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Catherine Keller

2 years ago

We love this veterinary group. Dr Kuehnel is our vet. He’s excellent - very calm when my beagle was super sick. All the staff are wonderful, as well. Our dog loves going there, and gets super excited. Everyone gives lots of love and snuggles to all animals in the waiting room.

Max Corndorf

2 years ago

My dogs have been with the head vet for 4 years. Nice enough guy but never there. This guy is NEVER around. I can't say enough bad things about the staff. Truly challenged in every way. I can tell you one and all: STAY AWAY FROM THIS VET GROUP. They will rob you blind and don't know squat about dogs. What he does best is cruise. Do yourself a favor and find another group. I have a puppy that had nonstop diarreah for 2 months. Kuehnell kept charging and charging for test after test and then put the dog on a diet that made her even worse. Then he left town for a week on a, you guessed, CRUISE.The staff does everything they can to run interference and the order of the day is "BE AS RUDE AND ACCUSATORY AS POSSIBLE".The staff couldn't be worse but the orders come from the top. The place is a joke. After thousands of dollars we took our dog to a neighborborhood vet who fixed her in one 26 buck visit. The doctors at WBVC were clueless. This place has nothing but zero stars from me but I had to do use 1. We also painfully put down a dog at their suggestion but in retrospect our animal didn't need to die. The CRUISING doctor wasn't even there. The staff didn't want to accept a specimen because they didn't know how or what to charge.Money is the bottom line. Not your pet

Our Phinances

2 years ago

I have been going to West Boca Vetrinary Center since they opened. Lots of things have changed over the years And it’s nice to know that I can have a vet I can rely on. They’ve helped me and my pets so many times over the years. Dr. Kim & Dr. Greg have a special place in my heart. ????

Brooke Rose

2 years ago

Just went for our first visit with our new cat and I couldn’t be happier with the practice! Everyone was so nice and knowledgeable and the price was so reasonable. Thank you for taking great care of Batman!

June Anhalt

2 years ago

I want to mention BIANCA, the GROOMER at West Boca Vet. I have an older “pup’ who needs special.care. Not only does Bianca do an excellent job professionally , but she is particularly caring, and gentle to his specific needs in the process. This happy combination keeps me coming back to Bianca for my dogs grooming.and well- being.

Luminita Mititelu

2 years ago

Dr. Kim Simons is the best. We moved to this Vet after previously trying multiple others, and our dog has received the best care at this office for many years now. Dr. Simons is highly attentive, caring and patient. Test results are provided in a timely and efficient manner. The doctors are incredible and the staff is amazing. The office even makes follow up calls after visits. I highly recommend Dr. Simons and WBVC.

nicole allen

2 years ago

We have been going to West Boca Vet for about 2 years, I have always liked the staff and they were very accommodating to my dog who was fearful and dog aggressive. That dog passed and we recently rescued a new dog. We brought her to WBVC for her first time and it reminded me again why we love them. They had our dogs name on their board and everyone loved on her when we came in. Then we had Dr. Orrick and he was so helpful and communicative. We will always stay loyal to WBVC they are the best.

Ryan Richards

2 years ago

Lisa and Dr. Kim were INCREDIBLE!!!! They saw us the same day, when our regular vet wouldn't. They took great care of our dog, and are now our new vet. Highly recommended!!!

Christy Kian

2 years ago

Our dogs have been clients here since they first opened. Today I want to write about the fabulous boarding team. I am pretty picky about who I leave my dogs with. I am always comfortable knowing that my dogs are in such a safe place and in such competent hands. They send us pictures of them and sometimes even a phone call letting me know how they are faring. It really eases my mind.

Adriana Pina Sharp

2 years ago

This reviews means a lot to me, it has been four difficult months where my dear dog Tiffany has been battling with a severe gastrointestinal problem that put her at great risk. I decided to change Dr. and I found this wonderful Dr. Gregg kushnel at West Boca Veterinary Center. After two months of treatment she is finally reacted favorably and is out of danger. I highly recommend him, he was fighting for Tiffany's recovery and I am super grateful to him! Thank you Dr Kuehnel for your dedication and effort.


2 years ago

I appreciate the efficiency and commitment of this vet clinic to do everything need for my dogs!

Charlene Berger

2 years ago

I am so happy to have found WBVC. They give my sweet girl Shannon the best care possible! They give me the time that I need, the best listeners and the most compassionate staff! Thank you Lou Jeremy Brenna Brandon Rachel

Beverlee Patterson

2 years ago

Just switched to West Boca Vet. they have been attentive, efficient and caring. wish I switched earlier.

Moe Mortezaie

2 years ago

This facility gave a 15 year old dog medication that is not safe to even give to animals /humans . Tried to kill my dog and this was the worst experience ever. Honestly think a lot of these reviews are paid for. Stay away from private facilities all they know is how to bill you for money . Best of luck and hope this practice goes back to medical school because by the looks of it anyone can be a vet here

lou gerard

2 years ago

Professional, friendly , and dependable. Follow up call day after exam much appreciated. Great service and friendly from beginning to end of visit

Leslie Alford

2 years ago

The professionals at West Boca Veterinary Center were able to get my pet in quickly for an urgent issue. The staff was so pleasant, and were so gentle and attentive to my pet that she was not afraid at all. They quickly diagnosed the problem, attended to it, and she left much happier than when she arrived. I can't say enough about what a great experience this was for both of us.

Brian S.

2 years ago

No follow through in critical care condition. Charged for unnecessary lab work despite poor prognosis. Seems like a bucket shop vet if you need more than vaccinations and nails cut.

Elizabeth Howells

2 years ago

The quality of care at WBVC is outstanding! From the front office to the technicians and groomers to the veterinarians, everyone is kind, considerate, thoughtful, compassionate and dedicated to insuring the health and safety of my pup. I’m so very thankful for Dr. Kuehnel and all of the staff.

Howard Fick

2 years ago

The doctors and office staff at West Boca Veterinary Center have been very caring and attentive to our ten year old beagle, Rachel. When she was six Rachel developed seizures and they helped us manage them. Most recently Rachel became sick and developed pancreatitis which there is no medication for. Our vet, Dr. Kim Simons, was there with us managing her illness and keeping us abreast of developments. Unfortunately because of her seizure history, Rachel's body was not able to fight pancreatitis and she didn't improve. After several days, it was apparent that we very sadly had to put her to sleep. Dr. Simons was with us every step of the way. We thank her and her staff for being so caring, knowledgeable and concerned. We highly recommend Dr. Simons and her staff for the care of your loving pet. Howard and Margaret Fick

Judy Bradburn

2 years ago

We took our dog for her first visit with WBVC, due to her normal vet could not get her for 2 weeks. She needed to be seen for kennel cough, so who knows how she would be in 2 weeks. Since we could not wait that long and I am so glad I reached out to WBVC. They were able to schedule her visit the next morning and the nurse & doctor were both amazing with her. She has anxiety and they took every effort to make her more comfortable. The office is taking the necessary steps to social distance and everyone was friendly and helpful. We are definitely making the change to have them as our dogs go to vet.

Kelly Ulbrich

2 years ago

Dr. Simon and Brenna are absolutely amazing! They treat their patients like family and are extremely professional and kind! Dr. Simon is very knowledgeable and experienced which put me at comfort right away. I highly recommend them--you & your fur babies will be in very good hands!

Suzie Woollen

2 years ago

Dr.Gregg Kuehnel is fantastic! He is so caring and patient with all of my dogs. We have been going to him for 9 years. He takes the time to listen to all of the concerns and address each one with thought and compassion. He helped one of my dogs get on an allergy treatment plan that turned her life around as well as treating & referring on a tricky foot mass (she lived an active life to be 17). He is patient when dealing with my very terrified other dog (11). He and his staff are fantastic with scheduling, appointments (never left waiting), and follow-up (after a visit and any further work). I refer all of my friends and family to him. He is a great person and my family and I are grateful for all he has done for our fur babies. Thank you Dr. Kuehnel!

Stephanie Violi

2 years ago

Doctor Waldman and the entire staff took amazing care of my dog! The attention to detail and compassion was very heart warming. I can’t thank them enough for taking such great care of my baby. I highly recommend them ! Thank you so much!

Jill Gonzalez

3 years ago

They are very friendly always clean smells great the staff is wonderful

AngryCoffee TV

3 years ago

One of the only bet centers that will let you come in with your pet despite CoVid. Everyone is attentive and helpful.

Ira Sabin

3 years ago

We have used many vets over the years. But West Boca is by far the best

Jenny R.

3 years ago

This place has become a joke! The staff is utterly disorganized and careless, the nurses seem fed up, the receptionists are rude, and the doctors could not care less for the patients. In the last month we had to bring our dog in three times, each time the doctors contradicted each other and the young doctor even rolled her eyes at us . When I asked to speak with management, some bubbly blond chick came in saying she was the "reception manager" and refused to let me speak with anyone higher up. You could hear her and some of the staff referring to us as "annoying" through the door. We left with an almost $1000 bill and couple of meds the nurse did NOT know how to explain. Said we would get a call back the next day... 2 weeks later we are still waiting. Stay away from this place, they don't care about you or your pet; there are three or four different managers that will call you to try to cover each other's back, and have zero customer service skills. On top of everything already mentioned, I took the time to look through their “five stars reviews” and I found 15 reviews that belong to current employees of the hospital. The whole thing is a scam!!! The managers, doctors, and staff are giving themselves 5 stars reviews. Take the time to check them out, and report them.

penny yegelwel

3 years ago

the office and staff are fantastic and Dr D the best! GREAT OFFICE and excellect care

Sami Hokenson

3 years ago

West Boca Vet has been a complete game changer in my pet’s lives. I currently have 4 cats and 1 dog, and they are all patients at this kind, and compassionate hospital. They are a 5 doctor practice and I simply cannot pick my favorite since every one I have experienced is fantastic in their craft and knowledge of Veterinary Medicine. They took care of my eldest cat of 15 years after he was discharged from Coral Springs Animal Hospital for a quarter of the cost! The nurses even texted me updates while the practice was CLOSED during a holiday to let me know of his status and that he had been fed and watered in the morning and the evening. That meant SO much to me! I often board my other cats here when I go out of town, and the Kennel Technicians never fail to send me photos of my babies enjoying themselves and soaking up the sun in their very own kitty condo. I have also had the opportunity to meet the practice manager, Katie, and the assistant practice manager, Mollie, who have been behind the scenes running the place for the last year and a half or so. I am beyond impressed with these two ladies and the manner in which they conducted this hospital’s business during the first initial COVID outbreak. It was a tricky time, but you ladies nailed it in patient care, professionalism, and keeping everyone safe and socially distanced! I cannot say enough great things about this place. The technicians are always pleasant and gentle, and the front desk always makes you feel as if you just called Disney World with their phone etiquette! If you are thinking about switching vets or are looking for a group of individuals who actually care.. look no further than West Boca Vet.

Paola Marmoto

3 years ago

All the doctors are amazing and the staff is very friendly. Due to Covid-19 they are allowing clients to remain curbside or if you are comfortable, you are able to go Inside the office as well. I also like how they have a day admission option for those days I'm not able to go to an appointment but they are still able to take care of my pets as long as I drop them off before a certain time. I love taking my pets here.

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