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Daniel Volkovich

2 years ago

Dr. Burgos and team brought our bunny back to life and did so with a smile and positive energy. Thank you for your love and caring!

nicole robustelli

2 years ago

Helped my little baby ferret and was able to go through his surgery completely fine ????????

ilissa block

2 years ago

HORRIBLE SERVICE. SPENT OVER 2K on My turtles surgery. they gave me DISCOLORED SHOTS, didnt explain or show me HOW OR WHERE TO INSERT THE SHOTS OR THE MEDICINE. I be left on hold for almost an hour and get no information. the doctor didn’t even talk to me when my turtles surgery was complete. she just sent me home. must get this place shut down. horrible service. i wish i could get a lawsuit on this place for such horrible care on my 1 year old turtle that just had surgery and is in HORRIBLE condition due to THIS PLACE.

Juliana Leach

2 years ago

I took my almost 1 1/2 year gecko here because since Monday he has reduced his intake in food, but he was still eating, and they said that he had so many problems and put 4 medicines at once and my gecko died after 15 minutes. They claimed that because I didn’t want t spend $300 on diagnosis plus $70 visit fee that they couldn’t know exactly what he had, but still I paid $175 plus $70. 4 medicines at once, one being and injection on a tiny animal like this, could be shocking! I will investigate this with other vets because it doesn’t seem right. Be careful with geckos! .

Haley McGhee

2 years ago

Dr. K saved my sugar glider from death! My sugar glider Teddie had necrotic tissue that Dr. K was able to remove. Teddie was in so much pain before the surgery and now he’s better than ever. He’s been doing great since his surgery in May of 2020. He will be 6 years old soon.

Nitza Jusino

2 years ago

All I can say is that the kindness from not only the front desk, but from the staff was great and the entire process with my guinea pig from the moment I made contact over the phone to the surgery, diagnostic and then unfortunately we had to humanely euthanize my 5 year old little boy, but the doctor (Doctor Faith Burgos) was remarkable. They made this difficult moment so much easier. Their knowledge, compassion and bedside manner for me was above standards. Thank you all.


2 years ago

Thank you so much for caring for my Buddy my Prairie dog. Dr. Kelleher and staff are exceptional...Happy Holidays..

Alexandra Johnson

2 years ago

I’ve been going to them for my recently passed hedgehog. When I initially brought him in, In April 2021, they diagnosed the problem and helped with his medications etc. Anytime I had a question after the visit they helped. Scheduling appointments could be tough sometimes, that’s my only real issue. Sometimes a week or 2 in advance, which, as you know with a sick animal, can be unacceptable. I gave them 5 stars because of how they handled the situation when I put down my baby. I called and the same day they were able to fit me in, given the circumstances. The DR made sure he was ready and I wasn’t jumping the gun. I had been in a few months prior and she said he wasn’t ready for it yet. So I knew this time he was, in addition to his condition. They sat me in a separate room with a couch and privacy. They brought him in and let me stay with him as long as I wanted and then they did the procedure there with him in my hands. They were compassionate and caring. It made the experience better, given the circumstances. I was able to stay with him afterwards for however long I wanted as well. Overall, they were very professional and I recommend coming here for the exotic animals. NOTE- I cannot speak on their price because I have not tried anywhere else to know if they are higher or lower.

Barry Wallace

2 years ago

Just visited the outside on a drive from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale. Big fan of Dr. K’s show and enjoyed seeing the real place. It was closed on the Sunday I stopped by. If I had an exotic pet in need I’d certainly bring it there - 9 seasons of the show proves it’s an amazing place with folks that really care about animals.

Devoting Faith

2 years ago

I went there with my guinea pig Mocha. The staff there made a difficult situation, a bit easier. They were all kind, patient and comforting. The care they show to your pets/family member is awesome. I love their compassion for what they do. Thanks again guys for everything.

Frank Orrico (FrankieO)

2 years ago

Brought my Green Check Conure there, she ruptured her air sack that a bump grew on the left back side of her neck & shoulder. They checked her out, & drained the air out of the sack & she's back to being herself. Great place, employees are friendly & professional & Doctors are the best avian ones in Florida. She knew exactly what it was. Thank you for helping Koko ! Give them a try, & you'll become a regular like I did ! The "BEST" for you pets & they keep you at ease. Worth going there. Thx again ???????????? Frankie & Virginia

marta golan

2 years ago

I brought my hamster in as a emergency and they wouldn’t take him in until I paid $140 just to been seen, Shame! my hamster died! this place should not be called Vet hospital as it has 0 sympathy just care about money! Shame! Stay away!


2 years ago

Amazing staff, kind, reliable, very very experienced. I would drive HOURS to take my bunnies here. Best vet in FL ????????????

susan esposito

2 years ago

I have just started watching the show and fine that Dr. T has no bed side manner over animals dying and telling the owners. Her comments seem phony and very empty. It is like she says what she thinks you should say. She did tell one man when he was putting his pet rat down "dont worry he doesn't even know you are here" It upset him and I dont care what she says I think the animals are very aware when you are there as they are being put to sleep. Better work on this cause all her knowledge will mean nothing if she doesn't become more empathetic.

Stephen Cotillo

2 years ago

Killed our pet. Faith Burgos the so called vet dosed our African Grey "Romeo" with too much anesthesia and murdered him. Then, had the nerve to blame his death on a skin rash that he had. Romeo was FULL of life when we brought him here. Now, he's DEAD.

Grace M Elston

2 years ago

Compassionate. Knowledgeable, friendly . Worth the 2.5 hour drive each way .

Dan Ryder

2 years ago

Our bearded dragon was sick. She's been a part of the family for over 4 years. We took her here and they took beautiful care of her. she's home now recovering perfectly. Caring kind loving people and experience that's like no other. I would recommend for anybody with any exotic pet. Danny Jen Jessie and our pet Thor..

DJ Zog

2 years ago

The front desk staff is fine. The problem is Dr. Kelleher. Our Quaker Parrot (Richey) went in to have his nails trimmed. When we got him back, we were told they cut one of the nails too short severing a nerve which caused him to bleed. He obviously was in pain since his leg remained up most of the time. Instead of apologizing, her words were "he's being dramatic" even though he was shaking and looked mortified. She is aggressive, rude, lacks people skills and takes no accountability. 4 days later, he is unable to use his leg fully. This is not an underlying condition as claimed by Dr. Kelleher. Bottom line, WE WILL NEVER RETURN.

Anais Arnal

2 years ago

Dr K is just amazing, she saved one of my bunnies, I’ll be forever grateful to her


2 years ago

Dr. Faith, handler Pardei, and the front desk yong lady demonstrated such compassion, experience and great diligence in helping me with my injured songbird. They are true heroes.

Jordyn Burgos

2 years ago

Quite frankly I'm appalled. I used to whole heartedly support this place and sent so many referrals. Now I can't recommend them to care for a fly. When I was in for my appointment, the front desk girls were talking about a mishap that happened. An animal was placed in the same cage as an unrelated animal in the back and as one of the girls stated "it's so lucky that no one got hurt." HOW DOES SOMEONE PLACE TWO UNRELATED ANIMALS IN THE SAME CAGE? And WHY IS YOUR STAFF GOSSIPING ABOUT IT WHEN CLIENTS CAN HEAR?? Thankfully this was at the very end of my appointment. I waited TWO hours for my appointment that should have taken no more than 30 minutes. Mind you, for these two hours, my rabbit was in the back, where I could hear birds screaming. If you were not actively working on him in those two hours, why would you subject him to so much stress?? I understand that there are emergencies, but there is no consideration or respect for people's time. I live 5 minutes away, they could have easily called and said they were running an hour and a half behind. There was another woman who had been there more than two hours and that was just for a laser therapy with a tech! I do laser therapy at my clinic, it takes no more than 30 minutes. When she finally asked where her rabbit was, the staff had no idea who she was, no idea where her rabbit was AND couldn't even find his name in the computer for 10 minutes. My rabbit was diagnosed with snuffles last week and his bun wife started sneezing this morning. Even though snuffles is highly contagious, they want me to come in for an exam and do diagnostics and spend another $380 for my other rabbit insisting that it could be something else even though SNUFFLES IS HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS. I was just in last week with the male AND I even brought her in with him at that time but she wasn't sneezing. Overall, horrified at the fact that they had no idea where Marshmallow the rabbit was or why his laser therapy was taking so long. Also horrifying to hear that someone put two unrelated exotic animals in the same cage by accident. Incredibly dangerous. Lastly, no consideration for people's time. Please, please go find another exotic vet. This place is now dangerous and no longer cares about its clients and patients. I am so sad to say it I'm literally crying. Such an awful experience at a place I used to love.

Kerrie Dacon

2 years ago

Took our pet piglet to get a physical done and found the staff very friendly and the doctor was wonderful and attentive to our every need. Our sweetheart had top stay over night because of his surgery and we couldn't wait to see him the next day..and he was well taken care of.


2 years ago

This has to do with the show, I’m watching it right now, and Dr. T really gets under my skin with the comments she makes, this one in particular got me so mad that I had to write a review: a customer brought in their pet rabbit, and she says word for word “ I’m glad they brought their rabbit in when they did, not only because she’s sick but because she is so so sweet and she may be the cutest rabbit I’ve ever seen. We have a connection, so that being said I really, really, really hope she makes it.” Ugh. so basically if you didn’t find her cute and sweet you wouldn’t want her to make it as much as you would another rabbit?! Anyway, That’s how I took her comment. Rant over.

Lisa Ryan

2 years ago

UPDATE... Loki is doing so much better very active and very happy. My little guy is back to normal. Loki is in great hands! Thank You Dr Faith Burgos and team.

T Warner

2 years ago

My first visit there and they were very thorough and caring. I have full confidence and wouldn't bring my Parakeet Be-bop-a-lula anywhere else!

June Parker

2 years ago

Dr.Kelleher was very inquisitive and thorough in her examination of my pet Squirrel. I appreciated the transparency. She was able to handle him with care and perform the needed tests to diagnose him. The staff were welcoming, patient, and understanding. The fees were very reasonable.

Taylor King

2 years ago

Great hospital with a caring staff

Tim Watts

2 years ago

Working on their reef tank servicing it we saw a ???? that was in for a minor surgery


3 years ago

From the initial phone call to the time I left, the staff at Broward Avian and Exotics was incredibly friendly, professional and patient. I brought my 9 year old Savannah Monitor in due to a swollen limb and Dr Navarro and staff were very thorough working from the ground up to try to figure out the cause of the issue. While we didnt find a definitive answer, I feel much more confident in the expertise and information than the incomplete and unsure info Ive gotten from previous vets and Dr Navarro made sure we had a game plan to figure this out. Its a bit of a drive for me but definitely worth it for my Sav to get the care he deserves. Update: came back for xrays and worked with Dr. Burgos who was so attentive, compassionate and was knowledgeable about reptiles (which in my experience is rare) and she was able to pinpoint the issues and offer advice and solutions. Im so grateful to the staff here at Broward for helping me with Turok. I will continue to bring my reptiles here and I highly recommend others do too.

Nicole C.

3 years ago

Awesome staff and Dr. K was so nice and professional! I highly recommend this practice!!

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