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Edna Pearcey

a year ago

I really can not say enough positive things about the veterans and the technical staff at St. Charles Hospital. Day or night you were there to answer my questions when our Grayson was so sick and we were so worried about his well being. …

Emily Gutowski

a year ago

I went here for an after-hours emergency with my bearded dragon, and everyone at the hospital was fantastic. They explained diagnostic tests and treatment thoroughly, gave me some topics to discuss with my non-emergency reptile vet in the near future, and were very kind. I'd never had an emergency before and didn't know what to expect, but I left feeling comfortable with this hospital and its team.

Leo Njorge

a year ago

They refuse service when it’s inconvenient and not profitable for them

Eddy Guzman

a year ago

My dog is at the last stage of his life part of the family we took him there Spent over $1600 they called animal services to come to the house rid of my dog.

Ziggy Arteaga

a year ago

Although professional only come if there is an actual EMERGENCY because they are very very expensive they quoted me 3-7 thousand dollars just to diagnose my pet VERY pricey

Ana Briana

a year ago

If your animal is not dying don’t waste your time or your animals. Truth is they will make you wait and won’t even update you on how the wait time is and I was there over two days with same result waiting 10 plus hours for nothing. Even was in an exam room and no vet would even see my pet and kicked us out because he wasn’t dying. I just hope by the time he is seen by another facility he isn’t absolutely sick and dying.

Vortex Gearz

a year ago

So before making this post I wanted to make sure that my animal was fine and healthy so that way I know that I am not miss guiding anyone with information. I rushed my chinchilla here after she had cut her leg I rushed her in at 2 AM and we were not seen until 9:30 AM I was severely upset because after 930 they told me treatment for her would be about $4000 when I didn’t have $4000 right off the bat to give to them they told me to put down my animal. I had asked why to put down my animal when I am coming in for a leg wound and I just wanna make sure that it wasn’t infected or causing her any pain. I have bought the pain medication and I had bought the examination so that way they could tell me so I took home my chinchilla and I took care of the wound myself. It literally only cost me about $20 and now she is in perfect health I took her to another vet to have her examined to make sure I was taking care of the wound properly and the vet said she is in perfect perfect health I am severely upset that they had told me and scared me so bad trying to have me put down my healthy animal I am sorry if this company has ever told you the same and scared you enough to actually making that decision I’m glad that I went against that and I use my own intuition and never put down my animal she is completely healthy I wanna keep on reminding everyone in this review completely healthy the doctor has that had saw me was Julie Byers she literally saw me for only two minutes and didn’t even touch my chinchilla so if I were you I would be very careful and who you trust with your pets and use your better judgment because they don’t know your animal

Valeria Rodriguez

a year ago

Yeah dont go here. Tried getting some information over the phone and the lady I spoke to literally said they didnt do the service I was calling about and then PROCEEDED to tell me how much it would be before midnight and after midnight and …

Toby Stevens

a year ago

Horrible. Very unprofessional and they only care about money. Keep an eye out for the trophy wall of all the pets they’ve killed. (Wish I was kidding)

Shawn Blake

a year ago

This place is a rip off I would never take my dog back there.

Kristen Cundiff

a year ago

Fantastic service! I have needed a vet to treat my rabbit and they were amazing!

Kadin B

a year ago

We brought our 3-4 month old puppy here a lot over the summer, at one point 3 times in the span of a month. For what we accurately thought were seizures, later to be confirmed elsewhere. They refused to believe it was seizures, or more serious problems that needed testing, and they brushed us off each time saying she was just ingesting something toxic and we need to be more careful. The final time the vet literally brought me my puppy who was still actively in her after-seizure state shaking and stumbling and peeing herself standing up, and said "all better!" My 8 month old is now dying in a diabetic crisis, because for all our begging to be taken seriously, and the HOURS they made us wait while my puppy just sat in a cage in the back, (the front desk kept peeking back there when we couldn't get updates from a tech) - after all that they failed to catch that my dog is diabetic. I'm heartbroken, and so mad that I didn't do more to make sure they were actually running diagnostics on my dog.

crystal rios

a year ago

After reading a lot of reviews I see that a lot had the same problem as me . I do believe that they just care about money and not the well being of the pets so I asked why would you even be a vet? I took my pet with a wound after they quoted me with 1,334 I asked for a payment plan they said “no we don’t have one” I asked for my pet back they gave me medication but they took about an hour to give him back. Looked at the caged had a little stain in the bottom though that they given him something for the pain but they didn’t even clean the wound they left it just like that with blood and everything. So they want 1,334 just to even clean the wound? They don’t have passion they just want money. Next day I was gonna take him ti another vet but it was to late he did passed away.. Do i trust what they were doing with my pet for an hour after I asked for him back ? No I don’t. Sadly they spend more than 8 years in vet school just to try and dry out your pockets. Because if you don’t pay they could care less if you pet dies or not.

Chadasia Alexander

a year ago

They only want money and if you dont have that euthanasia is a free option . Never going here again for none of my future pets!

Barry Parton

a year ago

Beware! They don’t care about you or your pet. Very bad experience here

Kyla Railey

2 years ago

It surprises me the poor reviews. The clinic was incredibly comforting, helpful, and took us immediately. I came home to my guinea pig dying, and we rushed him to this hospital. I called nearly a minute away, and they took us in and him out of my arms immediately. While it was too late for my pet, they helped us the best they could as a critical patient. When we were waiting to speak with someone about options for burial/cremation, the staff that passed by apologized multiple times for the wait (they had a dog in critical condition). It’s understandable they’re concerns are on the patient dying. I found the doctor to be HONEST, I felt like she was telling me the truth and not sucking money from me at all. The staff, especially the person who took our information and answered the call, were incredibly professional. I give five stars over and over again for what help they could provide my pet.

Liams MegaToyChest

2 years ago

12 years my indoor/outdoor cat has had his own little town/ranch. Overnight suddenly he was in severe full body trauma, bladder, I rushed him in. Four days later he came back, not only better than ever, but acting like nothing ever happened.

Dottie Turner

2 years ago

I have been going to St. Charles Veterinary Hospital for years and had no problem until now. I took my pet cat there because he could not urinate. They did all kinds of test came back and said he is going to have diarrhea and was sent home with diarrhea medication which he didn't need. Why doesn't the Doctor listen to the pet owner when they say what is wrong with your pet. Charged a lot for this visit which didn't help him. Eleven days later took my cat back, he couldn't urinate. Again did a examination and would cost over $3,000.00 to treat him, WOW! I feel like I should have taken him some where else, now it is to late because I had to make a horrible decision to put him down, wish I was rich to pay the over $3,000 but think if only he had the right treatment the firs time he would be still here with me. Understand you are there to make money, but think about the pet owner. Its all about the money????

Jaime E Torres

2 years ago

Do not bring your Pets here. They will try to dry your pockets. If you read other poor reviews they all concur. They start of with $104, couple of hours later they need to run more test. Now they ask for $1,074. Then couple more hours they …


2 years ago

If I could rate zero stars I would. Was told it would be a 4-6 hour wait to see my pet when she had something stuck in her throat. Had to shout my personal information across the room because the representative was 15 feet away, at a desk …

Edward E

2 years ago

Bee sting = $1,700 that I refused to pay. Tool the dog home gave him two Benadryl’s, doggie is fine! The place should be called Cha Ching animal hospital.

Heather Ongley

2 years ago

Dog got deep laceration about 3 in long from barb wire at 8 am. Called and brought him over right then. They put a cone on him and said come back in 4-6 hours. Back by 11 am and get estimate for $1,400. Drop him off and told should be done before 5 PM. It is now 8 PM. Dog has been neglected in their cages with no food and no water (because “surgery” not done yet). And still no stitches or antibiotics. No ETA given. I feel like they take $1000 and your pet and hold them hostage.11 PM still no dog. Final note: 11:15 PM dog returned. They divorced us via letter. Attached has a list of numbers of other emergency vets they suggest you go to.

Laura Rhodes

2 years ago

Our 5 year old cat suddenly became really ill over the weekend and the Vet was quick to determine his ailment and with further testing confirmed it. Feline heart disease. While they could have taken my money and I freely told them that money wasn't an issue to save him they were realistic in telling me the treatment outcome was poor. We had to euthanize him and they helped us with that as well very compassionately. They are a top notch Veterinary Hospital.


2 years ago

What vet doesn't know how to read images that every time you go it has to be sent out to be read for further recommendations for treatment then charge you for sending out the images you already pay for

Alicia Branoff

2 years ago

We noticed our bunny Sweetie had stopped eating and going to the bathroom, and wasn't being quite as active. When the typical gas drops recommended for bunnies showed no improvement, we made the decision to take her in. In all honesty, we …


2 years ago

We brought our animal in after hours and we were told one price prior to the visit and another upon arrival prior to the animal being seen. It was an extra 30 added on to the fee if you come after midnight even though they don’t share that info upfront

Dog Harley

2 years ago

Had an emergency, staff would not even see my dog because from previous visits the vet killed a couple of my animals,from neglect because he needed an x-ray since I said he had an obstruction,all they care about is their money, no …

Ace Adman

2 years ago

I had to rush my baby to St. Charles Saturday after midnight and I must say all the allergy issues my dog has had and all of the vets we have been to this by far was the absolute best! We saw Dr. May and Miss Jackie and they took such good care of him and I believe added the quality of life, that my fur baby deserves! Thank you ladies you are rock stars and deserve the best!

Carlos Fernandez

2 years ago

I called at around 2:00 in the morning because my beloved cat couldn't urinate and seemed to be in pain every time I handled him. The technician over the phone instructed me that my cat had a urinary blockage and would likely die if I didn't bring him immediately to this establishment. I agree and I brought my cat within 30 minutes. My cat was immediately brought to the back and they began treating him. They brought me to a room and the doctor explained everything that was going on in detail and very patiently answered every single one of my nervous questions. They brought me a bill, I paid it, and I was clear to leave. Over the next 3 days of my cat's hospitalization I was given phone calls every morning to update me on his condition, the doctor was always very polite and I heard in their voice that they truly cared about my precious pet cat. Finally on the third day, my cat was cleared to return home, I went to pick him up and was met with another wonderful customer service experience. I was brought to the back room and I asked several questions about how to prevent the situation from occurring again and the doctor gave me every bit of an answer I could hope for. At the checkout desk, I was given nearly half of what I paid for back and ended up with an overall total that was lot less than I expected. To say I had a wonderful experience at this animal hospital would be an understatement. From walking in, to receiving updates on my beloved animal, all the way to walking out with him in my arms, I felt something I normally do not feel with any other veterinarian. I felt security and confidence that my animal was in good hands and had a wonderful outlook for his future health. I was extremely lucky. If I hadn't received the advice to bring in my cat, he would've likely died. My animals are my whole world, I don't know what I would have done if it wasn't for this amazing office and it's wonderful employees. If you have an animal that is having a severe or immediate health emergency, or just want a wonderful vet experience, this is the place to go.

john barrett

2 years ago

Called during hrs cause dogs in labor having difficulty. So i Bring her right in. I pay 104 dollars for her temperature and weight to be taken. Now they with another 250 for an x-rays to confirm that she's pregnant. 4 yrs of college and …

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