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Daylin Echegoyen

2 years ago

Amazing job we took our baby home whit everything he need, winter was amazing super kind and professional thank you for a amazing job

Sandra Tobon

2 years ago

Tri County Animal Rescue was wonderful

Maggie Watson

2 years ago

Super kind and laid back and down to earth. Customer Service and the workers and volunteers are absolutely wonderful.

Nancy Shay

2 years ago

Staff pleasant and very caring

lyla faria

2 years ago

just came here to drop off stuff for service hours, very nice and easy!


2 years ago

Called the place and was asking some questions regarding their services and staff was rude kind of hung up the phone on me. Called their clinic to know about services, staff was inpatient, trying to rush the call. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!, rude! I hope they treat animals there better than treated me on the phone! :(

Misty Ballard

2 years ago

Unfortunately I’m unable to leave 0 stars. This isn’t a professional place of business. Staff should never be treated as they have, due to the fact this is a place of love and care for animals. First of all, people who have the heart to care for fur babies should be highly respected. In any profession respect is a given. I hope Human Resources isn’t involved for discrimination against such beautiful employees. I must say this is sadden to see. What a shameful Environment. -10 stars.

Liana Piotrowski

2 years ago

They treat their employees terribly. The owner inappropriately favors certain workers, while others are treated unfairly. The ones who work the hardest and care about the animals the most are not valued, nor treated with respect. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Cole Collins

2 years ago

We could not be more happy with our puppy adoption. Upon walking up, MrCutie now named Rambo, was being walked out to meet a couple. He immediately stopped at my lap and looked at me and I knew he was the one. The couple that had looked at him for some reason did not take him, and without even looking at any other pup we took Rambo home. The process was painless and the staff made for an incredible moment. Rambo now has his forever home, and our bed!

caroline perrone

2 years ago

Dropping rescue kitten to be fixed. Nice place nice people.

Tracy Wiseman

2 years ago

I adopted my cat Nala three years ago from this rescue. The staff treated me very kindly and answered any questions that this first time pet owner had. I was very happy with their service and would highly recommend this rescue to anyone who is looking to adopt.

Nicole DiPerna

2 years ago

Adopted our sweet Hazel approximately 4 months ago and are so in love! The staff was friendly and accommodating even with all the covid restrictions. We felt safe and were able to meet multiple dogs prior to finding our puppy. Would go back in a heatbeat!

Dennis Penzell

2 years ago

Now please understand that this review is from an event several yrs old. On a Saturday I saw a small maletese/bischon dog run into a lake near my house. I waded in and got the dog and leashed him and my wife and I tried to decide what to do. Our vet was closed, so we couldnt check for a chip. We then said how about Tri County. So we went there and the entire reception we received was as if we were criminals trying to "dump" a stray.. It was explained in detail to us why we coudnt bring the dog near the shelter due to disease etc. We didnt know what to do. They did tell us to go to the county shelter in WBP. But heres the thing, They actually came to the parking lot and TOOK PICTURES OF OUR LICENSE PLATES and our car in the event we were going to "dump: him. We had recently lost our beautiful maltese due to a rapid onset of a bone marrow disorder. So we were emotionally labile anyway. We sat outside the facility crying. No one had the compassion to come out and speak with us or comfort us. I would hope that this never happens to you or a family member of your staff, in any situation. WE finally took him toWBP shelter. Good news was that the low life who wasnt taking care of this poor dog finally was found and happily cost him over 400 dollars to retrieve . The next day I called your CEO/admin left a message and never received a return call. You need'nt repeated the reasons the dog wasnt allowed inside the shelter.And phone calls do get missed. However I would like an apology for the suspicion disrespect, humiliation, and lack of compassion from your staff. I think its warranted.

Bryan Malmu

2 years ago

My experience with this place was one of the worst experiences of my life. My daughter and I went back multiple times and fell in love with a dog. Unknowingly, they had hidden fees for their "rescue". They do not explain anything until the very end of the communication and then they tell you it's almost $750 for a rescue. My pure bread golden retriever was only $500 which I purchased from out of state. I'm all for rescuing an animal I love all of them. However, I would never trust any place that tries to make high profit from a rescue. This was extremely disappointing.

Ali Naderzad

2 years ago

TCS gave a sato (a Puerto Rican street dog) to a first-time dog owner--fail (picture handing a shotgun to an infant). The dog is cute as a button but she ain’t right, lunges at people and bites and makes a racket and we can’t have guests anymore and this is not a trainable dog, all you can do is zap or muzzle her. We are being held hostage by a dog who’s reduced our social life to near-zero. Satos are for seasoned and committed individuals only. Dog trainers won’t touch satos with a ten-foot pole, as it turns out. If you do come to Tri County, understand that these are ethics-impaired people who apparently have relinquished their utmost duty to: 1-educate the public and 2- place a foster sensibly and successfully. This, at least, was our experience.

Maria Alejandra Fumero Mendoza

2 years ago

We have had I awesome experience, we went into the website first to come with some options in mind, we were approved and toke our beautiful and healthy puppy home. Be patient is a long process but is worth every second. Friendly staff worry about the well being of all animals, I recommend this shelter 100% Bring water for you and a crate to take your dog home.

Alicia Young

2 years ago

Based on the way my family was treated today, we will never adopt from this shelter or give them any further donations. The staff was rude in their enforcement of outdated Covid restrictions. Masks, I could understand, but we weren't even allowed in the building at all. We had our sweet three-year-old with us, and one female staff member suggested we "go to a petting zoo" if we wanted to see animals, and then added "I don't mean it" after saying "have a nice day". It's very difficult to fall in love with and adopt a dog if you can't even meet them. I think the dog chooses you. Altering this process makes it more difficult for both the animals and the potential pet parents. I understand Covid is still a concern for many, but we haven't encountered this issue with any other shelter thus far.

Lee Josephson

2 years ago

We rescued a sweet little dog and my family couldn’t be happier. Great place, well organized.. ty for what you do

Elisha Wagman

2 years ago

I was a little stunned to see so many complaints/low grade reviews for this shelter because, in truth, I’ve had the complete opposite experience, and not just during the adoption process of our beloved Shomri (known originally as Stacy) but ever since, we make monthly visits to the shelter so Stacy can visit with the staff and dog friends she made there and still adores. So what’s the difference between my experience and those whose negative reviews I read? Experience and expectations. Shomri is our second rescue dog (our other loved pup passed away from old age and thankfully with a happy heart), so I knew very well that accepting the responsibility of adopting a rescue meant being prepared that the pup would potentially comes with a slew of issues whereas pups purchased via a reputable breeder would not. I’m speaking of things like nervous about physical touch, fear of new spaces, food fear, fear of strangers, the list is long and varied and each rescue dog brings with them their own unique baggage, hardship and experience. I knew that, and had experience with that, so I knew that building trust and a bond was paramount so I invested heavily in that, from day 1.: What does concern me, as a dog lover, is that folks sometimes get a rescue because a) it’s far less expensive, b) in COVID most reputable breeders have waiting lists that are months long, and c) they want to do the “right thing”, but unfortunately not everyone understands what a rescue pupils ...or what it can mean...and they expect the dogs or puppies they adopt to behave like pups brought home from a breeder, and that’s simply a very unrealistic expectation.In terms of my experience with the staff at this shelter and at the Lous Pope clinic, which ALL Boca Rio adopted dogs can access at reduced cost, they’re not just professional, but loving and invested. Let’s face it folks, if these vets and vet techs worked in private clinics they’d make more money so why do they work at Boca Rio? Because they love animals and are committed to the safety of our furry friends. That’s already a sacrifice in my opinion. But back to my literal experience which demonstrates how professional and caring these folks are. While at the shelter, viewing dogs, I spotted a corgi/German Sheppard mix named Beto. I love all dogs, but I’m especially partial to corgis because one of my most believed dogs was a full bred corgi, and so I asked about Beto who is an adult dog, very pretty but I noted too, as he was being walked, very guarded. The very sweet and knowledgeable staff person explained that while I was a) experienced with corgis (some need specific training because they can resource guard, and nip and chase), b) I’m not only Unafraid of German Shepard’s but I adore the breed, c) I have tons of training experience and my dogs ALWAYS work with a nationally registered dog trainer, and finally d) as a college professor I have not only the interest but the time to train and nurture a rescue. Plus, unlike most people who want puppies, I was open to adopting an adult dog.You’d think this would be an ideal fit, right? Well, the knowledgeable staff person gently explained that while she truly appreciated my interest in Beto and my openness to adult dogs, she informed me that Beto lived with some significant behavioral issues that the staff were working on—very diligently but that so far, there had only been limited success.This kind lady also explained that because I possessed experience, had patience and eagerness to invest in my dog, there were other dogs she could immediately think of, who would GREATLY benefit from my investment, and so we met Stacy/Shomri and immediately fell in love. She is a huge blessing and joy—every day. Adopting a rescue is a privilege and a responsibility. It’s also a serious investment. Know that first and be prepared so you aren’t disappointed in yourself—instead of the shelter.

James Lowe

2 years ago

What a great staff. Willing to work with us for some minor but special consideration during our adoption process, available and eager to help in any way possible. We have adopted the sweetest girl and it's obvious she was well taken care of by the staff with their limited resources. The only reason I gave 4-star was because she arrived to us a bit dirtier than we would have hoped with a pending adoption but that was easily remedied with a quick bath. Thank TCAR

Jon Rubin

2 years ago

We adopted our new puppy Barley (he had been named Mauro) last week, and he has quickly settled in to be a loved family member! Everyone at Tri-County Animal Rescue was wonderful & friendly and that seemed to transfer to Barley’s personality—he is wonderful & friendly to all dogs and people. Clearly everyone at TCAR loves the animals—thanks to everyone at TCAR for taking such great care of them til they find their forever homes!

Patricia Boekhout

2 years ago

Thank you to Liz for her exquisite heart and gratitude to the entire Tri-County Humane Animal Rescue team for all you do. The application process was thorough and complete and the staff was friendly, helpful and kind. While I was completing the application, I was delighted to see so many thoughtful pet lovers thoughtfully coming up to bring pet supplies and offer bags of much needed pet food. We have been looking for this sweet puppy patiently and Liz had her whole heart steadily in the process to made sure we were a perfect match for each other. Equally impressed with our puppy's vet tech and praises for the staff at veterinary services of the new Lois Pope pet clinic. Please consider applying to rescue a furever 4-footer for your family at Tri-country.

Thaisa Dasilva

2 years ago

They are very very good! I wish they did grooming as well so u could send my animals and everyone I know over to help raise some money besides donations. My cat had surgery there and he’s amazing today. My Shepherd needed some medical help and they were also very good to her. I recommend them

dallas watson

3 years ago

Brought my boy blu in to get neutered Kate and the other staff members were so professional and nice to me an blu made us very comfortable with the whole visit

MMA Movers ,LLC

3 years ago

DO NOT. I REPEAT DO NOT GET YOUR PET FROM HERE. I brought a puppy home about 3 weeks ago and since then, 4 emergency visits and $3k dollars later, here we are. My father is an attorney and told me what to do but this is crazy! This pet is now part of our family and to see him like this breaks our hearts. All of the vets said that it could have been because of the conditions they kept him at Tri-County. If you peak in the door you will see feces on the floor. I am so distraught, I have no idea what to do...I know we have to be ready to take on expenses with a new pet but right out the gate and constantly???? and 3k less than a month!!! No way, I am writing this now because my husband is on the way to take him back in for another visit because the poor thing keeps falling over....and is not well!!!!!! GO ELSEWHERE!!!!!

Karl Steeves

3 years ago

They have animals here. What else does one need?

Carlos Aguilar

3 years ago

The staff always take care of my boy Mathias. Highly recommend for your best friend

Monique Strachan-Murray

3 years ago

We are forever GRATEFUL, what would have more than likely ended up in us losing our furry girl, has a different ending thanks to Dr. Ramsey and the the staff which was a referral received from Dr. Drogan of Riverside Animal Hospital. Dr. Drogan diagnosed our Khloe with "Pyo" and informed us that she needed life saving surgery, from our arrival to Tri-County we experienced nothing but professionalism, genuine concern and assurance that our Khloe would be okay, and SHE IS!!!!


3 years ago

I just adopted a puppy from here a week ago and I’m so in love. I took him to the vet a few days ago and I met the most charming woman. She was very informative, really looked like she was happy to be working there (which is important. You should always love what you do, you’ll always be smiling and happy), made me feel welcome. I’ll definitely be doing business here until the end of time ! Thank you Kayla and staff :)

Norma Ortiz

3 years ago

I adopted my Dog one year ago his name was Lane we changed his name to Jack. (LOL *Jack La Lane) he was 3 years old at the time. Our dog Snoopy had just died 2 days before & My heart was empty and sad but ready with so much love for another dog. We originally wanted a puppy but when Lane (Jack) saw us he put his paw out and pulled on my husband’s pants. He said PICK ME PLEASE. We knew this was the dog. He was a Puerto Rican Rescue. He was amazing from day one. He had a few problems with noises, rain & people. But nothing we couldn’t fix with love. He sleeps in bed with us from day one. I put a peepee pad in bed with us under his sheet he never had an accident. So I removed it. Rescue dogs are amazing. This is my first rescue dog all the others were from private buyers. This place is amazing they care for their dogs. I did the Embark DNA Testing out of over 200 diseases they found Zero. So they way to go is get a RESCUE dog and let him pick you. I am extremely happy.

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