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michael richmond

2 years ago

Great pet hotel. Yvonne is very accommodating and came to open the spa early so I could get to work on time.i highly recommended this business and they take great care of your pet

Isabella Perez

2 years ago

I’ve been taking all my dogs (Terminator, Jack and now my dog Russ in the picture) to PetSpa. We’ve been customers for over 15+ years and we don’t trust any other grooming service. Even when we need recommendations as to what we should do when our dogs get sick and what vets we should go to, they are always there to help! Bret and Juan and the PetSpa team love our dogs as if they were their own. They themselves are dog lovers and make sure all dogs are cared for and treated correctly. Thank you PetSpa team for all your love! We recommend them always ❤️

Debora Hurtado

2 years ago

Brett treated my dog with the upmost integrity of care! He’s loving and caring to all animals. He’s very knowledgeable and understanding to the needs of all dogs. Highly recommend Petspa for dog care needs!!

Andrea Silver

2 years ago

I have been taking my “son” Winston, who is a West Highland Terrier to Petspa for 6 years. I love the quality of their work and how my Winston is always happy to go! Brett, Juan, and their staff love what they do and you can tell. After a bad experience with other pet shops in my area, I’m so happy I found a groomer that I can TRUST ! I’ve even left my baby overnight in their hotel and Day care when I go out of town. I highly recommend him to my family and friends! Thank you for treating my family member as your own

Ashley Colon

2 years ago

I have been a client of petspa for about 3 years now for grooming and hotel and i do not have anything bad to say about them, they love my dogs pucca and bella like if they were theirs. They are 100% reliable, when my dogs stay for the weekend they always keep me posted sending me pictures and letting me know that they are ok at all times. The Love and care they show for the pets is excepcional, that is why i give them 5 stars. PD: The recepcionist Yvonne is so nice by the way!

Arturo Arévalo

2 years ago

Do not leave your dog here!! Highly unprofessional in the way they conduct themselves. One of my closest friends left his healthy puppy, Toby, here and they proceeded to call him saying he was dead (no explanation given as to what happened). They leave the dogs unattended for overnight. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, so look elsewhere!!

Elvira Ojeda

2 years ago

If there is a place that deserves a 0 start is this one Being able to write this has taken me 15 days, if I could go back in time I would never have left my sweet little dog Toby José in that place. I thought I had done my homework, I looked for information, I interviewed, asked and everything gave that I could trust this site, that I could leave my dog there On July 2nd, I left Toby for the first and last time in a pet hotel. Miss. Ivan received him, I was very specific about Toby's needs, I let her know how important he was to us, I tirelessly asked her to keep me informed of everything that happened with him, she answered everything that he was going to be fine, that they were experts, that they had more than 20 years in the business. On Saturday very early I called to find out about my puppy, they told me that he was fine, that he was happy and that they would try to send me photos, which never happened. On Sunday I called again, nobody answered me, I left a message hoping that they would call me, I knew they were full but I was sure that at some point they would call me, however, this did not happen On Monday at 815 am, they called me to inform me that my puppy had passed away, I thought it was a bad dream. But it was not , indeed Toby was no longer with us and the worst thing nobody knew or knows what happened. when we arrived at that place is when we found out that the dogs sleep alone and the owner of the place clarified that they were not required to have anyone at night, and that these expert people with more than 20 years in the business leave the dogs alone, busiest night in the country, the night of July 4th when the dogs need assistance the most. Gentlemen of Petspa, you do not know what you did to my family. if you own a pet don't ever leave your dog there or in a place like them, make sure someone takes care of them 24x7

Emily Sanchez

2 years ago

My friend’s left her dog in the hotel for two nights as they traveled to Orlando in order to enjoy and celebrate 4th of July. The day after, they received a call from the hotel saying that their dog had die the night before. The dog was left unsupervised all night. I can’t express enough how irresponsible it is to do such thing specially during an event that is globally recognized for the amount of fireworks played at night. Some dogs are terrified of the loud noises and my friend’s dog was alone living through it all. The hotel has no camera footage of what happened, no explanation to what happened, and an absurd policy that backs them up saying it’s not their responsibility to take care of the dog 24/7. There is no much we can do to compensate this injustice, but we can spread the word and alert future clients. I want to also emphasize that the dog was 6 years old and super healthy. Please don’t make the mistake of leaving your dog at this hotel. Read all the policies carefully before choosing and always ask questions for clarification. We will deeply miss Toby.

Gabriella Porras

2 years ago

This hotel for dogs is not the right place to leave your dog ever. My friend and her family suffered the loss of their dog Toby due to the lack of responsibility of this place. Knowing that dogs are sensitive to fireworks they left them overnight on the 4th of July without anybody watching them. No dog should ever go through this

Jefry Sulbaran

2 years ago


Karina Fernandez

2 years ago

Don’t leave your dog in this place.!!! A friend of mind left his dog on July 4th, and they found him death the following day…no explanations, nobody took care of him that night when dogs get anxious due to fireworks, nobody knows what happens. Nobody was there at night taking care of dogs… so don't think that places like this have personnel to take care of dogs 24 hours. According to the owners, they are not obliged by law to have presence 24 hours… what a sad story

Lucas Hunter

2 years ago

HORRIBLE SERVICE!!!!!!!!! This location does NOT TREAT THEIR ANIMALS WELL!!!! What pet spa leaves their facility empty on JULY 4th!!!??? Horrible, will never go here, you should not bring your pets. A friend sadly lost their dog because of the HORRIBLE service here. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS HERE!!!!!

Maria Lorenzo

2 years ago

Such an irresponsible business. My poor Toby died at the care of this "professional" business after he was left completely alone and unsupervised on one of the scariest nights there is for most animals, July 4th. The dog owners arrived on the morning of July 5th to find Toby dead and they had no explanation, well of course they wouldn't as Toby, and all the other dogs staying that night, were left completely alone and unmonitored. He was 6 years old, he was happy and healthy. DO NOT leave your dog in this business. Please be extra careful when choosing where to leave your dog if you're going out of town and cannot take him/her with you. This business is not reliable.

Nat Torres

2 years ago

A hotel for dogs should not be a place where pets get injured, bruised, bleed, or even die. I've read the many reviews on this place and the amount of incidents that have been reported should be a clear red flag. My friend left her dog at this hotel over the 4th of July weekend in hopes of having a good time with her family and knowing her dearest family pet was safe. This security was shattered as the morning of July 5th they found out there pet was dead with no explanation as to how not why. The hotel does not have anyone to watch over the pets through out the night neither do they have cameras to watch them and monitor them from afar.

natalie fraioli

2 years ago

Justice for Toby! Hearing this story breaks my heart. Please be careful with this company! I would like to get your help to achieve justice in the death of our dear TOBY JOSE. On Friday, July 2, my wife went to the PETSPA business located at 9831 NW 58 St., # 139 Doral, FL 33178 to have them host Toby for a few days after reviewing their website where they offer HOTEL & SPA services while we spent a few days away as a family in the city of Orlando and the house we got to spend those days was not pet friendly. On Monday, July 5, at approximately 8:30 am, my wife received a call from the owners stating that our dear Toby had been found dead when opening the business on the morning of that day. We immediately went to the city of Miami and upon arriving at the place we asked its owners if we could speak with the person who was on duty that night of July 4, which by the way is a night where pets suffer a lot from fireworks and his answer was CLEAR AND CONCRETE… WE ARE NOT OBLIGED TO BE PRESENT 24 hours a day ACCORDING TO THE LAW. THAT IS, that the business that is promoted as a hotel & spa the night of greatest risk for pets is left alone…. The owners also clarified to us that they were very experienced people with more than 20 years in this business. I would greatly appreciate your suggestions, especially the emotional impact that this event is generating on my children and wife, where we have no answers to the mysterious death of our beloved Toby. -Jose Lorenzo and family.

Nikolas Espinal

2 years ago

Awful service, poor care for their dogs and rude employees. Dogs are left unsupervised over night and there are no cameras, so if something happens to your dog there is nothing you can use against this establishment to get justice for your pet. There are far better places than this for your dogs, use this service at your own risk.

Orlando Alfredo Ojeda Rodriguez

2 years ago

They literally killed my family's dog. I don't even want to rate them with 1 star. They should be closed already. They left the dog there JUST 3 DAYS and he was in perfect shape, when they came back, they found out he died. Go figure.

Pedro Sotomayor

2 years ago

My friends dog, Toby, died after being unsupervised on the night of July 4th. That’s probably the scariest night for any dog and he was left unsupervised, alongside many other dogs. When the business was opened the next morning, he was found dead. Unprofessional and unsafe. Don’t dare leave your dog in this garbage business.

rocio marquez

2 years ago

I have a couple friends who lost their pet "Toby Jose" due to the lack of professional care, how sorry I am, family is an inreparable loss for their children's. ????????????

S Pelissoni

2 years ago

I have been taking my dogs to Pet Spa for many years, since they started. They offer an excellent service, always prompt to accommodate one’s needs, very friendly, very loving and caring for my four paws babies ????. I never had any issue, any problem, on the contrary, my babies ???? always come back home relaxed, not stressed. I wouldn’t trust anyone else. I love this place and highly recommend 5⭐️

Jairo Gil

2 years ago

Made my dog bleed too much!!

Adan Illueca

3 years ago

Clean room, very tentative staff, great breakfast.

Lorena Piedra

3 years ago

Excellent place to take your pet for grooming ????.Great management service! Wonderful care of your pet ????

Mo Grossman

3 years ago

Amazing spot. Checked it out today before bringing my dog Chris in. They have everything a dog needs to feel comfortable and come back home relaxed and pampered. Impressed with the staff.

Pilar Tobon

3 years ago

Excellent service my dog is client for16 years????

Paola mendivelso

4 years ago

My Dog Sunny started coming to Pet spa because I noticed he was not eating, he was depressed at home. It has been three consecutive weeks of daycare and he has changed so much. He enjoys walking in to this daycare so much, he loves his walks and I can see how excited he is everyday which makes me even more happy. I would recommend this place to everyone who has a dog, their experience at this home is so gratifying.

James Switzer

4 years ago

they did an amazing job grooming my two cats.

Jenny Lage

4 years ago

Love coming here!! Juan, Brett and the staff are amazing!

Johanna de blanck

4 years ago

My goodness what a rude person that answered the phone .... not sure how they stay in business ????


4 years ago

My dogs hair was cut uneven, one ear longer than the other. Her belly was severely scratched and irritated. No apology and charged me full price. Terrible place!

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