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A.J. Delgado

2 years ago

Absolutely ***the best experience I've ever had with a veterinary practice***, in all of Miami-Dade or Broward counties (and I've had dogs in veterinary care for over a decade). Dr. Moore and his staff are simply outstanding. …

Anita Orsini

2 years ago

Our Lily had a rough start in life and is a bit of an emotional wreck without me. It is always a worry when she has to be left but she really did well going for surgery twice. Dr. Rawson was unrushed in explaining the procedure and kept in touch each step of the way. Everyone there was so warm and understanding that we were put at ease, and Lily seemed to be also. The costs are very detailed and, I felt, very fair. I would not hesitate to use them for any of my animals. Thank you Broward Vetrinary specialists for your great care.

Dania Fernandez

2 years ago

Dr. Moore, OR staff, recovery nurses, thank you very much for your excellent care and exceptional professional abilities. Words can not express how grateful we are for the love and tender care given to our 8 months old sweet cat Michito. It was hard to believe he had to undergo surgery at a such young age. My daughter Gaby and I feel blessed to have found such a skilled and caring surgeon and team. Today, Michito is 13 days post op Nephrectomy surgery, healing well. Huge success! May God continue to bless and guide your hands.

Maria Orestes

2 years ago

Dr Seaman is an EXCELLENT dr but since they change my dr to the other new Dr my dog is NOT doing good ????she does not care about She talk talk talk that’s it I requested see dr Seaman again and they do not listen to me so sad because dr seaman is a Good Dr

Zaide Fernandez

2 years ago

Terrible experience with Dr. Seamann, for almost two years Dr. Rebecca Seamann treated my chihuahua for lung cancer near her heart and during all that time she never told me to do an echocardiogram on my chihuahua, she did it when my chihuahua could no longer more with her enlarged heart. At the end in a week I lost her. The worst thing is what I feel because I know that I could have helped my chihuahua if I had been in the right hands. thousands of XRays made by Dr. Rebecca Seamann and she never deal with the main thing about her medical condition. Totally medical malpractice, my little girl suffered a lot until she died, and Dr. Seamann just ignored me and sent a cardiologist one week before when there was nothing to do.

brio last

2 years ago

Very professional and knowledgeable specialists

Debs S.

2 years ago

I can't say enough about Dr. Moore and his office staff. They are above excellence. Very compassionate in the care of my dog. After my dog had surgery, the staff would call me at the first and last of their shifts to advise the status of my baby girl. When I took her back for a check up recently, Dr. Moore came outside and stood with me answering all the questions I had knowing this was my first dog I ever owned. I never felt rushed. Would recommend his office and care a thousand times over.


2 years ago

Amazing overall attention! Very punctual with the appointment. Dr Rawson attended my beloved Lolita and she was very kind and professional. Her diagnostic was very assertive and the recommendation she gave me made me feel very confident and positive. If by any chance in the future we need surgery I would trust Dr Rawson to guide us through that. The technician and assistant were also great! Great experience overall

Alejandro León Ortega

2 years ago

Great place! recommended. They are very professional and you can tell how everyone there love animals for the way they treat the patients. Before, during and after the surgery they keep you posted and they give you all the information you need. I'm glad I took my dog to them.

Courtney Oconnor

2 years ago

I brought my dog specifically to Dr. Moore at the recommendation of a veterinary neurologist and also by a family friend for my dog's luxating patella. Dr. Moore was extremely thorough and honest during visits and even suggested a conservative, non-surgical approach initially. My dog ended up needing surgery and Dr. Moore and his staff did an excellent job!! I really appreciated the thoroughness and superior care that they gave our little girl. She has been healing well and will soon be back to her regular, crazy self! A HUGE thank you to Dr. Moore and the entire staff, you guys are amazing!!

Jan Chreno

2 years ago

Professional and caring staff that are a true reflection of the vets. Our dog has received the best of care.

Kay Blake

2 years ago

I wished I had read the Yelp reviews before I even called. A word of advice to anyone seeking a professional encounter from the reception staff -- not going to happen. And, if the first impression is a terrible one, it's only a sign of what's to come. I called to ask if their office handled mega esophagus situations, and "Mary," found that quite amusing, by first responding with a patronizing "yeeeeeuuuusss," and then proceeded into a drawn-out giggle. I asked her "Is that funny?" She replied, "To me it is." I decided this wouldn't be the best place overall, if speaking in a condescending manner to potential clients is an acceptable form of communication from the first contact. Too bad, because from their yelp reviews, seems money is the priority, and since I just dropped over $10k on three different surgeries in the last two weeks for my animals at other practices, I'm sure they would have enjoyed my patronage/$. I am a hobbyist breeder, and the potential of future business from me and referrals to the owners and future owners of my breeding group is lost. Hope Mary's CFO finds this review just as amusing as she found my question. Grow up, Mary.

PJ Halder

2 years ago

Dr. Moore and team are amazing! He spoke with us in person meeting us outside for every visit and also called us to provide updates. He thoroughly explained our pup’s broken bone and what the surgery would entail. Hopefully no more accidents but highly recommend Dr. Moore and team. Sophie’s knee is as if this never happened! ❤️????????

Carlee Rose

2 years ago

On June 2 my dog got his leg amputated by Dr Rawson at BVS. For the next two weeks following surgery I experienced many unreturned phone calls and issues with incision not healing properly. Dr Rawson left two staples in my dogs incision during the check up visit. I returned a few days later to have them remove the missed staples and came home to another missed staple. I called the office to explain my frustration with the constant mistakes and the added stress on my poor dog and their response was attitude. How can you trust a surgical practice that has made habitual errors with post operative care. How can you trust a surgeon eyes and hands if they aren't capable of removing something so obviously right in front of their face. I was told that these things happen and it's not a big deal. As I sit here writing this review, I am looking at my poor dog battling cancer still in a cone 22 days after surgery. I was told the recovery would be 10-14 days. He is still not healed over three weeks later. Today I called to speak to Dr Moore about my disappointment with his office. He told me he "wished me the worst." and offered to look at his incision. I will never drag my dog into that office again. On top of paying $4,000 to BVS. I had to then pay another vet to remove the missing staples and check my dogs incision sight. This office has no integrity. It is very clear to me that they charge your card and are done with you. I URGE ALL OF YOU TO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE I DID. Pick a vet that is open and available 7 days a week and responsive. DO NOT TRUST THEM WITH YOUR PET. They obviously do not care.

Steve Cav

3 years ago

Professional, Glastonbury, and affordable.

Suzanna Grace

3 years ago

As usual there are kind, great feedback, very patient and loving with the dogs!????????????????????

Monty Chamberlain

3 years ago

Top notch in every aspect. Caring and friendly staff. Informative and straight forward. Well versed in issues with our particular fur baby.

Marco Urquidi

3 years ago

Broward Veterinary Specialists is a great place to take our furry family members. They treat patients and owners like family. Dr. Killcullen's professionalism and care for her patients is outstanding. She is treating Rocky for lymphoma and I cannot be more happy with the outcome. Michael and Sharon as well as the rest of the staff are simply awesome. Thank you for your loving care.

azul meeser

3 years ago

If the first impression is taken into account, the atmosphere is relaxed, Dr. Pollack was on the floor during the entire consultation petting my dog, she was very attentive listening to all my questions and gave me a Report on everything discussed. We will definitely return to follow up on my dog's health.

Kristen Duthoor

3 years ago

In April 2020 we took our 6lb maltepoo, sofi, in to see Dr Moore after we were told by 2 other vets that she needed knee surgery. Sofi had been caught in some shrubs and hurt her right rear leg. …

Brigette Dancer

3 years ago

AMAZING and helpful. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Diana Arrazola

3 years ago

Thank u for everything you did for nena for your excellent people . always treat us so good and always give me faith every time we was trying to make her feel better, nena I will love you forever! Thank u !!!!

Gilda Cummings

3 years ago

The staff and the oncologist were very professional and compassionate.

Heather Ruis

3 years ago

Dr. Moore and his staff are extremely friendly and accommodating. They really took the time to explain my dog's TECA procedure and also did all they could to calm my nerves during this extremely difficult surgery. My dog is now pain free and happy. Thank you Dr. Moore!


3 years ago

Dr Kilcullen and staff are always top notch. I trust them 100% with my cats. When you have them in your corner fighting with you when your pet is sick, it gives you confidence that they will have the best chance of survival. Also, god forbid when the fight is coming to an end the compassion and love given to you and your pet is something you will always carry with you. They are the best of the best!

barbara rose

3 years ago

Love, love this vet. Lovely office. Great knowledgeable and kind Dr Kenneth Moore. He treats us and our pup with so much grace and warmth. Excellent surgeon and very reassuring. We highly recommend him.

Stephanie Kaplan

3 years ago

Complete confidence. From Dr. Moore and Dr Seaman all the way from get techs to vet nurses to front desk. Absolutely professional all the way. It's never pleasant to have to see a specialist, but they are absolutely the best and I highly recommend.

Taylor Carpenter

3 years ago

I cannot say enough good things about BVS and Dr. Kilcullen. We were referred by my vet for an abnormal tumor in a difficult place on our doodle. I was a little apprehensive with the COVID restrictions but BVS took great care of our girl. …

Todd DeJesus

3 years ago

Of all of my experiences with animals I've owned over many many years, I have never received such clear and direct information regarding my pet's prognosis and the short time that my pet was in their care, I received two very detailed calls and a very detailed personalized letter that explained everything. I did not feel like a patient who was being rushed through the process and I appreciated the care and customer service provided buy the doctor and staff. It just doesn't get any better than this.

Sophia Wilson

3 years ago

I have had dogs for over 17 years and my animals are my life. So I chose my vets very carefully. Dr Kuhn from VCA silver lakes animal hospital goes without saying. She is one of the best vets you will ever find. I took my Yorkie to see her and he had luxating patella. She referred me to Broward veterinary hospital and I met Dr Moore. The are so many words I could use to describe him but you would have to meet him to understand. He was simply AMAZING. I hope you pet never have to end up at his facility but if they do you will be in the hands of a wonderful specialist. Dr Moore thank you so much.

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