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Paulo Versari

2 years ago

I brought my dog there with a injury in his foot they give them anesthesia the next day my dog was dead, I think the anesthesia kill my dog

Miranda no comment

2 years ago

They immediately saw my cat and within 12 hours he was good to go even with all the issues he had. They gave me updates through the whole process and were really helpful throughout everything.

Gerard Rogan

2 years ago

Animal Emergency Clinic was there when Pickles and I needed them. Blake at the front desk was more than helpful, the vet techs were top notch and the vet professional and knowledgeable. Just what we needed. ER for animals is not easy so god bless them. The clinic was clean, top notch equipment, and well run. All the staff were very kind and clearly love animals. Blake at the front desk has a sense of humor, good taste in music and handsome too for those that are single :) His professionalism and kindness made all the difference.


2 years ago

READ THIS REVIEW: In my opinion, the best Veternary Clinic in all of South Florida, hands down no contest. I lost a lot this year, all I have left are my two cockers, one of which is 13 and his ear was so infected you couldn't see inside it and he was in pain. I knew it was going to be expensive, but the Vets that work here - they don't value Money over the Pets health. The only way I know how to express what they did for me at 5:30 in the morning on a Saturday, is to say...... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I am so greatful to you for helping me save my dog Hunter. It means so much to me that after loosing everything, you helped me save the last peice of my life.

Kimberly Wise

2 years ago

Rodolfo Padilla was an amazing help he showed so much compassion and honesty more than I’ve ever seen in any clinic or vet! To know there’s still kind hearted people like this in the world is always a blessing

Levi Bicalho

2 years ago

I took my dog there because she was limp, she had a surgery 5 years ago and they said needs to pull the pin off… but they didn’t do it and also it cost me $2,200.00 just for X-ray and medication for a week after that she got worst. If you have any emergency better be prepared it’s gonna hurt you!

tarik Eid

2 years ago

So much more expensive than other vets. The doctor also said he would kick my dog if my dog jumped on him. Please do not go here there’s a reason why other hospitals have way better reviews. This place will take advantage of you. Really didn’t want to leave a review but I want to save other people from this disgusting place.

Tyler Breuer

2 years ago

I took 4 kittens in last Sunday Morning and was taken care of quickly and efficiently. They help with the price and were reasonable due to it being 4 animals. Now the kitties are doing amazing and acting norma again! Thanks guys!

Abby Diab

2 years ago

In the middle of the night when your pet is gravely ill, you really don’t know where to turn and find yourself frantically searching for anyone who will take you. The first place we called had several emergencies ahead of us and told us it would be a three-hour wait, which turned out to be incredibly fortunate for us because it led us to call the next name on our search list: Animal Emergency Clinic of Deerfield Beach. I am so grateful to have wound up there because I’ve never met a more caring and compassionate group of professionals, who over the course of an entire night provided exceptional care to my cat and to her (often emotional) human family. When we arrived, they were waiting for us at the door. They immediately took our cat inside and stabilized her to keep her comfortable. At the same time, they welcomed us inside and did their best to keep us comfortable, too. Rodolfo worked with us to keep the costs affordable, and yet to ensure that our cat received all the care that she needed, and that the necessary diagnostics were performed so that we could make appropriate, informed decisions. They gave us all the time we needed; they treated our cat with dignity and they and treated us with care, respect and understanding. Ultimately, we made the heartbreaking decision to euthanize. But that decision was made safely in the knowledge that our cat had received the best care possible, and that no stone had been left unturned in an effort to save her. I will always be grateful to Rodolfo and his wonderful team at Animal Emergency Clinic of Deerfield Beach for making a very difficult situation just a little bit easier, and if I find myself in a similar type of emergency again, I now know where to turn.

Debbie Grey

2 years ago

We came to this vet as an after hours emergency and there was only one vet on duty and he was in surgery. There was no one available to see my dog who had ingested a toxin and needed treatment and we were unsympathetically turned away. If you need to see a vet quickly don’t come here first as you are likely to be turned away.

Desiray Cruz

2 years ago

I was on vacation and my dog needed to get to a vet because his paws were in bad shape. I called that morning to Animal Emergency Clinic of Deerfield Beach and without ever being a client and needing to be seen that very moment told me to come on in that morning and they would see him! We got there and they were super efficient and helped us right away and were kind! Most of all they helped me feel better although I was an anxious mess. I am definitely making their vet clinic my dogs go to clinic whenever I visit! Thank you so much to everyone there at Animal Emergency Clinic of Deerfield Beach!!!

destiny Panno

2 years ago

I highly recommend this organization. Rudolpho and the Dr. Mike were extremely compassionate, comforting, kind, and professional. They were also extremely quick and efficient. Their main concern was my kitten’s well-being and I am just so …

Francesca De Caria

2 years ago

Had an emergency with my 11 year old cocker spaniel. The staff was very kind and so helpful. Rodolfo and the other staff members have a big heart and really just want to help animal owners with their furry friends. Will be going there next time I have an emergency with my pets. Veterinary care is expensive, as most of us animals owners know especially for emergencies, but this animal clinic will make sure they go the full 9 years for your pet. I am so thankful that they took care of my baby girl.

Helene Mermelstein

2 years ago

I just moved to Boca with my beautiful fur baby. He unfortunately got an infection on his paw and had to have surgery with Dr Mike. Everyone in this office was so kind to me and Bentley. They took very good care and made sure he was comfortable. (and me). They spoke to me after hours and made themselves available for questions. They are truly passionate about what they do. I have to go back tomorrow to get the stitches and drain out. I feel confident they will take very good care of us. Thank you so much!!

Joelle Brodeur

2 years ago

I had to put down my 16 yr old cat this morning. She was slowly declining in the last three weeks and then became very ill overnight. She stopped eating and eventually stopped drinking, too. Her breathing was shallow and she had mucous clogging her nose and her eyes. I called the vet hospital and spoke with Rodolfo just after 7am. I explained the situation with the cat, what behavior and symptoms I observed and mentioned that she will likely need to be put down. He calmed me down and said let's examine her and see what we can do for her, if anything can be done for her before assuming she needs to be put to sleep. I quickly brought her in. Rodolfo took her right back before 8am and then came back to the front office to speak with me. After an exam and xray, he said the vet on call confirmed what I knew. She was in the process of shutting down and that she was in the end stages of her life. Rodolfo took me to an empty exam room to discuss in private and gave me space to process my decision and cry. I made the decision to put her down. I didn't want her ashes (too painful), I only asked that I get a set of paw prints (I will add that to a picture I've had of her). He took care of me and my cat (my "baby" as he gently put it). He worked with me on the cost of the euthanization and cremation. He took the time and showed genuine empathy. I wish all healthcare people who care for both animals and humans alike, had his bedside manner. He assured me that I gave her a good life and it's her time. We talked about other stuff going on with my husband's health that made this loss hard for me. He took the time to speak with me about that, too. Even though I knew my cat could not be saved, I am glad that I brought her to this hospital to help me with the final stages of her life and peacefully put her to sleep. She's not suffering anymore. Rodolfo helped me through this with kindness, empathy and patience. If I'm ever in the need of their services for our other pet, I will definitely come back.

Michael Mandel

2 years ago

If you're looking for a place that takes advantage of worried pet owners to the point where they knowingly recommend unnecessary tests for the purpose of making money, look no further. I could not possibly have a lower opinion on this place. I would give negative stars as my rating if i could. DO NOT TAKE YOUR DOG HERE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. They are opportunists who care about taking advantage of people and extracting as much money as possible out of pet owners when they are worried rather than actually caring about the well being of the dog. First, we come in and they cant even weigh a dog correctly. They say our dog weighed 38 pounds. We took our dog to a vet 3 weeks ago and this morning right after this incident and the dog is actually 32 pounds. Not even close. How can you as a vet not even weigh a dog correctly and what does that say about your business' emergency veterinarian abilities? Then, Dr. Elpert says if our dog ate dinner right before she ate the item in question the x-ray likely wont show anything. Rather than doing the responsible thing in that case and telling us to monitor our dog, the doctor pushed not 1 x-ray but 3 despite knowing he wouldnt be able to see anything based off when she last ate and then unprompted brought up the cost of surgery of $8800 if there is a blockage before even conducting the xray to see if there is a problem. Then, upon doing the 3 unnecessary x rays that the doctor knew would be pointless, the doctor comes back and says he cant see anything as he knew he wouldnt be able to and, again, rather than doing the responsible thing and telling us to monitor the dog, he pushes us to spend $300 to have a more specialized vet simply look at the x-ray. At that point, $675 later and without any real help whatsoever, we left and took our dog to our normal vet and she left with a clean bill of health and a minimal charge. Not only was the main goal to extract as much money as possible from worried pet owners, the awful transactional nature of the encounter was disgusting. Obviously there will be charges associated with treating a potentially sick dog, but the insistence upon treatment that they knew would be fruitless and the continued pushing of treatments they knew to be unnecessary at that point was awful. DO NOT GO HERE. TAKE YOUR DOG LITERALLY ANYWHERE ELSE.

Olga Tarasevych

2 years ago

The worst emergency I’ve seen so far. Experience was just terrible. I would give zero or negative stars if I could. All they care is making as much money of you as they can. I ended up taking my pet to a different emergency and it turned out to be simple, easy and fast procedure to save my pet. And these guys refused to even look at the described issue before running all kind of test costing thousands of dollars. They were threatening us that my pet will DIE if we won’t agree to all they say. Can you imagine that level of pressure and stress???

Szatoria Ward

2 years ago

On August 27,2020 my dog was tragically hit by a car at 6am. My neighbor came to inform me that a lady had hit my dog and did not stop. I being to panic and instructed my 11 year old son to pick the dog up and place Lola(my dog) in the vechile so that we can get her some help. My dog was bleeding EVERYWHERE and I being to panic because I had no knowledge where to take her. I googled 24 hours pet clinics and came across the animal emergency clinic. I contacted them and informed them what had happened. They instructed me to bring the dog right away. As I pulled into the parking lot, all staff memebers were awaiting our arrive and immediately place my dog on the stretcher and rush her to the back. This was an all hands on deck situation and they sprung right into action. The team at the animal emergency clinic stabilized her and being to run test. Than came the bill which I could not afford. I was in a panic and I had so many emotions running thru me and being taking my fustration out on the staff because I was assuming my dog was going to died because the bill was thousands of dollars and I did not no where I was going to get the money from to save her life.My dog was bleeding internally, suffered an broken leg, four other major bruises and so many other complications from the accident. Let me tell you, they made it happen for me. They worked it out all for me and saved my dogs life. I was calling around to different facilities and no one could help save my dog but The animal emergency clinic did it, they saved my precious Lola. These people are amazing at what they do and are genuine about the care they provide to the patients and their patients owners. I could not have been any happier that I found these amazing individuals to safe my dogs life. My dog is up and walking , eating, and getting back to during things as before. I can’t thank the staff at The Animal clinic enough for saving my dogs life. You guys are very much appreciated from my family. I would highly recommend anyone who is in need of services for their pet to choose THE ANIMAL CLINIC. Lola is very greatly as well. Thank you all!!!!

Vonetha Gerve

2 years ago

My cat was really sick and he was making little tiny blood pools so I called the nearby emergency animal clinic. They told me what my cat has is something VERY SERIOUS! so I freaked out and took my cat there(btw his name is Mac) AND I NEVER BEEN SO BLESSED IN MY LIFE! The doctors helped me and my cat. They welcomed me and told me what’s gonna happen to my cat and all. At first I was scared but everything I was doing was for my cat so I did and he looks great now and well. THANK YOU Doc for saving my Baby cat.

Bibi Albarracin

2 years ago

I came desperate looking for a place to check and help if possible my ill cat. The owner and the clinic staff greeted, attended and helped Bella and I say good bye! It was a hard experience to say goodbye, but they helped me through not only with kindness but with honesty and transparency of their procedures and services. They helped my Bella pass comfortably and provide ease to her pain and suffering.

Briana Drabik

2 years ago

The staff here is absolutely amazing. Dr. Elpert and Rodolfo were incredible and so kind. They took amazing care of our pup and even put hearts on her cast. We will definitely come here next time we have an emergency.

Kelly Paul

2 years ago

My cat was outside all day and came back around dinner time with a very deep wound on his leg. We are not sure how it happened but I rushed him to this emergency clinic and they took him immediately. Everyone was wonderful and took care of my baby. 20 hours later and he is home and happy. Thank you for making this crazy day better!

Kenyetta Stanley

2 years ago

My dog Roxy was having diarrhea and vomiting overnight. I called Animal Emergency Clinic and they told me to come in right way. The owner was very concerned and took Roxy straight in. He expressed Roxy may need X-ray and blood work done but I declined because of financing. They still provided me assistance and even recommended other Veterans that were more affordable. I felt as though they loved my Roxy just as much as we do. He even gave me medicines at a discount. Im so grateful for AEC


2 years ago

I have never had better service. The staff was supportive and understanding. Having a sick pup is never easy and they made the experience less stressful. My pup was in the hospital for 4 days and they let me see him, kept me updated, and where just an AMAZING bunch of people. Of course the vet bills are high especially when it’s an emergency vet bill but they walked me through the price and did an wonderful job (and everyone knows vet bills are expensive in general). If I ever need an emergency clinic again I will be going back to them but I hope I don’t have to! Thank you guys for saving my pup!!!’

Noriah Abdullah

2 years ago

Best animal hospital ever!! They saved my yorkie’s life from pancreatitis! Very friendly staff , professional and helpful during such troublesome times. Clean, fast, great communication , and very understanding!! Also quite affordable! We almost lost our yorkie due to not only her illness but financial hardship as well, being a young couple with a 4 month old son and a 2year old sick yorkie in today’s economic environment/pandemic is really tough. Rudolpho, the front desk personnel, was able to find an organization that could help with the burden costs of treatments to help save our yorkie and make things a bit more affordable! If it wasn’t for his endurance and compassion and the organization’s generosity, we might have lost the opportunity to see our son grow old with our yorkie (who is our first baby before our actual baby! ) . I will bring any sick animal and highly recommend this emergency animal hospital to anyone and everyone I know, they truly are angels in disguise whom are devoted to not only caring for your furrbabies but also caring to their distressed owners as well. Most centers in the animal healthcare industry can be quite the opposite which can make treatment and costs to help save your furrbaby almost impossible. Glad to say this animal hospital, is without a doubt, 10 star service! Highly recommend!!! To the staff of this animal hospital, NeyaWeya the Yorkie and her family THANK YOU tremendously for saving her! ***Please see below for adorable yorkie pics overload! **

Pedro Noriega

2 years ago

Dirty scam shop. These folks are SCAMMERS & LIARS! Avoid at all costs or get ready for some headaches, dirty tactics, and them buying fake reviews to wash away all their scammy behavior. These folks have made an art out of scamming. I think I will report them to the Vet Council and get their license revoked, and I'm not sure I would be the only ones reporting them. Just the most unscrupulous people with no morals. They try to take advantage of you during distress because your pet is sick. These people have a special place in hell reserved for them.


2 years ago

very kind and respectful, understanding. a very good place i took my dog here. they were very good people and very helpful. they sent me home with antibiotics for my dog. highly recommended

Samantha Black

2 years ago

I was a wreck because my dog was very sick and they did well keeping me calm and talking to me about my pup. They took great care of him. Definitely recommend

paul h

2 years ago

We took our Maltese here for a foot injury and their attentiveness and hospitality made us feel we were the most important customer. Now our dog is back to being a dog. Than you Rodolfo.

Catina's Cake Creations #THECAKELADY

2 years ago

My 4 month old French Bulldog injured himself and needed care immediately. It was a Sunday and my vet was closed so I called and they told me to come right away. Everyone was so awesome with helping me with my baby. He ended up having surgery and is headed towards a full recovery. Derrick and the Doc's were great. You won't be disappointed!

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