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Briton Bochenski

2 years ago

I just got a new puppy so needed a place for his regular vet. I got lucky since it was closest to my house. Was very impressed with the facility and the staff. Costs were reasonable considering other places I've been to with past dogs.

Oneida Aguayo

2 years ago

The staff is knowledgeable and kind. They treat my dog with kindness and love

Julie Williams

2 years ago

Very happy with visit for a new puppy! Prompt, courteous, informative and professional!

zeke soleto

2 years ago

Took my new born pup here for his first vet visit, everyone was very kind and overall good service. Vet seemed very knowledgeable in her field. Would recommend 10/10

Kathlyn Korolchuk

2 years ago

Great experience at first visit, really nice doctors. Our little boy Teo found new friends ☺️☺️❤️

jacquelyn hallock

2 years ago

Purchased a new pup from a pet store. I am aprehensive when it comes to veternarians and am always researching and reading about the history of their office as well as the veternarians that are presently employed. Grace Veternarians (Estero, FL) not only called to schedule the appointment for Jack, but after the appointment they also sent a text message to ask me how everything was going. The front desk was super kind and they even broke down the treatment plan so I knew exactly what I was going to be paying so there were no "random fees or surprises." Dr. Laura was personable, down to earth and very kind. I will be returning for the future appointments for my new pup and will most likely schedule appointments for the current dog I own now. Thanks again for all of your help. Regards, Jacquelyn, EFDA

Shannon Naylor

2 years ago

I can't say enough about this clinic. We trusted our pup to them with a serious surgery and he was given all the love and compassion he would tolerate from them. Every person we talked with was professional and caring. The clinic was spotless and the fountain area was beautiful and helped with our stress. Special thanks to Tori for all of her help and after care instructions.

Jordan Saunders

2 years ago

hands down best vet. very caring and compassionate took there time with my winston and gave the best care

Gabriela Devins

2 years ago

Honestly a super unsympathetic and not great place to take your pet. Brought my kitten in and he was sick. Ended up getting worse and of course they never answer the phone so I decide to just go in and ask if what’s happening is normal and they don’t even answer my question and send me off to the Animal Hospital cause they’re “not a walk-in clinic” yet they told me to call if I ever had questions but they didn’t answer the phone the 5 times i called so I just went in to ask? Won’t be going back! Switching vets. Doctor was really sweet though she ended up making my $500 vet bill go down to $190 by not adding unnecessary things. I think it’s just the desk people and literal kids trying to diagnose my cat with things that he doesn’t have and trying to get me to pay for stuff I didn’t even end up needing. In response maybe if you guys weren’t liars and kept up with what’s going on at your office you’d know that I CALLED and already got all his records everything you said was a lie I never got a single call. I had to call back just to say hey the doctor never called me back? Stop lying just take accountability.

Barbara Harris

2 years ago

I cannot think how my experience could be better. When I call they answer my questions and are polite. I love the Grace Veterinary app and use it to refer back to prior appointments and vaccines. Yoshi is never afraid to visit because everyone loves him. Thank you for caring about us.


2 years ago

We brought our baby, Braxton in for a weekly checkup and received some bad news. The staff immediately placed him into medical care and he is doing better. Thanks so much!!!

Barbara Kelly

2 years ago

We took our 4 1/2 year old Chihuahua Terrier mix, Reedus to Grace Vet and unfortunately he was diagnosed with cancer. We were shocked and heartbroken, but our vet Dr. Meredith went out of her way to help us through the process. She even called us over the weekend to check in and see how we/Reedus were doing. As his disease progressed, they continued to be caring, kind and responsive every step of the way. This past week, we had to say goodbye to our best boy, and they made the most horrific day as bearable as possible with love and compassion. They’re the best!


2 years ago

I took my dog to be seen on Tuesday she had been sick the entire weekend. They prescribed medication but she was still sick so I let them know late Wednesday. I told them I would call on Thursday if she wasn't better. I called first thing Thursday morning, I never received a call back. At 6 am the next morning my son sends me a screen shot that they called him instead. I called Friday at 9 am when they opened and told them they called the wrong number. i asked them to please call in a prescription to Walgreens. It's now 3 pm and nothing nada. I call again nope they have not done it. Why am I not surprised. Around 4:30 after work I thought maybe I will try to stop by Walgreens. It is packed there are people standing in line sitting in chairs at least 25 of them are waiting. So I thought maybe I would just see if I could pick it up from the office instead. The office manager was so rude when I called she over talked me and wouldn't even let me ask her. The day after my dog was seen I had received a text asking how she was doing. I thought maybe I should text that person and explain and they could help. Nope not at all. I am very worried about this dog becoming dehydrated at this point but hey I am in the wrong by asking for help. I really wish I could share the entire conversation with you all but the last two things that were said was that it was a good things there are other vets. They wanted to know the name of another vet so I gave them one. But I was at target to get Imodium for my dog and they asked the email address hell I didn't know. So I responded in kind "you can wait like I had to". So literally this was their response. I am so offend by this response they are the one's that messed up. I can understand messing up but the rudeness. By the way this message is from the owner. I have lost close family members to suicide so this really was hitting below the belt. Not to mention I am a healthcare worker myself. RESPONSE TO OWNER: Feel free to put all correspondence with your staff and texts. I have no problem with that.

Gordon Dunn

2 years ago

Everything any everyone here made this a great experience for both our new puppy and us as well. Thank you

Branden Fedak

2 years ago

Friendly and love all pets

Blank Pgs

2 years ago

I just purchased a Scottish Fold kitten and wanted him (Merlin) checked out. I picked Grace Veterinary Center because of the other on-line reviews and close proximity to my home. The entire staff were very professional and friendly. They were all infatuated with my new pet, Merlin. He in turn was quite at home and comfortable with all the staff and the facility. I will be returning in another week for a follow-up visit and feel comfortable in stating I would refer family and friends to Grace. Nice people and knowledgeable.

Bill Mc

2 years ago

The entire staff was efficient and friendly. Even my easily scared puppy was comfortable. Would recommend Grace Veterinary Center to any of my friends.

maritza cason

2 years ago

worst customer service I’ve received,, overpriced and medication is not on hand

peyton carter

2 years ago

Hello, I’ve always been very cautious about where I take my dog. I had an interview here about 5 months ago thinking this place would be great. I was incredibly disappointed. The first problem was being asked if my pup could have a treat to get her on the scale. They gave her Cheez Wiz. Now as all lovers of pets we know that Cheez Wiz and cheese in general is one of the worst things for dogs as it can clog them up. The first nurse who walked in was super sweet! My pup was loving all over her and everything. I asked her pricing as I am a college student struggling to pay school as well as take care of my dog and pay bills. The lady stated the initial vet fee would be $60 and the worm test would be $40. Before they took the test, the main vet then came in and my dog has never tried to nip any doctor or anyone for that matter. We all know to trust a dogs instinct. As soon as she walked in, my dog changed her demeanor towards the vet after being sweet to the nurse and other assistants. The doctor then went to take the test. A little later she cracks the door and brings me a sedative medication to give my dog that I had never asked for when it is something I would not give my dog. After the test, the nurse walked in once again my pup was super sweet with her the nurse then tells me my dog has hookworms but they did not have the medication to give my dog. When going to pay they charged me $150 when the lady had told me before that it was $60 for the vet and $40 for the worms test. I am curious as to where the $50 had came from when they didn’t even have the medication to give my dog. Fast forward to almost a week later, I ordered the medication Wednesday of 9/7/2021 from Walmartpetrx and Walmart has stated they haven’t received the prescription from them when they continuously tell me they have sent it. As my dog is getting sicker, it seems as though they do not genuinely care about your pets health rather money. Did I forget to mention this business works with Petco. So, if you are familiar with what has happened with Petco and the way they treat their animals this may give you some clarity to how Grace cares.

Monica Friday

2 years ago

Wonderful place! Everyone is super friendly!

Courtney Malone

2 years ago

Grace Veterinary Center does an exceptional job at every single visit! I work in Healthcare & I know how demanding it can be. Very fast pace to say the least. Grace Veterinary takes their time, providing patience when questions are asked. They truly make you feel safe & always welcome, as any Healthcare business should. Any time we leave the office, we walk out feeling accomplished & overall appreciated. I can't say enough about the amazing doctors, nurses & staff who care for my sweet pups! You just know when someone is passionate about their work & Grace Veterinary proves this. Such genuine people. When I got my second beagle from Pet Kingdom, he had a free first visit at Grace Veterinary. I liked them so much after that visit, I switched my other beagle over to their office! Thank you guys! ❤ -Courtney, Callie & Oliver

Hayley Rumbarger

2 years ago

Front staff is super friendly and responsive. Dr.Frey is very knowledgeable and takes time to explain all aspects of care and she is super down to earth. All staff are very gentle with my very anxious dog. What a gem this place is!

Julio Juan

2 years ago

Horribly over priced. Extremely slow. Charged me $130 for procedure everyone else does for free *check cats bladder for possible blockage. I will never return unless I am forced *everywhere else is closed

Lydia Rupinski

2 years ago

This is my go to place for my cat and dog. I love their “fear free” business model. Both of my animals are never scared to go and are handled really well. They have a lot of safe treats and receive great care. Dr. Fry is a magician with cats and it is so nice to have a vet so knowledgeable about them. I also like that they treat your animal in your presence and are open on Saturdays. Everyone is super nice.

Michelle Fenelon

2 years ago

First visit Great experience with staff and DR. Highly recommend! Look forward to working with them 100%.

Carollynn Spivak

2 years ago

They are amazing with my dogs. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

Robin Blaine

2 years ago

I’ve been in SWFL for 17 months. I’ve had 4 different vets and hadn’t been satisfied till I went to Grace Veterinary Center. The staff couldn’t be nicer or more accommodating, and Dr. Laura, was great with my 3 dogs. I’ve finally found a practice I love! I’m looking forward to developing a great relationship with a wonderful facility.

Beth Gillingham

2 years ago

They were so great to work in my dog Chloe.

Steven Wagner

2 years ago

Animal a Hospitals were a big part of my business, I would put Grace Animal Hosp At the top of my list, Very professional, Highly very happy I found them.

Lauren P

3 years ago

Get a 2nd opinion! Took our dog recently to get ears examined. They couldn’t “see in his ear,” so said our dog needed to be sedated. We left with no answers and were told to set up another appointment. Took him to another vet for a 2nd opinion. The other vet checked his ear, got swabs and prescribed medication the same day.

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