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Morgan Forte

2 years ago

I love Dr. Erin! She sees my Doberman Maverick and she is incredibly personable and knowledgeable. I brought Maverick in today for some skin issues and Dr. Erin came up with a treatment plan quickly and without running a bunch of unnecessary tests. She genuinely cares and takes his exams slow because of his anxiety. I worked as a tech for over 6 years and saw lots of veterinarians that run extra tests and pressure clients into purchasing things they don’t need. Dr. Erin never acts like she’s trying to sell you something, she just wants to make your pet better. The nurses are also very friendly! Atlantic vet is the best!!

eliza dulo

2 years ago

This is the best animal hospital! Dr . Herb is taking care all of my Yorkies. He is very passionate about his job and you can really tell that he loves the animals, he is very compassionate.Also entire staff is very nice and helpful. And also prices are unbeatable! If you looking for great veterinarian just make your appointment there!

Le Hang Nguyen

2 years ago

My dog woke up limping and his hind leg was red and swollen. No vets were available to see him, including our own vet (Thrive Pet), except for Atlantic Vet Hospital. They recognized the urgency of the issue and was flexible enough to get me in right away. Dr. Herb promptly treated the infection and gave a thorough discharge instructions. He was very personable, attentive, and professional. The pricing was also fair. I had a good experience and would consider switching to Atlantic Vet.

Derek DeWolf

2 years ago

My dog had been limping for a few days and finally noticed her back paw was red. After looking at it closer, it seems she had a cut up in between her paws. Called to make an appointment to drop off and come back at end of day to pick up, since I had meetings the rest of the day I was scheduling. Even let them tell me what time was good to drop her off. I was there at the scheduled 10:30 am drop off. Called and let them know I was there. Was told someone would be out shortly to get her. 40 minutes go by and I call again. Ask why is it taking so long to just drop off my dog. Was told to hag on and they would check. After 20 minutes on hold and an hour waiting to just drop off, not waiting to see the Vet. I called back and told them to not worry about getting her since I now had to drive back home to drop her off to get to my meeting. Only thing I was told is "Sorry". I understand things happen and people get busy, but while I'm on hold during the 40 to 60 minutes of waiting, two employees walkout to their car and grab what looks like lunch, then walks back inside and another employee spending around 5 minutes looking through her car for something before going back in. Very disappointed in the unprofessionalism they had of having someone wait an hour and on hold for 20 minutes to drop of a pet for the Vet to look at latter that day. If that was not a good time to drop her off, then why schedule or not call to re-schedule.

Chey Gomez

2 years ago

Dr Herb is my favorite . He set the bar in animal care . We use hime for our horses and dogs as well as the mini. He responds fast and compassionately.


2 years ago

Dr Herb is the best vet I have found in 10yrs here in Jacksonville. He is personable, informative and I’m convinced he can treat or fix just about anything. Pricing is fair and he is responsive to the pet owner about all steps of care. He is very compassionate with the pet too. I could never say enough good about this vet to accurately express hike highly I would recommend him and I show cats so have crazy things out of the norm that I present to him.

Kelli D

2 years ago

If I could give this veterinarian practice more than five stars I would! The receptionist I talked to when making my dogs appointment was very responsive and really took the time to get my dogs health history. At drop off, the tech who came out to my car was beyond compassionate towards my pet. Dr Erin’s bubbly, energetic and forward thinking practice style and way of communicating is something I’ve never been able to find in a doctor. Talking with her about my dogs diagnosis was like having a conversation with a compassionate friend who really, honestly cared about my pets health and well being, not a typical doctor who gives you three minutes of their time. On top of the incredible customer service, the prices at this practice are very reasonable as well! I highly recommend this veterinary clinic!

David Astorga

3 years ago

We love all the vets at Atlantic! They have always been so great with our dog. We were especially grateful for their kindness and compassion as we had to put down our dog due to heart failure. They gave us as much time as we needed to say goodbye even though I am sure they had a million other things to do. We highly recommend them!

Elaine Agness

3 years ago

We have been going to Atlantic Vet for a while now. When our little Vinnie (almost 16 years old) was in heart failure this month, we had to let him go. We were given time to say goodbye. Dr Herb was gentle and compassionate with Vinnie and with us. All the staff in this office is caring and professional.

Arianna Rodrigues

3 years ago

Atlantic Vet takes care of our horse and dogs. Recently my mom's dog got sick (while she was away and they weren't her vet) and I called and spoke to Macayla. She said Dr. Herb would see her. My husband rushed her up and they took great …

Brittany Grunst

3 years ago

I was visiting Jacksonville and had to do an emergency visit. They made time out of their busy day to see my dog. They were incredibly kind and welcoming. Dr. Herb was very knowledgeable and thorough. I wish I lived there so I could make them my permanent vet! They are amazing!

Cahlin Ruess

3 years ago

I took my puppy to be spayed. I was nervous but everyone was so nice and caring to my dog during the process! They called as soon as the procedure was over letting me know everything went well! I’m happy Atlantic veterinary hospital is near by :)

Tiffany Richardson

3 years ago

Dr Herb Lo is fabulous!!! He cares!! And they are responsibly priced everyone is always so friendly and helpful here,a really great vet????☝️????????

Elliot F.

3 years ago

They are the nicest people and there's an easygoing relaxed feeling when you walk into the office. Unfortunately, I think they may be too easy going, bordering on irresponsible.

Forrest Harris

3 years ago

We adopted a puppy through an adoption agency and recently called to schedule a spay appointment as this is one of the veterinarians the adoption agency uses for spay/neuter. After the first voicemail we didn't get a call back, were able to reach the scheduler on 2nd attempt. The scheduler wouldn't schedule an appointment more than 2 weeks out and said we just have to get on the list, which is fine but most calendars go farther out than 2 weeks so not sure what the reasoning is there. She was very rude and condescending, kind of giving the attitude that anyone that adopts a dog and attempts to get it spayed is poor and unworthy of their time. Don't sign up to be part of the program with the agency if you're not actually willing and able to honor it.

Hannah Parker

3 years ago

Dr. Herb was on call when I needed help with my goat. There weren’t any vets open around my house when my goat was in need of help. I called the on call service and Dr. Herb called me after being directed to the vet that was actually on call (I don’t think Dr. Herb was even on call when I received his call). He talked me through what could possibly be wrong and how to help my goat. Even though my goat is no longer here right now I want to give recognition to Dr. Herb. He was extremely nice and listened to what my concerns were for my goat and he seemed like he really cared about my goats health. I would give 100+ stars if I could. This vet was so amazing and I could tell he does what he does because he truly cares about animals. I can’t even being to explain how much it means to have a vet that actually cares about your animals health versus your wallet. I can’t thank him or the vet clinic’s on call service enough! God bless. Hannah

Kara Bridges

3 years ago

Love the Atlantic Veterinary Hospital! They have taken great care of our dog, Newton, who has had several health issues, countless times. They are a wonderful group. Thanks for all you do. 5 stars ⭐️ The best.

Kathleen Speckhahn

3 years ago

Awesome Vet!!! We love the staff and Dr. Herb! They are efficient, helpful, and very caring. We wouldn't trust anyone else with our Mocha's surgery. Also a great asset to our animal rescue! Thank you, Mike & Kathy and Mocha says "Thank You" also!!!

Lisa Field

3 years ago

I had my first chicken emergency so I drove over an hour to see these guys. They were just phenomenal!!! They run a curbside service that was flawless!! Every animal I saw go in and out was just so happy. If you are looking for a vet clinic with honest doctors and super sweet techs for all your animals big or small, please go here.

Lucia Ridley

3 years ago

I don't have a problem with the veterinarians at this place, although they misdiagnosed the condition for one of my pets. The problem you will have going to this place is with management department, It's the worse, I had a few different …

Malcolm Thompson

3 years ago

We have only had 4 veterinarians over the decades. Dr. Erin Emmans-Ouellete has won our hearts with her compassionate care of our beloved Labrador Bocephus. When we realized the battle was lost she allowed us to do what was necessary outside by a beautiful tree on green grass making the inevitable gentler on us. She has our respect as a professional and a kind human...and there aren’t a whole helluva lot of those around these days! Thank you doc...!

Mara Mazar

3 years ago

110% recommend and will continue to recommend them to my friends and family.

serina hudson

3 years ago

I was referred to this vet by a dog and cat rescue with a certificate for a free neuter/ spay of my dog. There was an expiration date on the certificate for a time to schedule by. I have called 4 times and have never been called back. Covid has been used as to why they are so backed up with scheduling appointments which is understandable. What is not acceptable however is the lack of common courtesy by Patty who is the only person that will schedule these rescue appointments. She says she will call you back, she does not. She gives a time frame, then changes it. She gives you attitude when you explain all of this to her. Rude, rude , rude!

Stuart Lahaise

3 years ago

What a great find! We’ve been forced into trapping cats in Palencia since our neighbor has a Feral Cat Birthing Center underneath his front porch. Fortunately they give a discount, and I mean a sizable discount over closer vet clinics, for people that are doing the right thing and trapping these cats. OK so I pat myself on the back occasionally. Excellent service, very professional and excellent prices. Everyone should take their business to Atlantic veterinary Hospital

Susan Powell

3 years ago

I wouldn't take my animals anywhere else. They are the best in my opinion. This is my 3rd dog they've taken care of. Thierry are always willing to answer any questions no matter what. If there is a major problem they get you there and your animal is top priority in a case of emergency. Love you'll and all the staff. Happy Holidays!!

Louis Wain Cats

4 years ago

I live in Crescent Beach and gladly drive an hour to see Dr. Herb when my cats are sick. I first met him when he worked with my now-retired former vet/neighbor --they both worked at another clinic years back -- and she highly recommend him …

Mary Sowerby

4 years ago

Very compassionate all the staff veryAwsome

Marie Merritt

4 years ago

I've taken my pets here for years. The quality of care provided is exceptional and I refer friends, family, and clients here. When It was time to say goodbye to one pup, the experience was gentile and what a pet parent could hope for. Every veterinary doctor here is great!

Rachel Flood

4 years ago

Let me start by saying that finding a good vet that genuinely cares not just about your pet but about you as the owner is almost impossible. But here at Atlantic Veterinary Hospital they hold true to being genuine, caring and understanding. I moved from Pennsylvania to Florida a little over a year ago. I came down with my then 5 year old cavalier King Charles spaniel. I had only gone to one vet back home who my family pets have been going to for years. I was nervous and cautious as to who would be caring for my dog next. Finding a good vet is such a grueling process but when I landed at Atlantic veterinary hospital we were welcomed with friendly smiles, clean/organized atmosphere and a general love for animals. From general health questions and routine appointments they always addressed my most basic questions and concerns (even sometimes repeating the answers with no questions asked). Unfortunately my dog had fallen ill with kidney failure and they were amazing throughout the whole process. Answering all my questions, providing me with updates and even holding my hand to the last hours of my dogs life. I can’t thank them enough for doing all that they did during that time they are truly amazing people who really care about you and your animals. They wrote me a hand written/signed card with my clay mold of my dogs foot after he passed. They have passion for what they do and it surely showed even at the most difficult of time. If you want to put your animal in great hands I highly suggest you take a look at Atlantic veterinary Hospital I will never go any place else.

Lori Doria

4 years ago

Thank-YOU to the most amazing and compassionate team, Dr. Erin, Autumn and Dr. John for their genuine heartfelt and kindness in the treatment of our beloved German Shepard, Melo. Words cannot express our sincere gratitude.

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