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Alexandra Campos

2 years ago

This place is really awesome since I started coming here. The attention and care my puppy link has received has been amazing. Very attentive and responsive to his care.

Donna Goldstein

2 years ago

Where I take My dog! They are pretty good! They seem to always come down to wanting to pad my bill with unnecessary tests Etc, I usually can’t afford, and so far she’s gotten better without them…it’s corporate and I feel the vets are pushed to do it! If I didn’t need a plan I’m not so sure I’d go back! They have an amazing nurse, from Russia that works there, last time she’s all I needed to see! I’m about 1”99.9% sure that in her home country she really is a vet! Loved her!

toni so ho

2 years ago

Great staff and very friendly

Veronica Longart

2 years ago

Great place you can see how pets are treated well and with love ????????????????????????

Monique M.

2 years ago

Haven't been to the new place but the old place was fantastic, treated my dog well and he is Not a fan of going to the vet. They were polite and genuine. I hope the new place is as good as the old place, will update accordingly. * Update: Dr. Kesha is amazing and all of the staff are wonderful. My very picky little man loves it here and it's the only place I'll trust for my dog. **Update to the update: my little man went to sleep here. I recommend this place 1,000%. It was an emergency scenario and they never once rushed us or made us feel like a burden. I just wanted to add this to say thank you so much to the staff here. I always recommend this place to all my family and friends.

Patricio Zuniga

2 years ago

Not personal, always seeing a different Vet.

John Edmond Becker

2 years ago

We've been bringing our pets to VCA for almost a decade now. They have a professional, knowledgeable and very caring staff. The facility is always neat and clean and surprisingly fresh with the amount of pets that go through there every day. The pet rooms are comfortable and allow you to see the doctor and discuss your pet in privacy. They've helped us with every ailment our pets have had over the years. They handle all of the yearly vaccinations for our cats and dogs. The prices are usually affordable and they accept Care Credit cards. They have a large selection of pet food for sale on premises. The decor is very cute and pet themed. It's always been a pleasure to visit VCA and we would highly recommend their services and care. The staff follows all social distancing guidelines. To access their facility parking you have to drive East past them on Wiles rd and make the next right to get into their parking aisle facing the right direction.

christy Marie

2 years ago

( this review is not intended to be be disrespectful to anyone who works here) I love the people who work there everyone is so, so sweet but the pricing it self is a bit ridiculous they try to give you meds and services for things that are irrelevant to what your Pet is going through. It's only the pricing that I don't like of this particular hospital Franchise what so ever. If I didn't have a plan I would have gone some where else. My bill was around 1,200 just for brining her in for a uti. I'm fine with paying that if it was logical. They wanted to load her up on so much unnecessary things. From changing her food to so many meds. All she needed was simple antibiotics. Ridiclous .... no way. Again I love the staff and doctors, they treat my dog very well and they all love her. Me probably not so much after this review lol. Again I'm not bashing anyone.

Casey Reardon

2 years ago

Do yourself a favor, go to the VCA on Wiles Rd. We had just moved down in September, our senior dog had some issues and Do yourself a favor, go to the VCA on Wiles Rd. We had just moved down in September, our senior dog had some issues and ultimately we had to put her to sleep unfortunately. With that said, we were in the office a good amount and these people were fair, incredibly loving and caring to our pup and extremely compassionate towards us! I received a call everyday checking up on her, they were very upfront and fair about pricing. I was relieved we found this place and I will highly recommend them to everyone in the area! Dr Engle, Dr Ceballos and Dr Rogers are amazing but especially Ashley the Tech who is exceptional!! Love them and we will definitely go back when it’s time to add another pup to our life!

Suzanne Borriello

2 years ago

Great veterinary care and great staff.

Sam Walls

2 years ago

Helped my cat so quick. He was having some issues and i brought him in on an Emergancy visit. They responded as if it was one of their own fur babies


2 years ago

The doctors and staff at VCA Wiles Road Animal Hospital are very professional and thorough - they really care about you and your pet! I highly recommend this animal hospital to anyone who wants their pet to receive the very best care!

Fernando Russo

2 years ago

Excellent service, amazing Staff they care for You and your pet. Dr. Engle is very compassionate and knowledge , my cat diagnose was really fast.

Julietta Tello

2 years ago

Doctor is a bit insulting when I asked her if the follow ups are charged . “She said we are not government funded facility “ I was taken a back , very insulted by my look alone is why she suggested that . Never coming here again. She could have suggested insurance or anything else . But not insult me saying is not government funded . Very rude doctor staff is great the doctor very insulting and no a good bed side manner.. Sorry to say that but by my Spanish look I am sure she would not say that to some one by a different race. Not professional at all.

Lisa Cushing

2 years ago

Dr Rogers and Ashley were very nice

Monique S

2 years ago

Knowledgeable people and fast appointments.

Greg Senger

2 years ago

Terrible service! I waited over an hour and my dog could not even see the doctor. Incompetent staff. Very disappointed.

Janice Whittingham

2 years ago

Great experience from making the appointment to consult with Dr and getting the baby vaccinated and cared for. The staff is welcoming and very knowledgeable. Thank you.

Jay Jumpman

2 years ago


Sai Raider

3 years ago

I went there today for the first time for my 4 week rescue kitten. I just moved to the area and my normal vet is too far away. Everyone is really nice but it feels like they just want to take your money and run. The exam consisted of them trimming my kittens nails and telling me that they assume he has the herpes virus. When I asked if there was an exam to take to be sure that that was the problem the doctor said there was but the problem is usually herpes so they’ll go with that and give me a broad spectrum antibiotic. I also asked about deworming my kitten and the said they needed a stool sample and that I needed to come back. My usual vet does the exam at that moment and prescribes me the dewormer so I don’t have to come back. My usual vet also charges $30 for the sample and the dewormer. This place wants to charge $76 for ONLY the test. I spent a total of $75 thanks to a coupon I found online, if not it would have been $144 for nothing. In a time where every penny counts it feels like I was ripped off. If I had the chance to do it again I would skip a day of work to go to my usual vet that actually cares about my pet and doesn’t try to rob me of the little I have.

Waltesha Sawyer

3 years ago

The whole experience was terrific. The staff was super kind and well informed. And the wait time although they were swamped was impeccable. My pup found a new vet. I definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a reliable vet for your pet. Thanks to Ashley and the rest of the team for seeing me and Bleu today.

Joy Carter

3 years ago

Very Friendly and Caring Staff!!

Caitlin Carter

3 years ago

Update: After the below review, the officer manager at the VCA Wiles reached out and was very apologetic and wanted to do what she could to make this right and win back our trust. After a lot of convincing, I was able to convince my husband to give them one more chance. We brought Charlie back to be evaluated by the medical director, Dr. E, and she was so accommodating to fit us in between surgeries to see Charlie that day and was so kind when we were in there. She listened to my concerns, evaluated him and came back with a plan that actually worked and Charlie is feeling much better now! Review as of 3/1/21: Extremely disappointed with the care at VCA Wiles. We switched over to the VCA on Wiles from the one off of Oakland Park (which we loved) because we moved from Fort Lauderdale to Coral Springs. We brought our dog in for excessive itching and Dr. Taylor recommended that he get a Cytopoint shot to help with his allergies so we did (he had no side effects after this dose) and we were told to come back in 4-6 weeks for another round to help keep his itching under control, sure no problem at all. Review from 3/1: This past Friday we went in for his follow up shot to which they told us he had gained .8lbs and we needed to up his dosage because he went from 79.5lbs to 80.4lbs and the next dose up was for 80.1-90lbs, so we are talking about .3lbs here for the jump from one dose to another, and they were adamant we get the next dose up or it would not work (the next dose up was $35 more). That being said, on Saturday morning (about 24 hours after his shot) he had pretty bad diarrhea and that night he started puking combined with diarrhea. I called the VCA on Sunday morning because I was extremely worried that he may have had too much of this medicine and this was the side effects to which they wouldn’t even entertain the thought of that -- but Dr. Taylor was sure to let me know that if I wanted to go down on the dosage I should help Charlie lose a little weight. They filled a script for 2 days of anti-nausea meds, some probiotics, 2 cans of dog food (another $100 later) and told me to call back in 24-48 hours if he wasn’t better. By 2 o’clock that same afternoon he started having quite a bit of blood in his diarrhea which of course made me nervous so I called back to see how we should move forward and I was told that they could only see Charlie the next morning and to monitor him over night, even though the office was open for another hour. What sucks about this whole situation is the lack of care they seemed to have. They told me that Dr. Taylor was too busy to see us and that if we got really concerned, we could take him to the emergency vet but that could be pricey, I know they were busy but I have always had dogs and our vets growing up treated our dogs like they were family and in an emergent situation like this they would’ve told us to come in, no questions asked, not pawn us off on another vet because they only had an hour left before they could go home. Now my husband and I (both not vets and not medical people, at all) were sitting at home monitoring Charlie and just hoping he would be ok until his appointment the next morning morning. The VCA on Wiles made us feel so unimportant and that all we were was money in their pockets, they had no problem charging us more money for his shot and the $100 for all of the different meds to try to help him feel better but when we needed them (during office hours) they couldn’t figure out a way to see him. The icing on the cake was when I called them on Monday morning to cancel our appointment because we are going to go to another vet, they cancelled it without issue and didn’t even question how Charlie was doing. Maybe I expected too much out of them? But again, our vet has always been an extension of our family and it would’ve been nice to feel like they cared, even just a little. We will not be bringing Charlie or our other 2 dogs back to the VCA on Wiles and we will be sure to tell all of our friends and family about the lack of care we felt we received from them.

Maryana Salmon

3 years ago

The worst one ever. This place even worst to spend anybody time to talk about that place. My advice, if you havd a pet with real emergencies stay far from that facility as them staff not trained for real emergencies. By the time they come to check your pet it will be too late! Its a joke not a hospital, where is working clowns not trakned personal. Better take hour pet yo Coral Spring 24 hours pet hospital may bd its more moneh but at least your pet will have a chance to be a life , or LeadER Cooper city, its far but it worst it. I preffer to spend my money in facility where they care about my dog, then pay with my money some morons paychecks which not even belong to work on that field.

Lucia Pepitone

3 years ago

My day gecko had clogged pores on his back legs and I was afraid to clean them out myself due to his super delicate skin. Dr. Engles managed to catch and restrain him without tearing his skin. I had no idea that was even possible. Martini's feeling much better now and I'm very appreciative to the staff for doing such a great job!

Michelle Zimmerman

3 years ago

They were very caring about my pets situation. Excellent customer service. Affordable rates for services.

Maryana Baynova

3 years ago

The first and second visit it’s was perfect. The last one it’s went down the drain. I never saw uncaring staff then in this hospital when you bring your dog with emergencies. They just sit there . Nobody in a hurry. The staff don’t even inform the doctor as far I understood as when I left the hospital the doctor still outside talking with another client of them. Was the smartest decision I ever made if I stay and wait untill the staff are wake up my dog will passed away. And instead of arguing with me after I started to complaint that my dog is getting worst and the way he breath , they more care to argue and to proof that some of the nastiest technician can put the rules and decided that argue with me it’s more important for him then call the doctor. Thanks god took my dog on time to another hospital where he been admitted right a second been carrying to the hospital on carrier as from them hospital till I got to another one my dog was not able to walk any more as he doesn’t have enough oxygen. He been placed right away on oxygen and will stay over night . The worst experience I ever had . May be they are good for check ups but they are the worst ones for emergencies. Im glad I never brought there any of mine dogs beside the sick one. Specially who ever this idiot technician to taking care of any of my dogs. They should be a shame of themself to calling them facility as a hospital. Because they don’t ready for emergencies . It’s a joke hospital to take any pet with the serious condition to them. I have 16 years Doberman , 15 years old Great Dane and 2 pit bulls . The best emergencies my dog ever went it’s was Hollywood Hospital. LeadER hospital in Davie and Coral Springs. That VCA is a joke not for serious emergencies what so ever.

Mark Hobales

3 years ago

DO NOT GO HERE. Overall VCA Wiles Road has a very unprofessional and incompetent staff. They are all about the money and not about the quality of care they provide for your animal. My dog was recently spayed by Dr. Taylor, who was very professional and nice in the original visit, but there was a complete lack of professionalism and respect following the surgery. Not only is their pricing outrageous, But they nickel and dime you for all medication and post care. Dr. Taylor said over the phone that she could give me an exact quote for the surgery following an examination of my dog. Not only did they raise the price after my surgery, they insisted on charging me complication fee because they said my dog was fat, even though they took the dogs weight two days before during a comprehensive exam. Dr. Taylor continued to mention my dogs weight problem in a rude manor (when she herself is overweight) Until I completely denied paying any additional fees. I wish I could give VCA Wiles Road zero stars. Do not go here Unless you want technicians who cannot speak English, try to overcharge you, and our overall rude. Not only was the service bad, my dogs incision is opening and has an infection.

Queen Andrea

3 years ago

My fur baby was sick and they helped her out! Thank you.

Kyshali Ramirez

3 years ago

I've been bringing my dogs here for years. They have always been great with my babies

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