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Jeremy Windham

2 years ago

If your pet has cancer, do both of yourselves a favor and ask your vet for a referral to Auburn or get a self-referral there.

Alicia Mcgowan

2 years ago

So thankful for Dr.Davis and his staff. Our GS was bitten twice by a copperhead and they immediately went to work on him. We were given timely updates by Dr.Davis who was patient with us while we asked a million questions. 10/10 recommend for all emergency services

Kathryn Langley

2 years ago

Dr. Martin called to tell me that my sweet Loki passed away due to renal failure on July 23. I told him I would like to have him cremated. He asked if I would like a communal cremation or an individual cremation. I told him that I wanted an individual. I didn’t hear back from them for almost TWO weeks. He called me today (August 5) to tell me that there had been a blunder and I would not be receiving Loki’s ashes because they circled communal cremation on the paperwork rather than individual. They didn’t try to right any of their wrongs and didn’t sound too apologetic when they told me their mistake. They still made sure to get their $1400, though, while I have nothing left of my dog.

Sandra Boone

2 years ago

We’re new to the area, our dog was bitten by something & needed to be seen ASAP, brought him right on down, filled out the paperwork & within 10min they were out to get him. Very friendly & professional staff! Not to mention the prices were very reasonable! Would definitely recommend them to anyone in need! God Bless the Vet & all the staff that helped with our sweet baby. Praying I never need them again but if I do I know he will be safe with them!

Jean Sasson

2 years ago

Southeast Alabama is extremely fortunate to have such a facility and one of the best veterinarians it has been my pleasure to know: Dr. Robert Martin. After some cruel person abandoned a sick cat and it made its way to my yard, I had to make my way to Dr. Martin. The poor little darling Marilyn Monroe was born with a terrible disorder that had her overeating, followed by projective vomiting. She is a midget of a kitty cat due to the lack of nourishment. I was fearful that she could not be saved but after a simple description from me, Dr. Martin immediately knew the problem. After running the appropriate tests, sure enough, he was right -- yesterday Marilyn Monroe underwent the operation to solve her problem and save her life. Tonight she is home and happy. Without Dr. Martin's years of expertise, I am not sure Miss Marilyn could have been saved. I am happy. Marilyn Monroe is happy. The world is good again. Thanks, Dr. Martin. Your impressive skills are certainly appreciated by this client and her sweet kitty kat. To everyone out there, if you have an unusual health problem with a pet, Dr. Martin is certainly the man to see.

Kittie Jones Cook

2 years ago

Had to set in car for 3 hours while other pets got seen before us that got there after our cat. They acted like our cat wasn't as important as the dogs that kept coming in after us.

Benji Carnley

3 years ago

3 /18/2021 4:00am my babygirl wants to go out to potty and I notice she is stumbling around and wobbly on her feet like she’s drunk, needless to say my heart sinks to the floor, she was fine a few hours ago and now she can barely stand. Rushed her to SRVES and doctor Drew Davis literally braves a tornado warning to come to the office and see my girl! Tentative diagnosis “old dog Vestibular disease”. In most cases the dog recovers within 7-14 days, my mind is now more at ease though it pains me to see her in that condition and know that I just have to basically wait it out. Well 48 hours later she is still wobbly but 1000% better than when I took her to SRVES. A HUGE thank you to dr. Drew Davis and and the nurse who’s name I didn’t get for your wonderful bedside manner and putting my mind at ease. Can’t say enough good things about them, when my girl was about 4 years old she liked to chase cars and one day finally caught one resulting in a broken jaw. SRVES repaired her jaw. Every time I have needed them they have been there, that kind of peace of mind is priceless.

Wendie Warren

3 years ago

I paid $280 after sitting in parking lot for over two hours ( 2a.m.-4:30 a.m.) with my dog without him being treated. My dog was in extreme pain the whole time. I left some time after 6 a.m. My dog is still sick and in pain and I have no answers still. I have no extra funds to have him seen again. I shouldnt have had to pay this much for nothing. I could take him to his Veterinarian if I had not wasted it there.

Valerie Morente

3 years ago

Our little rat terrier was attacked by a large dog. He did a lot of damage. I called every vet in Panama City and nobody answered as it was the weekend. As a last ditch effort I tried Dothan and SRVS was first to come up. They were so friendly, kind and helpful. They kept coming to the car to update us on her condition. Their price was a fraction of what it would have been anywhere in Panama City. I've never had such a good experience, considering the circumstances. Our little dog is doing better. Thank you SRVS for helping our dog and treating us like we were more than just a number. Y'all are the best!

Kitty Niccole

3 years ago

Waited here 3 hours almost for them to come out and tell me my cat has a cleft palette which I already knew from Headland at WALDE N PONDS which is a Great Very Disappointed with Dappointed with time and service

Jeremy (Jackal City)

3 years ago

They took us seriously wether or not the situation was serious for our kitten and communicated with us openly about our kitten at a time of what we thought was an emergency. She happily dealt with my "google doctoring" questions and happily communicated specific advice and concerns for our kittens health. I feel better knowing they are available for emergencies.

Kenneth Owen

3 years ago

Regularly reported mistreating or offering EXTREMELY poor service for pets who are suffering, all while demanding more and more and more money, refusing to see the animals while they're dying until you make a payment, then refusing continued life saving treatment until payment. Unreal that they literally have YEARS of bad reviews and they're still in business.

Wurlitzer Y

3 years ago

not a good experience. non existent compassion and care during an emergency. do you want to pay.

Terry Leach

3 years ago

The Staff and Doctor Martin were very friendly. I would highly recommend them to anyone ????

Susan Wiest

3 years ago

At the very end of 3/20 our dog ruptured her CCL and tore her meniscal cartilage. This was at the very beginning of COVID19; however they remained open with professional phone and curbside service. We drove our dog, Daisy, from Lynn Haven, FL to Dothan for surgery. They were professional and caring. It's now seven months later and she has healed wonderfully! She gets to run, play, and go hiking with us again. Her surgery, TTA-2, was a wonderful blessing! Thank you so much!!!

Stacie Diaz

3 years ago

Took my 14 Year old Chihuahua to this Emergency Clinic. We were prepared to Euthanize. It was a bit of a wait but that is expected here. The staff was very patient, friendly, and thorough. Dr. Sonmor did his exam and informed me his medication needed adjusted. I was so relieved. She gave him a shot of a med he needed and he was wagging his tail on the way home. I know the time is close but it wasn't today.

Rhonda Smith

3 years ago

Took my cat in for difficult breathing problems. He had been mouth breathing for about 6 months and getting only temporary relief from steroid shots. It took Dr. Martin about 2 min to find the problem! Dr. Martin removed a large Polyp from my cats sinuses . It was blocking his airway. Now, my fur baby can breath through his nose like a normal cat! The staff was very friendly and professional. Everything was up front and no hidden charges! Thank u Dr. Martin and staff for helping my fur baby!


3 years ago

My GSD was in serious pain and it was determined she had severe case of hip dysplasia . I made contact with this Vet facility, after Auburn University Vet hospital recommended Dr. Martin for her hip replacement surgery. I made several calls over a month ago to get my GSD seen, I never call a got back from them, each time i called, they said they would get back to me. After two weeks, my husband was able to get an appt the following next week. he drove two hours from columbus, ga to dothan al. They did an assessment and took some graphs of my GSD. and we paid close to 400 dollars and then said they could contact my husband to schedule hip surgery for my GSD. One week later we haven't heard from them, my husband called them again, only to have them say they cannot do it and recommended someone in Virginia, eight hours away. Totally worthless and time wasted as my GSD is suffering. We found another vet facility that can do the surgery... Awful customer service, beware if you care about the medical treatment of your beloved pets!!

Brandon Lolley

3 years ago

I did not have a lot of money at the time but they took care of my dog beyond what they had to and beyond what any other vet Iv ever been to has they did so much more than they had to and I am very thankful I definitely recommend this place they where very caring and kind . I know where to go if I ever need to make another vet visit.

Hope Snapp

3 years ago

The service is great and they are very caring and professional. However, the cost is outrageous for emergency service. The cost is more than double what a vet would charge, but they know they can extort this money from people because you are in an emergency situation where you either have to pay their fortune or let your pet die. I just paid 950.00 for my cat who had bladder stones because I had no other choice and they know this. I am very grateful for the care he received and fortunately I was able to pay it, but many people in that situation would not be able to do this and would have to let their pet suffer.

John Downer

3 years ago

Eight weeks post surgery and our 90 lb blue healer (JD) is doing fantastic. Everything concerning his care was superb. Staff was the best ,very helpful & understanding. Dr. Martin's skills were an absolute blessing from heaven for our pet. We are most greatful

Lynn Hornsby

3 years ago

I’ve never done a review but I think SRVS deserves my first. Everyone I came in contact with was exceptionally nice and exhibited a caring attitude to my Roxy. I will say I was a bit nervous about leaving her with the staff I was unable to meet which I totally understand. After talking to Dr. Davis I felt totally comfortable leaving her. Dr. Davis himself called me multiple times during the 24 hours Roxy was there. Thanks Harriet for getting us appointment so quickly!

Belinda Hallman

4 years ago

I will forever be grateful for Dr. Martin and the entire staff at SRVS! Our 18 month old Chihuahua Pee Wee was outside on Mother's Day playing when he took off running through the woods chasing a squirrel. When Pee Wee came out of the woods …

V Gregor

4 years ago

The staff and doctors are absolutely fantastic at this vet clinic. We brought in our dog Phoenix for his second ACL surgery, the first one was performed in Panama City and the other side needed to be done, they did an absolutely fabulous job on Phoenix, he is turning 10 and he is completely back to normal. For complex surgeries I would always pick this vet clinic over anybody else. Thank you so much for taking his pain away and bringing him back joy to his life. Before the surgery we were able to see the pain in his face for months, we are so grateful.

Tayvien White

4 years ago

The staff was really nice, however I don’t feel as if they really tried to treat my dog or figure out what was wrong with him. He’s not aggressive by any means, he was scared and not sure of his surroundings, with a muzzle on, on top of being surrounded by strangers so he wasn’t at ease. They took him to the back and I went with them to try and calm him down, he wouldn’t calm down because he wanted the muzzle off, in the mist of all this they were asking me how much I wanted to spend and to come to the front so they could charge me the $112 by the time they ran my card they came out and said they didn’t know what was wrong they gave him a shot to calm him down that’s $30 and to take him to Auburn they have the proper equipment to treat him, so I left and took him to Panama City (Animal Care) he walked to the car and petted him and walked him inside with out a muzzle on and talked to him the whole time and he was at ease. Come to find out he had chewed up my inhaler and it was causing his dilated eyes, pacing and his confusion. The vet was even dumbfounded to find out they were trying to send me to Auburn and didn’t understand why they didn’t all leave the room for me to remove the muzzle and calm him down, and how they didn’t even try! He even apologized for their actions and for me making a 1.30 drive for absolutely no reason he didn’t even charge me for my 11p visit & he kept apologizing on their behalf & made it clear if they’re afraid of a dog they are in the wrong professional field.

Stephanie Turner

4 years ago

I am thoroughly recommending to everyone!

Lisa Colvin

4 years ago

I was not aware of these emergency services. I am so thankful that they offer these service. Our fur baby became lethargic after 10 p.m. We went to SRVS and they were wonderful. He had to stay over night . Everyone from the front desk …

L.R. Kirkland, Jr.

4 years ago

My family has needed SRVS Emergency Services on two occasions for the care of beloved pets. The first time, our pet expired due to sudden cardiac death while in route to SRVS. On arrival the staff acted swiftly to assess Bailey’s condition and determine further resuscitation was futile. Dr. Sennett and the entire staff were compassionate and comforting when we needed those exact expressions of care. More recently, our eleven year old Siamese, Bonnie Blue, suddenly became seriously ill. Dr. Tabitha Barber, who admitted Bonnie to their hospital and stabilized her condition, carefully reviewed the many possible diagnoses, X-Ray’s and lab findings with us, stayed near Bonnie’s side through the night, responded quickly when seizure activity began around 4:00 AM and called me with an update. The next morning Dr Martin continued assessing Bonnie’s condition and agreed with Dr Barber that she appeared to have a central brain malfunction of some kind, due to a vascular event, a lymphoma or other unknown cause. Dr. Martin didn’t hesitate in recommending sending Bonnie to Auburn for further evaluation and treatment. Dr. Martin’s staff called the referral to Auburn and made for a smooth transfer. We are so grateful that Dr Barber and Dr Martin encouraged us to seek further care at Auburn’s School of Veterinary Medicine. Because of their solid recommendation to transfer the patient to Auburn, Bonnie has made a near 100% recovery at five weeks out. Dothan is truly fortunate to have this 24-hour Emergency Medicine and Regional Surgical Referral Center for Animals.

Kathleen Cassels

4 years ago

My 4 year old Dachshund, Elsa, needed a disc surgery which required an over night stay. Dr. Martin and his staff were very knowledgeable in their diagnosis, as well as, very kind and compassionate to Elsa . I was informed within a short time after Elsa's surgery from Dr. Martin himself as to how everything went during the operation. In addition, I was impressed to find out that on the day of Elsa's surgery ,and the following day, Dr. Martin took the time to call Elsa's hometown Veterinarian {Dr. France, Cairo, GA } to keep her informed of her progress. I 'd like to mention his technicians and his office staff members who were very professional. Thank you , again, SRV Specialists!

Debbie Whittaker

4 years ago

My little dog Penny has had 2 successful knee surgeries ( one on each knee). Dr. Martin and his staff were very kind and compassionate with me and Penny and took time to explain what needed to be fixed and how it would be fixed. They were available 24 hours in case I needed to call with concerns. She is on her way to a full recovery and so thankful to SRVS for helping her live a pain free life.

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