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Edward Epps

a year ago

Have a new dog. they were wonderful. Will go back

Jennifer Davis

a year ago

We have been bringing our dogs here for the past 6 years. They are kind, helpful and do a great job. We just lost our golden but when we get the strength and heart to get a new pup, we will be bringing him here as well.

Keana Cato

a year ago

Great place to send your pet! I booked at the last minute and they still were able to accommodate me

Yuly Salazar

a year ago

I left my dog Coco for the first time from 12/30/21 until 01/03/22. I love the place, very clean. The staff are nice, friendly and very professional. I will highly recommend Brandon Puppy Palace. Is a good feeling going away and knowing your baby is happy and in good hands. Thank you so much. We will see you again ????????

Bonnie Calhoun

a year ago

This was our first time boarding our Toy Aussie Cocoa; we have family members who board and doggie day care their dog here and they recommended that we contact them to see if they had availability when we had to go out of town. Was able to get Cocoa in and she had a nice suite, loved that we could download the app and see her when she was in her room and she loved doggie day care. They took great care of her, gave her medication to her daily and she was even on their FB page. So glad we found such a caring place. Would highly recommend Puppy Palace.

Linda Petko

a year ago

First time leaving Izzy in daycare. All team members were quick to welcome her each morning and to let us know how she did during the day. Great environment!

Linda Sullivan

a year ago

Fernando is wonderful , my dog loves going to see him !

Matthew Bone

a year ago

Renée is amazing with our Bulldog Clan. Thanks again.

Sangeetha RaviChandran

a year ago

Our Curly boy had a comfortable and cozy stay at the BP Palace. He usually gets into separation anxiety and comes home sad, this being his first time experience boarding at BP Palace, when he came home, we didn't notice him being sad, he looked quite rested and stressed. Thank you BP Palace family for taking care of our lil' guy.

Tabi Frazier

a year ago

Went for grooming only. It was kind of a hassle to schedule an appointment having to email records and completed forms in order to schedule. Waited nearly two weeks to get an appointment. I received a call the day before my appointment letting me know the time had been changed. I paid $30 MORE than I've ever paid anywhere else. My dog's haircut was fine, no complaints. Staff was very busy both times I went in that day, not rude, but not very friendly. Not much conversation, just took my dog and said someone would call me. I won't go back just because I can go elsewhere and receive the same grooming services for a lot less. The place is very clean, the staff could be more welcoming and engage with clients.

Alexandra Zippi

2 years ago

The facility is nice and we were happy to bring our boys here . Unfortunately this will be the last time my dogs stay here. We traveled across the country for about 6 days . Came in to pick our boys up & they informed us they had problems with their internet & asked if we had $600 cash ? I replied no and let them write down my credit card number ( Iam a business owner my self and most people don’t feel comfortable writing the credit card out ) I said sure that’s fine , let me remind you that we have been traveling so between them ringing my card 3 times within 3 hours and my guess of traveling my card was frauded. I spent 2 1/2 hours in the phone with my bank and finally it was okay to use again. By the that time it was late at night . They called the next morning for payment, let me add in she was extremly rude (owner )I was in traffic so I explained to her I need to pull over to get my card out, then I realized I left my card at home and she was Extremly rude again. I needed my fiancé to send me a picture of it . She was yelling “You gave us a bad card “ ! I explained to her again I surely did not I’ve been traveling and with the multiple attempts it’s frauded my card. I reassured her it’s the same card I walked in with yesterday And I left it at home from being in the phone with the bank late the night before . I then realized they already had my card down so I called back to tell them to ring it since they have the card . You don’t talk to customers like that and treat them badly. Mind you I called in earlier yesterday that day to let them know my card was frauded and I was working on it . When I called back in today a young girl answered the phone and told me that the payment went through. The same card! You have got to treat your customers better . We travel a ton typically a week a month . You have lost potentially $7000 a year in revenue. From really easy-going dog owners ! Rethink how you treat people . If they treat their customers like that I cannot imagine how she treats her staff. I will be taking my boys else where .

Matthew Grenagle

2 years ago

Best boarding location in the Tampa area. Very attentive and caring with the animals

Wendy Rose

2 years ago

Trimmed my two dog’s nails beautifully!

Haley j

2 years ago

I made an appointment about 2 weeks ago to bring my 2 doodles in that have been here several times. I’m leaving for Los Angeles in the morning and was dropping my dogs off today. They informed me when I scheduled the appointment that I could bring my updated shot records in when I drop my dogs off. Today they informed me that they have to be in the system days prior. This was never communicated to me and is extremely unprofessional. I will never bring my dogs back here and also I paid for a suite the last time and they definitely weren’t letting my dogs out as much as they claim. Poor customer service and if their communication is this awful I’d hate to see how lacking their care for the animals is. EDIT: That’s actually a total lie considering I asked if I went in to a walk in to get the shots updated if you could accept. I never told you to take them in without the updated shot record. You told me no you couldn’t accept them even if I went somewhere and got the shot updated today. However on the phone said otherwise when I booked. I brought them in to the vet right before I went to Hawaii 2 months ago. And had no issues following the rules. I got my pets checked in elsewhere anyway! Again terrible customer service and liars. I would not trust this place with your pets.

Christine Kirkland

2 years ago

Have been taking my standard poodle there for years for grooming, awesome job. Their boarding is A+++++also

B Davis

2 years ago

Bad customer service. Staff is rude and misleading. Go somewhere else! Your pet deserves better

Janice J

2 years ago

This is our Rocky’s second home. We are able to see him anywhere in the world we go, and we are confident that they are taking good care of him.

Julie Dail

2 years ago

After checking out 3 facilities for doggy daycare I am ecstatic to have found Puppy Palace. I’ll just focus on what sets them apart from the other two. Clean, very tentative staff members, top notch facility, very communicative, and affordable.My doodle loved it and the pool is a bonus. I would highly recommend their daycare.

Kim Ruiz

2 years ago

This was our first visit with our new dog and we weren’t sure how he would do or what to expect. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, they put us at ease, and were happy to update us when we called to check on our dog. We had a great experience and will definitely take our dog to Brandon Puppy Palace again!

Pam Kuhnert

2 years ago

Defensive Management, Resolution Conflict Non-Existent, Communication Skills Non-Existent, Lack of Leadership and Training with young staff. Protect your kids from working for this business with the lack of direction&skilled management team. My only regret is not drilling down into the reviews posted prior to allowing my puppy to be left in their care. I booked my 11 month puppy for a period of 6 nights. I paid for additional premium services that included webcam, additional night visits, and pool time. While some of extra services were rendered, some services were not provided. I only learned about that after the fact when I went to pick up my puppy. When I collected his belongings I noticed 2.5 days of food had not been eaten. Within 15 minutes of picking up my puppy I called in and requested a call with a Manager. When the call was returned, I immediately noticed a defensiveness with the Manager Jennifer. She stated that "sometimes they don't eat", I ask if they keep a log of the activities of her staff in and out of the kennel? Jennifer stated they do keep a log of each activity. I then proceeded to ask for a copy of the log and webcam footage that I could review. Both of my requests met a hard "NO & these are destroyed". The conversation ended with no resolve and an unhappy client that will not be returning to this business.

Susan McColgan

2 years ago

My puppy seems to enjoy going to camp and the groomers do a great job.

Jenn Ferlita

2 years ago

All the stars! I get my (exceedingly fluffy) Goldendoodle groomed here and sometimes utilize the daycare. Fernando is the only groomer Margo has ever been to, and he’s precise, patient, and skilled at his craft. The front desk is always responsive and kind. After daycare, Margo completely crashes, proving to me that she had a great day. Highly recommend.

Diana Stanfill

2 years ago

Never been there. Looked it up online. Pricey! Pricey!

Ana Janci Molina -Veltri

2 years ago

Recommend puppy place anytime. I have boarded and used the daycare regularly for my boxer. The staff is very friendly. They know you by name and know who your dog is. I have not had any issues and my Cooper loves it there he comes home so exhausted. I love that they share pictures of the dogs playing on their site daily. Great place-love it and recommend highly.

Jamie Warrington

2 years ago

My puppy loves getting his grooming done with Fernando. Puppy palace is very clean and is very professional.

Debanie Golden

2 years ago

Be very careful when picking up your dog from Puppy palace. I went inside, heard Petra had a great time and was a pleasure to have boarded at the facility from Friday to Monday. The staff brought out Petra’s bed and bag, both of which are large and required me to put in my car. I put her things in the car and walk back inside to get my dog and an employee is bringing my 7 mo old Doberman puppy to me. I open the car door and she is reluctant to get inside. The employee and my dog are 6ft from the vehicle and she begins taking the leash off my dogs neck and asks me if she will stay. I scream no but the employee had already taken the leash off her neck. My dog takes off running into the road. I run after her but she was just boarded for 72 hours, has lots of energy and is only 7 mos. Petra runs around the road while I’m screaming to stop traffic. The rest of the staff runs out and secures Petra. The whole ordeal was terrifying. An employee that has 4 years experience decided to take a dog off the leash before an owner has a chance to say no. The employee was so concerned about getting the leash back and not the safety of my dog, myself or the other staff. When I called to speak with the manager I was told usually we only help disabled individuals with walking pets out to the car. Then why was I helped? I’m not disabled. I was then told usually owners have their own leash. I do, it was in the large of bag that was handed to me along with the very large pet bed that I had to put in the car before I got my dog. I was told this has never happened before on the managers watch.. first time for everything. None of the protocols were followed. I did not ask for a refund because I was them to know I’m not complaining to get a refund. I’m bringing awareness bc I never want this to happen again. If you have rules, your staff should follow them. No exceptions. Don’t take the leash off before the animal is in the car. It’s simple. Particularly before the owner has a chance to tell you no. If the staff can’t follow the rules and protocols to secure someone's furbaby perhaps this line of work is not for them. To add, it felt like the manager was more concerned about sticking up for the employee. All I can ask for is the video to be reviewed, employees to be educated to think before they act and policies to be enforced.

Bj Frazier

2 years ago

Need to discuss what happened to my dog this weekend, he has an injury to right eye and a gash in right leg. He is a huskywith hair. Gashes with blood trace takes alot of force given the hair he has and length. Bottoming I am hurt that I trusted you my best buddy. Whats really bad is that no one tried to treT him or e en make us aware.

Lanitra Sanchez-Moore

2 years ago

I've boarded my dog with puppy palace several times. They are extremely caring. They will contact you if even the tiniest thing happens to your pet, which I truly appreciate.


2 years ago

All over the news regarding an incident with a pet that got me upset. I was looking for a doggy care, I am glad the news ???? came out today!!


2 years ago

This was the first time my dog had been away from us. He is very shy and timid. They took great care of him and gave him the attention he needed!

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