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CQB Ninja

2 years ago

She was the rudest person on Earth. Rude for no reason and prices are out of this world. Avoid this place like it is Covid that would actually kill you.

Amy G

2 years ago

Gabby is fantastic with my anxious rescue dog. He is always at his most calm level with her trimming his nails. She is very accommodating to his panic response. I have never in 5 years had him respond so well to getting his nails done. It is building his confidence and trust. He really feels safer with her. She is quick, confident, and in control without any power plays of domination. She has a great vibe for frightened animals. Thank you!!

chris richardson

2 years ago

Great service. Very friendly good people

Taiyo Tenshi

2 years ago

Dr. Maxwell is above and beyond, our dog Yuna absolutely loves her.

Cynthia Donahoo

2 years ago

I am so impressed with Dr Maxwell.. today was Bella’s second visit there and Dr Maxwell kept us updated on everything…the whole staff was great. Thank You

Mackenzie Mead

2 years ago

I have been bringing my pet Allie to Dr. Maxwell for four years. She loves it at Ark!

chris sweeney

2 years ago

Dr. Maxwell and her staff have been caring for Gator a short time but I can say that they are definitely one of the bests vets around. I highly recommend her and we will continue visiting for his medical needs. Thank you Dr. Maxwell!!!!!!!!

Ashley B

2 years ago

Imagine receiving a voicemail from a stranger, while arriving to your first day of vacation in another state, thinking your dog is safely boarded at Ark Animal Hospital, that says "Hi, I just found your dog on US-1." Our fur baby apparently "escaped" their facility from the area where dogs are let out to play in a fenced-in area in the back. A place one would think is safe, well-maintained, and regularly inspected for safety by a reputable business. Our dog ran across US1, and amazingly survived while on-coming traffic stopped so that she was not hit. A caring stranger (NOT an Ark employee) stopped to save our dog's life. This kind stranger called me, based on the tag around my dog's neck that had my cell phone number, and provided first-hand account details of this horrific near-miss tragedy due to Ark's negligence. The employee of Ark who was working to let the dogs out after hours on a Saturday afternoon, DID NOT go looking for our dog. After speaking with the kind person who found our dog, I then spent over ONE HOUR frantically trying to get ahold of someone at Ark, as NO ONE from their facility had contacted me at this point. I was able to find Dr. Maxwell's personal phone number thanks to google and speak with her. THREE versions of what happened with key details changing each time, then ensue, pointing to dishonesty and lack of integrity of Ark Animal Hospital. The employee initially reported the following to Dr. Maxwell, after I got off the phone with Dr. Maxwell to report what happened, and she calls the employee: Our dog 1. "got out through a hole under the fence that we didn't know was there, but now we do." If true, Dr. Maxwell herself just told me their facility is negligent and does not ensure a safe outdoor space for their animals to play and use the restroom, by regularly scheduled monitoring of potential safety hazards. Then, instead of calling me, the owner of my dog, this employee called my mother, whose dog was also being boarded there at the time and told her our 6 pound dog 2. "dug a hole under the fence and got out." If true, this tells me that an employee watched our dog dig a hole because how else would he know she did it and it wasn't already there, if he reported to my mother that our "dog dug the hole," and did nothing to stop her, thus allowing her to escape. The kind stranger who returned our dog to Ark told me that when she returned our dog to the employee whom she reported had a "nonchalant attitude" he told her 3. "I turned around for one second and she was gone." If true, This tells me he KNEW she was gone and DID NOT came looking for her. THREE differing accounts of what happened, all of which points to negligence and makes me question the integrity of this business. No one should EVER send their dog here for boarding or take them to this facility for services. While I certainly understand mistakes happen, what troubles me to my core about Ark was the lack of empathy by Dr. Maxwell, dishonesty of one of their employees, and the way things were handled from Dr. Maxwell. When I was eventually able to reach Dr. Maxwell's personal cell after receiving NO phone call after an hour had gone by after the incident, Dr. Maxwell's proceeded with an excuse oriented conversation. I am so worried about any other dogs who may be boarded at this facility in the future and will do my best to leave this review and continue to pursue reporting to proper entities to ensure an investigation of negligence of this business. When my mom picked her dog up from boarding, days after the incident, Dr. Maxwell refused to speak with my mother, in-person, and as far as we know, the employee who was working during the negligent event, still works at this facility. This was truly a horrifying experience of our dog barely escaping death because of Ark Animal Hospital. Please, no one EVER use this facility or your dear pet's life may be at-risk.

Teri Jackson

2 years ago

Love how the vet was completely honest with me. I purchased a puppy from a pet store and found out he was very sick. I was able to get my money back from the pet store. I will not be going back to that pet store but I reccomend this vet.

Anna Pyle

2 years ago

In response to Ashley B’s post and the owners: Our incident occurred on 7/17/21, less than 2 months ago, so we are not sure what the 3 months ago issue referred to by the owner was. In speaking with the owner over the phone on 7/20, she said she was going to address the issue at the next staff meeting, but I was never informed about ‘additional measures’ that were put in place. What were these corrections that took place ‘reactively’ vs. ‘proactively’? We experienced ‘negligent entrustment’ from the owner’s boarding facility, along with different ‘explanations’ from the vet tech vs. her, as to the ‘facts’ about how my daughter’s dog was able to get out from her insecure and deficient fence/gate boundary structure. Photos below taken on 7/20/21:

Jeff ree

2 years ago

Amazing place and they really care about our addition to the family

Natalie D.

2 years ago

Dr Maxwell is very pety. I've spent thousands on countless visits over many years and recently spent $600 on multiple things including a heartworm test so I could order Trifexis. After leaving I tried to order from 1-800-petmeds and it prompted for a prescription so I called Dr. Maxwell's office and it was clear they wanted me to order through their partner Vetsource, probably to get some kind of fee. After a lot of debate with the receptionist I convinced her to get the Dr. to write a script for the Trifexis but she wouldn't do it for two days. Once I arrived to pick it up the receptionist said there's a $8.95 fee for writing a prescription. Very pety that after charging me $600 for multiple tests/vaccine and my long history of spending $$ here that they would tack on yet another fee for merely writing a one sentence note. She's probably just mad I didn't order from who she wanted. Side note, she will find any reason to sedate your pet. She sedated one of my other dogs on a separate occasion because she claimed he was squirming and she couldn't see into his ear well enough but she thought I popped his eardrum cleaning them so she needed to sedate to get a better look. I told her I've been cleaning my dogs ears for 9 years and never popped an eardrum. So, after sedating him and "getting a better look" she said I didn't pop his eardrum. So after getting me worked up with a claim that was false so that I would say do whatever you need to add he was wrong afterwards. After this, I took him somewhere else where right in front of me they looked right into his ear and he didn't squirm one bit. Dr. Maxwell will make sure to bring your pet to the back to examine so that you can't see what's happening and she can claim she must sedate them for anything and everything.

Amaretti Dessert (Amaretti Desserts)

3 years ago

Ark Animal Hospital is so great with my pets. Everyone there is so nice and treats my cats like they are their own pets. They are very good about explaining the problem and what they are going to do to take care of them.

Juanita Fulton

3 years ago

Save your money and go else where ! brought my chinchilla in because his teeth were bothering him. They gave him a “ physical “ and said they weren’t able to do anything but still charged me 60 when they could’ve just turned me away and said they aren’t equipped for dealing with chinchillas. They don’t care about your animals, they are just trying to stay afloat.

Aicha DeJesus

3 years ago

Love this place, the Dr. Is awesome and is the rest of the staff.

Cathy Ruiz

3 years ago

Vet and office people are great. Prices are outrageous. Quoted about $350 before applying and was charged $470. This was for a check up, heart worm shot, nail trim. They said he was a large dog is why. He bas only a couple pounds more than the time before atc100 pounds.

Leah Inthavong

3 years ago

First time coming here and it went great. The lady at the front desk, the tech, and the vet were all very helpful and made sure to answer any questions we could think of. The animals come first and thats exactly what you want when picking a vet for your furry family member.

Ariel Batista

3 years ago

Very good people. Nice and very helpful.

Piper Ciaramella

3 years ago

We have loved every experience here with each of our pets. The staff is wonderful and caring. We feel like family every time we come in!

Frank Cardenas

3 years ago

I always experience great customer service here at the Ark Animal Hospital. I have been coming here for three years and have never been disappointed. Always clean, friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to help. I am very grateful for their service and kind and compassionate ways. Thank you for all you do! Nancy

Lady Smallwood

3 years ago

I bought my pet baby Humphrey Dallas and was referred by the puppy ave. Where I bought him from, I live in orange park but I absolutely loooooove the drive coming over to ark animal hospital with him and he does too from each staff member his parents have came in contact with during this pandemic has been wonderful. Service has been prompt and fast and the Vet. Is absolutely wonderful. I hope he is a good boy when he comes to y’all also thank you for taking care of my pet also grooming here is perfect ????????.

Lane Ashcraft

3 years ago

I am so grateful for being referred by a friend to this veterinary office! It is such a relief to know 100% with certainty your dogs/ animals are taken care of here like you would you at home. I've been going here for about a year, I had …

Adon C.

3 years ago

ARK Animal Hospital in Jacksonville Florida, has to be the most unprofessional establishment I have ever visited. If I could give zero stars for this review, I would do so. After purchasing a $676.29 puppy vaccine spay and neuter package that is not worth the money nor headache, that comes with dealing with a poorly managed veterinary care facility. Dr. Maxwell seemed uninterested and unbothered of the well-being of my Mini Dachshund, during a wellness check-up, after I brought to her attention via the vet tech. Her response was that the hernia opened. I asked her how is that possible and what the chances of another surgical negligence malpray, in fear that my 8-month old puppy, and could suffer adverse effects of going under anesthesia for a second time in the span of 5 months ago (June 25, 2020). She responded with a shrug and said that she is not charging me. By no means did I mention anything about paying for a surgery to fix a hernia that has a failure rate of 10% maximum in canines, on the patron of the veterinarian. After being rushed and forwarding all veterinary medical concerns to her receptionist (Carol) I remembered another concern of not performing the surgery, and three times of me requesting Dr. Maxwell’s presence via Carol to address any pet parent’s concerns. She refused; on three occasions and said that she is too busy with work to talk to me after not addressing any questions of the negligence on her part on performing malpractices on my furry baby. Carol on the other hand, demonstrated confidence and handled matter a bit more with better medical support and empathy. Do not trust your pets in the hands of this “veterinarian” who lacks knowledge and certainty DBPR credentials, licenses, and certifications will be reported.

J Webb

3 years ago

The veterinarians here care more about money in and out than about the care of your animals. When I came here with a new puppy from Puppy Avenues, the first visit of necessary care is free of charge (gets charged to Puppy Avenue). Ark …

Blain Moos

3 years ago

Great experience, very knowledgeable and caring staff!

Brittany Senterfitt

3 years ago

My whole experience was horrible. Dr. Maxwell was very cold and stand-offish I came in a happy cheery person and left CRYING. She was so unprofessional and cold.

Carol Wandemberg

3 years ago

Great vet caring to all animals

Kara Concepcion

3 years ago

I brought my cat in for a dental cleaning, and after taking her, I was told I'd get a call by noon addressing her situation. I was called at 2, being told my cat had 2 teeth removed during this cleaning process and that she was ready to go home. I wasn't asked if her teeth could even be removed before they did it, I wasn't notified that it would cost me $300 more either. From originally being told $556 and then being asked to pay $792, it was quite the surprise. I wouldn't recommend coming to this vet, they upcharge any moment they can, without notifying you until its time to pay.

Lisa Burgess

3 years ago

Very nice place, friendly vet and staff

Liz Baltazar

3 years ago

I got Mochi, my puppy, from Puppy Avenue and got referred to Ark Animal Hospital for her free wellness check. The only nice thing about this place is the front desk staff who are very polite. HOWEVER, Dr. Maxwell has absolutely no bedside …

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