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Mary Goff

2 years ago

Very good Dr and wonderful staff. Be prepared to spend some time there, they are thorough with tests and diagnoses. Great overall...highly recommended.

Sports Gaming

2 years ago

BE CATIOUS!! recently took my quaker parrot who had a foot injury and the doctor basically told me amputating his foot was my only option. After going back and forth with my parents we decided to hold off on the operation and splint his foot to give it time to heal. 1 week later its looking really good and I feel mistreated about the situation. For the doctor to instantly go to "surgery" I feel like he cared more about money than the best option for my bird. Wont be going again.

Krystal Lorenzo

2 years ago

BEST BIRD CLINIC!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! I had my pet love bird Shiloh break her leg about two weeks ago, and I had never had something like this occur to me, so I had been terrified that she had something a lot worse happening that I couldn't see, such as an eggbound. I called ten different places, and they either weren't able to take me in even as an emergency appointment, recommended me to a clinic near me, one of the worst clinics called "Paws and Claws," or they didn't answer. I finally found Backos Clinic, which is located an hour away from me, and when I tell you, their staff members are angels. The woman I spoke on the phone with, I wish I would've gotten her name; she was so kind and concerned over not only my pet but me as I was crying over the phone because I was super worried. Once I had arrived, they took in Shiloh immediately, they explained to me detail by detail what was wrong with her, and they took their time to show me how to give the medication and little things I could do to improve her well being. They assured me that she would be okay and reminded me that I could call at any moment if I had any concerns. PLEASE BRING YOUR PETS TO THIS CLINIC!!! :)

Wendy C

2 years ago

Dr. Backos and his entire staff are incredible. I drive all the way from South Beach (Miami Beach) so my parrot can receive the absolute best care. They are kind, caring and very professional. My parrot was very sick and was there for 10 days. Coconut received the best care and is now home recovering. I can’t say enough good things about Backos and his staff. I will only take my bird here for check ups/medical care, grooming and boarding. Thank you Dr. Backos!

aoo olll

2 years ago

This place is the best when it comes to treating birds, they saved my macaw buster from an egg she had stuck inside.

Matthew Torres

2 years ago

Great staff, and respectful about helping us be better birds owners!

Lily Perez

2 years ago

The staff is nice and give you all the information pertaining to the bird in detail. The doctor is very nice and caring....lots of experience in his field!

Debra Lee

2 years ago

He is the most caring Avian Vet around. I even drove to him from Central Florida for my parrots care.

Bienaventurado en Cristo Jesus

2 years ago

I recommend 100 % thanks .

Patricia Cassidy

2 years ago

Excellent care friendly and knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend

Prixila Garcia

2 years ago

Nice staff, the doctor is knowledgeable and friendly. They take care of the birds really good and make them feel as family

Ruben Perez

3 years ago

We brought our pet bird here after after his mouth was pierced by a sharp object. The doctor encouraged us to trust him and leave the bird in his care. When we came back the next day to pick up our bird, he was in a worse condition than we had left him in. He could no longer lift his head and the doctor did not no why (he never had a neck problem to begin with). Seeing our bird in this terrible state, we called back and asked if an accident had happened that might have caused the bird to harm his neck. The receptionist got very upset very quickly and started to blame us claiming that he was like that because we didnt feed him even though we did. She was very rude and even told us to go to find another clinic. They were not very helpful or professional at all. Would not reccomend this place to anyone.

Liza Karsai

3 years ago

Dr. Backos is a fantastic avian vet with a great staff.

Saalik Cuevas

3 years ago

Took Ava the cockatiel to Dr Backos today. We met Chalie the parrot whole waiting for a check up.

Carolina Lasantita

3 years ago

This clinic is the best place you can take your bird. Dr. Backos is very honest, professional, caring, and knowledgeable. I found a disable baby Muscovy about a week ago. I initially went to Broward exotic, and they told me Pio had a condition called Perosis or slipped tendon. They suggested surgery right away, but I felt something wasn’t right. Everything related to the surgery was so vague and unclear, that I decided to go for a second opinion with an experience avian specialist. I am so happy I found Dr. Backos. He went above and beyond in examining my little duck Pio. He told me surgery won’t do any difference at this point, and offered other alternatives. I give Dr. Backos a 10 start rating on professional ethics, knowledge, and how much he cared about my baby duck. Dr. Backos clinic is open for emergency 24/7, that shows his love and dedication to his career. He is an example of what an avian specialist is about! I can’t thank him enough for all that he done so far for my beloved Pio ????....

Dex D

3 years ago

They should call this place : stealing money bird clinic. I told them what happen to my bird. They didn’t listen at all. I asked for a blood test but they didn’t. Got a big bill for nothing. Will never come back to this place. Stay away people.


3 years ago

Disappointed big time! I wanted to do a blood test for my bird. Instead they did an Xray. X-ray??? For what? Paid $300 for nothing. Not professional at all. I’m very angry about this. I got my sick bird back with $300 bill. Unbelievable. They are stealing money! Never again .... Go somewhere else trust me.

Annette Sanchez

3 years ago

The staff and Dr. Are amazing.

Dagoberto Rodriguez

3 years ago

Very very caring. Dr Backos and his staff did there best to save our feathered child. Explains every detail and Danielle was very comforting. One thing that we overlooked was that thinking our child had an eye problem because he kept closing his left eye was that our child was feeling bad and I thought it was just nothing weeks ago because it his eye would go back to normal but that was because he was a soldier. In the wild if a bird gets sick they do what's possible to act normal otherwise if the flock knows they'll kill him of abandon him to save the flock. That's what we overlooked. Our baby is in heaven now but we still have Dr Backos and Danielle to help. They are the best Thank you Danielle and most of all thank you Dr Backos for everything you tried to do. God bless

David Arkham

3 years ago

This is the best place in the area to take birds. Dr. Backo is amazing. He gave us great antibiotics for our starling and he mixed up some nutritional supplements that really helped him. Very fair prices as well.

Julie A

3 years ago

They took good care of my bird whenever we leave for vacations.

Alejandro Roma (Roman Boii)

3 years ago

Dr. Backo is is the best avian veterinarian I have ever met. I came here as an emergency with my African grey. Within an hour she was back in my hands giving me kisses. They are very professional and caring especially in these times with COVID. When it came to the billing they were very understanding and generous with the best attention and care to my feathery best friend.

Sterling Makish

3 years ago

I called on a Friday afternoon for a appointment for my pet parrot that had a issue with its foot. I got a Monday appointment at 12pm. Monday morning the bird was doing way way better. I called to cancel the appointment first thing in the morning and I was told I would be charged a $35 cancellation fee. When I told the person on the phone that nobody ever mentioned any cancellation fee and I made the appointment on Friday afternoon I was hung up on. I later called back and was told that that was the office manager who hung up on me for merely questioning a $35 fee that I was never told about. I asked to speak to the owner. And nobody ever returned my call office management is horrible at this place if you have another choice I would take my pet there. I was never able to get any service so I can’t comment on the service of the veterinarians but if they have people like that running their front office I will not be sending my pet there find somewhere else if you can.

Paula Recalde

3 years ago

I don’t ever leave reviews however this is needs to be acknowledged. Only reason why I’m leaving 4 stars is because of Dr. Backos himself. He is an amazing gifted bird Doctor, bedside manners 100% only because of him is why I keep coming back to this place. THE STAFF however, management or whatever it is, absolutely awful. They sound miserable on the phone, and make it seem like they hate it there. It wasn’t like this when I first started coming to this clinic which was about 4 years ago, so that’s definitely changed I feel bad for Dr. Backos because he is so wonderful and the staff is the face of the clinic, it is what pet owners first see. So I guess if your patient with rude people, Dr. Backos is worth it. Also, apparently there is this new thing where they charge you $71 to make an appointment just in case you are a no show, which makes no sense to charge the full visit before even going instead of just charging the $35 cancellation in advance. I’m not against charging the $35 in advance in case there is a no show. It’s understandable it just makes no sense to charge $71 In advance and then get refunded.

Norma Vitale

3 years ago

Love Backos Bird Clinic always Friendly and takes great care of my bird when clipping nails beak and wings!

Luba (laler1)

3 years ago

Great as always. Dr Backos is the best.


3 years ago

I really want to give big kudos to this hospital. Im a vet tech who works at an ER in the area..we don't have the capabilities to properly treat exotics so we commonly refer to Backos and they always answer our calls any time of day and give us advice as well and receive the clients we send their way with emergencies. I also...personally want to give kudos to the person I spoke to on the phone this morning concerning my own bird. I have a cockatiel that just laid an egg for the first time so I had all kinds of questions about her health, well being, and husbandry things. The staff member was so patient with me and very clearly answered my questions as well as eased some of my concerns. I've had to call in the past about my bird and they are just always so willing to help Such reliable, knowledgeable, kind, and patient staff

Jasen Aversa

3 years ago

Great staff and friendly too. The expertise that Dr. Backos offers is worth it. He takes a different approach to veterinary care than other traditional vets out there. His methods take more time but the results to help your pet bird is very beneficial!


3 years ago

Dr Backos is the Best Avian Dr in South Florida. We rescue both wild and domestic birds. Dr Backos has helped us cure simple infections as well as sucessfully perform major surgeries on our birds. He and his staff go beyond professionalism. They truly care about the wellbeing of each bird they treat.

Jaime Aird

3 years ago

This is the first time in life leaving an online review, but I feel compelled to let others know how better than great, perhaps better than excellent Backos Bird Clinic is. I recently rescued (by purchase) a Pionus parrot from a shady pet store in Hialeah. To no surprise the parrot was sick. I initially had a general vet conduct a physical and he recommended I consult Dr. Backos based on his experience. Dr. Backos and his staff were amazing!!!! they taught me how to administer the medication and were extremely patient (first time bird owner). Dr. Backos kept Louy over night (at no cost) and the next day my Louy was very active and behaving like a healthy bird should. I am forever grateful for their help.

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