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Antonio M

2 years ago

I've been a long time customer and boy did this place go downhill. Take your pets somewhere that's going to put them first not the almighty dollar.

Denise Robles

3 years ago

My cat wasnt feeling well and they told me to come in as an emergency. I failed to get the person i spoke to name which made the situation worse because when I did arrive at the time that they told me to get there no one knew who i was or what the situation was or that i even made a call. Supposedly know one in there recalled having a conversation with me which made me upset because i dont have a car so i had to uber my way there and back for nothing. And even when i explain to the lafy there at the time what the situation was and if there was any possible to be seen under the circumstances she said what they believed was going on with my cat was something they couldnt even do there although when i did speak to the oerson on the phone they said they can

Adam S

3 years ago

Definitely disappointed here. I initially brought my cat here to be tested and checked out, and they diagnosed her with hyperthyroidism. They decided to start giving her medication, and while waiting for test results we decided to bring the cat's sibling to be tested for the same. The results for the two cats, we're very confusing, the levels they were supposed to be at weren't the same for each and after asking and it still not making sense, I decided to get a second opinion from the VCA in Cheshire, humans do it all the time. So why is it wrong here? The woman (Michelle) on the phone seemed very slighted that I had her between the 2 vcas bc they gave me conflicting results on my cats and have been booking so far out that waiting a month isn't a option, and she even prompted to ask me which one is the primary and why I am bringing her to different vets, That shouldn't matter. Since the call VCA naug won't refill the $30 medication anymore because I had her at Cheshire and told me I have to get it from them. This is unacceptable, you're both VCA facilities. We've never had this issue w vets before. Even bringing cats between completely different hospitals like vca Cheshire to banfield. Something funny about the VCA in naugatuck, like they only care about the money and not your pet. Wont be bringing her back here anymore. 30 mins to Cheshire it is from now on.

brenda berrey

3 years ago

I have been bringing my pets there for years. My dog recently had several teeth extracted and everyone was kind and professional! I trust Naugatuck vca implicitly!


3 years ago

Great ace to care for your Family Member(s). Covid -19 practice on place ,call before you visit and call the office when your in their parking lot.

Brian Swiderski

3 years ago

We have been coming here for 30 years and we have 5 cats and a dog. Two of the cats that we had were adopted from this vet. We spend thousands of dollars here every year to care for our pets. Our dog ripped a pad on his foot so we called them and they wanted to charge us an extra $100 to "squeeze him in" on Monday during regular office hours. They only seem to care about the money, since if they can squeeze him in for $100 extra, they can squeeze him in for their regular fees. We will be moving on to a more caring business.


3 years ago

We visited from out of town 8/21/2020. Our goal that day was to euthanize our 10lb. poodle of 17 years. :( Just wanted to say thank you for getting us in that day and evaluating our dogs need. Extra special thanks to the staff person that recieved us into the building, explained the process and patiently waited for us to move forward after he was euthanized. Also to the manager whom we never met, but offered to send us Quincy's remains free of charge. It felt "compassionate". Thank you all for your care. Sincerely, Patty, Ames and QD!

Carol Lauer

3 years ago

Love this vet! Super friendly. Always great with my dog. Wait time is usually short.

Don Altland

3 years ago

Great doctors great customer service and a great barber. Awesome place ????.

Gail Christian

3 years ago

Great doctors...reasonably priced...good staff efficient

Jannine Lowe

3 years ago

Instead of offering to quarantine my cat to monitor for rabies the vet pushed me to euthanized my cat to test for rabies. I tried to stop the procedure and it was too late.

Jenn T

3 years ago

Friendly staff. Great communication with fur parents.

Judy Murtha

3 years ago

Excellent Vet for your furbabies and Gary is by far, in my opinion, the best groomer ever!

Michelle Friedrich

3 years ago

Very friendly staff and they all care as much as I do about my pets!

Nanci Seltzer

3 years ago

Great veterinarians and support staff!

Nicole Wilde

3 years ago

Brought both of my kitties here to get vaccinated/tested for everything/to talk about getting them both fixed. My experience so far has been great! They let us make the appointment for both cats at the same time (so they could stay together and have a calmer, more comfortable experience) and even with the COVID procedures with pet parents not being allowed inside, I still felt that they were great about keeping me in the loop with all of their care! They took the time to provide me with information, pamphlets/brochures about all kinds of different things that could be very helpful/useful, they answered all my questions and everyone was SO. NICE. I signed up for a kitten wellness plan that includes all of the shots, wellness exams, and microchipping after they're fixed. I also feel like, so far, they're pretty reasonably priced. I'm thinking we've found our new forever vet!

nicole williams

3 years ago

Dr Dallas is one of my longtime favorites. We have been with her for probably 10 years. She has cared for dogs thoughtfully, taking into consideration, costs, age, etc...

Betty Irizarry

4 years ago

They are trash and the receptionists have attitudes. They don’t care about your pets; they only care about a paycheck.

Danyelle Grenfell

4 years ago

Everyone on the team the day I brought Wylie in (puppy) were excellent! Caring and cheerful! Everyone was knowledgeable and helpful! Dr. Emily Phalen did a great job and was thorough- Wylie needed his second round of shots and is from VA, she did the research and found that CT has a different Lyme vax! I highly recommend this veterinary hospital, as I have a friend who brings her cats there and shares my enthusiasm.

John .Dlugos

4 years ago

The problem with this vet, is that they are glad to see you for scheduled shots and long ago made appointments, but when your dog is sick they are always over booked and tell you to go to the ER vet that will cost you hundreds more. Sorry but if I've been taking my pet here for years and paying you big money you should be able to fit me in.

Linda Yoos

4 years ago

1. Misdiagnosed my little dog and she died at just 7 yrs old three years ago. Bled internally 2. Ripped me off with my 7 yr old lab/husky injury, 2018 3. Failed to test/ diagnose symptoms and weight gain of my Golden at ck up 11 months ago despite my concerns! Told me to restrict caloric intake. Three days ago he was correctly diagnosed at Wtn Animal hospital with extremely deficient thyroid function. Dr Price and his wife are by far, the best veterinarians around. My beloved Golden is on the road to better health. Unfortunately I gave The Naugatuck Veterinarian Hospital 3 STRIKES. I only switched vets due to a move to Naugatuck and learned a very hard lesson. Don't trust them if you love your pet and the hell with their pricing.... Follow up: 7/25/19 Hypothyroidism under control for Luke. Weight dropped 30+ lbs, active like a puppy. Thanks Dr Price at Wtn Animal Hospital. LUCK...sad...After my concerns were ignored I brought Luck to Wtn where he was correctly diagnosed with diabetes ( very high sugar along with a UTI) He's going in the hospital for insulin regulation on Monday. I am completely confident that Dr Price has, without a doubt, saved my two dogs with no thanks to Naugatuck. DAM your clinic. If I ever believed you, I would of gone from three to zero dogs. Thank God for my own background in medicine and mostly, my gut instincts. People beware..I have met many other people that have had very similar scenarios. Overpriced & incompetent!

Mary Clark

4 years ago

Great place! Friendly & professional... Koda was well taken care of

Mary Dietz

4 years ago

I love this office! I left another practice in Naugatuck to come here for Dr. Berlinski and the staff. She is so attentive, knowledgeable, and patient- she lets me ask as many questions as I want. She’s very thorough and explains every part of the exam. I don’t live in town anymore but will always make the trip to Naugatuck and never plan on switching! I would absolutely recommend this vet to anyone and everyone.

Julia Gritzbach

5 years ago

The staff was very helpful, informative, and they took care of my boyfriend & I’s puppy really well especially since he was having surgery and some blood work done the same day. They care a lot about pets and I love going here!! I really appreciated that one of the staff members followed up with me to check on how Loki is doing. Thank you so much! I recommend every and anyone to come to Naugatuck Veterinary Hospital ~ they really care about you and your pets! :) your in amazing hands!

Anita Evans

5 years ago

Thank you Dr kozol and the excellent staff for your outstanding care of our furbabies


5 years ago

I just had my dog neutered there. My dog had major swelling and they didnt even give him abtibiotics. When i arrived he had no cone on and was just walking around the back room. This is what the tech actually told me when i got there. I had to take him to another vet to get antibiotics and and anti inflammatory. When I picked him up earlier they said he had peed on his feet and they gave him a bath. He stinks of skunk. When I mentioned that his legs smelt exactly like skunk spray, they just kept saying he had peed and stepped in it. I know the difference between dog pee and skunk. My guess is when they bathed him they put him a in a tub or shower recently used on a dog who was sprayed by a skunk.You can smell the skunk scent from far away I wouldn't recommend this place. I have had nothing but problems with wait times, billing, and now this. I'm so glad I'm done with place.

Chuck Pagano

5 years ago

I actually found this veterinary practice back in 2005 when I had this crazy cat who could not be calmed down for a grooming session anywhere. This practice had a unique calming effect on animals that has continued even today. My current cat, Bunny, is an 18 year old tuxedo feline who is going through some physical challenges in his golden years (kidney failure, high blood pressure, and some digestive issues). I have the utmost faith in Dr. Berlinski and everyone there with my pal Bunny. Her diligence in thinking out of the box on trying to improve the quality of his life is outstanding. Innovation is in her DNA on thinking on how to do things in a wonderful manner is very impressive. This entire organization is truly outstanding !!! Bunny and I thank each and every person there !!

Domeneca Colella

5 years ago

I have taken several animals here over my lifetime, but a puppy unexpectedly (and I’m so happy she did!) came into our lives a few months ago. They were amazing with all of my cats, so trusting them with my newest edition came very easily. Dr. Berlinski and staff are SO good with my high energy girl. Their “fear-free” approach makes things go smoothly. The techs are all very gentle and knowledgeable and are always there to answer questions. They even have all kinds of tricks to help your babies along! The tennis balls are a huge hit with my girl. Thank you Naugatuck vet staff for being so great to Karma! I highly recommend!

g lundgren

5 years ago

I used to love this vet. I used them for over 20 years, for 3 different dogs. The staff is amazing. The doctors, the techs, the receptionists, are all really friendly and compassionate. Management, though, makes some questionable decisions. As time goes on the practice seems more and more interested in simply making money. The last straw was after my last appointment. That night, I got a text message advertising a pet insurance company. The next morning, multiple emails advertising the same company. They all said the same thing, "You should thank your vet for this!". So I'm thanking them for selling my personal information to advertisers without permission, I'm thanking them by switching vets. They've lost my trust. How can I take their medical advice now, how can I know it's genuine and not just an upsell? If I can't trust them to keep my personal information confidential, how can I trust them with my pet's health?

Greg Collins

5 years ago

The staff is attentive and 100% pet-oriented and -focussed. We absolutely LOVE them!!

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