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wendy colon

2 years ago

They always treat my baby with lots of love.

Paula Salazar

2 years ago

They never have a appt been going there almost 3 years and always the same problems just got a new puppy and she is having diarrhea called them her respond was just take her to a walking clinic

Dominique Francois

2 years ago

My fur baby Beau wasn’t feeling well and I called to have him seen. The girl who answered the phone was very friendly, and was able to book an appointment for us first thing in the morning. We are very happy with everything the nurse did to help make my baby feel better. They were all very professional and figured out the problem quickly enough for us to treat and have my fur baby feeling better. I am very happy with the service I received. Thank you!! ????

Michaiah Hook

2 years ago

Staff is usually friendly and helpful but time management is not in their vocabulary. If you have an appointment prepare to wait all day. Our appointment was at 10 and our cat was not seen until almost three. When she was finally seen we were told the doctor just went to lunch and it will take even longer for her. I understand that sometimes things are behind and I might have to wait 30 minutes or even and hour but this was ridiculous. What is the point of an appointment if it doesn’t help me at all. Also it is impossible to make an appointment online. Every time I try it tells me they are full and I should try back at a later date and never lets me make an appointment. Not worth it in my opinion. You can find a great vet that is not associated with a chain brand that gets you in and out at your appointment time. Just do a little more searching and you’ll find a better place than this for your pet.

Desiree M

2 years ago

I’m so happy to bring my puppy Apollo here every single time. Sometimes things happen and we can’t schedule appointment so we’ll walk in and they’ll see how severe it is and still see him which means so much to us. We will continue to come back every single time because they truly care for your pet here.

Sinval de Paula Júnior

2 years ago

Good Morning Again I had a super bad service provided to my dog, now at the Davenport unit which is located inside the petsmart on posner. I'll list the bad service. 1. Appointment was scheduled for 09:15am, but they only came to meet me at around 10:00am, besides that I witnessed that other dogs arrived in front of me or without an appointment, being attended to. 2. After being attended to, he returned to the site almost 1 hour later and to my surprise, the reception was very rude and still didn't give me any information, just informing me that I have to wait, they called me to pick up my dog. But it never took more than 15 minutes, to make matters worse, no one gave any guidance or came to help me and just informed me that I have to wait, that I can leave until the next day, which is to be attended to by people who are not prepared with the public at all. , or it has to be a quality team. 3. To make matters worse, I found several owners of their dogs coming to pick up their pets, and no one gave any information or guidance, if the service had already been reallocated with the veterinarian or any important information, just stating that you have to wait until their call. What a terrible service and mainly without quality, you are getting worse and worse the service and the service that used to be excellent, but today it is of very low quality.

Benjamin D.G. Covert

2 years ago

I took my nine-month-old shepherd/husky “Bolt” up to get his rabies shot as we were on vacation and I needed a quick stop. We got to the counter to check in and he proceeded to poop on the floor. Then he walked over and Urinated on a bag of …

Carla Jacobs

2 years ago

My dog loves this place. Nice people.


2 years ago

Took my dog in for her vaccinations and everything went smoothly. Staff and doctors were nice ????

Ashlee Wasley

2 years ago

Customer service was great and my dog seemed happy

kaity brown

2 years ago

UPDATE: the injury to my cats paws were so severe they got infected and he had to wear a cone for almost two weeks. Also! If a banfield employee injures/incompetence injures your pet, no matter how many phone calls you make, they will REFUSE TO TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENED! Took my cat in for a check up/vaccines/micro chip&to get some medicine to help him with car rides. I Informed the staff well in advance (and on two visits to the store prior when I went and talked to them about it) that my cat is very anxious and needs to be sedated. I was told they would try to examine him without sedation, and that if he did end up sedated, they would only need to keep him for 45 minutes afterward. They kept my cat for 6 hours. His appointment was at 10, I didn’t hear from anyone until 1, saying he needed to be sedated and they would call me after he was finished to tell me how he did. I didn’t hear from them until 4, when Chris the lead vet tech called and said we could pick up our cat. I asked how he did and if he was ok, and Chris said my cat did great and he was fine. We arrive to pick him up and Chris practically shoves our cat in his carrier at us, shoves his microchip info&medication at me and says goodbye. Didn’t tell me if my cat was Healthy, how the exam went, how to administer the meds, NOTHING. I had to ask all the questions, including was my cat healthy and how did he do. Chris LIED to my face and said my cat was healthy and fine, and was recovering nicely. We got our cat home and when he got out of the Carrier his back paws were covered in blood, as was his carrier, and a bloody towel they left in his carrier. I immediately called and asked why my cat was sent home bleeding, and was told his feet were bleeding because that’s where they administered the sedation. I was informed the manager would email me the next day.I tried to clean his paws and let him be. The manager Kristin emailed me the next day and informed me that my cat had become fractious during his visit, and because of this he broke several of his nails. Upon inspecting his paws, not only were nails broken, but he has two nails COMPLETELY missing. One of which continued to bleed for DAYS. NO ONE called to tell me that this happened. NO ONE told me this happened upon pickup. They injured my cat, and sent him home BLEEDING in a bloody carrier sitting on a bloody towel. I had to repeatedly call Kristin the manager to get answers as to how this happened. NONE of which she was going to tell me until I repeatedly insisted. Apparently he lost the nails Jumping from his carrier, and the reason we weren’t informed was because the vet techs “were scared” NOT GOOD ENOUGH. DO NOT BRING YOUR CAT HERE!!!!!

Kathy Brady

2 years ago

My friends dog wants feeling good then were very friendly to the dog and the owner.And them up date what was going on with the dog.You can tell the vet loves animals

Stacy Travis

2 years ago

Getting the right doctor for your pet is important. When you find the right one, stick with them at every visit. I have been with Banfield for 15 years. I have had some great experiences and I have had some bad ones, as with anywhere you go. I have been on the preventive plan for 15 years as well and 4 pets.

Michelle Armer

2 years ago

I brought in a kitten .thinking maybe it was. My lost cat but it was chipped to someone els????????

Angel Morales

2 years ago

Great and knowledgeable doctors. Very professional

Carlton Lane

3 years ago

Great people. They take care of the pets


3 years ago

Chris is awesome our poodle likes him a lot and only goes when he works. Keep up the great work...

Delilah Arroyo

3 years ago

Took great care of my Nala at the Banfield hospital

alan Pomerantz

3 years ago

Helpful staff clean store well stocked had what I wanted to take care of my German shepherd and she's doing well thanks to them and the medical tablets that I was able to purchase THANK YOU

Damian Lluveras

3 years ago

Wonderful service, they treat my two dogs great!!!

Gina N

3 years ago

I took Harlie to Banfield lakeland, fla.They were amazing! Dr Rafael was great along with the friendly,caring staff, they all took care of my baby, after her yearly physical, shots the dr came out and answered all my concerns,questions.I recommend this place to everyone????????thumbs up lakeland, banfield!!

Randy Hutton

3 years ago

Thank you good Yorkie haircuts.

Shelby Gonos

3 years ago

We love this animal hospital. Our pup has had emergencies twice in the last month and they were such a breeze to work with.

Valerie Garcia

3 years ago

Well I spoke with someone at Banfield and I will NEVER take any of my pets there again. I recently acquired a 7 week old puppy that needs shots and they refused to see the pup and give shots. So the idea is even though this pet my possibly become ill due to be not having shots too BAD. WOW. I will take my three dogs to someone who cares about the animals lives.....

Mary Sharon

3 years ago

Quick stop for dog food

Robert Wolfgang

3 years ago

Had my dog Lady Cuddles groomed. She looks beautiful again. They do a very good job THANK YOU ALL.

paula salazar

3 years ago

Good morning i been a customer with banfield davenport since last year got the insurance all the time i called no appt and when i have a appt that i been waiting for long time for her vaccine for rabie so i can take her to her hair salon i …


3 years ago

NO STARS forced to put 1 star...... They are dishonest, incompetent, misdiagnosis, poor bedside manner, always trying to upsell you, and inconsistent. I took my pet there recently he was not treated for what his original appt was scheduled for nor was he treated for a current condition that was recognized just before his appt. They LIED and stated they treated my ill pet and LIED stating I denied treatment (although I wasn't charged and they wasn't able to provide the "TEST" results for specifically requested test) as several of their staff can witness was untrue I was upset my requested test was not done in all the hours my family member was in their care, but they had time to insert lines in his arm to inject the IV lines to him to be put alseep upon my arrival to see him through the process. Until I got a hold of my emotions from being told my dog was dying and asked questions. I hope staff would speak up when such incidents takes place and retaliation is not something they must worry about if they speak truthfully of incidents not aligned with Banfield Mission in their treatment for customer family members in the facility staff care PROCEED WITH CAUTION AND CONCERN if they say you must put your pet to sleep. ALWAYS get a second opinion, especially when you know your family member. We are our pets family members, advocates, we should question any out of charter suggestions thats not aligned with whats best for their quality of life, well being taking into consideration accompanied by supportive factual scientific examination results, and knowing our family members behaviors. I hope this location pulls it together from their Practice Manger on down. I thank the Kissimmee location Dr Cuellar for his decade of treating my pet. Ive only gone to this location because it was convenient but the convenients was not worth almost losing my pet on unfounded medical lip service this vet and practice manager provided. Had me crying my heart out and about to put my family to rest with no medical support why just lie with no hesitation or pause. They didn't even treat him for the purpose of his original appt. Veterinarian’s Oath?? Being admitted to the profession of veterinary medicine, I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health and welfare, the prevention and relief of animal suffering, the conservation of animal resources, the promotion of public health, and the advancement of medical knowledge. I will practice my profession conscientiously, with dignity, and in keeping with the principles of veterinary medical ethics. I accept as a lifelong obligation the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence.

Melanie Moss

3 years ago

They really care. Great vet

Terri Adams

3 years ago

I had an emergency with my dogs eye and they refused to see him. I would never bring him there in the future.

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