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Laughing Triceratops

2 years ago

I barely left one star for any place but my experience w the vet here is beyond my frustration. They are money hungry and they don’t do things necessary to my pet. They would do whatever that generates revenue. $400 spent and I got no answer to my pet’s health issue. No treatment. Just some irrelevant issues and a bunch of overpriced pet food. I fed my pet w the food and nothing has improved. Will bring my pet to another vet today.

Amanda Mae

2 years ago

I love this vet office. I have been taking my three dogs (a large mixed breed and two chihuahuas) here for a few years now. The staff are very friendly and kind to myself and my dogs. Dr. Amar is professional and sincere. I also enjoy the savings I get from the wellness plan my dogs are on. If you're looking for a vet in the southside area I 100% recommend BlueStar!

Neil Spencer

2 years ago

I truly cannot say enough good things about this place and the awesome staff they have. My dog needed surgery "which was reasonably priced" and after I got her home she was having an issue with the bandages. Not only did the vet take my call when they were 3 mins to closing he also FaceTimed me because I couldn't make it back down there. Told me what to do to fix her issue and did everything he could to make me feel better. I've been to other vets before but this place goes above and beyond for their patients and owners. Thank y'all again for the great work and all my pets will continually come to you. Highly recommended!!!

Sue Rizzo

2 years ago

My 19yo chihuahua Penny needed urgent treatment on Christmas Eve and my regular vet was closed. I called Blue Star to have her seen. They welcomed me right away, even though she is not a current patient. They treated Penny quickly and kindly. I plan to make Dr Amar my permanent vet now.

Terrie Phoenix

2 years ago

Very attentive and through exams, run on time, give accurate price estimates, and follow up on their patients. I feel confident my pets are in good hands.


2 years ago

I called the Deerwood Vet Clinic to see my cat about worms they wouldn't even touch him without at least $150 for a rabies shot he already has. I called Bluestar after and had an appointment within hours. My pet isn't usually good with other people but the vet tech named Bri was amazing with my cat and handled him great. The doctor, Dr.Ahmad, was professional and knew exactly how to explain what needed to be done in an easily understandable way for me as the pet owner. Have no fear, Highly recommendable place I will only come here in the future. Thanks

Alice Zheng

2 years ago

I won't recommend this place to anybody who really love your pet. They don't care about your pet. They just want make as much money as possible.I bring my 11 weeks old kitten there for vaccine and regular check first time. She already got one vaccine from my breeder. I showed them all the papers. Somehow they still gave her the same vaccine shot( not booster shot). I didn't know at that time they overdosed her. Three weeks later I came back for the booster shot. They checked my profile says that oh, this is her second shot. We'll get her the 3rd shot three weeks later.(This is when my kitten is already almost 15 weeks old) I says no, this is her 3rd shot already. They go back checked my profile, says my first record is not on there. So what's happened is that they gave her the same vaccine shot my breeder already gave her the first time I visited the office when I bring all the paperwork from my breeder already. Also, I try to get her nail trimmed the fist time I visited. The guy who hold my kitten has VERY long nail. He pressed her on the table with his nail hurting my kitten. My kitten meow crazy and sad and angry. I have to tell them to stop after they trimmed three of her nails. She is a really good behaved kitten. I bought a cat nail trimmer and trimmed her nails for her while feeding her couple of treats. She is so chilled and let me trimmed her nail easily. BTW, I really think any doctor assistant shouldn't have that long nail.( As long as girls who go to nail salon) Also, I cannot believe the doctor still tell me that I need to come back three weeks later for another vaccine when my kitten is already almost 15 weeks old. He just want to print more money. I would never come back to this place and would never recommend this place to anybody. They don't care about animals.

Jennifer Twomey

2 years ago

First time here and they were so great!! They were very sweet to my dog the moment we walked in. They hugged him and gave him treats, he has some new friends now. They explained all the medicine to me and how it would help my dog. Made me and my ???? feel better. Wish there was a way to leave more than 5 stars!!

Rachel Williams

2 years ago

Always pleased ???? ????Very friendly staff, clean lobby and rooms. My dogs are always happy to visit ????????????

River Dana

2 years ago

I know this is kind of a long review, but there's a lot to tell! My dog is a rescue - a blue Staffy (aka "pitbull") and I've had her for about a year and a half now. This entire time she has been literally plagued with chronic skin infections just back to back, and each time it would become more and more worse, with this last one been ongoing for over four weeks now. I suspected food allergies and was trying grain-free, but she refused to eat it (I tried like four different brands, too), so ended up making up some kind of “almost” grain-free food with gluten-free oats, but what if it wasn’t enough? Besides, doing an elimination diet would’ve taken far too long with her symptoms being so bad. At this point, I had been to four different vets between Lake City and Gainesville. The vet in Gainesville even told me about hypoallergenic food for allergies, but wouldn't prescribe it! Two weeks after the visit with the vet just mentioned, I called to tell them that nothing had changed: maybe the redness was going away, but she was still losing hair and the itching/biting/scratching was so unbearable that she would literally shake; and she was depressed and not sleeping, eating, and barely drinking water. This vet’s response was to keep her on antibiotics a little longer because of the “little” itchiness and redness. I was done. I was desperate at this point. I called around everywhere and was even willing to drive to Tallahassee, but everyone was booked out til October-November. Finally, I took a gamble and called Bluestar Pet Hospital (Baymeadows location). The previous four other vets did nothing but some major guesswork, throw antibiotics/antifungals at her, and waste precious time. Bluestar let me bring her in that same day! I brought her in as a drop-off to be looked at in between appointments as they were fully booked that day. And even still with being busy, the vet actually did call (twice) and spent time with me on the phone to ask about her history, what had been done so far, what medications, shampoos, food, etc. I asked them to do a skin scrape to potentially rule out a yeast infection, which they did. He gave me the prescription for the hypoallergenic food, and he was also honest with me that the antihistamine he was prescribing might not be super effective with her allergies being so severe, but it was worth a shot since she had stopped responding to Benadryl. So, all these months and months of stress and agony (for both my dog and me), where I’m suspecting food allergies, but no doctor would listen to me (oh, but they’d take my money...) and in one day - ONE DAY - after eating the new food, the difference was so huge, I wanted to cry. I will make the drive from Lake City to Jacksonville to go to this veterinarian practice. Dr. Mechineni was the one who looked at Chia and based off his methods, knowledge, and compassion, I will 100% recommend his business. I truly appreciate anyone who is skilled in their craft and I definitely appreciate the quality of care my dog received and the relief she desperately needed. They were very accommodating at Bluestar Pet Hospital and I highly recommend this place. A picture is worth a thousand words. The two before pics are when I called that vet in Gainesville to say nothing was getting better. The two after pics are just four days after her visit at Bluestar - being on the hypoallergenic food and with a steroid shot + antibiotic from Dr. Menchenini.

brittany williams

2 years ago

I’ve been taking my dog (Duke) here for around 2 years since I adopted him. He gets a little nervous at the vet’s office and all of the staff have been very helpful and friendly with him to make him feel comfortable. They are very responsive wether you’re communicating with them through the vet app or by calling them. I’ve always been able to get Duke in quickly anytime he’s gotten hurt/sick. They offer very affordable care plans for pets that I would highly recommend. Thankful for this knowledgeable and friendly staff that keep my pup happy and healthy!

Elena McGough

2 years ago

They always get Snickers in whenever I have an emergency with her skin. They are good priced and always super sweet and professional. It’s a far drive for us to come all the way from Bryceville but I wouldn’t trust my baby with anyone else. Thank you Bluestar for always being there for me and Snickers! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

thomas aprigliano

2 years ago

I'd give them 0 stars if it was possible. Cancelled multiple appointments on me last minute (which my wife scheduled time off work each time). We adopted a stray and the vet informed us she wasn't fixed on our first visit. We had one following checkup and then scheduled a spay (after another cancelled appointment) for our cat Mabel. Picked her up today only to find out she was already fixed (Poor cat having to go through this twice) but they also charged us for the service even though they didn't have to fix her. He then claimed that he didn't know she was a stray.... They were worried our first visit that we wouldn't want to keep her or pay for the medical bills when we first found her. Do yourself and your pets a real favor and look elsewhere. You couldn't pay me to bring another animal here again. What a joke.

Tim R

2 years ago

Really good vets office! They did wonders for my kitten when she got sick. The staff is very professional and calls prior to every appointment in addition to check on the pet. Only complaint is that they are pricier than most vets, but you get what you pay for for sure

Scott Brown

2 years ago

Money hungry. Would not recommend. Prices are astronomical. Mark up on drugs and services is insane. Signed my 2 dogs up for wellness plan, the next month my house burned to the ground. Lost everything in the middle of the pandemic- asked them to remove the wellness plan - didn’t hear anything else about it for months until they sent it to a collection agency. If this isn’t money hungry I don’t know what is.

Starr Jackson

2 years ago

My dog nor I felt welcomed. Poor customer service. They don’t care about the animals they care about money.

Tamra R

2 years ago

Love everyone there. So kind and great with fur babies

Rennae Hackler

2 years ago

I managed to get things resolved at my current vet but I loved your facility and staff. Thank you.

John Scheers (Dewmuffins)

2 years ago

The Bluestar staff was waiting for us at the door as we arrived. The took good care of our dog with a thorough evaluation, and the cost was reasonable. I highly recommend Bluestar Per Hospital.


2 years ago

We came here on Sunday because our regular Vet was closed and the kitten had a some what emergency situation. We did receive great service and the kitten is doing 100% better; however, we will continue using our Vet as this place is a bit pricey and they made us buy meds kitten didn't even need to begin with, all she needed were antibiotics.

Matt Hickman

2 years ago

Never take your pet here because of this place I spent over $600 and They still can’t find out what was wrong with my pet. Or how to treat the infection in my dogs Eye. Because of them my dog is now blind !!! All they care about is overcharging you and never call to see how your dog is doing.

Melier Elizabeth

3 years ago

One star is not bad enough. These vets are crooks. They care nothing about animals or even human compassion. My dog passed and they refused to stop my monthly wellness plan. This is the tip of the iceberg. They will suck every dime out of …

Tiara Dunnan

3 years ago

The vet seemed really knowledgeable about my furbaby's situation and the tech took good care in holding her during the exam. They even honored a coupon that I received months ago but didn't have an expiration date on it.

Darien Antonelli

3 years ago

I believe I called on a Sunday about a half hour before closing asking if I could bring my cat in who’s stomach was the size of a bowling ball and the lady on the phone was super sweet and told me to head over right away. They took great care of my baby and told me EVERYTHING they were doing, why they were doing it, and the costs. Doctor was super friendly and knowledgeable about everything. They put my cat on some antibiotics and not only did they respond to my email in a couple of hours but I got a follow up call the BECT DAY!!. I will go here from now on. Love this place !!!


3 years ago

I had a great experience and they took care of my cat. The only thing that I can say is that there was a rabies vaccine coupon available and instead of charging me the discount. I was charged full price. I had planned to be a repeat customer. I just feel like if they had actually provided the discount that they were advertising that would have made the experience so much better and showed excellent customer service.

david abbot

3 years ago

We have taken 3 of our 4 animals to Blue star and the level of professional care that our animals, and us have received is OUTSTANDING! The Doctors and Staff are very caring and down to Earth. Very. Empathetic to your concerns. Their highly professional conduct acts immediately to lay the anxious and worried per owner. Both Vets are very friendly and know their profession! The Doctors go to detail in educating the pet owner of the particular malady the animal presents with. This gives me the feeling these people "Care".and know what a beloved pet means to family. This is comforting, which goes a long, long way! Fees are reasonable and appropriate and never have we been left with that feeling of "Wow".. that much just for ____?' Bluestar takes Emergency visits. Their office is clean and while not odorless, it is an Animal Hospital! Call me a "Bluestar Fan" Visit them for your pet's next need for Veterinary, you'll be greatly satisfied, and so will your pet!!

Jennifer Muller

3 years ago

We’ve always had good experiences here with the Vet and the staff. They have Saturday hours which is great and the pickup/drop off for weekdays. Staff is always friendly and caring towards our cat.

Karen Fulton

3 years ago

My 12 year old Lab/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix was in pain and I had to say goodbye to him on a Saturday. My regular Vet was not available and Bluestar was able to give me a same day appointment. The doctor and staff were so kind and caring. They gave us time to spend with Marley, communicating the process and what to expect. They gave us as much time as we needed after Marley passed to say goodbye. I would highly recommend this location.

Daniella Bowman

3 years ago

Very pleased with care and staff. My baby needed a surgery to remove a object. All other vets did not have surgeons for the rest of the week and the ER wanted to charge us $5000 for the surgery. The took her in immediately and did the surgery for half of what the ER was asking and worked with us on payment. The were more worried about making sure my baby received proper care.

Sharon McDonald

3 years ago

Very loving and caring staff for our fur babies!

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