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Shawn Graves

2 years ago

Dr. G is compassionate and clear with his recommendations and treatment options. I had several questions about my pup after the being diagnosed that he has cancer in his eye. He took the time to answer questions/concerns and give us guidance on what to expect and how we can help our pup adjust to having only one eye after having the bad one removed. He and his team really helped make a bad situation not as scary. We'll be using their boarding facility next week for Thanksgiving so I'll update our review with our experience with boarding later!

Ashley Systems

2 years ago

although they seem to care,in actuality they dont. we were givin 1 treatment option for our cat and sad to say I found out after he passed that there were other treatment options.

Carmen Santana

2 years ago

Staff very nice clean and orderly interior and exterior ,have vet care ,day care ,boarding ,saw lots of happy dogs take a tour recommend for your furbabies


2 years ago

Went for the first time everyone was so friendly and helpful Dr G is such a awesome doctor he takes the time to explain what's going on with your fur babies I recommend this facility awesome treatment

Krystin Mahoney Henderson

2 years ago

Dr Greer and his highly trained team did a double cruciate ligament surgery on my mom's lab. After only a few short days Addie was using both legs and now 9 weeks post surgery she is back to her normal lab self with swimming and playing with her sisters. Thank you for helping our sweet Addie girl!

patricia sodemann

2 years ago

I was calling initially to just ask a question. The "girl" didn't listen to my simple question, put me on hold repeatedly, then came back to the phone with a rudely flippant response that wasn't even answering my very simple question. After repeating my question several times she finally understood (I think) and brushed me off. Apparently no training as to helping prospective clients. Will look elsewhere!

Precious Green

3 years ago

To start out with my dog was sick all weekend with diarrhea. I didn’t know what to do so I texted the owner Annie, on a Sunday which they are closed. Annie responded quickly and was very concerned about my dog. I was told to take him in at 9:30 to meet David, awesome guy and very professional. They have a customer for life ❤️ Thanks Petcare Apopka

V Sanchez

3 years ago

Roughly a decade ago I took my dog to this clinic he was very sick. After an overnight exam and stay I was told he had distemper. I was ignorant at the time about the survival rate for this diagnosis and foolishly let a vet from this clinic convince me that my dog had a chance at survival by buying certain meds to the tune of 700$ my dog of course did not get better and I decided to let my dog go with a painless death. When I asked how much the vet had the nerve to charge an additional 50$. Worst service ever with unethical and greedy to the point of avarice vet. NEVER EVER BRING YOUR PET HERE.

Diamond Smith

3 years ago

Expensive. Pet is still sick. Rip off. Every visit requires a exam of at least $59. Make sure all your questions and problems are resolved before leaving. Even if your pet requires same medication in a different form they charge you for an exam and medication again. X Ray's are $140+

Joshua Hayhurst

3 years ago

Very pleasant staff there nose to tail deal with vaccines was great deal they treated my Stallone amazingly...

Saundra Santana

3 years ago

I like this place because its convenient, my dog loves it but the vet bills are very expensive. My dog comes for play time and loves the pool. However my dog has never had hookworms or ringworm until now. He has his own backyard with no other animals and I walk him on a leash when not in the backyard. .

Mark Brown

3 years ago

Our first experience was very unprofessional. When picking up our dog from day boarding. We payed for day boarding & a bath $35 before getting our dog at the office. Then you go to another location to pick your pet up. The person receiving us seemed overwhelmed. She didn’t remember our dog. So we had to describe our dog & give her name several times. When they finally found our dog, they had not provided the bath service that we paid for day boarding. When we ask for a refund on the bath service, we were told they didn’t know how to provide a refund. There is no way I would ever trust this business to care for our pet.

Meredith Ulbrich

3 years ago

This place is so awesome!!! Amazing facility, a vet on site, reasonable prices and they don't discriminate against Pit Bulls. I'm only not giving them 5 stars because you can't board a dog for the weekend and pick them up on a Sunday, which is kind of inconvenient. But I get it, that's their policy. Still an awesome place.

Robert Minichino

3 years ago

My dog loves this place.

Ed Lacy

3 years ago

Puppets loves daycare there with his friends.

adie diggins

3 years ago

Staff are always great and friendly take care of the 2 girls they love the resort

Michelle Sallum

3 years ago

Been here three times. The doctors themselves seem like good people, but the visits leave much to be desired. The rooms could be much cleaner. (dirty surfaces, animal hair on the floor, and upon one of our visits there was a huge hairball on the floor) One of the vet assistants (who we’ve seen twice) has somewhat of an abrasive personality and borderline mistreated our dog. She has trauma from spaying so she whines a lot now/ distrusts people. Not only did the vet assistant complain and seem agitated because of the wining, but she didn’t even bother to hand our dog to us afterwards. She just opened the door, dropped the leash, and let her run to us scared. Very disappointed with the lack of compassion shown here. Overall, we will be seeking a new vet with higher quality care.

Debbie Bruno

3 years ago

A great big thank you to Pet Care Center of Apopka! They are always thinking of how they can help! We can rely on them to contact us if they ever have anything that our rescue pets can use. Just went today and picked up some boxes of goodies!!. Thanks so much for your generosity!! A New Beginning Pet Rescue, Inc.

Tammy Morrison

3 years ago

Called them with emergency situation with my dog. They saw her immediately and Dr. Greer was fantastic. I recommend them to anyone who needs a reliable vet.

Rob Shandik

3 years ago

I submitted an online appointment request for a rescue squirrel on 3/3/20. Within minutes I received a call for appointment details, etc. As the "interview" went on, it was apparent that the person calling did not read the request details, in fact, the person just assumed that the animal was a dog...not even a cat or anything else. Once the person finally found out that I was inquiring about a squirrel (small mammal), I was told that she would need to call the doctor at the other facility to see if the pet needed to come in or if I could just drop off a urine sample (testing for suspected UTI). The goal was to get a same-day appointment, or at the very latest the next day. Once she found out it was a squirrel, the 1pm, same-day availability apparently no longer applied. It's now 3/11/20, eight days later, and I have still not heard back from them regarding this urgent matter. I will definitely not be going back there again with any of my pets, "normal" or exotic.

Richard Marquette

3 years ago

Called this office to get a simple estimate for the cost of an exam and basic dental cleaning but the staff refused to give even the most basic of information. I thought perhaps I was speaking with a new vet assistant who was nervous about answering questions, and asked if I could call back at a later time to speak with a tech, and was told no.. According to the woman I spoke with, all staff at this facility are instructed to not provide any range of pricing. Said that they don't have a basic pricing schedule. If this is true, it is a ridiculous policy that pricing is just based on how the vet feels at that particular moment. After this disappointing call, I spoke with four other local vets who were all happy to provide their basic pricing range for a dental exam and cleaning. The quotes I received included the cost of the exam, bloodwork, cleaning and polish, anaesthesia as well as the additional cost if an extraction was warranted. Each call took only a few minutes, and while the other vets varied quite a bit in pricing- they all had the professionalism to provide the information.. It's a shame that the Pet Care Center of Apopka couldn't manage to do that....

Rebecca Harris

3 years ago

There are no words I can use to properly describe Dr. and Mrs. Greer and the amazing animal facility that they run and own. When our precious pup became seriously ill, they were there every step of the way and then some. They go the extra mile in every sense and it is very clear that you and your pet are their priority, not to mention Dr. Greer’s medical skills and experience are some of the best in the business. All the staff are absolutely wonderful and extremely attentive and treat your pet like their own. Now our dog is doing well and on his way to a full recovery and I am 100% convinced that this great outcome has everything to do with the love and care he received at Pet Care Center of Apopka.

Ali Lepore

3 years ago

This is our vet of choice. Facility is always clean and the staff is very friendly and informative. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for vet services or boarding!

Anne Melihercsik

3 years ago

My Ridgeback, Rufus, tore both his CCL's ( cruciate ligaments ). I noticed him limping and had the rays to verify the damage. My vet was unable to do the surgery due to his size. The company I was referred to was outrageously expensive. I researched other Orthopedic Surgeons in the tri-county area. I was happy to find The Pet Care Center of Apopka. The Surgeon was able to do both CCL's at a very reasonable cost. They were in surgery over 4hrs with my baby. He recovered over the weekend and had 2 weeks intensive cold laser therapy treatments. He is now walking and enjoying the outside. He was in so much pain prior to his surgery. The surgeon and the staff were so wonderful. I can never thank them enough. If you have a large breed who needs surgery, you have to call The Pet Care Center of Apopka. They provide excellent loving care. If money is an issue they have Care Credit! My family are so thankful for their loving care. Thank you All! Remember when you rescue a pet, they really Rescue You! Anne

Caleb Decker

3 years ago

Doctor was great and very nice. Most of the other staff were very nice too! One lady seemed to be having a bad day.. But overall was a great place to take the pup. They saw him last min with no appt. I will continue going back!

Cristina Lopez

3 years ago

Great service and love for our big baby. The pet hotel is great and our dog loves going for her mini vacations to play in the pool and take nature walks. Plus the vet/grooming side is great and super friendly. They make sure that they help you out with anything that you need for your fur baby.


3 years ago

Pushy. Rude and very expensive. Won't go back

Kimmy C

3 years ago

Very impressed with our first overnight stay for our pup. Great customer service at check in/out, very nice facility and the staff who cared for Carmen were very passionate about taking care of her. Thank you Pet Care Center!

Lisa Langford

3 years ago

Excellent experience! I have found our new vet home. Jasmine, David, and Dr. Greer were wonderful.

Marlene Walz

3 years ago

We were treated very well, and took my dog in quickly.

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