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Elisa Fernandez

2 years ago

We just took our dog in for bloating. We called around and no one seemed concerned or willing to see our baby right away. Wendy at Blue Pearl was so sweet and said we could come right away. Dr. Vansickle is one of the sweetest Veterinarians I have met. She was kind, very thorough, explained everything, and didn't make us do any unnecessary testing. Every staff member we encountered was very friendly and very caring about our sweet girl. Although we were not able to go inside due to COVID restrictions, they never made us feel alone. The staff called multiple times with updates and we had our little girl back within a couple hours. I would recommend them to anyone in need.

Michael Ziemak

2 years ago

Brought my dog in with a suspected abscess. After almost a 500 dollar bill, sent me home with an e-collar and meds. My dog subsequently bled all over my house, when I called them about this, I never got a call back. Called again and got hung up on while on hold. Inept and expensive, stay clear!

Branden Gray

2 years ago

Very helpful with everything we had done. Took great care of our puppy.

Laura Duke

2 years ago

My dog became very sick on the eve of Thanksgiving. I took her to Blue Pearl late Wednesday night and they took wonderful care of her and had her home with me within 24 hours. She received wonderful care and the vets and techs are wonderful. Thanks to all of you!

Melea Smith

2 years ago

Absolutely wonderful. My baby was hit by a car and went into shock. I looked up the closest ER and rushed her here. I’m so glad I ended up at blue pearl. The receptionists were wonderful, the technicians were wonderful, the doctors were wonderful. She stayed here for 24 hours. They not only took excellent care of my baby but were also so kind and understanding with me and explained her treatment plan and costs to me. Can’t recommend them enough, they saved my baby ♥️.

Sarah Cole (Mama Tink)

2 years ago

I'd give zero stars if I could. We just moved to the area a couple weeks husband's (and my daughter's best buddy) 1 year old neutered cat T'Challa got a blocked urethra, and after realizing the severity of the issue at around 10:30pm, my husband took T to BluePearl for emergency care. After geting checked in and brought back, they wouldn't let my husband go back with T for the exam. He could hear his poor cat, who is already in pain and now freaked out by a new place, yowling but couldn't comfort or calm him. They came in and told my husband what they suspected to be the issue and gave an estimated care plan involving a 3 night stay, multiple rounds of xrays and testing along with the proceedure totalling about $5000 and $3500 on the low end. After explaining that we don't have a lot of money and asking about payment options we were told there were no payment plans and carecredit which doesn't approve you for near enough to cover this place's outrageous prices. We asked for alternative treatment options and were met with resistance. They kept pushing the most expensive plan and also tried scare tactics like saying "we have to do the blood work to see if this is a viable option. He could be oo far gone for this to work." and talking about putting him down. We told them we just needed the blockage cleared and we would get him to a regular vet for further treatment as it would be more feasible for us. They continued to push the most expensive plan even after we declined for the alternative. We told them if he should stop breathing that we did want cpr done.....they were great with that because if that had to happen that gave them an addition $400. They car more about money than actually treating emergencies. I understand you have bills to pay but to constantly try to bully a pet owner in to taking the most expensive option so tou can make a buck instead of listening to them and being considerate of situations, maybe figure a way to offer a payment plan and act like you care about the animal you're treating. All they care about is how much money they can get from people. I will never take another fur baby there.

Cheyenne Griffis

2 years ago

Blue Pearl is an amazing hospital. They were absolutely wonderful. They were completely up front about pricing and treatment for my dog Speckles. She had an incurable infection without surgery and I couldn’t afford it. Blue Pearl gave my baby chocolate and made us feel like family. Highly, HIGHLY recommended this warming hospital. Thank you Blue Pearl for being so kind.

Nicole Fleck

2 years ago

We were taken into an exam room and told by the receptionist that a tech would be in soon to take vitals on my dog. We waited an hour in the exam room without anyone coming in. We could hear the receptionists watching videos on their phones. Very unprofessional. We left after an hour and went to UF animal hospital and my dog was taken back immediately. The staff at UF were professional and kind. They notified me about the wait time and updated me throughout the day. I would never take my dog back to BluePearl. Was never told there was a critically ill dog. Totally understand if there was, I didn’t mind waiting. Just wish someone would’ve communicated with us and acknowledged that my dogs vitals were not done after being there for an hour.

leilani lott

2 years ago

August 14th I had to put my 11yr d Yorkie to sleep. She was in so much pain. The staff was very attentive and compassionate to Nahla Bell and my daughter and I. They gave us time to spend with her before the process begin and came in when we were ready. The Doctor was gentle and walked us through what was going to happen when the process started. We are so thankful for the entire team that helped Nahla Bell go to Foreversleep without pain anymore. Thank you so much.❤

Chris Burgos

2 years ago

These guys misdiagnosed my pets illness. The time it took for this illness to manifest if they had caught it, we could've treated him and saved his life. They didn't want to do the work. ZERO compassion if they aren't sure they'll profit.

Melissa Embrey

2 years ago

My beloved noodles was bit by a water moccasin. And the staff was at the door waiting for me. They took her right back. They kept me informed of her throughout the day. Unfortunately she didn’t make it because her little old body couldn’t take it. And we had to put her to sleep ????????but they were so caring and compassionate and made it a little easier during her passing. I will forever be grateful for the love and care they gave her during her last few days of life.

Paul Bruha

2 years ago

My dog has a torn acl. While waiting weeks for a surgical consultation she tore her meniscus. Now she can't walk at all. We visited the Er clinic today and I was told br Dr Lauren proctor brown " orthopedic injuries are not emergencies ". My dog cannot walk or squat to pee. She had 4 pills rammed down her throat. Terrible experience. Ill never go back

Sherri Dixon

3 years ago

We lost our beloved fur-baby and the staff at BluePearl was amazing. Our fur-baby was my daughter's emotional support and she was very emotional upon his death. The staff was very attentive to not only our fur-baby but my daughter as well. James, Shane, Rachel, Lizzie and the rest of the technicians was very empathetic, gave us good resources, showed how much they cared and took care of our baby. Thank you so much BluePearl staff you meant the world to us when we need you.

Julie Christie

3 years ago

They took care of my big boy, we will take both our fur babies here if any other emergencies trips are needed.

Mahwish Ansari

3 years ago

This hospital is outstanding. My pup had to get both of her torn CCL repaired there and everyone, the doctor, the surgeon, the entire staff were absolutely wonderful and helpful. They genuinely cared about my girl and they gave me piece of mine throughout the entire process and surgery. Highly recommend them. I cant thank them enough!


3 years ago

UPDATE 14 May 2021: Dropped a star from the rating and thinking about dropping another. "New phone system" seems to be designed to prevent you from talking to a real person. Voice messages and e-mails fail to receive timely attention, if any reply is made at all. Promises regarding follow ups to messages or conversations are not kept. Repeated *patient* inquiries are required before they respond to requests from pharmacies to confirm or renew scripts. Both the professional staff and the back office are guilty of these failings. ORIGINAL REVIEW: Meh. Definitely not up to national standards for Blue Pearl. The staff certainly cares about the animals and the care appears adequate but less than fair communication between front desk and clinicians. Requests regarding contact with owners are often not honored -- is it so difficult to leave messages for both halves of a working couple these days? Or even *one*, when a callback is promised? Absolutely ridiculous they can't separate dogs from cats in the waiting area (though it can be a challenge when so many dog owners refuse to keep their pets on a short leash). Another review suggests the vet school at UF, certainly the best choice in the area, but there's so much demand for services at UF it's tough finding someone taking new patients. BTW, be sure to check/count your pills before leaving BP.

Ashley Atiles

3 years ago

My cat Bella escaped one day and was attacked by a pitbull that night before we could find him. My husband rushed our baby to Blue Pearl and they did everything they could to save him. Sadly, the attack was to bad but they quickly took the pain away and let my husband be with him in his last minutes. Afterwards they were so kind and really caring. They even sent us a card later in the mail. What an amazing team of people. God bless them.


3 years ago

My puppy went through an incident that resulted in his leg to be broken. I went to my local vet office and they immediately sent us to BluePearl. We got there and had my puppy checked in. Within a few mins we got a phone call with what needed to happen. Everything was going great until they told me it would be 3-5 thousand dollars, not including a 660 dollar over night stay for my puppy, for his surgery. We expressed how much he meant to us and asked for any financial help they could provide or payment plans. They didn't give us many options then they casually tell me wife they can chop his leg off and he will be fine on 3 legs. The doctor even said i have a 3 legged cat he will be fine. I work in a for profit business so I understand the need to have some kind of profit. However when you're charging literally double what the surgeon we found is charging, then we question the reason for being in business. There are real people with real problems that are sometimes preposterous and they need a little help. We didn't want it for free we just wanted to pay it over time. It just sucks to go somewhere with some hope to then get shut down over the need to make 1 dollar. I understand cost of facility and employees and all that, but i also understand that we are real humans who need real help sometimes. Luckily we found someone who cares and is willing to help us out after we explained our situation.

Moises Salabarria

3 years ago

Amazing staff here who helped my German Shepherd through a severe case of colitis. Zeus is very anxious and can be a bit of a handful. They took care of him like he was their own, and I felt good about Zeus being overnight at their facilities. He appeared well taken care of and responded well to their treatment. Their updates and information over the phone from the vets, nurses, to receptionist were all top notch and they answered all my questions and concerns.

Sabrina Staffieri

3 years ago

Had to rush my cat in after being accidentally ran over by a car. The staff were so compassionate, they explained everything well, but due to the fact that he is an older cat and he probably wouldn't survive surgery, they let me say goodbye and be with him while euthanasia. Thank you Blue Pearl for taking care of my fur baby, making him comfortable surrounded by the family he knows and loves.

Scott Napier

3 years ago

Staff Is Great, Caring And Real Informational, Dr. Has The Best Bedside Manor I’ve Seen In A Long Time And You’d Think Since It’s 24 Hour Emergency It Would Be Pricey Not At All, I Hope We Never Need To Use Them Again ( In A Good Way) But If I Do Ill Be Back For Sure, Thank You BluePearl Dr’s And Staff

Connor Harrison

3 years ago

It's nice to see lots of happy stories in the reviews. I'm sorry to report that was not the case for my family. …

Tom Cox

3 years ago

We took our cat Nona here because of behavior indicative of illness. Dr. Ashton did a wonderful job of treating her for a fever of unknown origin. Nona spent 24 hours there and we picked her up with meds and well written instructions. Nona has been getting better and stronger every day. We are so appreciative of her skill and the really helpful staff of Blue Pearl. Glad to have Nona home!

Lexi Grieco

3 years ago

The worst customer service. The receptionist is very rude and not helpful.

victoria welborn

3 years ago

Thief’s !! This ER killed our dog and offered us zero answers we have another dog living in the same vicinity an her life is currently at risk they charged 4000$$ for NOTHING During a pandemic they charge 4000$ for absolutely no answers their services rendered worthless. I would not send a sick animal here.

Maria jackson

3 years ago

I went here after my dog continued to vomit up blood. They performed xrays and all kind of test and couldnt give me answers as to what was wrong with him. However the vet tech that continued to call me kept pushing for surgery. Starting after they cut the dog they could see something and they not for 4300. At one point the man began telling me my dog would die and not make it through the night. I went to jonesville animal hospital after paying blue pearl close to 800 dollars for about the same price and even more services I got a caring doctor who was much older and experienced. She said no to surgery as it wasn't needed at all. Checked in with me for every procedure to let me know how my dog was doing and when I picked up my dog later on that day he was almost brand new. She was sweet and caring and was not trying to get over during a horrible time for a dog owner. I'm so thankful that my baby is better and can honestly say though it's not all of Blue Pearl Staff their is defiantly a history of them over charging people and forcing surgery for no reason. Beware!

Nicholas Markert

3 years ago

This vet hospital performed my dogs surgery and was informative about the process to a minimum standard. The aftercare charges and follow up procedures switched on us as if they weren't even familiar the whole situation. There is a staff member by the name of Angie who has the attitude of a disgruntled McDonald's employee. As long as you get anyone else on the phone it will be sincere and helpful.

Patricia Goodrich

3 years ago

Dr. Molstad & her staff were wonderfully kind, knowledgeable, professional, & gentle with my critically ill dog, & very compassionate & informative in their contacts with me. They took time to answer every question & concern of mine, & to explain fully, information about my dog. I couldn't have asked for or received better care, for my dog, the two times I needed their help in the wee hours of the morning, recently. A heartfelt Thank you for your obvious passion for animals & their care & for every kindness given to me & my sweet pup.

Robyn Alexander

3 years ago

This place is great. Seriously great. This is the second time one of my pets has been here during after hours for emergency care. My senior dog had been ill. Her normal vet hadn’t been very helpful or responsive. I felt like I was bothering them to have them care for my baby. So I called these kind folks and they helped me with a second opinion and diagnosis and then helped explain the options (I knew generally what the answer would be for an 18yr old medium breed dog). Dr. Ashman and the staff were amazing, compassionate, and considerate to both my baby’s needs and our loss. Do not believe the negative reviews. These kind folks were the best to deal with in my time of need. They took good care of my baby and my family in the process.

Tricia Clark

3 years ago

My elderly dog was injured and after a quick call to confirm they took walk-in emergencies, I was there 10 minutes later. Very transparent about everything. What they're doing, what they're suggesting and why, and the pricing, which I might add, is very reasonable. I was actually expecting my emergency visit to cost more than it eventually did. Hold times on the phone while getting my dog in and out were a little long, but that's COVID-19's fault, not theirs.

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