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moe d

2 years ago

If you care about your pet I do not recommend coming here if Jarred Lyons will be overseeing your pet. AVOID this place at all cost. The staff was here was friendly. I sat down with Dr Jarred Lyons where he went over treatment options for radiation. We scheduled to start radiation treatment. After one week of radiation treatment the mass has some what shrunk. Dr Jarred Lyons told me to come back for in two weeks for a follow up and prescribed my dog with antibiotics. The follow up does not include any radiation treatment it is just to check up on my pet. At the first follow up , Dr Lyons told me that the mass was stable and is continuing to shrink. I was prescribed with more antibiotics. he told me to come back for the second follow up in 2 weeks. At the second follow up I brought up some questions about how is he able to determine if the mass is decreasing and if there was any xray scans being done and all I received as an answer was we measure the mass. a very vague response by the Dr Lyons. He than prescribe me with antibiotics. On my third follow up with Dr Lyons up there were some issues that I brought up to his attention where his responds were short and vague as if he didnt really have any compassion for my pet. quick responds such as thats the recovery process and is normal. The issues that I notice were mucus coming from eye area and mouth following the treatment. He mention that he has zapped the lymph node in the neck for possible cancer and the recovery process includes mucus. On my fourth visit Dr Lyons told me the mass is smaller and quickly mention putting my dog down as an option. I found that to be very odd to say that after being told that the mass is smaller. He than gave me more antibiotics. After that follow up I started becoming skeptical about the treatment process. why even mention such thing for a treatment that is "working" why would you even say such thing after spending on the radiation treatment. The last time I check money does not grow on trees. Here is what im getting out of this. There was no guideline or game plan for the cancer treatment . there was no medication or vaccine for any tumor or cancer control , all that I was given was antibiotics which is not good for your gut. I couldnt get a straight answer from him. I find this very odd for treating an aggressive cancer. He wasn't aggressive with the cancer treatment. I wasnt given any option for mass removal as part of the cancer treatment. Im the customer you come to an expert for service and he failed to provide me with proper service. prior to coming to this place my general vet has done a mass de-bulking service which im suprised Dr Lyon never meantion as part of the process. I went back to my general vet where I was told that they do not see any improvement and that they notice the mass to be bigger. By the time the mass gets big in the neck area there really isnt much that could be done but to have a surgery I was told. AVOID this place at all cost.

Robyn Baldwin

2 years ago

Dr. Jarred Lyons and the entire staff at ACCC are amazing. We took Blue, my almost 13-year-old shepherd mix dog, to see Dr. Lyons after Blue was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Blue had gone downhill quickly, and we thought we were going to have to euthanize him a few days ago. :-( Dr. Lyons and his crew were able to get Blue in immediately to start his stereotactic radiation therapy. Blue LOVED going to ACCC and would pull us to go in at each visit! After his treatment, Blue is back to his old (young!) self-- he is playing with his toys again, playing ball, and is acting like he did years ago! Dr. Lyons (and everyone at ACCC) were fantastic at communication, giving us treatment options, and letting us know fees and expectations throughout the process. And we really appreciate Dr. Lyons' wonderful bedside manner! I highly recommend ACCC and Dr. Lyons!!

Kim Siman

2 years ago

This review is specifically about Dr. Jarred Lyons, not the rest of the staff. Dr. Lyons even brought up past negative reviews about him and shrugged it off as an unfortunate outcome because of his line of work and that pet parents don't always like to hear what he has to say. Let me be clear this is not the case, I come from a family of veterinarians and I am no stranger to bad news about a pet. I was taken aback by the lack of compassion and respect Dr. Lyons had for my pet, its surprising he has been a 'successful' vet this long and has worked with concerning pet parents like myself. I was optimistic about my visit here, as I had heard great things about the center, but had the complete opposite experience of what I had heard. My dog (7 y/o) was just diagnosed with a grade 1 level sarcoma on the tongue, which was removed with surgery. I went to ACCC for a second opinion on other treatment options. To start, spent the first part of our session telling me about how the center 'poached' him and about his achievements. This wasn't an interview and the appointment certainly wasn't about him. He continued to emphasize how he explains the data and lets pet parents make their own decisions, however leaves out KEY details in the data (for example, that the sample size for life expectancy was taken from senior dogs). Not once did Dr. Lyons asked me, a concerned pet parent with a dog recently diagnosed with cancer, what my questions or hesitations were. I have consulted 4 other oncologist veterinarians since, who have all equally advised me to NEVER do radiation on the tongue, especially in a low grade sarcoma which rarely spreads. It has become very clear to me that he wanted to use my pup as his experiment and an easy $15k. If you love your pet and want them to live comfortable happy healthy lives, AVOID DR. JARRED LYONS


2 years ago

Highly recommended!!! Great place, nice staff. They took care of my baby Guinness like I would have until her passing. So thankful I found them.

Ashley Pierce

2 years ago

The staff is always extremely polite and personable! They have been a pleasure to work with throughout the entire year that my dog has went through this cancer treatment! They have made the process so simple and have supported us every step of the way! We switch to them after seeing another doctor who I was very dissatisfied with, so all I can say is thank you thank you thank you! We wouldn't be where we are today, celebrating my dog's 10th birthday!

Carol Diamond

2 years ago

Went for radiation oncology consultation. Very knowledgeable about complicated situation, and got good advice. Previously, pet had CT scan here. Incredibly efficient procedure and great office staff.

Julie Oakley

2 years ago

Very professional clean and loving staff. Highly recommend

Lena Copeland

2 years ago

Always very attentive and caring, from the reception staff, to the nurses and Doctors. I have other choices close to my residence, but would not go anywhere else. I want the BEST for my fur baby...????

Maxwell Lizza

2 years ago

...great staff, thank you for your compassion...

Barbara McGuire

2 years ago

The Doctors, nurses, and all the employees are professional, friendly, and helpful. They're saving lives of our furbabies.

Aura Palencia Miller

2 years ago

Dr Williams lack of compassion, kindness and respect was outrageous.

Bryan M

2 years ago

As busy as these guys are they still take the time to ensure you stay informed and that your needs are met just as much as your pet's. They definately go the extra mile. Super clean facility, organized and very likely the best care I could ever find.

Scott Adams

2 years ago

Too early to tell as tests are being done/analyzed. We shall see.

Elizabeth Trinidad

2 years ago

These guys are super Awesome seriously, it's bad enough your furbaby is sick not only sick but has CANCER! My tech yesterday Stephanie was caring, loving, super sweet! She took my Luna in her arms and i just knew she was going to be ok! She had to have surgery and Dr Holtsinger is an amazing human being she took care of my baby as if that was her baby! She has a confident attitude and knows what she is doing. Very informative, very precise in explaining everything to you but with a very sweet demeanor. This place isn't really too expensive but looking at the disease you can't expect to pay pennies on the dollar but all in all it's reasonable and they do look out for you after everything is said and done. I recommend this place for your sick furbabies! Luna is doing well and hoping and praying that we get a FULL recovery! ????❤????????

Natalie Renee

3 years ago

Very helpful and caring staff. Highly recommend!!

tara murphy

3 years ago

Today was my second time coming to this clinic with my little dog who has cancer. I just wanted to dr. Williams and nurse Jes are so nice!! Willing to explain anything to me as many times as I need to to understand it. Never pressure me to do additional services. they are just such wonderful people and you can tell they really care for your animal an I appreciate that. Keep up the good work

Christine Casajuana-Smith

3 years ago

Great service. Taking good care of my furbaby. Hoghly recommend.

tressame Mitchell

3 years ago

Beautiful staff, very caring and professional. Not expensive and gives military discounts.

ana quintanilla

3 years ago

Very caring and professional clinic. Also very friendly.

teo castellanos

3 years ago

We love the Animal Cancer Care Clinic because of their professionalism, as well as, how they treated us as family. All the employees are superb, especially Dr. Traverse. Our dog's life was extended because of the love and care he received from the team. Dr. Traverse went above and beyond the call of duty by always calling, independent of us asking her to, and treating Lupe, our dog, as her own. We also loved the followup card and note of encouragement/support. Dr. Traverse made us all feel special and loved. The Animal Cancer Care Clinic genuinely care about the family as a whole. Forever Grateful, The Castellanos Family

Suzanna Grace

3 years ago

It was very difficult due to not being able to go inside as covid-19 continue. As I sat in the parking lot and witnessed pet owners and their pets and despair and heartache. Not only was I emotionally beat up due to finding out that my boy has lung cancer. But witnessing everybody else's pain and their dogs being taken from the car some on little stretchers. The doctors the greeters the front desk everyone was great they couldn't have been more understanding and probably as stressed out themselves having to come out to the car to take credit cards to pick up dogs even in the rain. They are doing a great job. I was more fortunate to find out that talker my standard poodle the cancer has not spread anywhere else to the best of their knowledge and lymphatic system looked good no cancer in the belly seem to all be in one lobe of the lungs. Waiting to get results to what kind of cancer and the best Avenue.

Samatha Buchholz

3 years ago

I'm not one to write reviews however, I would be doing a disservice to the community if I didn't. I came to Ft. Lauderdale Cancer Clinic feeling lost and confused after my 4yr old mastiff was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. After my initial consultation with Dr. Dominguez (who I immediately knew cared more about animals than humans), I felt confident with his recommendation (which was not the most profitable for him) which was full leg amputation along with four chemo treatments. I HAVE TO SAY THAT DR. DOMINGUEZ, THE VET TECHS AND ALL OF THE FRONT STAFF WERE INCREDIBLE! Dr. Dominguez is the guy to go to if you're looking for a brilliant, professional, result driven doctor. The front staff were on top of it when it came to follow up and document transfers. All in all, the best experience I've had with regard to any of my dogs' health care!

Robin Fried

3 years ago

Wonderful doctors who give there love and care to animals. It is the finest specialty clinic. We thank Dr. Carastro and Dr. Buss. The professionalism and attention given to our dog was so comforting. Staff is always friendly and helpful. So lucky to have been referred by our excellent veterinarian.

Amy Kaplan

3 years ago

It's hard to have a dog with cancer, but this group from the veterinarian oncologist to the staff treat me and my dog with the utmost kindness. I still have my dog due to their expertise,


3 years ago

Despite the news being bad for my beloved cat, the service was good. Doctor Williams, and staff in the south miami and the Fort Lauderdale clinics, attended us with care, sensitivity, and honesty. I hope everyone going through the same will find the best solution for their pet's illness.

Ellen Tilles

3 years ago

Great clinic for the care of extremely ill pets. They do their very best to keep your pet comfortable and to keep you informed. As with human doctor's they are not always able to cure these terrible diseases, but they are honest and kind in their treatment. It is not their fault if your pet succumbs to its disease.

Giovanna Mora

3 years ago

Excellent hospital, very professional staff especially Paulina who helped us in the whole process of my dog ​​daughter, excellent doctors, I recommend it 100%.

Edgar Leal

3 years ago

This is the place you want to be when your pet is going through a live threatening condition both of my dogs have been treated here and the staff makes you feel at home and are very special with your pets Thank you Dr . Dominguez , Dr. Fernandez and the Staff ???????? ????❤️

Karlin kbs

3 years ago

They only care about the money . My little dog were treatment with cancer. They are the ones know about her condition. She was in pain. The appointment was 2 days before I call and ask for help. They just didn't care. They just say when it was her appointment. The treatment was killing my bb. I stop the treatment she star to get better. . Then they call me if I was coming to the appointment my answer was for what. When I need them they did not do something. Why will I see him ( the doctor)??? Only to give me those pill . I was paying him only to give the pills. Because in the end he didn't care about my little dog.

Keith Spillane

3 years ago

Obviously no one chooses to or wants to go to an Animal Cancer Care Center. Unfortunately sometimes that's the cards were dealt. It is refreshing to know that a place like this is out there to help you and your pet have the best experience possible. The doctors are very honest and genuine. The staff as well go out of their way to be extra friendly, helpful and also informative. If you have to go down this unpleasant journey with your furry loved one I recommend this Care Facility.

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