Dr K and Care Pet. Lastly, how many visits where poor Monte has to endure a stool sample and he STILL loves Dr. K and staff. Dr G is great and Debbie the groomer is Awesome! I have been a client with Care Pet got about 5 years now and will be with them always!


3 years ago

I work next door and hear the dogs crying for hours and hours.

Jennifer Paulk

3 years ago

I love Dr. K. He has been there for our family's peekapoo through his passing and is now the vet for my new puppy, Pongo. He is very knowledgeable and is very passionate about pets.

Fawn Germer

3 years ago

I needed to take my dog to the vet while I am visiting Jacksonville for a week. I fully expected to get hosed on the bill, but they gave me a first-time discount and kept that bill down to $40. They also got me right in. I am so grateful I found this place and highly recommend Dr. G and her sidekick, Dexter. This is a wonderful place to take your pet.

Ernesto Arceo

3 years ago

Best place to take your pets... caring and friendly staff take good care of you and your pets!

Alyssa Duplessis

3 years ago

I went to this vet a few times and I always felt they really didn’t check much. However, this time I confirmed they don’t care. I took my baby rabbit here because he had went limp and was less responsive. Took the vet 3-4 minutes to call and say he doesn’t look good and they can do nothing about a possible blockage based solely on a guess that he might’ve ate cardboard and he advises to euthanize. Really?? He’s only 11 weeks and you think I should let him die?? So we went in to make the decision and the vet did not even come to talk to us, he had his assistant stand there to discuss it with us...not professional at all! They told us to call if anything happens or he gets better. Why would I tell you? When you gave up. We took our baby home and nursed him the whole night and massaged his stomach. Then we took him to a REAL vet who actually looked at him and took X-rays and ran diagnostics before giving any death sentence. The Vet found no signs of blockage now we may have cleared that out over the night or it may never have never even been there but either way for shame on this office! Because the blockage could be cleared or he misdiagnosed my rabbit. The real vet actually wanted to discuss the situation with us and went out of their way to meet and tell us to call if anything happens. But definitely did not say he was a lost cause. Now, our rabbit has improved greatly and is almost his old self. But I will never ever use their services here again and I think anyone else who is thinking of going to them should be aware to steer clear because obviously it’s not about the pets it’s about the money...they even called the next day to check on him in a happy go lucky voice Like a protocol, like they didn’t say he would pass away. Such a lack of empathy.

Alex Ventura

3 years ago

If you are searching for a veterinarian to take care of your rats do NOT go here! We were told that there was a rat specialist on staff yet when the doctor and technician were handling our animals they seemed to have no idea what they were doing. The doctor checked their lungs and heart and their teeth. While we are grateful that there were no issues found we weren't given any advice on things to look out for. We were only told that one of our rats would need to get his teeth trimmed soon. The real nightmare came when they took our boys to the back to trim their nails because they needed better lighting. I asked after the check-up was complete if they could trim their nails which I was told would be no problem ( however I was not told that trimming was not part of the check-up and there was an additional charge waiting for us at the front desk.) I assumed this was fine and was reasonable but both myself and my girlfriend were very uncomfortable with this as their nails are extremely delicate and this was the first time anyone had handled them but us since we got them. Lo and behold, they clipped their nails too short causing one of our rats to bleed. Since then they have been very standoffish and are scared of us. This is extremely unlike them but after reading other reviews it seems like this clinic has a particular habit in bringing an animal's moral down. The total that we paid was $114 for both of our boys and they came home traumatized, scared, and injured. I am furious, because I trusted this clinic to take care of my animals because they said they could. There is no rat specialist here. So if I cannot trust a veterinarian who says that they are a rat specialist than whom can I trust to take care of my animals?


3 years ago

My little rescue dog, (Molly Robin), was boarded on July 13th at your facility. I cannot say THANK YOU enough. She was returned to me happy and healthy. It was clear to me, that the way she was handled by Dex, and how much she liked Maria, that she was treated gently and with patience. You can see her on the Care Pet web cam. I also must say, that your original price estimate was both accurate and very fair. I am a very happy camper and so is Molly. Thanks again to all who interacted with her. I will most certainly be boarding with you again, when I am forced to leave my little Molly Robin.

Anjela Milagros

4 years ago

This was the first and will be the LAST time I will ever use their pet boarding services. My livley, happy, healthy puppy came home today weak, skinny, and so unhappy. You can clearly see his ribs. I brought his food to the facility because thats what you are supposed to do. Any vet knows, the dog food that your puppy eats is what he should stay on. Never had any diarrhea with his regular food. His stool was formed, never loose. Picked him him up today, there is no need to even weigh him. These pictures are of him today. The neglect is so noticable. The tech told me they cut back on his food because he was "pooping too much". I boarded him on 7/25 with one feeding left for that day. As you can see, the rest of the bags are completely full. The vet called me back today, after my complaint to an employee. He stated my dog was having loose stool and so they fed him with their food. Any vet knows that when you completely switch a dogs food, it needs to be a gradual change. All of this is an excuse to cover up the fact they didnt feed him because all of his bags are full. He has not been able to poop this morning when I picked him up due to his empty stomach, which again is not normal for my puppy. He only went a small amount today due to what I GAVE HIM THIS MORNING (as you can see in the photos). That is so cruel and disgusting. As I can see from reviews, this isnt their first complaint over the same issue. The same excuse is given to the owner. This needs to stop so it does not happen to another beautiful animal again. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS. I was never even notified my puppy had any diarrhea. Thats just a weak excuse. Justice needs to be brought to my happy puppy. not sure why his before pic is not posting on here his @ name is duke.samson on instagram to see him happy and healthy

beth walker

4 years ago

SCAM ARTISTS! Im an 18 y/o female and i fell like i was targeted because of this. My dog got into a fight and hurt her leg. I came in as an emergency patient 30 mins after it happened and asked them to just a stitch her up. They told me that my dog had a serious infection, had broken a major artery, she would need a 1000$ surgery and that she was "infested with fleas" (the tech made a big point to drill it in my head that no store bought flea prevention/killers would ever work in a millon year and thatll had to buy stuff from them if i ever wanted to get rid of the fleas) they held her almost all day and when i came to pick her up to take her to another vet because I don't have a 1000 dollars they told me that my dog was in such serious condition that she wouldn't make the drive and that if i went anywhere else it would cost more they assured me they were giving me the best price. I didn't know what to do so I asked if i could pet my dog and I look no stiches not anything on her leg at all. I went home having a panic attack that my baby girl was dying (I have severe anxiety and she helps me get out of the house id be so lost without her) I called my mom told her what happened she left work early and we drove back to the vet. They continue with the same speech to my mom but her being a nurse she realized that she couldn't have a severe infection yet and if her artery was broken should be bleeding out and already dead. So we payed them what we owed them for the "care" she received and took her home since it was to late in the day to take her to another vet. They next day i took her to another vet and that vet told me all she needed was stitches and some antibiotics but since the skin on the edges was to old they could only put one staple in and leave the wound primarily open which could lead to an infection because of care pet's negligence but luckly my baby is doing fine no thanks to care pet. Oh and remember how she was "infested with fleas" the next vet only found one on her and she when i told her the story about care pet she said that vets like those are why people dont trust vets and won't seek the care theyre dog needs. Actions like care pet's puts pets and they're owners at risk.

Elizabeth Adams

4 years ago

Don't know about that one but it looks pretty bizzy

Gary McAfoose

4 years ago

I have taken my dog Caesar there for boarding a few times. First two times he was OK no problems. The last two times were horrific. The next to last time Caesar was there for two days and when I picked him up I was told the dog did not eat anything. Dog was not himself when he came home for a couple of days. Then he was fine after that. This last time he was perfectly fine when I left home to drop him off. When we got there my dog was shaking like a leaf. I could tell he did not want to be there. I should have gone somewhere else but I had a flight to catch. If you are a dog owner I'm sure you know dogs are a good judge of character. I left his dog food for him. THEY DID NOT FEED HIM ANY OF IT. The dog was there for 6 days and lost TEN POUNDS. When I got the dog home he ate his food like he had not eaten for SIX DAYS and the dog was not himself for a few days but is back to normal now. Something is going on there and too bad Caesar can't talk cause I'm sure he would tell me !! I will NEVER NEVER use this kennel again for my dog.

jenna lawton

4 years ago

Care pet ALWAYS makes the fur babies come first!

Katie Moore

4 years ago

I had boarded my cat there a while back. I had asked for pictures and update every day, since it was his first time boarding, ever, and he can be a hellion. The staff happily obliged and informed me that my Monster was being a prince for them. A huge Thank You to the staff that took care of him and made sure he got his meds!

Sandra Phelps

4 years ago

Took my bunny in. They were very gentle and thorough.


5 years ago

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Aristotle Montemayor

5 years ago

Awesome caring staff! I usually go to a low cost clinic, but I find Care Pet Hospital & Resort's (CPHR) prices very, very reasonable. I find the difference in price is worth it for saving a lot of time from going to a low cost clinic. I mean the price difference from a low cost clinic and CPHR is not much at all. I'm so glad I found this place! What sold me to come here in the first place is that Dr. K was kind enough to take an after hours emergency call from me one Friday evening even though I was not a customer yet. I was sold how caring they were, and went there the next day.

Benjamin Lee

5 years ago

Dr. K is very attentive and his staff is very nice HIs facilities are very clean. I’ve had issues outside of normal business hours and Dr. K responded after hours. He works very well with his patients insuring scheduling is worked around his patients’. A plus rating

Gregg Lee

5 years ago

Both our cat Tiger and our dog Mr. Busby spent Saturday at he pet spa. They are all cleaned, groomed, and loved. Both pets kissed the groomer and were so sweet as we left. I am so happy to have great veterinary care.

Haley Costello

5 years ago

I’ve been coming here for just over a year. They are by far the best vet around. I originally started bringing my dog here for his annual exams. We’ve used them for boarding also. Then Walker had a small lump under his skin and the entire office staff was so wonderful and supportive as we went through surgery to remove the lump and a few other spots and were in and out for two months after because my dog kept ripping his stitches. Any other vet would have put me in deep debt taking care of my pup but their prices were great. Even so much as not charging me the third time he needed to be restitched. Now my kitten is a patient there. I love that they follow up the next day to check on your pet. They’re always flexible with scheduling and I never have to wait on the vet to come in and check out my fur kids. I highly recommend this clinic. They are awesome!

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