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2 years ago

When we first brought in our pup who had been diagnosed with IMHA upon arrival, everything seemed to be going well. We were told by his doctor(female) that he had responded well to the transfusion and that we were looking at a discharge potentially after the weekend as long as he began to eat. The staff were very receptive, empathic, and communicative and we felt very comfortable with his care. However, he was switched to a new doctor who took him off of his feeding tube and within three hours, his health had drastically declined and he was declared deceased. It is hard to not feel as though poor practice is called into play as the new doctor(male) stated that they had been preparing for the transfusion when our pup (who was only seven years old and very healthy before going there) stopped breathing (of course he would if he didn't have enough blood to carry the oxygen!). The doctor would not provide more details and seemed kind of dodgy when the topic of how our pup passed came up. The same doctor also did not seem empathic nor was he nearly as responsive as our pup's initial doctor, so it's hard not to feel as though our pup would still be alive if it weren't for the switch.

Dannette H.

2 years ago

I chose this clinic based on previous reviews & distance from my home. I would have to say the staffing & Doctors definitely make this place special. Very friendly & caring. Both my little guys love them all. Great pricing. Would give more stars if I could! Definitely recommend!!!

Jeffery DePasquale

2 years ago

One totally outstanding Vet clinic.

John Moran

2 years ago

They are amazing. Very helpful and kind, and thoroughly explain everything.


2 years ago

I have been a client here for over 5 years. Seen many changes with staff, and now attitude. When the whole front end staff quits at the same time there is a reason. The replacement staff is very unprofessional and unpleasant to deal with. I feel bad for the pet owners that feel like this is an upgrade. Not sure where I am going, but I am going.

Audra Lubs

2 years ago

Used to be a great place until new doctors were filtered in. Poor customer service to say the least, lack of compassion, and increased prices with decreased lack of knowledge and care. Needless to say I will be changing veterinarians.

Gwen's Corner

2 years ago

I have always trusted this place for my pets for the best care. Shots are pricey, but then I'm used to getting them at the weekend clinics. People here are wonderful and truely care about our lovable companions. :)

Jim Tietz

2 years ago

If you care about your pet at all, do not take them here. They have horrible customer service, they are short staffed, and they are completely unprofessional. When we picked up our border collie after grooming (just supposed to be a trim…that is exactly what was agreed to), they had literally cut her hair so close she was almost unrecognizable. When confronted with the issue they were argumentative, and defensive. Never once offered an apology or anything close to it. The sheer lack of professionalism was dumbfounding. To compound the issue our dog also needed medication which she has had numerous times before. The response was that it would be 24 to 48 hours before they could get it, because “we are really busy”. Really? I guess we just let her get sicker in the meantime. Unbelievable.

John Hight

2 years ago

3 weeks ago my wife took our dog in with a cough. The Dr was rushed, didn't perform much of an exam, just said it was kennel cough and sent us out the door with some medicine and a $150 tab. Having been around kennel cough quite a bit over the last 20 yrs, I was a bit surprised by the diagnosis. We gave her the medicine for a week with no improvement so I decided to take her back and we saw a different Dr (same clinic).. It didn't take him any examination other than listening to her cough for him to say "unfortunately, this isn't kennel cough and I'm afraid it's not anything good." He suggested X-Rays which I agreed to and we found out what he and I were both afraid of...late stage lung cancer. This was a $350 dollar visit. They told me it would be $170 to put the dog down and I inquired about some sort of a discount since the initial kennel cough diagnosis was such a huge miss. The office manager declined and stood behind the original diagnosis.

Nayda N

2 years ago

I used to work at a vet business and that's what it was, a business. I didn't like the atmosphere of the place, so I went searching for another place. I have 5 other vet places within 10 minutes from my home and I was so happy I found this one.They are the best at what they do. My dog and cat are always treated with tenderness. It's a beautiful building and the office is always clean, staff is friendly and welcoming, doctors are knowledgeable and caring toward the needs of the pets, and expenses are more than reasonable. All these makes me feel not scared to take my pets to the vet. From my point of view, I recommend it to all.


2 years ago

The Dr. and tech were great with Felix the Cat. The office staff were very friendly. The prices were reasonable.

Jane Potts

2 years ago

They helped our puppy, he was well cared for.

Donald Jones

2 years ago

Our first choice for pet care...

Connie Minasi

2 years ago

Waited for two hours on a Saturday for them to be at lunch with my dying dog for them to tell me that they are understaffed and overbooked.

David D

2 years ago

We waited 50 minutes beyond the appt time. And that is just the beginning of the poor service. I will never again go to this veterinarian

Bev Bressler

2 years ago

Love it, the staff are very friendly and helpful.

Candyce Carden

2 years ago

I’m happy we decided on this vet! They were able to get us in right away when we had an emergency with one of our cats. Other vets were trying to charge $350 fee for emergency visit and couldn’t get us in till the next day, but they just added on a $90 fee and could get me in same day. Which is very reasonable. The front desk is super nice, as well as the vets and vet techs. They treat my cats so nicely and give a lot of complements on my pets which is nice.

Puma Taylor

2 years ago

Very kind and supportive when having to put my dog down after 16 years. Would Definitely recommend them to others

Beth Moore

2 years ago

There are many options for places to take your pet for care. This company is in the business of making money ONLY.

Miguel Miller

2 years ago

Kayla is the BEST groomer ever!!!

Rita Paradis

2 years ago

Brought our Welsh Terrier for grooming. Kayla did a GREAT job!

stephen kapalka

2 years ago

I took my dog for an examination becasue she had been throwing up for a few days . I arrived at my appointment on time, was moved into an exmination room and told the Dr. was busy with another patient, and should be in shortly. The assistant did come in and ask some questions, but 45 minutes later the Dr. still did come bye, I finally went out the door and asked for help. Fine minutes later the Dr. shows up, and begins examination ask a few questions and recommends various test, which I agree with, comes back no issues, then recommends a shot so dog does not throw up for 24 hours. I go out to get my bill and they surprise and hammer me with an $842.00 bill for xrays , blood work and 2 vacinations. I never expected such a high bill, when a question the bill and ask why I was not advised as to how much each test would cost, the answer was basically , the Dr. authorized the services and your are responsible . Wrapping up the analysis of my visit the Dr. recommends shot so dog does not throw up for 24 hours, again I agreed, but never expected an $82.50 charge for this. When I compalin when presented with the final bill their position is basically next time we will tell in advance the cost of each service and if you didn't question the individual fees too bad. I never epxected an $842 bill maybe $400-$500 but this is ridiculous. No concern as how a customer shoud be treated. I know I agreed during the process but should habe been advised of cost if I am getting close to $1,000 bill.As test progres please advise along the way this going to cost this do you want to proceed . This is not how I would treat a customer nor how I expect to be treated. It was like if you were foolish enough not to ask , we are going to charge as much as we can get. Lesson learned, but shame on you for treating people like this, not how you would want to be treated.

Sue Lytle

2 years ago

They were kind and efficient. Greeted pleasantly and were thorough in their treatment of my pet.

Tyler Arthur

2 years ago

Very happy that I brought my new puppy here. The girls are extremely friendly and you can tell they really love and care about the animals. The doctor was very knowledgeable and professional, and made sure everything was right and healthy with my new pup. I’ll definitely be coming back here for my future vet visits.

Megan Dougherty

3 years ago

I booked a first time bath and shedding groom appointment for my shepard. I was told it would cost 30 dollars. It took an hour and what I got was a bathed dog. I was very disappointed since the bather came out and told me that what I was in the wrong. She then admitted that her receptionist was trying to save me money. I paid for a service that never happened and added more stress to my dog when I had to go back to get what I actually requested in the first place.

Denise Suggs

3 years ago

Absolutely love this place! Staff and doctors are great!

Nancy Russell

3 years ago

Charged way to much. And at the start they quote a price. Take your pet out back for 1 hour when they say 10 minutes and charge you triple. They can't even explain why.

Sara Martin

3 years ago

Great place to take ur babies. They are reasonable and care about your babies as much as u do or really super close. Face it no loves you baby as much as you do.

Ashley Hendricks

3 years ago

I have had the worst luck with vets. It seems I’m a magnet to the ones that are in a rush and ready to dismiss you and move on the the next person. I moved close to Animal Hospital of LWR this past year, so I figured it would be a great opportunity to try a new vet! They not only fit me in last minute, but took their time and answered all of my questions. They made sure I understood everything and made me feel like my dog, Dexter was in amazing hands. Thank you guys so very much. I look forward to scheduling an annual visit for my dogs once they are due this August!

Angela Boone

3 years ago

Very caring and helpful to me while I was here seasonally.

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