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Estephanie Sierra

2 years ago

I finally found the best groomer for my fur baby! They were super helpful, understood what I wanted, prices are very reasonable. But the best part was that my dog loved it. He is usually terrified about the process, however this time he was the most calm and happy baby!

Olgui Q

2 years ago

This is my go to Groomers from now on!!! After speaking with Karen on the phone, which I drove NUTS, with a Ton of questions is a HUGE REASON why I changed from previous facility. She explained and had the answers to all my concerns. She assisted me with the dental appointment and finding the proper dog harness for my Rattie. Love the groomers as well. THIS is MY FAV place... clean and spacious; they carry food and the cutest of outfits and RAIN COATS...YES, RAINCOATS !!!! THANK YOU all and a SPECIAL SHOUTOUT TO KAREN... YOU definitely know doggies ???? and their crazy parents. Olga

awa creatives

2 years ago

Excellent work and wonderful customer service. Best grooming experience period.

caro awa

2 years ago

I brought a special and delicate dog, The owner let me come to the back through the whole process, where I was able to see how professional and gentle they are with the dogs. She gave me advise and showed me different things I do to help my dogs. My little one is happy and looks gorgeous!! Excellent service, gently done in a timely manner. There place is clean and everyone is very nice. I've had dogs my whole life, even 5 at a time. This is hands down the best grooming service I've ever received, thank you.

Stephen Lopez

2 years ago

The lady who attended me was rude with no regard for the owners business, she told me the owner doesn’t care to talk to me when I asked to speak with her, when I said she lost my business with an attitude like that she shrugged and said o’well. It’s not her problem. Terrible rude and disrespectful. In addition your vip is fine if you have dogs waiting and your cages are full, but you try to charge everyone by threatening to cage there mascot for hours unless they pay you extra!. And I’ve seen it with my own eyes! No consideration for people who bring you business. I will never bring my boy to you again. I’d rather drive two hours with him than leave him with you in a cage for two hours.

Gail Austin

2 years ago

I have an older dog that is finicky. Normally, I almost have to drag him into a grooming shop, even his regular groomer. I went here because my regular groomer took 3 months vacation. Can I tell you he walked in, went to them and never even looked back at me. My son's first grade experience all over. ???? And, what a beautiful job, for the first time. I love them and the dog does also.. And, guess what, they are my new regular groomer now!

Marlen Guzman

2 years ago

I love the service that my puppy and I received. Let me start by saying that the place was extremely clean with amazing scents. Rigo and the staff were very professional and caring. Rigo explained the process and provided recommendations as to what services the puppy should get based off the breed and age. Which I thought was perfect since it was my puppy first time at the groomer. They were timely and reliable. Overall, I recommend it 100%.

Ed Resnichenco

3 years ago

Sometimes, don't do what asked. Seems, lady at front dont write it down or nobody pays attention.

lisa maxwell

3 years ago

This was my first time going to Tailwaggers and I got the full deluxe package for my 4month old puppy. They said it would take 2 hours, but I received a call within 45 minutes that he was ready. I couldn’t pick him up until after work and didn’t realize until we got home that his nails were cut too short. There were streaks of blood on the floor from it slightly bleeding. He has black nails so I get that it’s harder to trim, but for “professionals” I expected better. Will not be returning. Will not be recommending.

Zulay Chi

3 years ago

My dog and I had the best experience. The crew is very experienced and professional. My dog is difficult to groom and Tail Waggers groomed him with lots of love and patience. Recommended if you are looking for a personalized service for your dog :)

Natalia Vidal

3 years ago

I have taken my dog 3 times already to them and every time is a different lenght and shape... First time everything was ok. Second time they almost shaved him, when I said same as before. I wasn’t happy, but we “wrote down” the length that I liked from before (first time) so this didn’t happen again... Third time, they had 2 lenghts written, I specifically told the front desk lady that I wanted the longer one... Guess what...shaved again... Clearly the front desk lady has no clue whats going on and theres just not reliable.... just be careful

Joseph Krasner

3 years ago

They did a nice job, but he's a small dog and wasn't ready until 5 hours after I dropped him off ????????‍♂️

Jossi Cohen

3 years ago

If you love your pet this is not the place to take them!

Ana Jaramillo

3 years ago

Excellent attention????????????, very friendly, they know how to treat your pets.????????

Jennifer Toache

3 years ago

Great service and very affordable

Veta Calloway

3 years ago

After being groomed at Tailwaggers my pet is beautiful

Olga Lucia Carrizosa

3 years ago

I was referred by a friend. I got there on time, they told me my dog would be ready in 2 hours, and that they would send a message 20 minutes before so I could pick him up when ready. After 3 hours of no messages I called and the answer was that he was on the table, and that I had to wait another hour (4 hours in total!). When I picked him up, I noticed that he was sleepy, he never is at noon. When we got home, he drunk water like never before. I saw that he was bleeding on his face, and that his hair was all uneven and his ears were full of hair. Very poor quality, and the worst, they hurt my dog and they didn't even tell me. They lost me as a loyal customer.

Tavi Phillips

3 years ago

I love this place, because everytime I expect a certain look they give their creativity and I laugh so much with tears cause my dog is unrecognizable in a good way. I love to expect the unexpected my dog is a mix with shi tzu and came out looking like a poodle????????????????????????Thank you. YALL dog owners are boring if you are not expecting your dog to be groomed different.

Susan Rachleff

3 years ago

I’ve been using Tailwaggers for years, our dog is 10. She’s a Tiny Toy Poodle. She was groomed today. We asked for, face, feet & fannie.This has always meant, Bath, shaved face, shaved feet & bottom. My husband brought her home, Her feet are not done & her bottom is not done. I don’t need to spend $35.00 + tip for her to have a bath. Never again!

Stephanie Barberan

3 years ago

They were quick and gentle with my baby as it was our first time there. They took us in right away as we didn’t make an appointment to cut nails and do a quick teeth cleaning. The staff were great and the prices are reasonable. Will definitely be coming back regularly.

Shannon “Luna” O'Neil

3 years ago

Made my pup look super with a full groom and hair cut!

Sara Caceres

3 years ago

My pet was treated really good ! Happy atmosphere she was a little bit scare but they handled it really good and also they put it separate because she was little bit anxious. Hablan Español también !

Santo Suero

3 years ago

It’s the best in town

Meira Kreuter

3 years ago

I am always nervous to take my baby to a new groomer but I’ve never had a bad experience as far as a groomer mistreating my dog until today. I just picked up my dog and not only is the groom terrible (she’s a poodle mix and they completely shaved her body and left her head ungroomed without even blending it), she is bleeding on her face and she yelps every time we touch her. I asked twice how she behaved during her groom and if anything happened and they said no both times and then when I called to ask about why she’s bleeding they said that she bit the brush. I just warned them that she doesn’t like her face or paws touched and they should be careful. I just can’t believe that they didn’t let me know and they sent her home with blood on her face. I also don’t know how she’s bleeding on the top of her face from biting a brush or why her body hurts from biting a brush. I’ve never had such a horrible experience at a groomer and I don’t know what to even do other than to write a review

James Dever

3 years ago

Worth VIP, she squeezed my dog in who rubbed on something. Fast and great job shampoo. $35 plus 10 vip

iDesirae V

3 years ago

I absolutely love this spot! They have made Jagger look dashingly handsome


3 years ago

Great service and friendly staff

Becky Rehberg

3 years ago

They always do a wonderful job on my Bichon skye ????

Amy Britton

3 years ago

Friendly staff. Requested my puppy have a very short haircut. She looked adorable when I picked her up. When I got her home... i noticed that her cut was uneven all over.. especially, on her face and paws. ????

Melissa Rodriguez

3 years ago

I'm always satisfied whenever I bring my dog here.

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