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Sarah Michelle

2 years ago

I wish I could give negative stars. We had a horrible experience at the Pet Clinic off SR64 near Walmart. We took our 1.5 year old Malinois/German Shepherd in to get neutered in which they said they would keep him overnight for observation. They called and let me know that he came out of surgery fine and that he would now be monitored. So at 5pm when they closed, all the staff went home and just stuck him in a kennel with no cone to keep him from chewing on his stitches. So when they came back in the morning, they called me to let me know that sometime during the night he chewed out all of his stitches and he would have to be put under anesthesia again to fix everything. They did not let me know as the owner that he would be left unattended at night and let me make the decision of taking him home or not. When asked why he was left alone and unmonitored they stated it was being they were short staffed and could not stay. Their prices also went through the roof and the employees are horrible, they will bad mouth a customer as soon as they walk out the door. My dog is a nervous dog and they should have been able to read that since that work with animals every single day. The worst part was that their was no apology for what had happened. It's a horrible feeling to have your dog be 10x more nervous to go to the vet now because the service and love for animals was so lacking at this place.

Holly Doney

2 years ago

Please…Please….Please DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET HERE!!!!!!!!! On Friday I took my dog here to see Dr. Gartenberg. My baby’s symptoms were EXTREME panting along with not eating as usual and excessive drinking. He was wearing a diaper due to all the peeing. Dr. Gartenberg listened to his heart and said his mummer was a 5 out of 6. Asked him if he was in congested heart Failure (which I thought he was) he said no but he had some things going on with his heart but he kept pushing blood work and thought it was Cushing disease (which if he looked in his chart he had already been tested for cushings) Never said let’s do a chest X-ray just said let’s treat him for his symptoms. Gave him pain medication and sent us on our way. He said this should perk him up if it doesn’t come back k in 7 days ( he wouldn’t have made 7 days) Last night was the worst he never laid down to sleep. Just stood and panted all night. I called the vet I went to before and got him in at 8:30am this morning. He knew just listening to his heart that he was in congested heart failure. He said I need to take an X-ray to see if we can save him. Unfortunately he couldn’t be saved and I had to put him down ???? Just please don’t go there!!!!!

Maria Fabiano

2 years ago

Love Dr Paul and his great staff!!

William Braselton

2 years ago

Great staff,great kennel and best Vet in the business.We've used them for 27 years!

Tricia Bajaj

2 years ago

My dog almost died under this place's care. Please, please, if you love your dog, I beg you do NOT take them to this place. My dog was misdiagnosed with Addison's disease and ended up being hospitalized. I was trying to save a few bucks and will never do that again. Back to Braden River Animal Hospital, where I know they will always do the right thing and have competent, NICE staff.

Tony Leone

2 years ago

Won’t be back to this place. Front desk woman should be fired. We brought a perfectly healthy puppy in for a round of shots, within 48hours the puppy has gotten sick and is having trouble walking. And was instructed they were to busy, the vet can’t talk and maybe they could get me in next week. Save your time and money and go somewhere that actually cares for the well being of the animals.

Shannon Johnson

2 years ago

Shockingly rude front desk. Turning away customers because “they are so busy”. 3 months for new customers I was told while she was laughing. “As if” behavior.

Carolyn Thompson

2 years ago

The front staff at The Pet Clinic are horrible…very unprofessional and rude. I’ve witnessed the front desk staff answer a call and after speaking for a moment put the call on hold….then screaming at the phone expletives about the caller in ear shot of all sitting in the waiting area. After one year of taking our dog there we had to put him down. There was no compassion shown by anyone. Dr Gartenberg gave our baby a shot to sedate him. The poor guy yelped and jumped up in pain, a sight I cannot erase from my mind. There was nothing comforting or any measures taken to make the experience as tender as possible. Once Willie was gone I was handed his records and told to stop at the desk on my way out. Not one staff member expressed any condolences or even said as much as “I’m sorry”. A woman in the waiting room stood up and said “you look like you need a hug” which was exactly what I needed. We did get a handed written letter from Dr. Gartenberg a couple days after the event which was very kind and heartfelt but it doesn’t take away the memory of how horrible the experience was.

franz vasquez

3 years ago

So far as my experience, 20 years in Sarasota, Fl, the most reliable and adequate prices for citizens around the area, my two German shepherds got the care and attention, no doubt about that, there is a lot people always to see this doctor, and the reason is he do his duty well.

Scarlet Goelz

3 years ago

We have been here in Florida for over 20 years!!,The Pet Clinic has been So Kind and Wonderful to our Fur Babies!! Dr. G is the Best Period! Love The Staff as well...

christy darling

3 years ago

I just Love everything from the facility to the staff and of course Dr. Gartenburg he’s the absolute best!!!

Anastasiya D'Aoust

3 years ago

I was very disappointed today. Who answered a phone was really rude and mean.

Cash Paul

3 years ago

I took my 11 year old dog here and woman at the front desk is awful and they took my dogs blood work and they said they would have the results tomorrow but it took a week and the employees are not wearing masks and I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE AT ALL!!


3 years ago

Dr. Gartenberg and his staff took excellent care of my cat, Jinx. From the moment i called, the receptionist was very kind, respectful, empathetic and caring. My encounter in the office with the staff was also a memorable one. The staff here truly cares about the well being of the pets they care for and you can truly tell they are passionate about what they do. Thank you Dr. Gartenberg & staff for taking excellent care of Jinx❤️We will certainly return for all of our future needs.

linda robinson

3 years ago

Have taken our 14 yr old dog here a few times, when we are here in the winter. He became severely ill with cancer so his health is failing. Called this place last week and we were told to bring him in when ready. So he did have a few good weeks. Started having seizures and last one he couldn’t walk. Made 3 calls to this fine establishment and were told, “to busy today honey take him somewhere else!” What!!!! So we did and I would never recommend this place to anyone!! How can you turn patients away???

Nayla Cruz

3 years ago

Did not make it past the RECEPTIONIST!!! omg soo RUDE!!!! After talking on the phone with her I was so shocked with how rude she was that I started to read the google reviews to see if it was just me that had a bad experience. Well no, there’s a lot of bad reviews about the receptionist. I don’t understand why the owner or medical director of this place chooses to ignore all these bad reviews about the receptionist. A receptionist is the first impression and the face of the clinic and OBVIOUSLY this woman is not the right fit for it! I needed new appointment for my dog and this woman flat out with the rudest attitude said we don’t have anything available until the end of March!?!?!?!?!? I understand a clinic can be busy and “popular” but seriously 3 months? Not to mention how rude she was talking to me with an attitude like she really does not want you to come in at all! Meanwhile All I’m trying to do is find a good vet for my dog. I will never be calling this place again.

Melissa Helwig

3 years ago

I never got past the receptionist! The rudest most condescending lady I’ve ever spoken to. I called to make an appointment to get my dogs teeth cleaned. I’ve never met the doctor but the office was referred by a close friend. She made the appointment and was a little rude during that conversation but I blew it off to maybe she was having a bad day! Then she called back to confirm two weeks later. The message she left on my voicemail had the wrong name for my dog she literally said the wrong name. So I called back and I said I just wanna make sure you have the correct information on my dogs chart. I said it very nicely I was not upset at all in fact I was kind of giggling because the name she used was Kiwi. She said very condescendingly “if I said the wrong name it wouldn’t have anything to do with the treatment they were giving the dog”. ???? I then asked if I would be able to talk to anyone when I drop my dog off to get details about the procedure or do I need to ask her? She said “ you should’ve asked the doctor when you met him. “ she said it so rude. I never met him!!! Needless to say I just canceled the appointment. I hear the doctor is good but I never got a chance to meet him.

Mary Ellen Fortier

3 years ago

I really don't know how to rate this today. This afternoon I took my dog in for her annual appointment. I walked in wearing my mask and none of the employees, including the doctor was wearing a mask. An elderly lady said something, and the snarky receptionist replied 'they aren't required in Manatee County.' Never did I expect walking into a medical office would I be put at risk for a highly contagious and deadly virus. Whenever I go to Publix, Costco or Walmart everyone wear a mask. Why would I even think I'd be exposed at a medical office. Of course I had my 3 layer mask on. My mom and dad are 89 and 90 and are ill. I can't take a chance of exposing them to this illness. There were elderly clients in there and the office personnel had no concern for what they might be exposing them to. I post this so that anyone reading it will not find themselves in the same situation as me - do I leaved because they are reckless or do I get my dog her annual exam, shots and meds. I stayed, but not happy or comfortable about it. So today is 1star, in the past I was always happy, but his is literally a matter of life and death. I expect a medical man to respect science.

Lisa Reed

3 years ago

The vet here Dr Gartenberg is the absolute best in the county.

leighann vaal

3 years ago

I cannot express my appreciation enough for the pet clinic. They have saved many of my pets lives more than I can count and do not over charge like most places. The Vet is so knowledgeable and compassionate. You can feel how much he loves animals and how much he wants to help them. I recommend to anyone and everyone for their pets.

Karen Shaw

3 years ago

I have been taking my dogs to Dr Gartenburg for a couple years now. They are very compassionate. Dr Gartenburg has a great feel for the animals. The prices are reasonable. They are not like the vets that charge you $500 to walk in the door. When I lost my cavalier king charles spaniel on Easter sunday, he met me at the clinic at noon. The kindness and compassion he showed meant so much to me.


3 years ago

The worst customer service ever!!! The receptionist rude and disrespectful!


3 years ago

This Vet will be seriously missed when he retires. Not many vets really put the animals first like this guy does and it shows. His clinic isn't like the fancy new clinics that have popped up (franchises). Hopefully he will take his replacement alongside and teach him to follow his manners and style. I like this vet so much I drive at least 20 miles round trip for his services. Also his prices are never shocking like other vets are charging.

Diane H

3 years ago

My husband went in to get medication for our dog. He had to wait for a 15 or 20 minutes because the waiting room was full. Some of the people waiting were not wearing masks, none of the employees were, and Dr. Gartenberg wasn't wearing a mask either. My husband is high risk for severe Covid-19. Totally irresponsible! This is the last time we go there!

Denise Hawke

3 years ago

i kept my appt and found the place to be great. The doctor was the best. Helped my situation. Fair prices Would definitely recommend.


3 years ago

THE RECEPTIONIST! Oh my! SHE IS RUDE! I was shocked by the way she treated me over the phone. The experience was bad! She is judgemental and acts like she knows it all. This person is horrible to deal with!

Bubba Gump

3 years ago

The only one I trust

Betty Trigueiro

3 years ago

Always there to answer your questions.

Ben Hooker

3 years ago

Excellent care, wonderful Veterinarian and the Receptionist with Purple hair is so nice :) thanks all!

hayley parks

4 years ago

They prescribed my dogs ear medication without seeing a doctor Again like most chain veterinarians do.

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