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Sofiana K

2 years ago

Our kitty had an accident and his ear got clipped somehow and was bleeding. We were concerned of infection so we took him here. We were in and out within 30 minutes. They could’ve charged us twice the price for a complete treatment but luckily it was repairable with some skin glue. The tech was very sweet with us too!

Jen S.

2 years ago

The good: there was no wait to get in with our animal when we arrived and the receptionists are nice. The bad: SUPER overcharges. I can halfway excuse the prices for services after hours, though even that seems excessive. I have to pay 3x because you work nights? Okay but then three cans of CD cat food was $21. My regular vet gave me three cans for $7 today. So they're even doing this for FOOD? The bottles they gave his meds to us don't fit together like every other vet's do, so I had to bother my vet and make a special trip (thank goodness I'm not working!) to have them find a replacement/show us a trick to make it work. My vet said we can probably tell what's wrong with him with a urinalysis, and don't need an xray. The ER wanted a $750 bill and every test they could throw at us. Charged us $100 for medications but didn't even treat his UTI and none of the meds were antibiotics. So that was a $350 trip to tell if he was blocked, and get pain relief.

Andrew Webster

2 years ago

Extremely helpful staff and very reasonable pricing for a Pet ER! Staff was great and they took great care of my pet in his time of need

Taylor Orionstars

2 years ago


N Pepe

2 years ago

Worst establishment I’ve ever been to. I called in prior to arriving, their tech explained there was nobody at their location. I drove out and was met with a two hour wait, the tech had lied to me. We then wait two hours to be seen, they walk us into the room where we wait ANOTHER HOUR to be seen. The nurse walks in after an hour , she gave us the treatment plan of “sedating the dog and pulling out his nail” and explained this process would also take another hour. At this point, we’ve been sitting here for three hours for the vet tech to tell us it will be a full hour to fix his nail. So we waited the hour. After we realized they forgot about us, we walked out to the lobby where the nurse had explained they hadn’t even started yet and there are other higher priority dogs. When we arrived we were told it would be 2 hours. It’s now nearly 5 am, we’ve been here for 4 hours, and our dog still hasn’t been treated… due to their lack of professionalism, lack of communication, lack of technical skills and abilities are all reasons why I gave this bush league vet a one star. Let me remind you, we sat for an entire hour without them telling us. Then when we found them and asked what the hell is going on. They explained he’s not a priority and they’ll get to him when they get to him. At this point I want to take my dog away from them because they have no idea what they’re doing.

Kellie Parenda

2 years ago

The staff was so sweet and amazing! I brought in my cat and was immediately seen and had stitches done quickly and she was ready to be picked up in the morning. They even helped me to my car with her and the entire staff was so empathetic.

Kaley Anderson

2 years ago

My dog was continuously vomiting for hours and of course it was a Sunday so my only option was emergency vet. We waited in the car for 2.5 hours (however they did tell me up front the wait was about 3 hours but I had no choice so we waited). Once we got in they were very attentive. After asking all the right questions they took him back for blood work and X-rays thinking possible poison since I had seen mushrooms in my back yard, or a blockage. They then gave me a quote that honestly was very expensive but this is emergency care and my baby so just charge it! After a few more hours of waiting they came back with definitely a blockage. They said they would try meds to see if he would pass it if not emergency surgery was needed. I left around 11pm and called them every hour and a half or so for an update. They answered every time and gave me informative answers to my questions. By 4 am they called and suggested surgery right away. I agreed and they saved his life and made sure he was going to outpatient care with his primary vet since they close at 7:30am. I could not be more thankful for their quick thinking and their kind voices at 3 am when a pet mom is calling crying and half awake praying her baby is okay. Thank you for saving my Archie.

Amanda Kirchner

2 years ago

Avoid this emergency vet at all costs. I am not sure how such incompetent vets can provide 'care', and the staff we encountered, Katie and Jenn, were insensitive, rude, and generally lacked professionalism. They were more concerned about searching homes on Zillow on their computers than making sure my animal was cared for. Our visit was for our dog who had a golf ball size mass on his leg that developed within a few hours which had started to rupture and was bleeding. We knew there would be a wait, but as his leg grew larger and the limb started to swell to the point he couldn't walk while we waited in this clinic's waiting room for 3 hours, I began to see that his care was not priority especially to the staff. It was not until after I advocated for my dog that we were seen. We were the last patient to be seen, and once we were seen, the vet came in and gave us ZERO options for care. Her recommendation was to put him down because the mass was likely cancer. At one point, she stated "Well, I can see you are not ready to put him down tonight, so there is nothing we can do." They literally did nothing for him. No cleaning of the leaking mass, no medication, no nothing. We took our boy to our regular vet the next morning where we was examined and scheduled for immediate surgery. Low and behold, we did NOT have to put him down. There was care to be given but this establishment refused to provide it. Please, if you can, drive to another facility, and be an advocate for your pet. Get a second opinion before a LAZY set of vets and staff recommend putting your animal down because they don't want to do the work or care enough to look into the real issue.

Brissa Behrens

2 years ago

I called ahead about bringing my cat in who was gushing blood from his face. I was told to bring him in at around 9pm. I arrived by 9:45 as it was 20 miles from my home. The clinic was very busy as I could see. It took 3 hours for us to get into a room where we then sat another 2 hours. I stayed waiting because I thought my cat would need stitches. Finally at almost 3am I decided to bring home my mom who tagged along with me. When I left I had been sitting for over 4 hours. It’s now passed 3am. I’m writing this review as I drive all the way back 20 miles to go get my cat. I sat waiting for 6 hours for just antibiotics. I asked if I could return at 7am instead because I had been there all night and was told I would be charged an extra fee. There could have been way more communication. There could have been much more customer service used as well. I think they could have allowed me to return tomorrow after making me wait all that time. The front nurse told me “15-20 more minutes” atleast 5 times. This was the only ER I could find so I was desperate but I would never under any circumstance recommend them again.

Carly Bostock

2 years ago

No professional greeting and the wait time was kind of long. But the techs and doctor were very kind and walked me through what was going on. They kept me updated with pricing as things progressed. Emergency visit but it ended up being a pleasant experience.


2 years ago

VEC has come between us and tragedy several times. Every visit here with our senior dogs has been excellent. Yes, if your dog isn’t in critical need, you will wait. But if your dog was in critical condition, wouldn’t you want your dog seen first too? My recent emergency was a difficult one that required several overnight stays. The entire staff were so kind. Bailey was very kind to us over the several days. She kept us updated, gave us emotional support and it shows her true care for animals. We appreciate it!

Imraan IMSH9381

2 years ago

Gave up, didn't induce vomiting and essentially just told us to put our pet down without effort.

Ivan Salas

2 years ago

Our cat, Shadow had a urinary blockage that almost caused him to go into kidney failure. We took him to his regular vet to have him unblocked, and they recommended bringing him here for overnight care. We ended up having to come back 3 times because his recovery was slower than expected, but we could not be happier with the service we got at VEC. Absolutely everybody we talked to, from the front desk staff, to the techs and the vets, was absolutely amazing! Everyone made sure to explain things and make sure we understood, and the vets were very thorough on their treatment with Shadow and on their notes for our regular vet. Even though they’re doing a very taxing and tiring job on a graveyard shift, I was never met with any rudeness of any kind. On the contrary, everybody was very friendly and compassionate about our situation. I especially want to thank Dr. Foster, Dr. Tilley and Izzie because I dealt with them the most, but everybody was great. I would not hesitate to come back. Shadow is still on the road to a full recovery, but thanks to VEC and its staff, he’s still with us!

Jessica Layne

2 years ago

I arrived at 12:45 AM with my daughter's Cat, Jasper. He had an abscess on the base of his tail that burst. When we got there the only words that were spoken were "do you have masks"? They provided masks and then after putting us in the room the same lady says "when someone comes in here put them on", there were no professional greetings used by the staff whatsoever. The nurse Jackie was the WORST! They took Jasper back then came in the room to explain what he needs, which of course was cleaning, and antibiotic injections, so Jackie explained it would be $341, we signed the estimate (price gouging for sure)! I had to use the restroom so my daughter (who is just 18) stayed in the room. I was trying to get back in the room from the lobby but no one was in sight, by the time I got back in the room the nurse Jackie had come BACK in with a NEW estimate for the same work up but had my daughter sign in for now $541!!!!!! I definitely had words with them and before you know it they were telling us it'll only be $341, they tried to take advantage of my young worried daughter while I was out of the room. The doctor was very arrogant and didn't care to make eye contact at all. We will drive to Daytona Beach if anything ever happens like this again!

Joshua Brandsgaard

2 years ago

Dr Schindler was an absolute joke! I’ve never seen a vet be so wish washy! Well looks like next time we won’t be back! 0/10 wouldn’t recommend!

Rachel Saunders

2 years ago

My dog was exhibiting some worrying symptoms so, in tears, I called this vet to ensure they were open before driving over and spoke with Amanda. She was so kind and reassuring, I could tell immediately that my dog would be well cared for here and that my concerns would be taken seriously. Everyone we interacted with was very caring and polite and worked hard to ensure that my anxious dog felt as comfortable as possible. I didn’t think to get names of any other names of the staff members but I had several vet techs and the vet checking in to give me updates as often as possible. Even the woman who greeted us at the front desk when we came in was warm and kind. Amanda was also with us every step of the way and was so wonderful to us. I’m so thankful for this team for taking an experience that felt incredibly scary and overwhelming and treating it with concern. They obviously care deeply for the animals that come through their doors. I hope to never need another trip to the emergency vet in the middle of the night but if I do, I will certainly come back here.

Anisah Sublett

2 years ago

After the scariest 3 hours of my life my baby boy got the best treatment we could have asked for! We were not only out of town but panicked because it seemed that all the emergency vets in downtown Orlando were closed before 10pm! We called and were seen right away, great vet, fantastic techs and just an all around great experience. My baby had onion toxicity, as he had ingested some onions at a family event and was given the utmost care thank you so much to everyone who took care of my little boy! Thankful doesn’t begin to describe ♥️

Earl O’Donnell

2 years ago

emergency noun a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action. "your quick response in an emergency could be a lifesaver"

Melanie Bingham

2 years ago

The staff was friendly but the veterinarian had no sympathy and made saying.goodbye to our pet extremely hard. In addition, I spent 313 dollars to euthanize my baby. I did request she not be in pain but they obviously took advantage of me.beong on a hard place. I would never recommend the doctor at this place.

Toni Harris

2 years ago

By far the worst experience I’ve ever had regarding the health of my cat. I sat for three hours till I was seen and not because there were others waiting with more severe emergencies but the poorly run facility and laziness of the workers. After the three hour wait I find out my cat has not been treated I am handed a bill explaining what they’re going to charge me and nothing about the treatment of my suffering cat,that’s when I knew I was in trouble. I strongly suggest to anyone considering going here, Don’t. Please please don’t I have never felt so passionately about warning people. OMG as I’m continuing to read other post regarding this clinic I come across something that apparently they tell everyone and that is we’re in the middle of shift change how can this place remain open I’m going to make it my goal to contact my local government representative and filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau this place has to go away. I suggest others do the same because this place is getting away with The horrible treatment of our wonderful pets that we love only because we leave negative comments on a page no one is checking in the middle of an emergency.

Yolanda Larson

2 years ago

The casselberry location was extremely attentive. Remember that they may have to take a pet ahead of you because of a life threatening situation. Staff are respectful,calm, Thank you for prompt attention with my Westie. You saved his life .

Jenna Scates

2 years ago

I brought in my nearly unresponsive dog. Because of COVID protocols, I was not allowed in the building and was asked to stay in my car. The tech tried to carry my dog (65lbs) in, but wasn't strong enough and almost dropped her halfway, so I carried my dog to the front door. After waiting about 5 minutes at the front door (while the admin/tech just stood inside talking and laughing), another tech comes out and tells me I need to put my critical, barely breathing dog BACK into my car that's all the way across the parking lot, and drive around to the side of the building. I tried to get them to just pick her up and bring her inside or bring the gurney to the front door but they refused. She wasn't seen by the vet until 3 hours after our arrival. They do not prioritize emergencies based on severity; they see patients in the order they arrive. Just minutes after being seen by the vet, she went into cardiac arrest. I think she could have been saved had she been assessed sooner. I wish I would have asked for her to be released and brought her to a different emergency vet. In summary: incredibly inexperienced and unprofessional admin/tech staff. Come here in an emergency if you're okay with your dog sitting around and dying while they wait for care.


2 years ago

Absolutely the worst. I took my cat minutes after he passed away untimely. I wanted an xray to see if something was stuck or was a lung or heart issue. I wanted any information we could get. I was advised it would be around $200, which was not an issue. I was hastily declined all medical services. The vet tech Jen said this was not an option. I was not given any good reason why. Dr. Nick Schindler, who never came out to see us, was the one who made this decision. The time we were going back and forth the xray could have been done. This happened after business hours on a Friday night. On the next Monday I called my vet and they said an xray would help determining what happened. The employees there are not for the animals or caring. Do not go to this horrible place.

Loo J

2 years ago

Not sure why this place doesn’t have better reviews. Emergency after hour care WILL unfortunately ALWAYS cost more, but they took really good care of my little pup. Dr Schindler was very honest and knowledgeable. I’m grateful for their help. I thought they did a fabulous job with how busy they were on Labor Day. I took pup to regular vet after discharge and he concurred with diagnosis and treatment. I hope I never need this place again but I would feel 100% confident using them again. Thank you all for taking sure great care of my little Kona.

Z Vlogs

2 years ago

If there was an option to give this place 0 stars I would choose that in a heart beat. Walked in there with my puppy chihuahua who has been having seizure and waited 3 hours just to be told that they really can’t do anything about it. I had to ask to be seen after waiting so long wondering why a vet doc has not come out to speak to me. They had my dog in the back the whole time just “observing” her waiting for a seizure to come after me telling them she has them days apart. I ended up telling them that I wanted my baby back and that I was not going to pay. Never got to speak to a professional, they did not even weigh her. I don’t recommend going there at all unless you want to waste ur time and let your dog suffer.

Catherine Lauer

2 years ago

The receptionist literally said she didn’t care that I didn’t want my dog treated there because of how rude the staff was. Need I say more? This place is the last place I would ever take either of my beloved family pets.

Carriv Rivera

2 years ago

Awesome staff and veterinarian, brake down the diagnoses and charges

Courtney Dobson

2 years ago

While we didn't receive the best news.....our beloved dog was diagnosed with a terminal illness, we were treated with kindness and compassion. I truly appreciate the care they provided and the compassion they showed our Lily, and to us as well. I am also so grateful to have access to an after hours clinic, our visit could not have waited for our primary vet to see her.

michael szczepankiewicz

2 years ago

We brought our dog in with serious injuries around noon There were 5 people in front of us. After 2 hours and still having 4 people in front of us, we decided to try somewhere else. Glad we did. Our dog is more ill than we thought. If you want to sit and see your animal die in a waiting room I highly recommend going though.

Sean McGuigan

2 years ago

Brought my dog there bc Banfield told me he was now diabetic and in ketoacidosis and it was an emergency. The dr was good in saying she didn't think it was as bad as they made it but wanted to keep him overnight. They presented a bill over $2100 for one night and wanted half then and acted like I should have it. Then if that's not possible to finance it for 6mos. I was like what can we do to just take him home tonight. They acted like $650 was a favor and did not give us any insulin to at least get him through the holiday weekend. Will NEVER use this place ever again.

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