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2 years ago

called 2 nights in a row to get some general direction on my dog who had a reaction. super normal thing that emergency clinics do. never had an issue no matter where ive lived. i followed the woman technician's recommendation. when i called …

Brad Crowson

2 years ago

Have gone twice, once for a puppy who needed a dewormer pill on the weekend and second for a dog who couldn't hold any food or water down and was dehydrated. They did a great job communicating what they were doing for her and how she was each time I called as she had to stay the night with them. Only hard part was after the visit where it took almost two weeks and 6 calls to get the notes and xrays sent to our primary vet.

Melissa Ramos

2 years ago

Brought my cat in for emergency surgery over the weekend. The staff and doctor are all very sweet and caring. Would highly recommend.

Rich Glass

2 years ago

Had to bring my dog in for an ear infection. The vet was a super nice gentleman. They were efficient and effective. Emergency vets are expensive, of course but It didn't break the bank and I didn't have to get a loan to pay the bill. I have taken my dogs there a couple of times over the years and they have always done well by me. Good people with good souls. I highly recommend them.

Emma Long

2 years ago

Was here twice in one week with a rescue cat (for unrelated reasons). Staff was very compassionate to both us and the cat. I believe one tech was named Estacy and the other, Tracy, and both absolutely wonderful. They both were extremely knowledgeable and kind during stressful situations. The emergency vet is never a place you want to go back to, but this is definitely our top choice.

victoria chmura

2 years ago

I don’t usually do the whole review thing , but this amazing place deserves so much appreciation!!! I’ve taken two of my dogs here , my baby Hercules was kept overnight (not completely sure how long since it was quite some time ago ) but he came back home his normal spunky self ! I was almost positive I was going to lose him when my husband left to our primary vet .he was transferred here for overnight and the complete turn around was amazing ! We recently also brought my dog King in , he had been to another vets office for what we believe to be a snake or spider bite on his back paw ,unfortunately this had taken a huge turn for the worse and ultimately led to him being euthanized. My husband picked up his ashes today , although this was a very painful process ,he came home in a beautiful urn with his name engraved an amazing keepsake paw print and a beautiful card. Not only did they express their condolences to my husband during the process ,they assured him my baby was going to get lots of love before he crossed the rainbow bridge . I’m not sure who his tech was but thank you so much for loving my baby while he was going to run playfully again .. This clinic is one of the best I’ve taken my babies to and wouldn’t think twice or going anywhere else for an emergency

Albert Joseph

2 years ago

My Female Beagle was having issues with a Productive Nasty Cough she hadn't slept well in days . The staff checked her in right away I brought paperwork from 2 previous Vets were she was examined and unsuccessfully treated Explained everything that was going on with her to Dr Ortez , I have to tell you he was Fabulous he eliminated many things that it could of been , and explained everything he was going to do to her starting with Xrays we were pleased nothing serious showed up , he gave her 2 shots and anti flammorty medications to go home with , She slept the rest of the night and she is improving rapidly , I wish I came to him first . Princess and I are very Grateful for your expertise Thank you Dr Ortez to you and your staff .

Darryl Hardin

2 years ago

Took x-rays and charged us over $600 to say they don't know. A month and a half later our dog has the same symptoms and we take him into a different vet. They diagnosed him with megaesophagus with x-rays. If this vet had been more thorough we wouldn't have paid almost $2k to find out what was going on and would have known that he also has another disease that makes his own body attack him. For $600 this vet gave him medicine to take away his nausea.


2 years ago

Brought my dog here during the night. Won't be back. Next time I'll try Blue Pearl across the street. I paid 700 for diagnostic tests to see why he's been having diarrhea for a few days. The vet only came in the room once. It was super fast and he didn't even write down the stuff I said correctly on the paperwork. I noticed it later when I was reading the paper at home, he completely misquoted what I told him. They didn't figure out what was wrong with my dog and they said to follow up with his regular vet, which happens, this part is ok. They meds they charged me were expensive, which included famotidine, some cans of dog food, some probiotics. The paperwork said for me to rub some cream on him but I never got a prescription or the medicine. I only noticed this at home when I read the paperwork. So I brought my dog to the regular vet to have diagnostic tests run and they were way cheaper and better. The vet said she can't use the paper they gave me because it's missing the results of the bloodwork. And she can't call them now because they are closed, they only open after business hours so she'll run her own tests. She's running more tests they what they did at the emergency clinic and they are cheaper. I should've just waited until regular business hours to see my regular vet. I did give two stars because the facility looks great and the guy assistant was super nice and even the vet was nice, although be barely spoke to me before he had to leave. He never came back to speak to me. At the regular vet, she takes more time to ask questions and try to figure out what's wrong with the doggie. So better bedside manners I'd say. I thought paying premium money at an emergency clinic would equate to better service than a regular vet. I was wrong. I'll try the competitor across the street next time.

Taylor Kids

2 years ago

Excellent staff and doctor! No lengthy wait, they were able to see Penny quickly and did absolutely everything possible to make her feel better.

Vivian Resnick

2 years ago

Thank you so much for taking care of my tiny little Maxx! He gave us a scare and I am so glad it was nothing serious. You both were so kind and caring. We really appreciated it. Oh and thanks for not laughing too much at Maxx just having gas... We are all relieved! LOL

Haley Clendening

2 years ago

We brought our female adult cat in, she had been exposed to our new kitten who had an upper respiratory infection. Staff were so friendly and responsive to her needs. Vet was honest about treatment options. Highly recommend. Our girl is already feeling better after a few short hours.

Brittany Campbell

2 years ago

My cat was foaming at the mouth after a routine checkup and vaccinations. I never caught the name of the lady who spoke with me on the phone, but she always kept a calm demeanor and explained what I needed to do. Thankful for their help at a stressful time.

Boki Pusac

2 years ago

Super wonderful and clean. Everyone is super nice and helpful.

Ken Gaydos

2 years ago

I took my baby kitty Diamond to them at midnight after my 2 cats got into a fight. They took us right in and excellent service! Ken Gaydos Realtor Keller Williams South Shore

Madison DiGiacomo

2 years ago

Dr. needs to respect the word NO. NO MEANS NO... FOR ANYTHING

Dallas Valentine

2 years ago

Brought my dog in tonight for an urgent urinary issue. Was greeted with a friendly welcome from the staff. Dr Diaz was on tonight and was very thorough and provided excellent care to my dog. Highly recommend this facility for after hour care.

Suejung Brown

2 years ago

I’ve had to visit the emergency clinic twice in the past two months. Once for my beagle Fern, and secondly for my cat Luna. After having a terrible experience at Blue Pearl the same night, we decided we could not comfortably trust the staff at Blue Pearl to provide care for Fern. We drove right across the street to Animal Emergency Clinic of Brandon and were met with a world of difference. Everyone there was kind, patient, and empathetic to Fern, my mother and I. Julie the manager provided us with such relief and comfort. She is someone I would trust with the care of any of my animals. Bottom line is, you can tell the people here truly and innately care for the well being of your pet.

Heidi Singer

2 years ago

Very polite and got us in and out.

Lisa Lane

2 years ago

The staff who worked on 6/2/21 saved our puppy Apollo. The lady who worked front desk was so kind and welcoming she gave us a list of good clinics to take Apollo to for his shots. The doctor and nurse did a plan where it was affordable for us. Whatever they did last night saved Apollo and he is running around getting into stuff like nothing was wrong with him!! I would so recommend this emergency clinic to everyone!! Thank you staff for helping us!!!

Kassandra Martinie

3 years ago

Took my dog in because she was labor breathing showed the video and the vet tech said it was reverse sneezing he checked over the dog. The vet came in never touched the dog or even examined her said it was reversed sneezing .. rushed her back to her vet this morning she had a severe sinus infection and was choking on the thick mucus and suffocating. If I would have just listened to this vet my dog could have died. All they wanted was the money for the examine did not honestly care about treating my dog! This vet is a waste of money. Blue pearl is a cross the street! Do not go here!!!!!

Brandi Merrell

3 years ago

I wouldn’t take my a pet to die here. My mom called me about her dog not doing good and She think she’s been in labor for 2 days so I called them and 5 other clinics in …

Nicholas Maviglia

3 years ago

FIND A DIFFERENT VET, EVEN IF ITS AN EMERGENCY! We brought our 5 week old kitten in past midnight a few days ago because she was completely disoriented, breathing shallow but rapidly, and was scarily unresponsive. The vet tech, who I want to thank for being the only professional in that office, brought us back to meet the actual "vet". This excuse of a man, took all of 2 minutes to examine her, out of our site mind you. Came back into the room and place the kitten on the floor next to the exam table, flat on her face because she had minimal control of her own legs, and chuckled. He then proceeded to write us a bill of over $700 to run tests, and in his own words "hope for the best". Didn't give us a sliver of information on what could have happened, or what could be wrong with her. He guilted us because we didn't have the money he wanted, so he charged us $100 for absolutely nothing, and then left us with the vet tech and our kitten still motionless on the floor. She gave us some tips, and ideas of what to look up for ourselves and I want to thank her for that. So we went home, and I sat with my phone for all of ten minutes on Google looking up causes and symtoms. After a few hours of warm sugar water, and wrapping her in a heat pad, she was right back to her happy healthy self. I don't know how this man became a vet but all he cared about was our budget. He does not care for animals, and he should be ashamed of himself.


3 years ago

Waste of time. Didn’t even get helped or acknowledged. Walked into with my dog, and staff members were all having a conversation with each other. They weren’t talking about pets, didn’t even have a pet in their hands, they just stood there …

Valerie Beckett

3 years ago

Try to avoid going here at all costs because it's definitely going to cost you lots of money. One vet was good and so was the tech but the 2nd were both sub par


3 years ago

This place is such a bad facility! They misdiagnosed my dog almost killed her! Rude technicians. Please DO NOT BRING your ANIMALS here. Spent over 1,100 and had to still go to my vet to get proper treatment!

Hector Perez

3 years ago

Rescued a puppy and realized it was infested with fleas. Needed someone to help and they were there for my puppy. Got her all ready to go and cured and she is super healthy.

Ann Aberin Webb

3 years ago

Thank you for taking such great care of our 4 month old puppy post surgery. You are God’s Angels! You helped save his life. We truly are grateful for you for being so kind and helpful during such a stressful time!

Valeria G

3 years ago

I brought my puppy into Animal Emergency Clinic on Friday night. Dr. Otero and staff were wonderful! They helped me through a very stressful situation and were very patient with all the questions I had. They told me to call at any time to check up on her. I believe they truly made a difference in her outcome. I would highly recommend.

Vonnie Thornton

3 years ago

The worst place ever they took my daughter for a ride.She called before coming in asked about you know how much things are the ladies gonna tell her oh we have some plans where you can pay 6 months for the plan however did not explain that …

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