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Michelle Vernetti

2 years ago

I used Pet Angel for our beloved pet of 14 years. The urn was shipped and upon arrival we found 2 dents. They replaced it at no cost. They were very compassionate and polite. The urn is very nice.

Holly Shockey

2 years ago

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for this place. Kim and Mike genuinely gave me the peace I so desperately needed in this time. I am overwhelmed with their kindness, compassion and professionalism. From start to finish they were attentive and caring. My baby was in the best of care and for that I will forever be grateful.

charles claybaker

2 years ago

Made a very difficult situation as painless as possible while being incredibly respectful. The ashes came with literature on dealing with grief which I had bought was a really classy touch. Thank you for the wonderful service.

shawn pierson

2 years ago

This is by far the shadiest place I have ever been to. I had to put my cat to sleep and for one the place lost my cat, then found him took almost a month to cremate him. Then all said and done no one would never answer the phone. When I did speak with someone her name was Jill and she acted like she didn't wanna be on the phone. Next time I will be going to Blue Pearl they care and know what they are doing and very professional. Never in my life have I been so disrespected. Thank you pet angel for making a hard situation ever more unbearable, and your excuse for taking so long is pathetic.

Marissa Person

2 years ago

This place is absolutely horrendous! Completely un professional! My cat was said to be ready on the 2nd. It's the 14h. I spoke to them on the phone yesterday they said we could get him today we get there and he wasn't ready. We stood outside for 20 minutes calling their phone and banging on the door only to be ignored. We had to go through the employees entrance just to get someone's attention. Then I finally got my cats ashes his certificate says he was cremated on the 10th I dropped him off on the 31st. It took them almost 2 weeks just to get him cremated. So presumably, my cats body sat in a freezer for almost 2 weeks. When I did get him the ern was subpar. Honestly at this point I'm not even sure the ashes I received were actually my casts,and to have that feeling after you put your trust into someone is completely unacceptable and so aweful.

Debbie Martin

2 years ago

On 3-14-21was the hardest day of my life and my family’s. Kato was my child he was my heart and never left my side when I was at home with him. The day I signed the papers to have my baby cremated I worried for 4 days wondering if complete strangers would give him the respect he deserved. I was dreading picking him up today because I did not know what to expect. When the lady brought him out to the car I just could not take him so my husband did. We backed up in to the empty lot and he asked me if I was ready. I wanted to make sure everything was there before we left I have today you made the second worst day of my life a little easier. His box, his , nose and paper paw prints were perfect, the little baggie with his hair and the perfect ceramic paw print just wowed me and my husband. Thank you for what you do. When I say Kato was my child he was and thank you for treating him with the up most respect. You made my heart happy. Now he sits in his toybox with all of his favorite toys he’s home.


2 years ago

These people have a heart of gold and I am so happy that they understand that your dogs are family and not just animals. I loved the presentation when they gave me my dog's clay paw prints. I felt like it was the best gift I have ever …

Robert Cook

3 years ago

I wish to thank Tampa bay veterinary specialists for taking car of our cat, her name was Mama.She had cancer and was in severe pain .She was 18 yrs old she had to be put to sleep.Pet Angel stepped in as I authorized Mama to have a private cremation.Everything was professionally and discreetly handled..We recieved her ashes in a wooden box Blessedly the paw print. Was a special touch. Thank everyone involved. God bless you all for your lovely sentiments..GREAT JOB . was veru special

olga b

3 years ago

Thank you for the care you took in making sure my Sammy was cremated with dignity. The care that was taking with his urn and the book that accompanied it. …


3 years ago

Very satisfied with my experience especially during such a difficult time. Arrangements were made via the emergency vet we have used in the past Pet Angel did a beautiful job handling our Sarge’s remains. We made an upgrade at the last minute and got a better Urn and the representative handled it quickly, efficiently and very politely. Very professional. Very happy with the outcome. The two paw imprint plates are wonderfully done and packaging was absolutely perfect. We received the same level of care a human would have been treated and I’m so glad that Pet Angel were there to give our Sarge the proper care he deserved. Thank you Pet Angel!

Jess Campbell

3 years ago

Both of my baby girls, Riley and Rogue, passed within 3 days of each other over the holidays. Riley was returned in a beautiful urn with her fur and paw print. I spoke to Mike today to check on Rogue, and he was so helpful. As a former vet …

Ghostify Gaming

3 years ago

No one ever has a positive experience when they have to put a beloved pet to sleep, or when their beloved pet passes away, but the caring, and genuine staff here have made it easier. I have had to call 2 times and each time I am greeted with caring staff who make sure I am ok, and tell me how sorry they are for my loss. This place is well worth the money and if you can’t afford the ashes they have places they scatter the ashes for you. This place is truly a genuine caring place. I always ask myself when I loose a pet, why I get more when this pain is so bad, and I’m always given the same answer, “because I have so much love to give” I will use Pet Angel again. Thank you all for caring and being so pleasant during one of my hardest days.

brianna Bordner

4 years ago

Extremely happy with our second service. It’s the hardest thing to do, to let go of our beautiful baby girl Dixie and Ginger... the paw print, necklace and box they came in... beautiful! Thank you so much for everything!

Bryan Vasquez

4 years ago

A wonderful facility. When i came to say my last goodbye to my Kylo Ren. They had him in a private room. He looked so peaceful, i know they are gonna take good care of the cremation process. I loved my boy and they allowed me plenty of time to say goodbye. I will never forget that.

Danielle Ennis

4 years ago

I called they are in Clearwater not Pinellas Park anymore. They helped us with our boy 2 years ago. Now we will be needing them again. But they no longer have witnessed cremations. Sometimes we take to heart to say the last good by.

Seth Hoerig

4 years ago

They were quick and super kind. The quality and the options of their services are top notch. Couldn't be happier with their services. Excellent company and would highly recommend!!

Shawn Hunt

4 years ago

Amazing place to have help you with such a hard time to deal with. very caring, professional and helpful to all of my requests. Felicita went above and beyond to make sure our pet was handled perfectly.

Theresa Poe

4 years ago

My vets, Animal Medical Center, did our cremation. Paid for that and they had Pet Angel pick up the body. They cremate and bury the ashes, and they have a ceremony where they place them amongst others in their garden which has a lovely running fountain. We had purchased a river rock with our pets name, date of death, and a paw print, to place in the place. They have very reasonable to more elaborate items, but we have had them twice or three times. Once you have a pet 18 years, they're family. I think at the time offered at my vets, it was around $60, and you're not required to buy any memorial items. Somewhere in their archives, is a picture of my daughter Rebecca holding her gray cat Smokey. This place is very helpful with your grief.

Virginia S

4 years ago

We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the care and concern, love and respect that you showed to our sweet Baby Millie. From the first emotional phone call, to the peaceful and beautiful viewing and visitation prior to cremation, and to the anxiously awaited return of her ashes, Jill at Pet Angel in Clearwater, Florida was there for me caring, comforting, and every bit as in the moment as I was. Our sweet Baby Millie was treated in death just as she was in a little princess. She was in a beautifully carved wooden box that was in a silk bag. I also received her pawprint, a certificate, and "Understanding Your Feelings" booklet which were helpful as we go through the grieving process. You have no idea how much it means to us that Millie was so well taken care of. It warms our hearts and gives us gentle closure. Pet Angel understands just how devastating it is to lose our animal companion as it shows in their service. Their absolute kindness, compassion, respect, and total professionalism helped ease the incredible pain and sadness of losing Millie, our 15 1/2-year-old Maltese. Thank you for making this terrible experience more bearable.

geri rouse

5 years ago

I lost my only dog and I went to a hospital that sends the animals to Pet Angel. I received a very nice certificate and boxing for my dogs ashes. I also received a book on grieving for my animal which was very helpful. Thank you for all that you have done for my dog, I will cherish it forever.

David Lisk

5 years ago

My sweet Ginger Kitty passed away recently and my vet Gulfport Veterinarians handled the arrangements the urn and cards were beautiful Thank You she is with me always. My little Ginger Kitty Kid Curry passed away suddenly a few days …


5 years ago

Excellent price. Excellent everything at a time when Your heart is broken.

Gina Marie

5 years ago

I was overwhelmed when my pet of 17 years passed and i really didn't know what to do with her. When i was a kid we always burried our pets, but Cinnamon Dogg was over 90 pounds. Pet Angel took care of everything and more! I was so relieved to have such caring people to help me. It was a blessing!

Tammy Canard

5 years ago

Pet Angel was a blessing to my family ..My Simon passed away last Sunday Nov 25,2018 Thanks to Noah's Place in St.Pete told my family about Pet Angel .. The Pet Angel picked up my Simon on Monday the 26 & Simon was back home on Nov.30,2018. When I went to pick up Simon My furbaby Ashes was in a Beautiful cedar box and Simon paw print was with Simon also that was so beautiful seeing that .. Plus along with the paw print was a Book on how to cope on the death of your furbaby which was a awesome read. But the only thing I did not receive was my Simon fur I ask to have a little of his fur saved for me that was not included With My Simon that part really really broke my heart because there is no way of getting a lock of my Simon fur . I called twice to make sure that they will do that for me a the lady who answer the phone both times said it was already in the Computer For them to do that for me.i would have payed extra to have it done if that was to make sure I got the fur . But other then then not getting Simon fur I think Pet Angel did A Beautiful Job for Simon .. Thank you Pet Angel for taking care of My Simon ... For the bottom of my heart Pet Angel is really An Angel ❤️

Lilyth L

5 years ago

I called this place twice yesterday to find out if they provided cremation services for small animals, because my baby passed away on Sunday morning. I was told both at around 10 am and 3 pm when I called by the receptionist that she wasn't sure, and she said she'd have the director there call me back. I never received a call back either time, so my pet has literally been in a plastic bag in my own freezer for 24 hours. I'm definitely going to be calling other places now, the reason I chose to call here first was because my vet recommended them.

Valerie Torres

6 years ago

I feel horrible for not writing this review sooner as the folks at Pet Angel are truly Pet Angels in every sense of the word. The entire staff went above and beyond in the respect, care and cremation of my much loved four legged boy Ace. …

lea bates

6 years ago

My cat of 17 years past a few months ago. The staff here are incredibly compassionate and professional, especially when picking up my fur baby from my home after her departure. Their facility is also beautiful when I went to pick up my cat's ashes.

Lauren Ashley

6 years ago

I picked up my baby's ashes today and I was so surprised at how beautiful the box they placed her in was her paw print in the satin bag I was blown away thank you for taking care of my Fearia.

Kelly H

6 years ago

My beloved Max was picked up from the vets office after suffering through 2 surgeries and 5 days trying to recover from a vicious animal attack. He succumb to his injuries. I didn't pick Pet Angel, I believe it's the service the vets office uses...but I couldn't have picked a better place myself. Very professional, the garden in the middle is tranquil and peaceful. The staff has their heart in their service and I want to thank them from the bottom of mine and my family's heart. What an important part of the grieving process...

Jesse Owens

6 years ago

O'Reilly our 15 year old cat passed on June 19. Arrangements were made with Pet Angel in Pinellas Park the same day. They did pick him up from the vet's office at the time that was promised. From there, is complete disaster. When my wife …

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