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Mindy James

2 years ago

Over priced animals with eye infections. Probably would die. Staff was rude

rebecca j

2 years ago

Incredibly sad place. Horrible way to treat animals. Go to a shelter instead.

Marco Illescas

2 years ago

Stopped by when my daughter and I were at the mall... nice small place it had many puppies, rabbits, fish, nice, hamsters,and some cats

Michael Bennett

2 years ago

Beautiful puppies, cute animals, clean place. Overpriced pups!!

Mani Lang

2 years ago

I'm in love with my puppy! We had a great in-store experience with the crew and especially Tucker! Tucker was absolutely amazing. We've only had our new puppy for a few days now so I'll post an update in a couple months. So far, so good though Thank God.

G shannon Ferris

2 years ago

Pricey and could not find what I was looking for.

Edward Surpris

2 years ago

My child enjoyed their time.

Alex Massey

2 years ago

Love the animals, its a shame how their treated though

Chris Dimichele

2 years ago

Best pet store ever Peter was very nice and helpful we will never go see anyone else for our pets thanks gentle jungle

Matthew Cruz

2 years ago

Nice little pretty shop! Unfortunately, it's tiny!

Erick Oertel

2 years ago

Was there to fix the internet. The employees were amazing. It was busy and the manager was great. She showed me the problem and where the previous tech worked. It took time but the experience was great. Lots of well cared for animals . Clean and professional.

April Rogoz

2 years ago

I hate seeing these dogs caged up they should be able to be able to run free especially the puppies it just makes me so sad

Jamie Mac

2 years ago

Nice people, nice animals , i just think they are extremely overpriced

Janina Ortiz

2 years ago

I love this place warm and inviting ... fell in love with a pin mini weight 1lb...

Anthony Mound

2 years ago

DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT FINANCE A DOG THROUGH THIS STORE OR LET ALONE PURCHASE A DONE FORM THESE SCAM ARTISTS Got a loan for my puppy to increase my credit because they said it would help. So I said why not The loan was for $5,000 and some change when I went to pay it off in a year I still owed over $5,000. The company put $3800 of interest on my $5,000 loan. This is absolutely insane. Absolute scam artists

Nicholas Barbaresi

2 years ago

The best!!! Staff is wonderful great selection of pooches!!!!

Amanda Schunk

2 years ago

Store was clean and well maintained. But hate seeing the dogs in small cages with nothing to do but look out the metal bars.

Allison Thomas

2 years ago

Whoever these people are, they sell overbred puppies from puppy mills at an absurd price. They are ripping people off while putting these poor animals through a horrible situation when they deserve better. Not to mention, these large puppies with lots of energy are kept in tiny cages. Are they getting exercise by running through the mall??? These types of places need to be shut down!!

aesthetic Videos

2 years ago

I got my dog here and after a week of getting him, we have to bring him to the emergency room because he was vomiting and later found out he had pneumonia. I have heard other peoples stories about their dogs having issues from here, please be careful. But overall I would not advise you so get a dog from here!!

cool ninja cookies and radioactive

2 years ago

They let you spend time with the pet so you can get to know its personality. Beautiful Persian kitten but priced WAY too high!

Jennifer Roman

2 years ago

I got my dog at Gentle Jungle Pets, and my family and I couldn’t be happier. Spots is such a sweet gentle boy. He has made our family complete.

Stephanie Echevarria

2 years ago

I understand all animals need a loving home but I believe that this stores management with the animals is sad. An a lot of the animals are truly not taken care of very well while in there time in the store.

Xpect Resistance

2 years ago

Was just there and they had a bunny for free, or so the sign said but it was all a scam to get a unsuspecting person who thought they were helping a precious lil critter out with a good home. The very rude gentleman with black shorter hair, think he might have been manager. Said i needed to purchase a cage and the cheapest one they had was $99.00. I found one for $49 just to get the little guy home where i was going tto purchase a nicer larger cage much cheaper.. He said that the $49 cage was too small for a rabit even tho it was the same size cage that all there dogs are displayed and live in till god knows when. Scam artists here. Dont shop!

Christopher Shedd

2 years ago

Very high prices and they take advantage of customers by financing dogs at 19%

Valerie C

2 years ago

I went there with a friend/roommate of mine this past week to look at puppies. We are relatively young, but live on our own and work very hard to make a good wage. We approached a woman and asked if we could see a puppy, because we were interested- her expression immediately went sour and she asked us rudely how old we are. We said that we are both 18, and that we live on our own. She seemed taken aback- almost annoyed- then asked which puppy we wanted to see and showed us into the play enclosure. After about 5 minutes, she came back and asked us, “How do you expect to pay for that?” For one, the wording could’ve been better, and two, her attitude was through the roof. I misunderstood her (due to her severely rude tone, perhaps) and explained that we both have full time jobs and make a sufficient amount of money to care for a dog. She again resumed her rude tone and replied with “No, today. Buying the dog. It’s 3,500.” We expected the price to be high, so it wasn’t too much of a surprise. She was heavily implying that we couldn’t afford the dog, and when we ultimately decided against it said “Yeah, think it through. It’s a big responsibility.” I understand that her job is to keep the animals safe and make sure they go to a good home, but being so condescending just turned us off of ever coming back. We may be young, but we’re not stupid, and don’t see animals as an accessory or a toy. The woman with blonde hair and bangs needs to learn to hold her tongue and maybe not be so judgmental.

Damaris Santos

3 years ago

I highly recommend Gentle Jungle,I had a positive Experience.I purchased a beautiful healthy puppy. The young lady who helped me was extremely Helpful knowledgeable.She helped me select Everything my puppy needed.Everyone in this Store is very kind and helpful.The facility looks Clean and busy.Thank you for my adorable Poodle!My kids are extremely happy with Teddy. He is a blessing to my family.

MG Squad

3 years ago

I went there to get a hamster and bought the calmest one. When we brought it home it had already been dead and looked and smelled sick and smelly. We called and they told us to go back to the store to replace it with another one. We had the new hamster for about a day and when we went to check on it again it appeared dead. These animals need to be treated when sick and cages need to be cleaned. They seem to not even treat the animals like they should be. Shame on them.

Glenda Rodriguez

3 years ago

Never again buying a Hamster from these people, same day i purchased it not even 45 mins into the house it came dead.. Went back swapped it for another one and it lasted 1 day and died.. I just feel these people dont really take care of these animals they just do it for the money..

Jan Levinson

3 years ago

Positive experience and would buy another pet from here again.

Jose Echevarria

3 years ago

Friendly staff and clean place,beautifully pets.

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