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Becci Godwin

2 years ago

The staff is incredible and kept me updated. They also encouraged me to call with any concerns. Love this clinic!! I knew Sunny was in great hands!

Kelli Merola

2 years ago

What a great experience! Doctor Jack and Eric truly care about our pets! Dr. Jack spent a LOT of time helping us to understand our dog's condition, how to care for him in his critical condition and our options, as well as answered all of our questions. The office was calm and staff were very professional.

Katie David

2 years ago

We have used Dr. Eric & Dr. Jack for over 6 years. They treat our fur babies like their own. They have treated a varied number of pet issues including mega colon in my cat, skin allergies, an open wound, ear infections, and regular check ups. Candy, Andre, and Savannah are the best at what they do. You pay for the stellar service you receive but they are fair and upfront. I appreciate the Cast Member discount as well!

Linda Dalton

2 years ago

I took my dog in to get her vaccines. The Dr came out and told me she had infections in both ears, he prescibed an antibiotic ear wash. I used the wash for one and a half days. At which time my dog lost her hearing completely. Her hearing came back the next afternoon. I took her back in, the Dr said there was no reason for the hearing loss. I had him micro chip her at that that time. 2 days later she started hacking ( coughing). I took her to another Dr who ran a bunch of very expense tests ($637+), all with negative results. I did some research and found out that she had Kennel Cough, which she had to have caught at Reunion Vet Hospital. I called today and told the receptionist that my dog caught it there, she did not seem to care at all. I will not take my dog back or recommend Reunion Vet Hospital ever!!!

Cara Shaw

2 years ago

They were polite, courteous, great with my dog! They check a lot of things for a simple $80 including the rabies shot!

Kara Fullerton

2 years ago

I took my dog here when I got her at 2months old, had been going there up until we moved to Clermont/winter garden almost 4 yrs ago. My dog is now 6yrs old, we tried several vets in our area when we moved and was not impressed. I decided to take my dog back to Reunion Vet and I am soo glad I did. It was worth the 45min drive.. They are absolutely wonderful! My baby needed all of her shots and I had a few concerns about her skin, the doctor took time to explain everything to me, it was a great experience! Thank you so much Dr. Hale!

Matt Winter

2 years ago

We brought our new puppy to Reunion Vet after finding them online, with good reviews. Even with COVID precautions in place we felt very happy with the care Dr. Eric and the team provided. Lola seemed happy with the care she received and didn't want to leave! The office is clean and the staff is very nice. He vet took the time after Lola's exam to sit and explain what her examed and gave us a few new puppy tips and tricks.. We're lucky to have found a great vet!!


3 years ago

Dr Eric and staff are caring and really know their stuff! My dogs actually like going there and that's a first!!

James Ellis

3 years ago

I have never used the services of this place but Google will not stop cramping it in my face

Dennis Mattson

3 years ago

We had to take our small dog to this clinic today for the first time..the receptionist and tech we're very kind but the vet Eric is very rude I would not recommend taking your pet to Eric at all...first time we've ever had to deal with a rude vet ever.

Dave Graves

3 years ago

Nice and clean. They made you feel safe and socially distanced. Front desk staff was excellent. Very knowledgeable and you could tell they loved pets. Office visit seemed cheap at only $50. Meds were quite a bit more than my other vet...but to be fair they actually preloaded 14 syringes for my dogs treatment so I didn't have to measure the liquid each time...never saw that before.

Reagan Wheeler

3 years ago

Go somewhere else!! I’m not here to complain about pricing as most complaints for vets do (when you adopt an animal you sign up for the costs) what I am here to complain about is the poor quality vet care we received here. We brought our cat here (2 years old) to receive a general check up and vaccines. We had been bringing him to the groomer right next door many times(who we absolutely adore) so we trusted the vet would be just as good. WRONG. First let me say, the vet techs were unprofessional. I understand because of the pandemic they come to the car to pick up your pet, however, they were just very unprofessional about the whole process. What is the worst part, the so called “vet” said everything was good, even though we never even spoke to the vet directly, and that nothing was wrong with him. Cool...until we bring him to the far superior vet, which is right down the road, Atlantic Veterinary Clinic, because he swallow some string and they found a serious heart murmur on our baby boy! They said it was level III and quite load too!! How did the vet miss this???? Even the groomer next door told us the next time we brought him in that the vet here is an older man who does not do a good job with cats, he usually doesn’t even check for stuff she said. She said the vet that is here on Tue/Thurs is from the Celebration location and is much better with cats. I recommend just skipping this horrible place and take your baby down to Atlantic Veterinary Clinic which is a min down the road, they give a cast member and military discount for check up there too btw! Hope this helps.

Rebekah Lindborg

3 years ago

I would definitely not recommend this place. I came in with my dog who had a lump on his side, the vet told me to give up on him and that he was not worth the amount of effort and money it would take to fix him. This kind of response was …

Tammy Goodrich

3 years ago

They were awesome with our fur baby. Dr gave clear explanations and several options. Would definitely recommend.


3 years ago

I had a pretty bad experience here that I decided I just have to share in hopes of preventing someone from dealing with what I dealt with today. I recently moved to Florida from out of state, and was looking for a nice vet in the area to start bringing my little guy to so they could start to get to know him and start to monitor him for future visits. I adopted my dog when I was 9, and I’ve had him for 16 years. He could be 17-18 years old at this point. He’s old. The average lifespan of his breed is like 10-16. He’s already thriving past that. He has issues because he is old. He is in early stages of kidney disease, he has glaucoma, he’s probably going deaf, has lots of lumps and bumps, and probably has a total of 5 teeth. This is just how he is. He’s an old man with some issues, but he is overall very healthy and I feel he has plenty of years still left in him. Anyways, on to the review of the vet... the receptionist and vet assistant were both very kind and helpful, but the vet was so mean it completely caught me off guard. He never introduced himself so I don’t even know what his name was, but he started yelling at me, telling me my dog looks awful and is a “disaster”, needed all his teeth extracted, needed to be put under to clean his ears, this that and the other thing. I said I didn’t feel comfortable putting him under at his age because I know as dogs get older it becomes dangerous. He just kept saying “how could you let him get like this”. I was sitting there almost in tears and trying to explain that he has been like this for years and most of the issues he’s referring to were present when I adopted him. He wasn’t listening to me and just kept going on and on. I brought a huge file of all medical history from our previous vet, he never looked at it or anything. How could you take on a new patient, who is a senior, and not know a thing about their medical history!? He kind of looked like he was handing my dog a little rough on the table. My dog is very calm and chill and I could tell he was very uncomfortable. He leaves to go get an estimate of a mile long list of things wrong with my dog, and never came back. He had also mentioned that I needed to bring a stool sample and they’d give me a container to come back, and my dog needed ear drops for some reason, but then none of that ever happened and I just couldn’t wait to pay my bill and go home. I came home from the appointment and legitimately cried most of the day today just thinking about this appointment and feeling like I am a terrible parent to my dog. I’m still crying while typing this lol. I’ve just never encountered a vet like this... I guess I took his old vet for granted and assumed that all people working with animals would be kind and loving towards animals. It was just really bizarre and off putting. I wish I could just hop on a plane and go back to our old vet ????


3 years ago

One of the best place to take your dog for care!!!..they really pay attention to your dog and spend alot of time with you if you have any concerns about your dog..alittle pricey but in the end well worth it!!!

Wilma Diaz

3 years ago

Left crying and didn't even go pass the reception area! Rude, unprepared, no communication, very unprofessional. Walked out even before seeing the Vet. Go somewhere else!!! They don't deserve even one star!

Nicholas Johnson

3 years ago

Excellent even in trying times

Bella Bo

4 years ago

I was bringing my dog here since he was a baby and the doctor is nice but today I was so disappointed from the front desk I called and I had an emergency and I told them that I had an emergency and my dog has something in his skin and they …


4 years ago

New to the area so thought I would try the Reunion vet place. The staff on the phone seemed very nice so that was encouraging. The reality though, when the vet talked to me, I felt I was being talked down too. The Ievel of concern and care …

Cameron K. St. Jean

4 years ago

Do not take your pet to Reunion Veterinarian Hospital!!!!!! After sitting in the waiting room for a few minutes my wife and I were already uneasy. We could hear the vet in an exam room pressuring a couple into getting their dogs teeth …

jason kachman

4 years ago

Excellent place I feel safe there with my dog

Crystal Koch

4 years ago

Prices are outrageous and they are VERY rude!!!

JoAnn Littles

4 years ago

My kitty and I loved Dr Eric & his assistant. The office staff was awesome. My kitty is usually aggressive but I was amazed at how calm she was throughout her exam, shots and her nail trimming. I would highly recommend them.

Joseph Torrisi

4 years ago

Love them, they are awesome. Great follow up

mary gangitano

4 years ago

FEEL FREE TO SHARE TO MAKE SURE OTHER ANIMALS ARE PROTECTED So not take your animals to Reunion Veterinary Hospital. They didn’t bother to even look at Harley’s medical history. Instead they make assumptions and use gross negligence in giving him a sulfur dip and flea medicine and a shot. Which is not what he needed he is now covered in skin irritations he had a few red bumps when i took him there. Now my poor puppy needs Benadryl twice a day. They didn’t apologize instead tried to make it seem like it’s our fault they don’t read the files you provided them. Now they aren’t returning my emails when I asked for my money to be returned. Do not take your animals there. Pic on the left is before there treatment the one on the right is after spending $269 and not the dog is suffering. *****EMAIL FROM THE VET. VERY RUDE AND AND UNPROFESSIONAL.


4 years ago

My friend had to put their dog down here. As you can imagine it was an emotional rollercoaster, but the staff was professional and extremely patient and kind as well as informational

Ashley Wegman

4 years ago

Everyone here has been amazing! From their approach to treatment, their love of animals, and communication with us. We have a sick cat right now, and they are helping us to look after her and offering multiple treatment plans in order to find something inside our budget. Thank you a million times over!

TJ Sawyer

5 years ago

Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. The Vets are friendly, straight forward and have tons of experience. Best vet in the area.

Shelley Juskevicius

5 years ago

Dr. Bregman took such good care of my little baby. We are so lucky to have such an experienced Veterinarian local to Reunion. You can tell everyone in the office loves animals and that is a nice feeling going to a new vet! I had an …

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