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Cathy Post

2 years ago

I've used them for years with all my animals. They aren't one of the many overpriced vets around here.

Alex Figueroa

2 years ago

Take for ever but great prices friendly staff

Ashley Love

2 years ago

The staff was very friendly and their prices are a lot lower than other places.

Marcia Marshall

2 years ago

I had a stray cat that had problems with his eye for awhile, so l took him there. Somebody told me this was a good place that cared about animals. Had to wait forever in the car til someone came to get him. VERY LONG WAIT. He wasn't in there 10 min. when they told me there was nothing they could do.Nobody spoke good English and l was VERY irritated. I drove all the way from the other side of WH for help with this poor cat, and l was NOT impressed. Never go there again. SORRY ????

Edgardo Betancourt

2 years ago

Horrible clerk they got there honestly...

Jesse Hernandez

2 years ago

Terrible communication and handling of my dog. I wish I can give less stars, what a shame.


2 years ago

if I could rate it lower on my momma I would. my friends mother's dog was extremely sick and they didn't help at all. now, her dog's dead.. they were also unbelievably rude to them and had no care whatsoever about being that way. terrible establishment. i'm disgusted to be honest.

Sandra Oskins

2 years ago

Always able to get my cats in when they are sick and easy avaible appt for when they need shots.. Great vets and techs. Very busy alittle wait time but WELL WORTH IT !!

Naisha Irizarry Daniels

2 years ago

So far, so good...my baby boy is a bit high strung and it's the very first time I've taken him to a vet, so, naturally I thought it would be more challenging, but the staff for the most part have been kind and helpful. Now, they seem to be extremely busy, which I don't care for, but I guess that speaks for itself; they come highly recommended.

John Jones

2 years ago

I called for an appointment 3 times in 3 days and no answer. I left a voice mail with message and no call back. They are either out of business and not looking for any new business. Find another vet.

Jess Farley

2 years ago

The best place to go. We been using them for around 8 yrs. Does a wonderful job taking care of the animals and concerned for their health. My dog is there now. Got a procedure today to remove and fix cracked back teeth. Do not give your baby's hoofs as I and my dog found out the hard way. I Love this place❤❤❤ THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH????????

jeNNIFER knaus

2 years ago

Can't say enough about the heart this place has . My cat cyclone gained 10 years of his life thanks to this team of vets. Without them my cat has the option to live healthy many more years

Anita Gaddy

2 years ago

They never answer the phone. My cat was in a serious medical condition I couldn't even get them to return my call my cat ended up dying

Linda Roup

2 years ago

Just got home from having Claire here also today was 191.99 got all her test, shots and meds, she's good for another 3 months

Monica Campbell

2 years ago

Refused to issue antiobiotic for my pet. But plans to charge me for office visit. They do not.care about your animal.....just all. about the money. Save your animal and take elsewhere! They wont even let you go in with your pet when they do the exam. That is downright fishy to me. Downright refused to give kitten medicine. They dont care about your animal!!! . Refused to issue antiobiotic for my pet when they told me they would call it in to Publix. I am disabled senior and they went back on their word. Cannot be trusted!


2 years ago

If I could rate zero I would. This place is awful. They do not answer their phone and when you call they reply back with an automated text message. They take forever to send you text back and to make an appointment. I drive 40 mins to the appointment and couldn't find their place with their address. I got late to their hidden location and they did not take my dog for his shots. First bad impression, poor customer service and they are also very expensive. I would not go back or recommend to anybody. Terrible.

Howard Jarvis

2 years ago

Small and very busy. But very good

Starting Over

2 years ago

They have went up to 65 dollars for a 1 year rabies and you either can't get ahold of them when you call or your on hold forever and a day. I'm looking for a new vet.

Tasha Miller

2 years ago

I have been coming here since 2019 and my past experience wasn't bad. However, it took me over a week to make an appointment because no one answers the phone or returns phone calls. Had an 8 am appt. I did arrive 10 mins late, but sat in the parking lot for 20 mins before I asked another patient if I'm really supposed to wait in the car for someone like the sign says. She said to check in on the inside first. I checked in and wrote the time that I actually arrived on the check in sheet. When the nurse finally called me, it was 8:55 and I couldn't understand half of what he was saying so I hung up. When he finally came to get my animals, he had the nerve to tell me that my appointment was at 8 but I was 30 mins late. I proceeded to tell him that it would be nice if they would explain the new processes to patients when they make the appointment rather than assuming that everyone knows already. At this point, I don't care about the cost. I'm finding a new vet.

Terrence McCann

2 years ago

Great staff always very helpful. Doctors are very caring great prices.

Aidita Feliciano

2 years ago

Staff and Dr's are so kind and friendly, the structure need some improvement, but the level of care and professionalism are beyond great. Highly recommended.

Axel Gonzalez

2 years ago

This place will make u wait for an hour before they take ur dog for an appointment, then leave u waiting without any update, they only will help u when u start to asking questions and getting frustrated

Kathy Vargas

2 years ago

Wait time is very long even with appointment. Got there 30 min. Before appointment (first time) & they did not get my dog until an hour & a half later on top of that you have to stay in your car was there 4 hours. Made me feel guilty before asking my pets situation. Told me i had to get a medicated shampoo i explained multiple times i had bought one already and still pushed me to buy their shampoo. when i looked at both they had the same ingredients.One of the nurse kept getting uncomfortably close to me when explaining the medication & asked if i understood him even tho we spoke the same language.


2 years ago

4 hours to get a shot of cortisone and a nail trim, even with a 10 am appointment Did not write down our info from the appointment phone call, Did not call us when my elderly pug was ready so he sat in a cage all alone until we Physically walked to the checkout window(a window with bars because there is no entrance into the building unless your an employee) and saw him in a cage crying all alone. Even after that, and we payed, it still took minutes until he was checked out. It's now 2pm, squeezed our car through the parking lot built for 4 cars, but houses 12 vehicles, so feel free to park in the lawn of a trailer home right next door to the vets. "Incompetent" would be the nicest word I could say about them.

robert mcvay

2 years ago

The receptionist and veterinarian are great but every time I come here I don't leave until 2-3 hours past my appointment time. It's really getting ridiculous and reading the reviews I see I'm not the only one bringing this up... we make appointments for a reason if yall can't keep up maybe stop taking new appointments ????‍♂️

Cheryl Harkness

2 years ago

Although I love Dr. Martinez and her caring staff, wait time is beyond ridiculous. Wait time is often over 2 hrs. . Not sure how they can be so far behind for a 9 am appointment. However, it is convenient and usually reasonable. When you go just plan on 3 hrs and be happy if it’s less.

Denise M. Sierra

2 years ago

Dr Martinez and her assistants are amazing, but the new "drive-in pet hospital" system and the walk-up window are ridiculous. Clients are stuck waiting outside in their vehicles in the heat and rain for hours with no restroom to use! Worse staff is the dental hygienist... he's so obnoxious and shames clients who can't afford a $400 routine. Thankfully the yearly exam and shots is a $98 package. Any other visit is $45 and most meds are on hand for purchase. I was quoted well over $500 for the spade surgery with dental routine.

Keyla Juarez

2 years ago

Appointment was at 3 they got my cat at 4pm it’s about to be 5pm and I’m still waiting all I took my car was for a check up/ consultation there is no communication on what’s going on they don’t even let you in the vet you just give them your animal and wait in the car. And they really pricey. They need more staff to be able to handle the amount of clients they have. I come to this vet because is the closest that I have guess I’ll have to make the drive somewhere else


2 years ago

Great staff, they've always taken great care of my pets

Keitha Yager

2 years ago

This was our first time using them. We have a new puppy. They were about 50 minutes behind. When you call to check in, it would help if they would give you a heads up. The Assistant that came to get Zeke, knew the owner of the Mother. He was great, friendly, explained everything very well. Everything wen well and brought him back happy and loving on him. Good service and very helpful. I will continue with them. Second set of puppy shots. All went good. Teeth cleaned. Gained 10#. We will be back in three weeks. Well today yet again they were 45 minutes behind. The girl came out to say he really isn’t due for his next shots for two more weeks. Last month they gave me just flee pull not the all in one. They tried and sold the wrong thing yet again for his next one. They did his shots two weeks early. I’m not sure if I trust you to fix him or chip him at six months. The young lady today was very helpful and Mark spoke with the vet. I had called before I ever started using you. This I will need to think long and hard before I now come back. No teeth cleaning or nails trimmed like I was told would be done each time. I was told they were very short staffed also. I’ll pray and hope he’s going to be okay with the shots done early. We took Zeke back on July 1st to be chipped, fixed and to get his all in one monthly flee…pill. He was to be left at 7:00 am and picked up around 5:00pm. They were late opening, we had left full instructions over the phone when set up and again when left. They for got to chip him and had to do it when we were trying to pick him up, the wrong flee medication was brought out yet again after paying, this has been every month, no instructions on when to start his pain medication, no call to me to let me know he was okay, no one would ever answer the phone all day. I did the puppy pack with them but I’m not sure if I really want him to return. He is okay thankfully. Better care and service is lacking.

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