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Lisa Marie

2 years ago

Dr. Gallagher(sp?) did a fair job of treating my dog's skin issues. However I also brought my cat in for chronic vomiting, and after having me sedate my cat with gabapentin (which made her completely delirious for the next 24 hours), she …

Amanda Watts

2 years ago

Love the staff and the doctors are awesome very knowledgeable and loving ❤ I strongly refer this hospital if you love your pets ♥

Nicholas Lugo

2 years ago

It was first time my Dog Rocco had his bath there was great and his nail trim .l recommended it . Keep up good work.

Kenny Carte

2 years ago

this is the first time I visited this location the doctor relocated from his original shop in Orange city Florida the staff is always great the doctors are very good do them and I walk to the door that my cat had just a bite from another cat but nothing serious I took her down to have her spayed cause she was a stray she had already been spayed so I brought my baby back home it’s a great place doctors and staff are wonderful

Sherry Brodock

2 years ago

Great place. They are very personal with your pets

alma martinez

2 years ago

They do not do HAPPY WALK INS like mentioned in their website.

emily Becker

2 years ago

They scheduled my cat for 10am over the phone and when we arrived we were informed that we were an hour late for the appointment and they did not bother to run the necessary tests on my very sick cat since they "didn't have the time". Have to go somewhere else now. I hope my cat doesn't die while awaiting her next appointment somewhere else.

Ginarys Nazario

2 years ago

They are awesome caring people. They are also affordable. I recommend them 100%

Holly R. Thornton

2 years ago

Just moved to the Deltona area a year ago and unfortunately had to let two of my oldest boys cross the rainbow bridge within the last few months. I was unsure on where to turn and chose VCA on a whim and it was by far the best choice I made. Dr. Ruben and Dr. Gallagher were more than accommodating given our situation on the two separate times we had to visit. I am so grateful for the compassion and patience the staff had with us. Their hours really make vet appts easier for pet parents who work full time or odd hours. I personally want to rave about and send all the gold stars to Brooklyn the vet tech who helped us last night. She took the time to connect with us and help us make keepsakes to take of our boy Stormy ???? I wish more people understood how tiring and soul crunching this career can be even on the best days, and when vets and techs take the time and energy to put that aside and walk into your exam room with a smile and provide you and your pet comfort and compassion the least you can do is not complain about a wait or the price of your bill. 1000% would recommend this vet office and will for sure be using them as my primary vet. Thanks again to VCA and the amazing staff!

M Sp

2 years ago

I had to take my sweet westie fetch in to have him put to sleep. The staff was very professional and, compassionate. I could tell they felt my pain of losing my sweet boy. I'll be using them for my other boy Bernie for routine visits. Thank you all.

Valarie Santiago

2 years ago

We called thing this morning to get an appointment so our cat Gizmo could be seen. The receptionists were very nice, understanding an helpful. Made an appointment right away. We got there an we were in the room within 5 minutes an they listened to us an explained everything. They took care of our baby. Would definitely recommened them. An they are our go to vet for now on. If i could rate more than 5 stars I definitely would!

Smart Cam

2 years ago

If I could leave zero stars I would. I took my dog to them on October 19, 2021 and saw Dr. Rubin. First we were put in an examination room where the lights kept going off by themselves. We had to be moved to another room. My main complaint is more about their techs and follow through. After Dr. Rubin examined my pet and answered some questions he left and he said he would be back. The tech then took my dog in the back to draw blood for analysis that they send out and would call us with the results when they came in. While waiting for for Dr. Rubin to return I developed more questions. Well Dr. Rubin never returned. The tech returned our dog after the blood draw and left the room. While waiting for someone to return we noticed a large lump in our dogs throat which was not there previously. When the tech returned we told her and she said, oh, it’s a hematoma and gave us a paper towel and said to put pressure on it. She never felt the lump. The next day we did a curve blood check on our dog for her diabetis as instructed by the vet. We called in with the results as instructed and again never heard from Dr. Rubin who told us previously he would call us back after we called in the results. I called twice and never heard from the vet who I had questions for, but a tech called back. Dr. Rubin was too busy. I waited until October 21, 2021 to get a call about my dogs blood results and the vet never called so I called them. They told me the results were back on October 20th but they failed to call me with the results and said that Dr. Rubin would not be in until Saturday October 23 and he would call then. This is unaceptable for the condition that my pet suffers from. She may need immediate attention or medication but I won’t know until Saturday. I will be getting my pets records and finding another vet. We did use VCA in Orange City which was great. This is what happened after they merged.

Jazzmelly Dayana

2 years ago

I went today with my rescued pup to the doctors he was feeling really weak and was not feeling good to the point where I was going to take him to the hospital...overall I had an appointment within 24 hours and I felt like at the time he was to bad he was still walking but hardly.. long story short I waited for my appointment and thank god I did I saved money not to much cuz they are pricey here but worth it .. and they sent me home with a whole bunch of medication that literally a shift later I came home and I have a whole different puppy . He is so up and awake and just playing every toy he can and running with my other dogs. The energy that i see now mad me the happiest fur mom ever ! Thank you a million for helping my poor baby finally feel like the world isn't against him and he has another chance at life ♥️ I will forever bring my babies to u guys . Scooby and scrappy thank you! Guys so so much.

Carol Plaza

2 years ago

I took my 7 month puppy because she had a accident on a eyelid . I got really nervous and wanted to have her eye seen by a vet. These people are a rip of. This was a emergency , I had to wait almost 4 hours . I had to get out of the cold room were they put me in when they still had 4 patients before me and only one vet. I only wanted to be sure there was no damage in the eye. I’m a CNA , I took a good look at the eyelid and I knew that could heal since she is a baby. The vet suggested a I unnecessary surgery, with a cost of almost $1700. I asked them to do the stain test. Since her eye did not suffer any damage I did not Accept the surgery. My baby did not have any blood test done, the only thing the hat did was a look at her eye and suggested a surgery and rip off my wallet. I finally paid $230 For medication that got her very sick. Actually her Eye is perfect no droopy at all and the medication were a waist of money except for the eye drops. When I initially told the staff that the treatment plan was very pricey she told me that she understands, but they are a emergency room, plus the hour makes a difference in the price, and that I could go find prices somewhere else. I will definitely not recommend them it’s not the first time that I use them I have used them before since it’s the nearest place that I have but I will definitely try another place. More caring and more professional and less money hunger.

Michael Barychko

2 years ago

I am from South Florida but had to move to Deland / Daytona area for a few years to work two jobs with my three feral but domesticated cats. All my cats are related and about 16+ years old. Two of them are twins and one of them whom I call Tiger Baby ended up having a stroke and nobody in my city of Deland would help her. I went to three different veterinary clinics in Deland and not one would help her. They said they were all booked up and wouldn't even give me a date they could help her. I knew she was dying in front of my eyes because she could barely walk, has lost an incredible amount of weight and was doing nothing more than basically begging me to put her out of her misery. Her condition progressively worsened in a short amount of time and one of the vets in Deland recommended I take her to Newman Deltona hospital. I am grateful for the advice that they sent me to a real veterinarian. The doctor was 5 stars best doctor I could have possibly hoped for. She was kind, compassionate, and she did not over charge me for the visit or take advantage of my dire situation. If I ever were going to give a good review to anyone this doctor has earned my respect and admiration and I can only say if you have a problem with your cat or dog or whatever to come to this clinic first. These are good people. Newman Deltona Animal Hospital helped ease the painful memory of what responsible cat owners have to do when their babies pass away from old age. I truly want to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the kindness you showed my Tiger Baby and for making such a difficult experience less painful than it needed to be.

kristina longsworth

2 years ago

The treatment my Willow and I were given is extraordinary! My experience today was comforting and relieving, although they were busy and the front desk wasn't sure how long the wait would be. Remember, the stress on vet clinics is just as much as hospitals and clinics for people. They are doing their best in these times. THE most memorable experience I EVER had for the care of my Willow. THANK YOU!

Amanda Floyd

2 years ago

I love the staff at this clinic after the surgery there was after care the team called to check on my baby this is a great place to take your loved one my dog had an emergency Hysterectomy basically and she has heart worms and the doctor is so great she survived thank you all at Newman's for Taking care of my baby like she was yours the whole team is awesome

Elizabeth Rivera

2 years ago

I just want to say thank you so much to ❤️Misty and ❤️Dr Rubin are so caring understanding place everything has changed there new doctors new staff they gave me the best opportunity to try to save my baby cat that passed away yesterday I am glad that I went back and I will continue coming back with my other animals so everyone that had a bad experience here please come back you be surprised this time ....????????????‍????????????

Miss Tiger Lilly

2 years ago

The receptionist was so helpful when I scheduled the appointment for our Coco. Dr. Ruben and his assistant Justin were extremely kind and professional. We could tell they were really concerned about our pet and have a real love for the profession. We left with a great impression and will continue to use their services.

T Ward

2 years ago

Our dog was hurt and our own vet couldn’t see him. We literally walked right in off the street (We probably should have called) and they saw him right away. The staff and doctor was very professional and friendly and I felt like their prices were very reasonable. Our dog is now on the mend and I appreciate them being there for us last minute!

Wendy Bordeaux

2 years ago

I needed a quick appointment because my sweet kitty wasn’t feeling well, Newman in Deltona was able to squeeze me in quickly ... they took great care of my kitty and felt that Dr Rubin was very professional.. the technician even offered to help carry him back to the car because his crate was heavy for me... very thoughtful and considerate ...

Sandra Allen

3 years ago

Although I have had a vet in Deland for 20+ years I wanted to take my two elderly dogs to Newmans so that they would be familiar with them in the event of an emergency since they are right around the corner from where I live. I can’t say enough about them. I was very upfront with them as to my reason for bringing them and they were very accommodating. Due to Covid I was unable to go in side with my pups but the doctor came out to speak with me and introduce herself on one occasion and on the other occasion the doctor called me and we had a lengthy conversation regarding my dogs heart condition. I was very pleased. Highly recommend.

Jen McKean

3 years ago

The vet and staff were compassionate and explained my options thoroughly when I brought in an injured young kitten I found. I felt each person I spoke with truly loved animals and wanted to do the best thing for the kitten. I'd never been to this veterinarian before, but I would bring my other pets here in the future.

Pamela Faithful

3 years ago

I just want you all to be so glad you have Newman Animal Clinic. I moved and other clinics don't care as much, aren't thorough, and I don't have my fur baby any more. If I still had Newman's I would still have my fur baby that was a piece of my heart. Tell Newman's thank you for caring for your pet today.

Tommie Carr

3 years ago

I highly recommend these people. I love the way they listened to my concerns. They were quick to acknowledge me on the phone, get me scheduled, and then get my babydog checked in and examined. I can be a little too quick to call the vet when it comes to my Lit'l Buddy, but I appreciate them working with me within the scope of my budget and understanding of my belief that every living being has a natural life span. These people are the best!!!

Annette McDaniel

3 years ago

I used to be a happy customer. Even recommended them to several friends. I felt comfortable knowing that they had late hours if I ever had an emergency. Prices seemed to be going up but I still was a loyal customer. Wait times went up but Covid. But after six years as a customer, when my dog was very sick hadn’t eaten or had a BM in days, I could not get him in after hours as the vet was in surgery. OK can’t be helped. How about the next morning? Sorry double booked. My dog has a new vet now. I guess it’s not like people doctors that only accept a certain number of patients and treat existing patients before taking on new ones. There’s just no reverse loyalty. I miss the old days when my pet had a regular independent vet and if I had an emergency they would fit them in somehow. Anyway three stars because they were OK in the past, when I did see them.

Takiya Waldo

3 years ago

They got me in and out and saved my dogs life! They were able to assist us fast and kept their word, would definitely recommend them and will always come here. Thank you so much VCA!!

Rosalie Rosario

3 years ago

I’ve used Newman’s several times during emergency situations and they have always been so kind and caring to us. Most recently was a few months ago when my dog was bit by another dog. They took us in right away and gave us different options to care for our furbaby. Their prices are reasonable and in line with other vets in our area. I had an emergency this week with my kitty, and called to see if they were taking walks in. That night they were not, but the woman who answered the phone asked me some questions and gave me the number to other emergency clinics. They have always been super helpful over the phone. Kindness and compassion goes a long way so I thank the staff at newsman’s for that.

Mike Aronson

3 years ago

I have been taking my pets here for years. Recently, one of my old dogs couldn't function any longer and I made the decision to euthanize him. He was 15 years old. My two son's were devastated. There were 6 people in that room that loved that dog. We all got to say goodbye properly. We all owe it to our pets to see them off personally when they go. They are part of the family. The last thing a pet should see as the lights go out is a loved one, not some stranger. We asked to have him cremated as well as a plaster cast of his paw print, which they do here. My son's asked to have paper copies of his prints as well so they could get a tattoo of it later, but they didn't offer that. It took only 5 days to get the remains back. What a surprise it was to find 8 copies of his paw prints on paper that some special employee took the time to do for us. I am forever grateful for that. Thank you.

Michelle M

3 years ago

Dr. Newman was amazing with our puppy thank you for everything

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